Children and babies afraid of water

Children and babies afraid of water

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Water is an element that attracts or causes rejection in equal parts in children. However, other children are afraid of water.

That's right, on the other side of the coin are the children afraid of water, who do not want to go into the sea or the pool, who do not want to see the water or paint, much less up close, and this childish attitude can also ruin many holidays. In reality, the bottom line is the insecurity that children feel in the aquatic environment that is unknown to them. It is usually more common when it is the first time that children come into contact with water, but it also happens if it has been more than a year that children have not gone to the beach or the pool and they do not remember the last time they were there.

To prevent your kids from throwing a tantrum because they don't want to get in the water, be patient and help them adjust. How? First, little by little. The adaptation must be gradual so that the water is pleasant to your baby. Your hands should be your first contact, they will notice its softness, the difference in temperature and it will be fun to play with the water. Then invite him to get his feet and legs wet, and pour water over his head.

Sitting on the edge of the pool you can play splashing with your feet and on the beach running along the shore. Once the child has become familiar with the water and has lost the initial fear, try getting into the water with him. At first, the water should just cover your legs. For this phase, it is advisable to use a paddling pool or the first area of ​​the shore when there are no waves so that the baby can sit and get up as many times as he wants and see how the water reaches his chest.

A little later and depending on your safety, bathe with it and float in the water. You will feel how your baby clings to you like a limpet, curls around your waist and neck, the first days. However, you will see how little by little it is loosening as the loss of fear helps him to loosen his muscles and the whole family can enjoy some great days of rest with the refreshing sensation of the daily bath.

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