Loss of milk teeth

Loss of milk teeth

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When should a child stop calling their mother Mommy?

When should a child stop calling their mother Mommy?

Is there an age at which point a child should switch from calling their mother "Mommy" to "Mom?" A concerned parent recently asked this question on Quora, and got responses from physicians and parents alike.

"You should stop worrying. At least, if this is the only issue, you should certainly stop worrying," user Peter Flom smartly replied. "If this is part of a larger issue (e.g. she can't be apart from you, she doesn't have friends, she never disagrees with you, etc) then there may be cause for concern. But, otherwise, calling you 'mommy' is, I think, a way of saying 'I love you.' It could also be a sign that she is strong enough to keep calling you 'mommy' when her peers are no longer doing so."

Liang-Hai Sie, a former intensive care physician noted, "If she chose to persists, she is in good company. Prince Charles at 63 yo addressed his mother Queen Elisabeth as 'Mummy' during his speech to her in 2012."

But it was fellow parent Christine Leigh Langtree whose reply I most identified with.

"Count your blessings," she advised. "Soon enough, she'll start to separate from you and you'll wait a long long time to feel that unselfconscious affection in her voice again – if you ever do."

I recall the specific moment when one of my sons first told me he wasn't going to call me "Mama" anymore, because I took the photo seen here just seconds after. Here he is, stretching his toes to the sky, just after telling me, "Tomorrow in the morning I'm going to call you 'Mom' instead of 'Mama.' Or next week morning. No more little kid stuff."

That was nearly three years ago, and it was tough.

I gave him a push on the swing to get him started rather than tell him I didn't want him to change what he calls me. I physically shoved him toward the big sky and new horizons he sought, but felt glad each time the momentum carried him back toward me.

He was 6 then. He's 9 now, and still calls me "Mama."

The discussion seems to have been a fluke, because he hasn't ever changed what he calls me or brought it up again in the years since. For now, I'm glad.

I've never wanted to be a "Mommy," but I can empathize with those of you that are called such. Becoming "Mom" is a title to love, but I empathize with the feelings embedded in the switch. I've been "Mama," for over a decade now! Someday soon I'll surely become "Mom" though, as my kids are entering the tween years. It's going to be great, because I want them to grow up and mature – but it'll also sting.

To the mom who wondered if her child is behind in making the switch I want to add my voice to those that say she'll make the change when she's ready, but I also know all too well what it's like to want to help your kids fit in with their peers. Having kids in this age range is no cake walk.

My husband has long gone by "Papa," but I believe my kids have always said "my Dad" at school. Perhaps there's room in the linguistics to have an intermediary (or even permanent) time they use one set of language with friends and another at home? I hope there is.

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Reddit users share their advice for today's world – some of which is perfect for big kids:

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Opinions expressed by parent contributors are their own.

Atopic dermatitis

First Name - Meaning and direction

First Name - Meaning and direction

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Doris is derived from the names Dorothea and Theodore, both inspired by the Greek terms "doron" and "theos" meaning "gift" and "god" respectively. It's a mixed first name.


There are no male celebrities named Doris.

His character :

Doris is a man who likes to please and seduce. Fascinated by the professions of art, he finds his vocation in the artistic field: cinema, song, theater ... Sometimes displaying an egocentric and extravagant character, Doris is nevertheless a charming and easy-going being. Even though he likes the eyes to be turned towards him, he sometimes knows how to be discreet. Appreciating the compliments, Doris never hesitates to help. In search of perfection, he does everything to excel and uses every possible means to be the best.
In her work, Doris is motivated, dynamic and independent ... but has trouble submitting to orders, preferring to give them.


Dorith, Doria, Dorys and Dorya.

His party :

The Doris are celebrated on February 6 in tribute to St. Dorothea, martyr of the third century.

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6 things to let go of to be a happier parent

Being a parent is a great challenge, so we often forget to be happy and enjoy this wonderful role. Here are 6 things that, if you let go, will make your life a lot happier!

6 things to let go of to be a happier parentAllow yourself to be a happy parent for yourself and your kid (s)!

1. Should

Everyone has an idealistic idea of ​​what a baby should look like. And yet, if you insist on this unrealistic time, you'll miss a lot of fantastic moments. From now on, try to question what you are prioritizing for your parents and why.

