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Pregnancy: linea nigra, or drooping on the tummy

Pregnancy: linea nigra, or drooping on the tummy

The appearance of the vertical brown line on the abdomen surprises many little ones. What is linea nigra (or linea negra) and why does it develop? Need to worry about it?

The dark stomach that appears during pregnancy is one of the next changes that will surely surprise a prospective mother. (According to statistics, about 75% of pregnant women are affected.) Linea nigra (called black line) on the tummy, it puts itself in a vertical position, from the sender to the eyelid. As the weeks go by, the length of the pregnancy may increase, and the sender may start to look over it. Its width is usually a few millimeters, but it is usually up to 1 cm. When it comes to birth, first childbirths are almost sure to either ask them about their pregnancy or get on the net right now: We collected the most common questions and answers about linea nigra.

Linea nigra is present in three quarters of pregnant women

What does linea nigra develop?

You may be surprised, but this line (linea alba) she was there before, but she didn't look. Pregnancy increases the level of estrogen in your body, which in turn stimulates melanin production. Melanin (a pigment) is responsible for skin darkening, which also causes skin irritation in the atria of the nipples, moles, freckles, and lungs. The same change occurs in linea albino, thus forming (in Latin) linea nigra. It cannot be prevented.

When does linea negra appear?

Generally, it appears lightly during the 15th week of pregnancy and then gets stronger. Generally speaking, darker skins are darker in color and darker in lighter skin and hair in mothers. Sunburn has increased pigmentation, darkens the line.It is recommended to pay extra attention to bхrvйdelemre: Apply sunscreen and sunbathe for a long time!

Do you forget the sting?

Yo hnr: a disappears without trace after birthbut not all - you can count on a gradual thinning. It may be understandable that you want to get your stomach back to its original state after birth, not so impatient! The first weeks run fast. After high birth processes in your body, after birth, darkness will be the least of your worries. You may also be interested in:
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10 reasons to ban smartphones to children under 12 years old

Children's access to new technologies seems to have no brakes. Before, the concern was limited to children spending too many hours in front of the television, while today there is great anxiety among parents about the contact that children, including babies, have with smartphones and tablets.

Experts on the subject warn about the risk of the use of these devices in babies and children. Are mobile phones and tablets the new babysitters and babysitters?

Months ago, the Japan Pediatric Association started a campaign to restrict prolonged use of mobiles and tablets, suggesting control and more games to parents. Now they are the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Canadian Society of Pediatrics which reveal 10 reasons why children under 12 should not use these devices uncontrollably. They are clear about it, babies from 0 to 2 years old should not have any contact with technology; those from 3 to 5 years old, must be restricted to one hour / day; from 6 to 18 years old the restriction should be 2 hours / day.

1- Children's brain development
Brain development caused by excessive exposure to technologies can accelerate brain growth in babies between 0 and 2 years of age, and be associated with executive function and attention deficit, cognitive delays, learning problems, increased impulsiveness and lack of self-control (tantrums).

2- Delayed child development
The excessive use of technologies can limit movement, and consequently academic performance, literacy, attention and abilities.

3- Childhood obesity
The sedentary lifestyle that involves the use of technologies is a problem that is increasing among children. Obesity leads to health problems like diabetes, vascular and heart.

4- Childhood sleep disturbances
Studies reveal that the majority of parents do not supervise their children's use of technology in their bedrooms, which shows that children have more difficulty falling asleep. Lack of sleep will negatively affect your academic performance.

5- Mental illness
Some studies show that the excessive use of new technologies is increasing the rates of childhood depression and anxiety, attachment disorders, attention deficit, bipolar disorder, psychosis and other childhood behavior problems.

6- Aggressive behaviors in childhood
Exposing children to violent and aggressive content can alter their behavior. Children imitate everything and everyone. So you have to monitor the use and navigation of children on mobiles or tablets.

7- Lack or deficit of attention
The excessive use of new technologies can contribute to attention deficit, decrease concentration and memory of children, thanks to the great speed of its contents.

8- Child addiction
Studies show that one in 11 children between the ages of 8 and 18 is addicted to new technologies. Every time children use mobile devices, they separate themselves from their environment, from friends and family.

9- Too much radiation
The who, World Health Organization classifies cell phones as a hazard due to the emission of radiation. Children are more sensitive to these agents and there is a risk of contracting diseases such as cancer.

10- Overexposure
The constant and overexposure of children to technology makes them vulnerable, exploitable and exposed to abuse.

