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Chocolate frangipane cake

Chocolate frangipane cake
7 mistakes made by parents in the first days of school

The first day in nursery school or school is a very important time for parents and children. It is a huge change for babies or the smallest of the house who until that moment have been in a familiar environment. Overnight they have to face unfamiliar adults, other children, other routines, or other places. Understand and help them it is essential in these difficult moments for them.

It is difficult not to be wrong because not only do some children experience these moments in a traumatic way, but also for parents it is a difficult drink. And if not, who has not gotten a lump in his throat when leaving kindergarten and leaving the baby? Who has not spent a day scattered at work thinking how the little one will be?

With my two older children, I have already experienced those two situations: the first day of nursery school and the first day of school. In both cases, I couldn't help but feel anguish and even cry as I walked through the center door. These intense emotions can lead us to make mistakes and mistakes during these moments. For this reason, it is important to know what we should not do on the first day of the course.

1- Do not anticipate what is going to happen
If we take our baby to school without telling him why, what he will find there and how he will spend the day, the child will feel great anguish and fear of abandonment. It is essential not to hide what your day to day will be from then on.

2- Let them see us cry
You really want to see how they grab your arms, how they cry, scream or simply see their face of disgust. However, you have to swallow hard, be firm, happy and very serene, to convey security and tranquility.

3. Come back to say goodbye
Never, never have to go back even if we are hearing him howling or kicking. The caregivers are prepared to face these situations and they themselves will tell you that they only cry during those first moments and then remain calm, sometimes more participatory and other less, but little by little they adapt.

4. Take a walk around the yard to see them
If you are curious to know what he is doing, do not go near the playground, in case he sees you, he will want to go with you and you have only caused a tantrum in the child.

5. Not respecting the adaptation period
It is not always easy to reconcile adjustment periods at school and work hours, but it pays to reserve a few days of vacation so that the child can gradually adapt and only attend a few hours during the first few days.

6. Don't say goodbye
It is not necessary to leave the child in the hand of his caregiver and run away. We must give him a kiss, a caress and remind him that we will return in a while to pick him up.

7. Extend the farewell
Although he cries, we must not eternalize the moment of goodbye and hug him or comfort him again and again. It is better, say goodbye in a loving way and without prolonging the moment much.

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What is a high-risk pregnancy?

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10 reasons why periodic dental checkup is recommended in the child

10 reasons why periodic dental checkup is recommended in the child

10 reasons why periodic dental checkup is recommended in the child

Children are not born with the fear of a dentist, so that any parent can avoid associating the visit to the office with negative feelings early by inspiring their interest in oral hygiene. Preparing early for the small patient's first visit to the specialist doctor can help prevent the onset and complication of dental problems.

Many parents tend to postpone this important moment, either considering that the little one has no problem, either because of lack of time or fear, transferring to the child the fears accumulated in their personal experience. Fortunately, today, any potentially painful treatment is performed with anesthesia. The pain felt at home due to neglected problems is much greater, longer lasting and torments the child more than the possible pain in the dental office.

Here are some of the reasons why it is good to bring the baby to regular dental checkup!

Early identification and treatment of dental caries

Dental caries in children evolve very quickly, because the enamel has a low thickness and low mineralization. Therefore, it is very important that any problems be diagnosed and treated from an early stage, before complications such as nerve infection, gangrene, dental abscess, gingival fistula are eliminated. All these complications can be painful, can affect the permanent tooth that is coming out instead of the milk, and the treatment lasts longer and can be more unpleasant for the child.

Early identification and treatment of gingival disorders

In the case of small children, it is not possible to talk about periodontitis, but gingivitis is quite common, as children do not always brush their teeth properly, and food scratches and dental plaque cause inflammation of the gums. In addition, at the onset of puberty the hormonal changes produced in the body are sometimes accompanied by pubertal gingivitis.

Identification and correction of harmful habits

Habits with negative effects on dental health, such as oral respiration, infant swallowing, phonation with tongue interposition (incorrect pronunciation of sounds), finger suggestion, use of the pacifier after the age of 2 years can be treated with great patience and with the support to a specialist dentist with experience in working with the little ones. Although some parents are not aware of this, these habits produce changes in the position of the teeth and jaws, which will later require dental bracing for correction.

In addition, during the visit to the practice, the doctor can also identify the causes of some of these harmful habits and will send the child to the specialist (ENT, speech therapist, etc.).

Following the eruption

Most of the time, early or delayed tooth eruption is only a particular feature of the respective child's development, because each of them is unique and has its own normal growth rate. Rarely, this may obscure dental problems that the dentist will evaluate at regular check-ups.