2. Similarity

Do you or your father do more about childcare? Who is more consistent? How good are you moms to ovis moms? By comparison, you waste only your time and energy. Just be yourself and do whatever is right for you. That's enough points.

3. Yelling

If you do not shout, skip this point. But if you had an example of a ripped tear and raised your voice, consider this question: did shouting make your relationship with your child stronger? Sudden anger over anxiety really scares children, destroys trust and the safety of the child. Therefore, try to pay attention to the circumstances under which you may be shouting and try to change your reaction.

4. You must always look perfect

There is no such thing as "perfect parenting. Love your mistakes. Laugh at yourself. The best parents are always ready to learn, change and improve.

5. Aggoods

Ancient anxiety did not help protect your child. And your body won't make you happier. In addition, it causes your child to live with fear. Let go of your fears and give your heart that your child is safe at this moment.

6. Unhealthy self-sacrifice

Szllkken is almost endless love, time and attention. But just because you have children (s) you don't have to give up completely. Not knowing your most basic needs means teaching your life's values ​​that when they grow up, they don't care for themselves either. (Source of article)Related articles in the subject:
  • The 17 most common parenting errors
  • 7 signs that prove you're a good parent
  • Focus on these 4 things and you will be a better parent

In anticipation of the winter holidays, PAM PAM - educational musical theater band for children, brings you music and joy on your handset!

Saturday, December 3, from 11:00 am at the Elizabeth Theater, Pia, Vio and Kito are waiting for you at the educational music show, "Music trip on the wings of the Wind". For 50 minutes the spectators with small and big will be taken in an imaginary musical journey, in which, along with the main characters, they will learn rhythms and songs specific to different countries such as Spain, Egypt, Mexico, Romania. They will sing, they will learn some simple dance steps, but also different styles of music (Rock and Roll, Classic, Jazz, Country, Hip-Hop, Opera, Break Dance and Traditional Romanian), they will judge, but especially they will have fun , all just on the wings of the Wind.

“Musical journey on the wings of the Wind” is the story of three friends, musical instruments Vio (violin), Pia (piano) and Kito (guitar) who, with their sounds and music, make life more beautiful. The penguin Pam-Pam and the panda bear Bum-Bum are two playful pets that perfectly complement the trio.

The three friends are unable to decide where they will go on vacation, so they decide to do a show "Mascots have talent" to reach a conclusion. However, the Wind ruins their plans, Pam-Pam and Bum-Bum, the two friendly swell, are taken up and must be saved! The three friends Pia, Vio and Kito will embark on a journey around the world on a musical keyboard in search of their friends! Children and parents can enjoy the fantastic trips "on the wings of the Wind" of the three friends who, finally, will manage to save Bum-Bum and Pam-Pam.

The show "Musical Journey on the Wings of the Wind" is a beautiful and educational story in which young and old learn in another form about the values ​​that really matter in human relationships, learn about friendship, how to share and how to accept each other. for others, even if we are different, about being open to trying new things and not giving up easily.

At the end of the show Pia, Vio and Kito will teach the little ones, parents and grandparents the most beautiful Christmas anthem composed by the PAM PAM troupe! All children attending the show will receive a special CD with the songs of the band PAM PAM!

Tickets for the show on Saturday, December 3, can be purchased from the house tickets of the Elisabeta theater and online from www.teatrulelisabeta.ro. Ticket price: 25 and 35 ron. The show is recommended for children from the age of 2 years. More information about the show and the band PAM PAM, you can find on the site: //www.pam-pam.ro and on the facebook page: //www.facebook.com/TrupaPamPam/

Partners: Learn with Music, Mikokids Club, Casa Vesela, Chiristian Tour, Chiristian Hope and Dan Voiculescu Foundation for the Development of Romania.

Media partners: www.eva.ro, www.kidsout.ro; www.qbebe.ro, www.printesaurbana.ro, www.mamicaurbana.ro, www.agendaculturala.ro, www.calendarulcopieni.ro, www.bucatarici.ro, familiafericita.wordpress.com/, Ioana Magazine, Today's Woman Magazine , Magic FM.