In addition, experts agree that spending too many hours glued to the mobile or tablet is detrimental to children's development. They believe that they generate more passive children and that they do not know how to interact or have physical contact with other people. And although they understand that new technologies are part of their life, they believe that they should not replace reading a book or playing time with siblings and parents.

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Do mothers know about this?

Do mothers know about this?

What is the Most Useful Food for My Newborn Baby?

The only nutrient ideal for the newborn baby is breast milk. Breast milk should be given as long as the baby wants, and in the first days, the interval between two breastfeeding should not be longer than 4 hours.

What can I do to increase the amount of breast milk?

The mother should start breastfeeding immediately after birth, believe in the importance of breastfeeding, frequent breastfeeding, take plenty of fluids (at least 3 liters per day), rest during the day and be as stress-free as possible.
It is the responsibility of the medical team to monitor the natural process of breastfeeding, prepare them psychologically and physiologically for this natural task, and monitor the mothers during pregnancy and immediately after birth. In order to ensure the continuity of breast milk, it is also important to give the baby only breast milk (even without water) for the first six months.

Professor Dr. Contact Mehmet directly
Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine
Department of Child Health and Diseases

Why are organic foods healthier?

Organic foods, chemical drugs and hormones, such as hormones that are harmful to our health does not contain substances that are grown under natural conditions, prepared with natural preservatives. Chemical drugs that can accumulate because they cannot be removed from the body can cause serious health problems for a baby with a life expectancy of 70 years on average. For this reason, parents should wash all non-organic vegetables and fruits in water and then peel them and consume them and prefer vegetables and fruits suitable for the season.

Should I include organic foods in my child's diet?

Organic products with a logo and a certificate shown on demand (hormone-free product does not mean organic) are the most accurate and healthy products to be preferred in baby nutrition. In today's world, where developed countries such as the United States discuss the necessity of organic nutrition in children aged 0-2, considering that things are contaminated in foodstuffs, like many things, we should include organic foods in the nutrition of our children for healthy generations and their healthy dimaks.

Professor Dr. Contact Raşit directly
Ege University Faculty of Medicine
Faculty, Department of Child Health and Diseases

Why is Baby Nutrition more important than adult nutrition?

The first year of your life is when your baby's growth curve is the steepest, 3 times its weight at the time of birth, 50% in length and the fastest brain development. It is possible for people to acquire the right nutrition habit and reach the potential development curve by feeding with health in the first years. In addition, with proper and balanced nutrition during this period, we protect our babies from future diseases. In the case of unbalanced nutrition, the baby cannot reach its physical and mental potential.

How should they feed babies whose stomachs are smaller than adults?

During this period, the nutrients given should be nutritious and should be easily digested by our babies. For brain development, nutrients containing prebiotic fibers should be given importance to strengthen the Omega 3 and 6 immune system. In order to prevent iron deficiency in infants, additional food should be doped into iron supplements during transition and foods containing vitamin C should be given to increase iron absorption.

In the first six months, we should ensure that the growth curve is obtained with formula milk (baby formula) prepared according to the needs of the baby in case of insufficient breast milk. Milk spoon formulas and cereal spoon formulas prepared with continuation milk are the appropriate choices for the first foods in the 6th month when the supplementary food is started.

Dr. Contact Gülsen directly
Child Health and Diseases Specialist

What is reflux disease, is it seen in childhood?

Reflux is the escalation of gastric acid into the esophagus and damages the lining. This condition can be seen from the newborn period. It is common in neonates and infants, most of them are physiological, and if the disease persists, symptoms will occur.

What are the signs of the disease, how is it treated?

Symptoms of the disease include a wide range of recurrent vomiting, weight loss, loss of appetite, refusal to feed, chest pain and burning, difficulty swallowing, recurrent lower and upper respiratory tract infections, asthma-like lung diseases, sinusitis and anemia. Treatment may cause stenosis of the esophagus and destruction of the lining cells.

First, correct diagnosis is important. Nutrition should be regulated, low and frequent nutrition, infants should not be fed inpatient, not fed at night, sodas and fastfood foods should not be consumed, chocolate and cocoa foods should not be exaggerated. Obesity triggers the disease.

It can be treated with drugs that reduce stomach acidity in children and accelerate stomach and intestinal movements; when necessary, foods that reduce reflux can be used; healthy nutrition should be continued after treatment. Response to treatment in childhood is good; surgical treatment is applied only to patients who do not respond.

