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The new lego designed for high schoolers has arrived

The LEGO brand believes it is important for children of all ages to enjoy playing with cubes, so it has developed an ideal toy collection for ages 4-7 under the name LEGO Juniors.

Children's play habits are constantly evolving with their age, so it is important that the tools needed to do so develop with them. The ages of 4-7 are very attractive to older adults, but in many cases these toys are still too complex for them. Moms just find it difficult to find age-appropriate creativity games that are tailored to the child's current abilities. As our children 's hands grow larger, so do the LEGO cubes that they play with, as their craftsmanship evolves over time. The sets for the smaller ones, while the ones for the older ones, were a great challenge for the children, so fewer survivors of the real LEGO traditional games and those with a bit bigger elements can make a difference. The new development is an excellent transition between LEGO DUPLO and the world of LEGO building cubes, and it has the advantage of being able to create every little piece of art that you can create.

Do you have to get used to indigestion in pregnancy?

During pregnancy, we often feel discomfort after eating. All because of high levels of hormones, especially progesterone, which is produced at the beginning of pregnancy. The effect of its action is muscle relaxation, including digestive system muscles, which results in stomach upset during pregnancy. The problem is aggravated by the growing uterus pressing on adjacent organs.

How is indigestion manifested in pregnancy?

As many as 80% of pregnant women experience indigestion at some stage of pregnancy. Discomfort may appear already in the first weeks of pregnancy or only when the uterus grows and pregnancy becomes advanced. Most often they are the most severe after 27 weeks of pregnancy.

Indigestion in pregnancy manifests itself as:

  • bloating,
  • heartburn,
  • nausea or vomiting.

Indigestion in pregnancy is most often referred to as pain or discomfort in the stomach or under the ribs, as well as an acid taste in the mouth, a burning sensation in the throat or a sore throat. Indigestion usually passes after pregnancy, when the endocrine system is normalized, the pressure on the uterus also disappears.

Although indigestion in pregnancy can be very irritating to a woman, it usually has no effect on the developing baby. Paradoxically, it can even be beneficial. Slower digestion improves the absorption of nutrients by the fetus. CHowever, to make indigestion not burdensome for my mother?

How to deal with indigestion in pregnancy?

  • try to put extra pressure on your stomach, especially after eating,
  • sit straight after eating
  • wear loose clothing that doesn't restrict movement,
  • eat almonds as a snack
  • drinking warm milk with honey can give a good effect,
  • drink cranberry juice and mint tea,
  • wait at least an hour after a meal before you lie down,
  • eat a few small meals a day, three are definitely not enough,
  • eat slowly, chew thoroughly,
  • avoid caffeine, chocolate, fatty dishes, fruit juices, which usually aggravate indigestion,
  • try to sleep with your upper body supported on the pillows,
  • eat dinner at least 3 hours before bedtime.

In addition, it is worth using a well-balanced diet, rich in vegetables and fruits. In case of severe indigestion, consult a doctor.

Dream at the Fantasy Festival in Clamart (92)

Free admission for the Little Fantasy Festival. A family event with, on the program, creative workshops, games, initiations at the circus ... Where is it? In the beautiful walls of the library of Clamart, ex joy by the Books. When is it? April 12! Information on

Free admission for the Little Fantasy Festival. A family event with, on the program, creative workshops, games, initiations at the circus ... Where is it? In the beautiful walls of the library of Clamart, ex joy by the Books.

When is it? April 12!
Information on

Flavors and their effect

Eucalyptus oil
Releases and purifies the airway assembly. Due to its powerful effect, this oil should be rarely used.
Lavender oil
This perfume is suitable for sensitive, sentimental people, with a soothing constitution. It has a positive effect, among others, on the heart, spirit and circulatory system.
Lemon oil
It has a stimulating and relaxing effect. It is a refreshing aroma, used with pleasure by people who have a strong attraction to the sunny south.
Peppermint oil
It is an excellent remedy for headaches and carcasses in the shoulder area. Bumped on the forehead, is good for spasms. Because it emits a very intense odor, it should be used only rarely. If the patient suffers from a stomach disease, he will probably find this smell very pleasant and beneficial.
Blood oil
It has a calming effect and helps especially in the states of inner anxiety; favors meditation exercises and relieves anxiety.

