5 myths about water

5 myths about water

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Is it so healthy drinking water? Can it be bad for the kidney? Is it true that you have to drink the more the better? Knowing everything about water consumption is necessary to have a good and balanced diet. However, there are some aspects about the Water that as with other liquids or foods are not always true.

To begin with, we must know that it is clear that water cannot be eradicated from a healthy and balanced diet. For both adults and children, it is very healthy drink water throughout the day.

The benefits of water are many, since experts recommend consuming at least two liters a day, because body temperature is regulated, joints are improved and strengthened, it helps to eliminate toxins and not to retain fluids and it is also good for maintaining weight and being hydrated, since it does not make you fat and helps the body inside.

1. Water thins: This is a very common myth, especially for those women who are on a diet, since it is always advisable to increase their consumption, especially when we want to lose weight. However, the fact that it is healthier than drinking carbonated liquids does not cause the kilos to drop magically.

2. Water hydrates the skinAlthough it is true that drinking water helps to maintain the hydration of the body, by drinking more water, we will not have a more or less luminous skin.

3. You have to drink eight glasses of water a dayAlthough it is recommended that we drink an average of two liters of liquid a day, the truth is that we must drink all kinds of liquid, not only that which has to do with water, but also tea or juice.

4. Drinking water makes you retain fluidsAlthough it seems contradictory, drinking water not only does not help us to deflate, but it is essential to avoid helping the dreaded retention.

5. Water has calories: For some, drinking water is the key to express weight loss, but there are contrary beliefs about it. However, none of them are true, since water does not provide calories to the body and therefore does not make you fat.

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