The swallow and the birds. La Fontaine's Fable

The swallow and the birds. La Fontaine's Fable

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With the fables of La Fontaine you can find stories to educate children in values. In these popular short stories children will find valuable lessons about honesty or solidarity.

Children's stories help develop your children's imagination and creativity. With the fables the children will discover the morals, very interesting little lessons in the form of funny stories.

A swallow had learned a lot in its travels (there is nothing to teach so much), our animals anticipated even the smallest storms, and before they erupted, it announced them to the sailors.

It happened that, when he arrived at the hemp field, he saw a peasant who was throwing the grain into the furrows. "I don't like that," he said to the other birds. As for me, I'm not afraid of danger, because I'll know how to get away and live anywhere. Do you see that hand that throws the seed into the air? The day will come, and it is not far off, when it must be your downfall that is spreading. From there will come ties and nets to catch you, utensils and machines that will be for you prison or death. It is therefore advisable, the swallow continued, that you eat that seed. Believe me. "

The little birds made fun of her: there was so much to eat everywhere! When the hemp fields were green, the swallow said to them: "Tear up all the weeds that have been born from that ill-fated seed, or you are lost", but the birds did not want to listen to him.

When the hemp was well grown: “This is bad! exclaimed the swallow: the bad seed has seasoned soon. But, since you have not attended to me before, when you see that the threshing is done, and that the farmers, free from the care of the crops, make war with the birds, spreading nets everywhere, you do not fly from here to there; remain still in the nest, or emigrate to other countries: imitate the duck or the crane.

But the truth is that you are not prepared to cross, like us, the seas and the deserts: the best thing is that you hide in the holes of some wall. "The Pajaritos, tired of hearing her, began to chat without paying attention to her, and as the swallow warned, many were arrested.

Moral: This is how it happens to all of us: we only attend to our tastes; and we don't give credit to evil until we have it on top of us.

If you know any other fable for children and want to share it with us and the other parents, we will be delighted to receive it.

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