Would you like to have your belly painted during pregnancy?

Would you like to have your belly painted during pregnancy?

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The belly, this part of the body that pregnant women used to hide, is increasingly exposed. So much so that some women offer the image of their belly to magazine covers, advertising claims and even a social campaign.

Creativity with respect to the belly of a pregnant mother has no limits, so many women decide to decorate their tummy with tender, original, fun or committed motifs and then post their photos on social networks. An initiative in which the pregnant woman's belly is the canvas.

There's so much to say about tummies, right? Good things, others not so much ... The truth is that there are such beautiful bellies, that there are women who are more beautiful when they are pregnant. Round bellies, pointed, high and low, thin and bulging ... there are them for all tastes. The truth is that they are all different and all special.

Professional photographers, bloggers, painters or simply moms wanting to have a different memory of their pregnancy launch to decorate their tummies. We give you some fun examples on how to decorate your belly:

- Some moms are painting the evolution of the baby, as if it were a 3D ultrasound.

- Due to the spherical shape of the belly, the most recurrent is to paint it as a soccer or basketball ball

- Smiling faces and smileys awaiting the birth of the baby.

- Ties that wrap the mother's belly.

- A baby that looks out through an opening in the tummy or even through a small window.

There are thousands of ideas on how to decorate a belly during pregnancy, you don't have to be a painter or know how to draw, just wanting to have a different and original memory of pregnancy.

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