Professor Dr. Fügen Çollu Cuğraş
IU Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine
Child Health and Diseases Specialist

What should I pay attention to when choosing bottle foods?

Baby bottle foods are products that are produced for use in baby feeding. The first consideration when using baby bottle formulas is the age of the baby. If bottle food is to be used instead of or in combination with breast milk in the first six months, foods prepared taking into account the nutritional composition of breast milk should be preferred. Bottle formulas, which are the equivalent of breast milk, are produced taking into consideration all the properties found in breast milk. However, it is still impossible to replace some biological properties in breast milk.

If the bottle food is to be used after the sixth month, the products which we call the continuation formula should be selected. The point that the producers emphasize when producing foods is the characteristics of breast milk. For this reason, the nutritional values ​​of breastmilk are taken into consideration in the continuation formulas.

Until when should I feed my baby bottle food?

Bottle formulas can be used as an alternative to breast milk or cow's milk for infant feeding up to two years of age. After the sixth month, each baby should be prepared for adult feeding up to one year of age. Babies should be given the ability to eat with appropriate foods and palate pleasures should be developed.

Pad. gastroenterologists
Professor Dr. Contact Benal directly
Yeditepe University
Head of Department of Child Health and Diseases

Important nutrients-1

Development of normal and only 6 months of breast milk in babies should start after 6 months. The important point when starting additional foods is the nutritional value of the food, preparation of the baby in accordance with the chewing-swallowing function and the socioeconomic level of the family.

• The first rule of starting additional food is that the baby is self-supporting and can sit without support.
• Babies who have completed their 6th month passively take soft mashy nutrients from the spoon and transfer the food from the front of the tongue to the esophagus. Therefore, additional nutrients to be started should be given to the baby as puree. Puree consistency is obtained when the food is cleaned, cooked with steam or with little water, passed through a glass grate and passed through a thick perforated sieve. If you want to soften the consistency a little more, you can add your mother's own milk instead of water. Your baby will eat more appetite you will see!
• Additional nutrients should be given to the baby, fresh and prepared daily.
• The nutrients to be introduced to the baby are not in mixture and should be given individually.
• Each additional nutrient should be given for at least 3 days and maximum 1 week alone and then switched to a new one.
• Additional nutrients should be given to the baby with a spoon before noon.
• Supplementary food should be rich in protein, energy, calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin C and vitamin A.

Specialist Dyt. Contact Selahattin directly
Turkey Representative of the American Dietetic Association

Why did they take blood from my baby's heel?

In our country, a few drops of blood taken from the heels of newborn babies and the presence of a congenital disease called phenylketonuria are investigated. If the disease is not recognized, many problems occur, including mental retardation. If the diagnosis is made early and treatment is started early, these children can continue their normal development without any problems.

What kind of disease is feniketonuria?

Phenylketonuria is a congenital disease. Due to the existing genetic disorder, special substances required to use a nutrient called phenylalanine in proteins cannot be made. Thus, phenylalanine accumulates without being removed from the body. Many nutrients that are normally necessary and useful are harmful to these children. During their lifetime, especially in the infancy and childhood, when the brain develops, they need to meet their protein needs from special foods, and they need low-protein foods for energy.

What will my blood be used for?

Blood from your baby's heel is examined in one of the four centers in our country. If the child does not have pheniketonuria, the family is not informed. About one in every 3000-5000 babies have high levels of phenylalanine in the blood. These children undergo further examination in private centers and if the diagnosis of pheniketonuria is confirmed, treatment is initiated. The most important part of the treatment is the regulation of the diet. Physicians and dieticians work together to determine a specific diet according to the age and development of the child.

Contact Benal directly
Yeditepe University
Faculty, Department of Child Health and Diseases

Dear Mothers and Fathers

We know that you prefer natural and healthy products while feeding your baby. Unfortunately, it is not easy to find unadulterated and hormone-free products nowadays. Even many vegetables and fruits that we think are natural are actually threatening our health because of pesticides and fertilizers. That's why we recommend you to use jar food produced by organic farming for the healthy development of your baby.

Why Organic Farming:

Organic farming is the most natural form of agriculture.
• Soils where organic farming is carried out are clean ones away from the industrial zones.
• Controlled water is used at each stage for irrigation.
• Chemical pesticides are not used in pest control.
• Natural fertilizer is selected instead of artificial fertilizer.
• Vegetables, fruits and cereals are ripened in the natural process without using fertilizing hormones and chemical techniques: they are collected at the most appropriate time in terms of nutritional values.

