How to avoid diaper rash in the baby

How to avoid diaper rash in the baby

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What mom / dad doesn't remember the stage when their child wore diapers? That first stage, its first months, full of uncertainties, progress, illusions, and also, why not say it, lack of sleep.

However, at this stage, diapers also carry a number of problems. Among them, the constant chafing and the so-called 'diaper rash'.

The first dilemma parents have to face is what type of diaper to buy for their children. In principle, almost 100% of parents turn to disposable diapers, whose technology has evolved greatly in recent decades, as more and more breathable materials are available with greater absorption capacity.

Compared to these, a small percentage of the population uses non-disposable diapers, arguing that with them it is easier to perceive or realize the evacuation / urination of the baby, which would reduce the time of skin contact with urine or feces, thus minimizing the frequency of possible irritations and the incidence of diaper rash. This fact is not scientifically proven. Another false myth related to the diaper is that its use reduces fertility in men, since it induces an increase in temperature in the scrotal area. This fact is not proven either.

Diaper rash is an inflammatory lesion of the inguinal-genital region, motivated by a number of factors:

- The baby's skin type.

- Humidity.

- The irritating effect of urine / feces that remains for a long time, their maceration, etc.

From a clinical point of view, the baby will be irritable, fussy, restless. From a practical point of view, to prevent dermatitis you have to:

- Change the baby's diaper frequently.

- Do not over tighten the adhesive on it.

- Do not use alcoholic perfume wipes.

If red or irritated areas appear, a water-based paste or cream with zinc oxide can be used. Also, in this case, it is recommended to leave the baby without a diaper for as long as possible, a fact that is not as easy as you might think. Sometimes, it is necessary to resort to the use of corticosteroid creams, alone or in combination with antibiotics / antifungals, always under the prescription of your family pediatrician.

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