Early identification and treatment of orthodontic problems

The most common situation is that in which the jaws are too small compared to the size of the teeth to come out. If they are not enlarged since the age of 7, when the bones are more malleable, at an older age, dental extractions will be needed to place the teeth on a too small jaw, and the treatment will take longer. In addition, it is easier to direct the teeth to erupt in the correct position, than to correct them after they have gone abnormally.

Tips for proper hygiene

During the visit to the practice, children can be taught by the dentist, in the form of a game, how to brush their teeth correctly by practicing on special plastic models. Assisted and supervised at home by the parents, they will apply what they have learned with the specialist to protect their teeth from decay.

Dental sealing

Many parents do not know that the 6-year-old molar is a permanent tooth because it comes out behind the milk molars, without any tooth falling to make room for them. For this reason, he does not pay special attention to brushing and is cured in 80-90% of cases, and his sealing is recommended to protect him from caries.

Tips for healthy eating

Parents will find out from their dentist what foods are harmful and which are beneficial for their children's teeth. Also, the child will learn to avoid very frequent snacks between meals and brush his teeth especially after the evening meal. It is essential to remember that after the evening brushing, the child should not eat or drink anything (apple, milk, etc.), except water.

Familiarization of the child with the atmosphere of the dental office

A child who was taken to the dentist on a regular basis, for routine consultations and not only when presenting pain that needed to be removed, will not associate the visit to the office with pain and suffering. In addition, concern for his dental health will continue into adulthood.

Diagnosis of general problems that may occur in the mouth

Some of the diseases of childhood, as well as some of the general conditions, show manifestations in the mucous membranes and gums. Although the likelihood of these disorders occurring in children is extremely low, their identification may refer the child to the specialist treatment physician.

Article written by Dr. Mihaela Dan, orthodontic specialist Orto-Implant Expert

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This phenomenon is actually nothing more than the choice of the lower pathways for the presence of some "foreign" material. Therefore, in most cases it is wrong to first try to cushion the cough.

What should we do if the child is coughing?

When the coughing disappears…

If you are full, you can help your child much more quickly heal. Find out more about the topic on our thematic page ... After a disease, your child may have a fever that lasts for weeks, almost to the next illness. There may be different reasons for this, but be sure to seek medical attention. Often a enlarged nasal tonsil block the air passage, the child breathes in his mouth, and then his throat gets dry. Especially at night, you get cold because the nasal tonsil in the supine position still gives you less breathing. Did you know that the nasal congestion sign suggests that you are infected? Originally, it was originally "just" a virus infection that was "into" a bacterial infection. If you have such a color, you may be suspected of having a facial inflammation or a nasal inflammation. It causes similar symptoms arcьreggyulladбs - the roulette fever doesn't always ring. Antibiotic treatment for the face infralбmpбs warm-up, inhalation, but do not stop the treatment on the column with alleviation of symptoms. He has a coughing throat asthma cough can develop, especially if this disease also occurs in other family members.
In this case, the crying increases with physical exertion, running, jumping, not diminishing. After a lengthy medical examination, the exact causes can be clarified, then follow the doctor's instructions carefully, and the improvement will not wait for you.
Do not make the child exercise at all, as this will impair your health. Other symptoms: itchy eyes, eczema with coughing, with great currency allergiбrуl there are you.
Inhaled foreign bodies - corn, pepper, small pieces of plastic - may cause stubborn coughing. Observe and note exactly when (freshly, after jogging), how heavily (it is very demanding, unable to sleep, not breathing, coughing) and how (frostbite, dry, childless).

Let's find out what's the cause of the cough

In the winter months, it is not uncommon for a child to cry for a long time to have another complaint. Coughing is typical dry all day, constantly coughing up the little ones, or much more after major breaks. Mindenkйppen seek medical attention if this condition persists for more than two weeks.
It may be that the condition believed to be inflamed - not always with good fever - has turned into facial inflammation.
Well done home remedies for the face infrared heater. Put the baby in front of the lamp three times a day for ten minutes with eyes closed and covered. We'll tell him in the middle.
The enlarged nasal congestion may block the airway, so the baby will often breathe orally. In this case, your throat is simply permanently drained, that's why you hesitate.
THE inflammation of pulmonary aphids can also cause coughing, which is now a non-dangerous condition, but can lead to asthma. Inhalation of a medication with a medication improves the condition of the small cough within a few weeks, but the therapy lasts longer.

Asthma or cold sores

Doctors themselves often face this problem as well spasmodic, asthma-like cough can easily be confused with true asthma. All febrile, crying babies should be shown to a doctor, as only a hearing of the chest can determine if they have pneumonia or are infected with the lungs only. We should not be aware that weeks or months earlier, an overabundant object, food, can cause feverish cough and pneumonia.
Recently, for example, a two-year-old baby had to remove peanuts from his lungs several months before, because he had recurrent pneumonia and cough.