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Name Bassem - Meaning of thumbs and names

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

In the Arabic language, the name Bassem means "smiling" or "radiant".


Bassem Youssef is an Egyptian cardiologist and television host.
Bassem Yakhour is an actor of Syrian origin.
Bassem Feghali is a Lebanese comedian, a singer and a drag-queen.
Bassem Boulaabi is a footballer of Tunisian origin.
Bassem Amin is a great master of chess.

His character :

Bassem is a shy boy, worried and secretive. To hide this aspect of his personality, he does not hesitate to be distant and haughty with others. He usually sports this suspicious behavior in the face of a situation he does not understand. That's why he does everything to appear calm and calm, no matter the circumstances. In reality, Bassem is an introverted and hypernervous being. He does not appreciate emotional outbursts or spontaneous reactions. Superficiality and artifice do not interest him. Constantly on the defensive, he does not know how to react to unforeseen events. However, he compensates for his lack of responsiveness by being serious and honest in everything he undertakes. Bassem is a disciplined boy who clings to his beliefs and principles. Hate all forms of change, he prefers to live in the routine where he is more comfortable. Quiet and always in search of security, he likes to fall back on himself in order to think or to read and study. Although hating all that is superficial, Bassem appreciates comfort. A materialist, he likes money and can be very interested in certain opportunities.


Basem and Bacem.

His party :

There is no holiday for people with the first name Bassem.

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City Court of Nagyatbdi

Each of the cribs in the nursery rooms, next to the mothers, had lace-embroidered lace. The stitches were sewn to make the lounge more cozy. This mood is typical of a whole birth.

"Our creed is to create a family-centered birth that we strive to achieve with every end," says the chief physician, dr. Ferenc Jaklovics. - This view begins from the moment of conception. We organize training courses on childbirth, including a gymnastics session with a physiotherapist. We expect fathers to visit the maternity room as well as parents.
In our series of births, we barely encountered a hospital where the father is allowed in the inn. There is also the possibility of this in Nagyatbad. Cuttings are done in spinel anesthesia. But it is also rare what the chief doctor declares in his father's birth.
- I consider vertical births to be professionally acceptable, lying down is not for safety and easy, fast birth, but for the convenience of the doctor. It is possible for us to have a baby and to give birth. One of our cribs can be placed in a supine or supine position, so we do not have to move the mother to carry out the post-natal care. For pain management, EDA is used exclusively, also known as the "sad" version. The possibility of epidural anesthesia does not depend on the load of anesthetists, every obstetrician has been tested to apply it, so you have 24 hours a day. Fever is treated in all cases, there are no twelve births here, because the source of traffic and the closest PIC is in Pecs. The premature babies are shipped there.
Newborn babies are placed in the nursery chest and the family can stay together. Breastfeeding will continue to be supported by all devices. A deficient two-a-day assisting with breastfeeding and breastfeeding in space, but not the class's neuter. In addition to breastfeeding, we also show the care and bathing of the baby. The class's chief dr. Jaklovicsné Végh Gyцngyi, who fully agrees with the Chief Physician (family) on the modern, family centered principles.
After a smooth birth on the fourth day, after cupping, on the fifth day, they let their mothers and babies go home.
Facts, figures
The school had 303 children born in 2010.
The proportion of cuttings is 20 percent.
There is a two-bedroom and one-bedroom living room.
There is also the possibility of a baby and a doctor's choice.
It is the subject of the engraving, shaving, butting, and the mothers give their consent to the decisions.
There are two three-bedded rooms, two two-bedded rooms and two single-bedded air-conditioned rooms.
24-hour rooming-in, but the baby is brought to the newborn class for the night.
The single paid room is not operational due to reorganization.
Pregnant care is provided in cooperation with the nurses at the hospital.
Childrens lounges are not open to visitors; there is a room specially designed for this purpose.
(This article highlights December 2010 status.)

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Eight Below