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Back pain after birth

When the sun shines strongly, the baby's skin is exposed to damage. Too much radiation can cause burns.

Method? UV radiation monitor. A small battery-operated device measures the level of UV radiation. In addition, the device based on information about the type of skin and after considering the factor used will answer the question how long a child can be safely outside on a sunny day.

A good gadget?

Acne during pregnancy

Is it common to be more prone to acne when you're pregnant?

Pregnancy can trigger acne or make existing adult acne worse. (On the other hand, some women with acne-prone skin report a decrease in breakouts during pregnancy, so you never know.)

Higher levels of hormones called androgens are at least partly responsible for pregnancy breakouts because they can prompt the sebaceous glands in your skin to get bigger and boost production of an oily substance called sebum.

This extra sebum, combined with the shed skin cells that line your hair follicles, blocks your pores, creating an environment in which bacteria can rapidly multiply. All this can eventually lead to the inflammation and skin eruptions of acne.

Acne during pregnancy can be mild, moderate, or even severe, and it can occur at any time during the pregnancy. It may come and go, or it may last the entire pregnancy, says Andrea Cambio, a dermatologist in Cape Coral, Florida.

Is there anything I can do about pregnancy acne?

There's no way to prevent the problem, but here are some tips that may help:

  • Wash gently with a mild soap or cleanser twice a day.
  • Don't scrub your face with a washcloth, since that can irritate the skin and make the problem worse. Instead, use your hands to gently wash your face.
  • Pat your skin dry rather than rubbing it.
  • If you use moisturizer, make sure it's oil-free.
  • Don't squeeze, rub, or pop your pimples – it'll aggravate the problem and could lead to scarring.
  • If you wear makeup, use products that are water-based rather than oil-based and that are labeled "noncomedogenic" or "nonacnegenic," meaning they won't clog your pores and cause breakouts. Be sure to wash your makeup off thoroughly before going to bed, too.
  • Ask your doctor or midwife before using medicated gels or lotions. A number of over-the-counter and prescription products help clear up acne, but some of the ingredients aren't safe for pregnant women or haven't been well studied in pregnancy. If your acne is severe, you may need to see a dermatologist.

Are all prescription acne medications off-limits to pregnant women?

It's particularly important to avoid the oral prescription drug Accutane (isotretinoin), which can cause serious birth defects. Also avoid tetracycline, doxycycline, and minocycline – sometimes prescribed for acne – which can cause teeth and bone abnormalities in the fetus.

Cambio says it's considered safe to use topical prescription antibiotic creams containing erythromycin or clindamycin, but she always recommends that a pregnant woman check with her caregiver first, just to make sure.

Keep in mind that your pregnancy isn't all bad for your skin! While you may have to put up with some new blemishes, as you circulate more blood and retain more water you may find that your complexion is more radiant than ever before.

What do you think of the return to the week of 4 and a half days?

What do you think of the return to the week of 4 and a half days?

Question 1. At the beginning of the 2013 school year, or at the beginning of the 2014 school year for the municipalities that request it, the pupils will have 4 and a half days of school per week. What do you think of this change?
Would you prefer half a day of classes instead of Wednesday or Saturday morning? Answer question 2.

What do you think of the return to the week of 4 and a half days?




First sexual experience

Alodia: origin and meaning of the name for girl Alodia

Our name finder has thousands of baby names to help you choose a beautiful name for your baby. You will find in this article everything about the name Alodia.

It was reaffirmed as a baptismal name due to the cult of Saint Alodia or Elodia, a Spanish virgin martyred by the Arabs in Huesca with her sister Saint Nunila or Nunita, in the 9th century.

Formed by al-, "all", and od-. "wealth".

October 22


  • The saints record Saint Almano, a monk.

Drawings of the name Alodia coloring page printable game

Alodia: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

Drawing of the name Alodia coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Alodia coloring page printable game

Drawings of names. Alodia name to paint, color and print

Japanische Mädchennamen : Die schönsten Vornamen für deine Tochter

Meaning of the name Patrocolo. Name for boys

Meaning of the name Patrocolo. Name for boys

Are you pregnant and looking for the ideal name for your baby? Our name finder has thousands of names for boys to help you in this important choice. We highlight the name in the dictionary of meaning of names: Patron.

Variant of Patroclus, Greek hero friend of Achilles, killed by Hector and later avenged, according to Homer in "The Iliad".

Greek compound that comes to mean "glory of the father".


  • Rutilio Grande García, Jesuit priest (1928-1977)

Drawing of the name Patrocolo coloring page printable game

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