What signs for baby sex?

What signs for baby sex?

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Treatment for asthma in pregnancy and fetal malformations

Treatment for asthma in pregnancy and fetal malformations

Coral vest

A beautiful short-sleeved vest ultra-easy to make for baby. It will keep him warm at night while leaving him free of his movements.

See the explanations of the vest


An irresistible set in alpaca: 39 € in size S, M or L (Oeuf). Sales points here.

An irresistible set in alpaca: 39 € in size S, M or L (Egg).
Sales points here.

My child bites, what can I do?

My child bites, what can I do?

Between 18 months and 3 years of age, some children express their feelings through wrong behaviors, with biting, scratching and slapping. It can happen that the child bites or is bitten, both behaviors happen regularly, especially in nursery schools, but What can parents and educators do to correct this type of behavior?

It is very common for a child educator or caregiver to advise parents that your child has bitten or been bitten by another child. In the first case, many parents of children who bite think that the cause is the bad influence that their child is receiving when interacting with other children in nursery school, since they have never witnessed such a situation at home.

In the second case, the parents blame the educator because she did not pay enough attention to the children and violent behavior was generated in the classroom. These two thoughts are logical, but not correct, we explain why:

- Before the child goes to school, the only relationships he has had with other children are in small moments in the park or with young cousins, but in those cases, there is no constant, daily and repeated contact. In nursery school, the child has to share the adult's attention and, of course, the classroom toys, in these cases It is normal for more aggressive behaviors to appear than in the family environment.

- During the first year and a half the baby tends to bite because it is related to the teething phase, he finds relief by biting.

- It is related to the manifestations of affectionBabies are in the oral phase and show affection by biting, they do not understand that this act has negative consequences, it is adults who have to make them understand.

- As they grow and become more independent they try to resolve conflicts on their own and when other children take a toy away from them, their natural reaction is to slap or bite. They are normal manifestations that occur during the egocentric stage and disappear as the child grows older because it expresses itself with language and not through blows

To teach children that biting is not correct, we adults have to educate them to solve problems properly, we have to force them to apologize and, if the behavior is repeated we have to let them separate from the rest of the children so that think what you did. Slapping or insults are totally discouraged, it is about correcting their behavior, not giving them a hard time.

Biting behaviors in infants and children usually appear in the first weeks of school, but they disappear with understanding, patience and support from caregivers, educators and parents.

Source: AMEI

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How to prevent varicose veins and cramps in pregnancy

How to prevent varicose veins and cramps in pregnancy

Ranking of disposable diapers. What diapers for a newborn baby?

Ranking of disposable diapers. What diapers for a newborn baby? Disposable diapers are an absolute must have, without which most parents can not imagine life today. Despite the fairly high cost of their purchase, in the first months of the child's life it is worth putting on branded diapers of well-known brands that will be safe for the delicate skin of the newborn, give a feeling of dryness and will not leak. What disposable diapers are worth buying for a newborn baby? Let's see!

Diapers for a newborn in layette

It is worth thinking about buying diapers at the stage of pregnancy, when we are putting a layette for our child. Very often, especially small sizes of 1 or 2 brand diapers, because we buy in the promotion, which will save us some money.

For starters, we should stock up on two or three packages of disposable diapers. Take the smaller ones with us to the hospital, and leave the others at home. For a newborn, they will work best diapers in size 1 (intended for children weighing between 2 and 5 kg). There are also special diapers in size 0 for the smallest children, e.g. premature babies. However, it is not worth buying a large supply of diapers in the smallest size, because newborns gain weight quite quickly, we will soon replace the diaper size with a larger one.

What features should have good diapers for a newborn baby?

There are many brands and types of disposable diapers on sale. They differ not only in price, but also in quality and type of materials used. Good diapers for a newborn should have several features. First of all, they should be:

  • good fit to the children's body;
  • comfortable to put on and wear;
  • non-allergenic;
  • well and quickly absorb moisture (both pee and poop).

Many parents pay attention when buying diapers primarily at their price. However, it is worth remembering that quality usually goes hand in hand with a slightly higher price, so it's not worth saving, especially when buying diapers for a newborn baby. Their quality is of great importance for the well-being and health of a small person. So when choosing diapers for a newborn baby, we should be guided first their quality, and only then pay attention to the price.

Nappies for newborns ranking - 5 proven proposals

Here is our list of good quality disposable diapers in size 2, for children weighing from 3 to 6 kg. If you still do not know which diapers for the newborn to buy, read our ranking and the opinions of other parents.

Pampers, Premium Care, 2 Mini, 3-6 kg

Great quality diapers from a well-known and respected manufacturer, Pampers. The Premium Care line is a soft material that is ideal especially for delicate newborn skin. Diapers have special micropores, thanks to which the baby's skin breathes under the diaper. The practical moisture indicator allows you to quickly assess when the diaper is already replaceable.

Babydream, Mini 2 diapers, 3-6 kg

Good quality diapers, which we will buy in the Rossmann chain of stores. Their advantage is an affordable price and a special fastener enabling comfortable donning for newborns. Diapers are soft and allow the skin to breathe. They do not contain latex and are bleached without chlorine, so they do not irritate the delicate skin of the newborn. They have an indicator informing about the need to change diapers.

Dada Premium Little One 2 Mini, 3-6 kg

The Premium line of highly valued and popular Dada diapers is ideal for newborns and infants. Nappies are soft and absorb moisture well. The materials used in diapers are dermatologically tested, which guarantees the safety of their use for children from the first days of their lives. They have a practical indicator showing the level of diaper filling.

Diapers Pampers New Baby-Dry 2 Mini, 3-6 kg

The standard line of the most popular brand of baby disposable diapers. New Baby Dry diapers are thin and comfortable to wear. They are put on very simply and the diaper itself fits well with the baby's body. They do not cause irritation or leak, so they are ideal for children from the first moments of their lives.

Toujours Mini 2, 3-6 kg

Nappies of very good quality, which at an affordable price, we will buy in the popular Lidl discount store. Diapers adapt well to the shape of the body, and the frills at the feet protect their contents from getting outside. The interior of the diaper is soft and pleasant to the touch, and the material itself ensures proper air circulation between the baby's skin and the environment. Diapers are absorbent and thin, making them well suited for newborns.

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