How to balance the expenses of the baby's arrival

How to balance the expenses of the baby's arrival

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The arrival of the baby is a moment of great happiness for the parents and the foray into a unique experience in life of a person.

But, to the total responsibilities as parents that a couple has, must be added the problem of the new expenses that the birth of a child entails, from the outlay on diapers to utensils such as trolleys, cribs, etc. a planning, especially with the current time of crisis that families live.

Experts estimate that during the baby's first year of life, the family finances invest approximately 6,000 euros in aging and maintenance of the newborn.

The basic products for the care of the baby and that require more expense are the children's equipment, type strollers, crib and car seat, diapers and hygienic products, clothing and food.

Once the child grows, add new investments, for example in the passage from the crib to his own room, childcare, either with babysitters or through nursery, if both parents work.

It is clear that many utensils and care that the little one requires they are not replaceable, but if savings can be made to avoid the family's finances suffering difficulties.

First, planning is important. Once the good news of pregnancy arrives, the baby's equipment can be purchased throughout the gestation to avoid a big outlay just before the birth.

also can borrow to family or friends, always checking, yes, the good condition and safety of cribs, pushchairs, high chairs, etc. You can even use the material of other children in the case of not being first-time parents.

Regarding clothes and other less expensive utensils such as bottles, toys, towels or sheets, you can always take advantage of gifts that the closest ones usually do and thus save a little on these needs, at least the first months.

Diapers and formula milk are a long-term expense that can reach several years of the child's life. One way to avoid excessive outlays is to buy these products in large quantities to wholesalers or take advantage of discount coupons. They can also be cheaper if bought online.

When the child starts with Solid food, parents can save by preparing dishes of purees and porridges themselves, instead of always buying ready-made food, which is usually more expensive.

With a grinder or blender and family menu foods healthy and cheap dishes can be prepared for the baby, complying, of course, with the nutritional needs of the child in each age period.

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