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Yoga is a very beneficial sport for the whole family, both for children and adults. Therefore, we encourage you to do yoga as a family, to relieve the body of stress and improve muscles, bones and joints.

This time we explain how to perform the exercise or yoga pose of the Candle, also known as Sarvangasana asana. It is an ideal yoga posture to do with children, because it is very simple and has many benefits for them.

We explain how you can do this yoga asana with children: the Candle or Sarvangasana, a pose with many benefits for the whole family.

1. Lie down on the mat with your legs and arms straight.

2. With the palms of the hand facing down, pressing them against the floor, lift your legs and bring them to your face. Slightly lift your buttocks and back. Use your hands to support your lower back and as a point of balance. Bring your chin to your chest.

3. Raise your legs to the ceiling forming a 90 degree angle with the ground. The toes should not exceed the eye line. You must hold in this position between 30 and 60 seconds.

4. To return to the starting position, carry out all the movements but in reverse, until you are lying on the mat again.

This pose or asana has many benefits for children. Also for adults. Here are some:

- Release stress and anxiety. By stretching all the muscles, especially those of the neck and spine, stress is also released, which tends to accumulate in this area of ​​the body.

- Stimulates the thyroid. The position of the head improves blood flow and oxygenation. It affects mainly the thyroid gland.

- Improves digestive and intestinal problems. So it is an ideal exercise for children with constipation problems.

- Tones the muscles of the buttocks and legs. It is an excellent exercise for the legs and glutes. Ideal for moms who have recently given birth, once the recovery period has passed.

- Stretch the back and correct incorrect postures. By stretching the back, it is possible to reposition all the bones. The spine is strengthened.

- Stretch your shoulders and neck.

- It's profitable against asthma and sinusitis.

It is a position that however you should avoid in the event that you have a headache, diarrhea, a neck injury, are menstruating or are pregnant.

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Name Lesia - Meaning of origin

Origin of first name:

Corsicans, Hebrews

Meaning of the name:

The name Lesia comes from the Hebrew "elischeba" which can be translated into "God is my oath". It is a name much prized in Corsica.


Lesia Tsurenkon Ukrainian tennis player.
St. Elizabeth of Thuringia, Princess of Hungary (1211-1228), dedicated her life and money to the poor.

His character :

Emotional, Lesia needs to feel surrounded and to feel the affection of others. His fulfillment depends on the interest of those around him. It's your turn ! Its main weak point is its lack of autonomy ... but it is not irreversible.
Idealist and dreamer, Lesia is very generous and will make the happiness of her relatives.


Lysia, Lydia, Lésiana and Lydiana.

His party :

The Lesia are honored on November 17th.

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5 tips to calm your crying when nothing else works

5 tips to calm your crying when nothing else works

Your 4-year-old: Understanding numbers

Your 4-year-old now

"One, two, three," your child says as he counts his stuffed animals. And by now, he gets that the final number is the actual quantity of objects he has. What he probably doesn't understand is that even if you rearrange his animals, the number stays the same. Move them farther apart from each other and ask how many and he may say he has four animals instead of three, as they now occupy more space.

Preschoolers make judgments about quantity based on appearance. If one pile of blocks is higher, they'll think it has more blocks than a smaller pile. They can't logically grasp the idea that "The higher pile has the same number of blocks; the blocks are just bigger." That's because they focus on how things look rather than the concept of an amount, which is a more complex mental task.

The same goes for judging volume. Try this experiment. Serve your child a glass of juice in a thin, tall glass. Give his friend the same amount of juice in a short, squat glass. Ask the pair which glass holds more. Did they say the tall glass? (Probably so — and no doubt it led to bickering over who got more!)

Your life now

One area of the home that's often overlooked in safety proofing is the garage. That's because babies and toddlers — whose parents tend to be most vigilant about making sure their home is safe — seldom venture there. But fours may go into the garage for bikes and ride-on toys or to work on a building project. Make sure that gasoline, standing tubs of water, paints, pesticides, power tools, and other dangers are stored in locked cabinets or far out of reach, bearing in mind that nothing is really far out of reach for an inventive and agile 4-year-old.

