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Simpler and more convenient baby bathing - competition results Dear Parents,

we have for you fantastic contest in which you can win prizes funded by Maltex Baby - a manufacturer from Bydgoszcz specializing in offering products for the daily care and hygiene of children and babies. We would like to especially recommend you to take part in our fun, because the main prize in the competition is a layette for a newborn, the product tested by us, carefully viewed, described and qualified for the Parenting HITS department. However, this is not all. You can also win two other prizes - all to be ready for a comfortable, easy and safe bath for even the smallest babies. No stress and effort!

The competition task is very simple ...

Competition task

List 3 accessories that you consider necessary while bathing your baby. Justify the answer.

In addition, we strongly encourage you to like the profile on the FB sponsor of the awards in the competition - here. Let the owner of the Matlex Baby brand know that we appreciate attractive prizes :)

Reply send to: [email protected] in the title Maltex Baby.


1st prize - layette for the newborn;
2nd prize - baby bath + white armchair from the DINO collection (with cork and mat);
Third prize - beige bath tub from the Teddy bear collection (with cork and mat).

Duration of the competition

November 2 - November 16, 2015

Detailed regulations available here.

We invite you to have fun!

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The code of the road, exciting for your child!

But yes, it's exciting all these panels with red, crosses ... Explain what they mean. One, it's very fun to discover them. Two, your toddler will understand better than, on the road, we must remain very vigilant.

Which panels to show him?

The easiest, those that your child often meets and whose meaning is immediate for him. Have fun recognizing them together:

  • First, the red lights, green, and the little guy. From 2 years, play guess the moment when the little guy will go green: "You see, it's when the cars stop all, it's green, it's ours now!"
  • The sign "school exit": it is a triangle, pointed upwards, with a mother on a white background holding her child by the hand. Tell your little schoolboy that when you see a triangle, you have to be careful. Show him that he is next to the school because there are so many children and cars (but also children) must be very vigilant.
  • The panel "blackcurrant or back-d'âne": this one amuses the little ones because it shows two bumps and hop, it makes a small jolt in car like bicycle. But be careful, in any case, you have to slow down.
  • The panel "crossing of wild animals": on the edge of the woods, "Bambi's dad jumping". It means we can cross deer, deer, pheasants, hares ... Is not this his favorite?

A book idea, from 3 years old

  • A small car all rounded joyfully on the roads. But when she meets a pedestrian crossing, a red light, a continuous line ... she becomes very cautious. A very good way to introduce your child to road safety and the rules of the road.
  • My first code of the road, ed. Threshold youth, by Dedieu, 12.50 €.

Agnes Barboux

Risks of a vegetarian diet for children

Vegan Diets And Kids!

Meaning of the name Lusorio. Name for children

Meaning of the name Lusorio. Name for children

The best spring poems for kids

Who's tired of winter? Hands up! But you don't have to wait a lot, the real spring time is over. In the meantime, read the best springtime poems you can teach your kids!

Spring will bring spring, you see!

Shine up, sunny day, in the gardens my linds freeze! Don't your kid love this lovely little kid song, do you? If you teach him something new, read the following 10 spring verses and learn about your favorite ones. Tell me every day, so spring is sure to come soon!

Children's poems, say for smaller ones

Head wind, warm wind,
Spring is coming, running over,
No head and no snow,
It's here, it's spring!
Х-х-х, green the field!
Boo, hoe, come on, let's open up the garden!
Yellow rust, wildflower, shut out the hurl!
Say the chickens, it's spring, open up!
Blue Violet, Sparkling Blossom, Good luck in the world!

Children's poems for bigger ones

Йva Mentovics: The sun is coming… The sun is gone, the heat is gone, the blanket disappears.
The fragrance of the flower, the world turns green.
Chubby Chick: - The hatch is coming!
Get on the goose: - Let's go on the tour.
Osvabt Elizabeth: Springtime saying Stay cold,
melt, huh!
Leave us here
Send your girl
for yourself.
Tell him,
bring the
the laughing blue sky!
Imre Csanбdi: Spring-awakeningWake up new spring,
juggler, ray,
twig covered,
you frown,
all kinds of birds
I learned a poem!
Tssoyri Sbndor: Spring Elder Poem Skirt stitch on elder,
so it's ready for spring,
lacy bare
and relax,
as a grandmother -
because if you didn't sew,
would remain bare.
Zsadбnyi Lajos: Kipp-koppKipp-clop
I called spring
the rig.
Youcan mr
The cobweb.
Rouka will take it
The goose.
Zelk Zoltбn: Spring songOne, two, three, like,
little ozzike, where?
-Also, if I know Jin:
i'm running here before spring!
One, two, three, like,
you little bunny where?
-This woods, and for the rut:
the beautiful spring ahead!
One, two, three, so,
you little bird very much:
sing a beautiful song
make spring more beautiful!
Ilona Bészszmanynyi: Spring DayThe snowball has fallen,
The bark breaks silk.
Well, spring wind
A magpie is talking.
Ringing hurvirg
Good spring
He's ringing.
Violak silk
The cover of the sky,
Slowly moor over meadow
A stork is hanging around.
Silver is your tükrы.
Dongsong is the dongou
Welcome you fresh spring,
Fuck you, bud!
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Tinder-style app made for egg and sperm donors

Just a Baby, a new app launched on the American market a week ago, is designed to help people who can't have children on the traditional route have a partner to conceive.

Tinder-style app made for egg and sperm donors

The application users are approx 15 percent bear (that is, children will not conceive even after one year of unprotected sex), and even then there are no same-sex couples. The contributors to the site looking for sperm or egg donors, with which they can also design their own alternative lures.The most common cause of infertility in males is low sperm count, abnormal sperm function, and blocks that allow healthy semen to flow. In 50 percent of the cases, the cause of male infertility is even more uncertain. In women, the situation is even more complicated; she asked her single mother's children what they were feeling about the father's deficiency. As it turned out, 39 percent did not survive this dramatically, 27 percent had ambivalent feelings, and 8 percent had explicitly negative feelings in the topic. The application gives what kind of frame he conceives of the future.
- If the baby's not coming
- When the cause of the infertility is unknown