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Jellyfish Sting Pee Paramedic ft. @Gus Johnson - Mini-Mocks

Gifts for second-time parents

The best present you can give parents celebrating the birth of their second baby is an extra set of hands. Many second-time parents will tell you that having another child more than doubles their work, so offer to help with the housework, pick up Junior at preschool, or feed the baby. Here are some other great suggestions to help welcome baby number two:

Dine-in certificates and movie streaming coupons

When the beds are still unmade at five in the afternoon, the firstborn wants attention, and the baby's having a good end-of-the-day cry, the last thing a new mom or dad wants to do is make a meal. So give second-time parents what they really want – one less thing to worry about. Buy a certificate from a food delivery service in their area, or spring for a certificate at their favorite restaurant (just make sure they deliver). While you're at it, throw in a subscription to a movie streaming service. Mom and dad won't be making a trip to the cineplex anytime soon, so keep them, and their firstborn, entertained with the latest movie release.

Home doula service

While mom's in charge of the baby and dad spends time with Junior, who takes care of everything else? Enter the doula. Hire one for a few hours or a whole day, and they'll thank you forever. Doulas can wash the dishes, make dinner, and do the laundry. Plus they're trained to care for newborns, so they can pitch in with the baby when needed. For more information, visit Doulas of North America.

Camera or video camera

Secondborns often get the short end of the stick when it comes to baby pictures. Make sure mom and dad can catch every milestone with a complete photo gear package – a digital still or video camera, a gift certificate for a printing service, photo albums, frames, and even an extra battery or memory card to keep in the diaper bag at all times. This gift can get pricey, especially if you opt for a high-quality video camera, so it's best for groups and generous grandparents.

Books on temperament, sibling relations, etc.

Just as first-time parents need information on how to manage life with a baby, second-time parents need guidance on how to handle life with more than one child. Get them started with The Contented Baby with Toddler Book by Gina Ford, Welcoming Your Second Baby by Vicki Lansky, or Twice Blessed: Everything You Need to Know About Having a Second Child by Joan Leonard. Books on sibling rivalry and temperament are also great choices.

Family membership to a museum

Museums are great destinations for families – most allow strollers, some offer art classes for kids on weekends, and all have the power to nourish the mind and the soul. A membership to a science, art, or children's museum is a wonderful nontraditional family present. Parents will appreciate the fun of a children's museum, and while the kids may not yet be able to tell a Picasso from a Pissaro, they'll like the colors and shapes in the paintings and sculpture. Aquariums and train museums are popular with kids all the way into the school years. Make membership your signature gift – renew it for them year after year.

Swing set

If second-time parents have a roomy yard (and you've got other friends who will go in on a gift), offer to buy and install a swing set. Their firstborn will swoon over having a mini playground right at his doorstep, and mom and dad won't have to worry about scheduling a walk to the park into their already busy day. The baby can join in the fun when she's a little older. Later you can expand on the set by adding a slide or a sandbox.

Family hammock

Picture this: Your friend has just had a baby and she's so busy with the newborn that she hardly has time for her firstborn, who is disoriented from all the change. In the meantime, her partner is busy trying to keep the household together. A hammock can literally scoop them up and give them the collective hug they sorely need. Just make sure it's big enough for the entire family, and offer to hang it up for them.

Baby bike seat or trailer

If they're biking enthusiasts, no gift will make them happier than a baby bike seat, or trailer, with a matching mini bike helmet. Make sure the helmet you get comes with pads of different thickness to adjust to the child's growing head. And remind them to wait until the baby is at least a year old before hitting the bike trails with her.

Double stroller

Double strollers aren't just for twins. They come in handy for toddler and baby combinations too. Depending on the model, children can enjoy the sights while sitting side by side or one behind the other. As a bonus, add developmentally appropriate stroller toys for each child so both they can entertain themselves while mom and or dad pushes.

Babysitting time

The birth of a new baby is earth-shaking to a big event for a sibling, even one who wanted a brother or sister in the first place. And although second-time parents may try hard to include their firstborn, few have enough time to juggle all their duties the way they'd like to. One of the best gifts you can give the family is your time. Offer to babysit for their older child so mom and dad can concentrate on the new baby, or care for the newborn so the older child can have one or both parents all to himself occasionally.

New Parent Gift Ideas! Phoebe and Me