What do parents expect from a religious school?

What do parents expect from a religious school?

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A few days ago I heard the comment of a mother who is very concerned about her son's education. Her son went to a public school and then to a religious one and she still does not feel convinced that she has chosen the best school for him.

This mother enrolled her son in a religious school because she believes that a good school is not one that is concerned only with the academic level but also with the teaching of values. Despite her attempts, she continues to feel disappointed.

In my house, my brothers and I, when we were little, went to a religious school, and I can say with knowledge of the facts, that it was very, very different from what my daughter has been until recently. Times have changed and the education that children receive at home varies greatly depending on the family.

I am not saying that today's religious schools are worse or better than those of before. What I mean is that today they have become the easiest and most comfortable option for many families to 'fix' the behavior of their children. And what about that?

Well, some religious schools like the one where this mother's son goes and the one where my daughter goes, do not always have a firm and ready structure to receive this 'avalanche' of children with bad behavior, poorly educated, without limits, aggressive and capricious, who end up harming the classrooms and other children.

Undoubtedly, values ​​are very important for the formation of a human being, and although at home we transmit values ​​such as respect, tolerance and kindness to our children, many times we have to swim against the current to preserve them since our Children inevitably learn from the outside, from society, that is, from friends, from school, from television, etc., many things that go against these values.

And what can be done? I think that putting children in a religious school merely to keep it under control, away from drugs and other vices, and turn them into more disciplined children, is a mistake. A religious college is not a behavioral therapy office or a children's correctional facility.

That the first. And then that the religious schools are run by a confessional entity and have an educational project oriented on Christian values. In addition to that, it must be clear that each child's education begins at home, within the family. Ideally, there should be a coherence between the way of thinking and living of the parents and the ideology of the school that they choose. That would avoid much confusion in children, and many doubts in parents.

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