Asthmatic catarrh

When a low respiratory infection reaches the lower passages (hernias), the cough is uncomfortable with suffocation. Not surprisingly, the tiny ears of the tiny ones are much lighter than the larger ones, because they are tiny just like a few voices. Unlike a croupier, the kid's look is cumbersome and elusive and breathless. Then we talk about asthmatic catarrh.
This is not asthma, though, but it is undoubtedly similar. In a small number of cases, retrospective catarrh is really transformed into "true" asthma, but you don't really have to think about it first.
In true asthma, polyps may be present in asymptomatic respiratory and asphyxiation, and in some cases, allergic factors (house dust, cat hair, pollen, food) can be detected.

Simple or smooth cataract

When the inflammation of the airways stops in the upper airways, the bulbs are not narrowed, we speak of simple bulbs. The smaller the child is, the more careful it is to give any shot, a beggar. Although such prescription-free supplements will dissolve your desire, but because your little one can't effectively tease it, it can often obliterate the pathways and slow down the healing process.


The cave collection builds on the experience of centuries. The different crystals and dense molecules found in the caves are exposed to the air in all parts of the flare system and dissolve deposits that cause choking.
THE "Miniszanatуrium", this newly developed inhalation device delivers proven blends of cavernous materials - normally by breath - to all points of the flare system. This gives you access to the healing effects of the currently costly and location-based cave therapies, anytime, anywhere. They provide long-lasting relief, better comfort, and peaceful sleep.

Home Methods Against Coughing

Home remedies are not a substitute for a medical examination, but they can effectively relieve symptoms and add to the effectiveness of medicines. In many cases, the cough is caused by a viral infection of the throat. The antibiotic does not relieve the cure, and it is ineffective against viruses, so it is unnecessary to take it, but you should check with your doctor. However, the following methods may also be used unintentionally.
In the event of a dry dehydration, soak a warm towel in hot water and then lubricate it with a warm luggage wrap or pig. Rub it on the kid's chest. Screw the dry flannel flap off and let remain for thirty to thirty minutes. Compressive effect can be enhanced with lavender or thyme oil dripped onto a damp cloth.
Cough tea
We buy cumin seeds, anise seeds, anemone, lime tree and white butter at a drug store. In a large, impermeable metal box, mix them together and pour two teaspoons of hot water into a cup. Leave it covered for ten minutes, then let it cool and warm with honey.
Let us chop an onion finely, mix three tablespoons of sugar and pour 1/8 liter of water. Bring to a boil for a few minutes, then let it rest on a light cloth and strain on a light cloth. Give the child three or five tablespoons three times five times a day.
Horseradish onion honey
We mix a tablespoon of freshly grated horseradish with a teaspoonful of honey, a tablespoon of onion and a tablespoon of water. Boil in microwave. Give the child a few teaspoons several times a day.
Home remedies can alleviate the symptoms, but they are no substitute for a medical examination and the recommended medication.

Dry curing can be dampened by evaporation of salty water

Let us count a tablespoon of water per liter of water. A good solution is to bring it to the boil in the kitchen so that your couple slowly loads the space.
Raise your upper body for sleep, making it easier for the elbow to sleep. If one end of the canopy cannot be lifted, make hard cushions under the sheets and the corners. We put a wet towel on the heater, hang wet sheets in the room at night, and the air is not infiltrated by the air.
THE catapult massage You also enjoy the little one: put your chest on your face with your face down and your palms rubbing your ribs all the way up the spine.
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    Perfect with fruit and rosemary

    Perfect with fruit and rosemary

    The perfume with fruit and rosemary is an extremely interesting dessert, inspired by French cuisine.

    Preparation time

    30 minutes + 4 hours (refrigerator)




    50 g candied orange peel

    50 g candied lemon peel

    fresh rosemary

    80 g old powder

    500 g of natural fat yogurt

    Method of preparation

    Take the rosemary leaves as they enter a spoon, finely chop them, then mix with the powdered sugar. Leave them in a bowl until the next day.

    Cut the orange and lemon peel as low as you can.

    In a large bowl, mix the yogurt with the candied fruit, incorporate the powdered sugar and mix a little. Put the composition in a plastic form, which you give in the freezer for several hours.

    Shortly before bringing the dessert to the table, put the form in boiling water, let it thaw, then roll it on a platter.

    Serves the perfect rosemary leaf decoration.

    The type of kitchen


    Tags Rosemary Fruit