Reflexology to treat childhood pathologies

Reflexology to treat childhood pathologies

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Reflexology can cover many fields and alleviate the discomfort and problems of many childhood pathologies. For example, sleep problems in children, hyperactivity, childhood anxiety ...

Discover the benefits of massages applied correctly for children and learn to use them depending on the problem to be treated.

From childhood stress or anxiety generated by hyperactivity or attention deficit to insomnia problems in children. Massages applied through reflexology can be very beneficial in improving the quality of life of children with problems. Here are some of its benefits depending on the annoyance or problem to be treated.

ADHD disorder. Can Reflexology Help A Child With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity? Here are all the benefits of reflexology and massage for children with ADHD.

Childhood bronchitis. Bronchitis is one of the most common diseases among children in their first years of life. Apart from the treatment indicated by the pediatrician, reflexology can also be used as an aid.

Enuresis. Bedwetting is a problem that affects many children. It is considered a problem to be treated if the child continues to urinate (during the day or at night) involuntarily from the age of 5. We explain how you can help him.

Infant colic. Many newborns suffer from so-called infant colic for a few days. It is easy to diagnose, since the baby cries inconsolably and acutely every day at practically the same time. We explain how you can calm their pain through a series of reflexology massages.

Sleeping problems. Foot reflexology can also be very useful to help the baby sleep or to treat sleep disorders in children. We explain how it can be used and what benefits it has. When you notice that the child has difficulty falling asleep because he is restless, massage three points on his feet.

Down's Syndrome. Benefits of massage for children with some type of disability, such as Down Syndrome. We give you some guidelines to give your child a massage if he or she has Down Syndrome or some other type of disability.

Foot reflexology. Foot reflexology is also used in babies to treat some ailments or disorders, such as constipation or colic. But in addition, this practice has many other benefits both physically and emotionally. It is also a technique that can be practiced at any time, regardless of the age of the child.

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