And now that your child is becoming ever more social, it's important to check in with the parents of his playdates to make sure that any guns they have at their home are locked up at all times. You may choose not to let him play at houses where weapons are stored, even if they are in a safe. And, of course, if your family has guns, you'll want to be equally sure that they're always locked away.

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Number counting games for kindergartens and preschoolers Educational Games for Kids - 20 Questions

There's plenty of legends and legends about baby sleeping. But what is true of these?

Is there a universal trick that all babies will have a good night's sleep? There are plenty of urban legends about baby sleep and safety on various baby mama forums, thebump.com now following them.

Never wake up a sleeping baby

Who wouldn't have heard this advice before, right? However, newborns need to eat 2-3 ounces in the first couple of days, so it may be weak, but you need to wake up your baby to feed him. But how can you do it when the peak is asleep?
  • Speak, sing
  • Drop it off
  • Change the diaper
If the breast-fed baby eats 8-12 times a day, or the infant formula baby 5-8 times a day, has enough piss and khaki diapers, then you don't have to wake up because there's no problem!

Different spiders, cushions for babies

Ubiquitous parents. There are many fashionable gadgets that can be ordered from the outside, or more expensive to buy from home makers, but as good as they look, they can be so dangerous. Looks like the baby is protected from hitting the baby's head, but for example, the American Children's Academy (AAP) has since 1998 advised parents to neglect these accessories. Doctor Tanya Remer Altmann stated that she had never seen an infant who had suffered from severe cerebral palsy. On the other hand, spiders and pillows pose a serious risk of suffocation. Believe in the baby's sleep

The baby needs complete silence

Think when a Newborn is in complete silence? The fetus kept hearing noises - we wouldn't think how loud it was to be inside the tummy. So it's okay to have some back noise when you sleep.

If you invest in it, you also need to invest

We don't want to force the baby to stay awake for awhile. Let's listen to our comments, but pay attention and adjust to it. If you are prone to lying, let it fall asleep, keep it awake longer, and it will keep you from falling asleep and getting tired. In addition, there is no guarantee that you will not wake up at dawn.

Animal in the nursery

The American Academy of Child Care recommends that you never leave your baby alone with the animal, so the animal should not sleep in the room with the child. Every year, about 600,000 children in America need medical treatment for dog bites. But even a cat can cause baby killing by just playing.For the baby's sleep
  • That's how daytime sleep with your baby changes
  • Sleep cycle of the newborn baby
  • The baby needs sleep

A recently born mother reported on Parents.com that she was having a severe disability after the baby arrived - she had to be called out three times due to cash pains before she found out what the problem was.

What you hardly dare to talk about: postpartum severe constipation (Fotу: iStock) - I haven't done much better just to think about my pain, and in the midst of it I feared my mother would never die .The mother went to the hospital with her husband for the third time, and she always wore stuffed adult diapers and the cold litter she received from her childbirth. The day after her baby was born, strong, painful rodents began to kill her, but when she called the hospital, the niece told her it was completely normal. He then twice hit the emergency room, where he also received strong painkillers, laxatives and goldsmith ointment. - I tried to tell myself that this is a completely normal thing after childbirth - but somehow I didn't feel it - the mother said. she can carry herself - she didn't want her husband to see it. - I felt like I was sinking right before my own husband, I didn't bother to look it in my eyes because I was worried if he could ever look at me like he used to - he admitted.No one made it and he knew it would take time for your blood to dry, they get sick - but it was really hard for her to be sober, exhausted, exhausted. - I didn't eat for two days, and I wasn't on the toilet for five days, and the place where I cut was a burning bite of the cream I got for gold. An urn later, when the doctor examined him again, he found out he had no gold jewelry, the mother said. That's when the doctor recognized that she was struggling with a baby in her mother's birth - a larger mass of sticks got stuck in the gut. In severe cases, this problem can be fatal, so you must take seriously postpartum constipation. In the case of the mother, she had to manually remove the stuck fetus and give her a baby. The mother felt angry and frustrated, which was repeatedly misdiagnosed. - I could hardly wait for my pain to come to an end, but during the treatment I couldn't think of anything other than what my brother could think of. I barely dared to look him in the eye, but when I glanced at him, I did not see that he was horrified, but that he was worried and sympathetic, while holding our baby in his right arm while the ballal took hold of mine, "he recalled. - Again, I realize that asking for things like this and asking for help if you feel like that is wrong, because it can be very serious. As I looked at my baby, after I was home, I also realized that in order to take care of them, - added - I have to take care of mine too.(VIA)Related links: