Cephalopods. Funny poem for kids

Cephalopods. Funny poem for kids

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An octopus and a squid become so entangled, so much, that they end up forming a knot from which they cannot escape. This comical scene, told in the form of rhyming poetry, will provoke more than one laugh in your child.

Poetry can also be a lot of fun. Don't lose your sense of humor and use this cute poem to encourage concentration and memory in your children.

An octopus and a squid

they were playing in the sea,

without hardly realizing

that their arms were entangled.

They started with two arms,

then another four followed,

then the rest tangled

whole tentacles.

How much more did they pull

much greater entanglement,

a mass of arms

a scary mess.

A bream was looking at them

without stopping smiling,

the thing had its grace

he couldn't stop laughing.

To the squid of effort,

the ink has escaped,

the octopus goes blind,

from fright, he loudly screams.

The bream out loud

can't help it,

the more you look at the scene

much more laugh it gives.

Throw the one, throw the other

they go on and on pulling,

octopus and squid

the knots are tightening.

Throw the other, throw the one

pulling more and more,

knots make stronger

It is impossible to escape!

They are both very tired

they have stopped shooting,

and they look around

if someone can help you.

The bream, now more serious

appears before their eyes,

and with extreme care

is releasing the clumsy.

When finally seeing themselves free

the octopus and the squid,

Every man for himself

they do not dare to touch.

The funny sea bream

has turned around soon,

the laughter is heard

from Almería to Huelva.

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