The whys of storms. Children's questions

The whys of storms. Children's questions

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Throughout their learning, children surprise us with basic questions that we are not sure how to answer. The child curiosity It is insatiable and sometimes they can put us in more than a hurry asking questions that we had not even asked ourselves.

The storms They are one of those famous whys for children, like everything that has to do with nature. What do children wonder about this meteorological phenomenon? Prepare for the whys of your children, but above all, prepare for the answers.

Have you ever wondered why a storm occurs? If you haven't asked yourself yet, your child will surely do it for you. We have prepared the answers to the meteorological phenomena that so worry children. But if you don't know the scientific answerYou can always turn to mythology or imagination.

1. Why are there storms. Storms are a very striking meteorological phenomenon that forms when two air masses of different temperatures they gather in the atmosphere. The contrast between the two temperatures forms a kind of shock that generates lightning, thunder, rain, hail and the strong wind so typical of storms.

2. Why does the sky light up with lightning? When there is a storm you usually see the illuminated sky as if suddenly ignited by a lightbulb. Lightning bolts and lightning are actuallyelectricity in the cloudsthat occurs when ice and water condensed on them collide. Being electricity, it is not strange that the sky lights up.

3. Why does thunder sound. After the lightning, the thunder arrives and depending on the seconds that pass between one and the other the storm will be more or less close. Although lightning and thunder occur at the same time, it does not give us that signal. You have to count the seconds that pass between one and the other to know if the storm is near or is already moving away. In reality thunder is nothing more than the sound of vibrations of hot and cold air when colliding.

4. Why it rains in the storm. Not only does it rain when it's stormy, it's also windy and maybe even hail. Rain is the vapor that condenses inside the clouds and falls to the ground, but in the case of storms it is the product of the electrical activity that is generated in the clouds. This is why stormy rain is usually stronger and more intense.

5. Why does it get dark when there is a storm. If the clouds are usually white, when there is a storm they turn dark gray and that makes it look like it has been done at night. This dark color of clouds occurs because they carry a large amount of water and light cannot pass through the cloud. Fortunately, in every storm we find its rays to illuminate the sky.

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