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The big tomcat

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Chickenpox: We are now dealing with parental beliefs

Chickenpox: We are now dealing with parental beliefs

The first 'kicks' of the baby in the mother's womb, sometime between weeks 16 and 22 of pregnancy, will allow parents to imagine what is happening inside the belly. It is evidence that your child is alive and that all is well. But how do these movements feel? What will the mother perceive?

A mother who has had previous pregnancies will perceive the movements of the baby better than new mothers, because she will be better able to differentiate whether the movements of her tummy are due to subtle baby kicks or if it's your bowel movements. Thinner women will also be able to differentiate better between a nudge from their baby and the noises of their stomach, than more chubby women.

A mother will be able to feel movements in the tummy when the baby hiccups, when a loud and unexpected noise is heard, when the baby looks for a finger to suck on, when touches her face, does cartwheels, moves or stretches her little legs, or when someone talks to him from outside.

The movements are felt in different ways by mothers. Some have the feeling that they are popping popcorn; others have the impression that they have a fish or a butterfly flapping on their belly.

At first, they won't identify the baby's movements, but as the movements become more frequent, they will begin to notice that they are your baby's. And even if the baby moves and kicks regularly, the mother will only be able to feel these movements in a few moments. At this stage it is very important to know that each baby is unique in the way they move. Comparisons should be avoided.

- It is easier to notice the baby's movements when the mother is calm, sitting or lying down.

- Choose a time of day when you know your baby will be most active.

- Observe the time it takes to feel the baby's movements

- Write down what type of movements the baby makes: if it kicks, elbows, turns, shakes or others.

- Stimulate the baby's movements, talking to him, putting on some music, or caressing the belly.

- In case you do not feel any movement for 24 hours in a row, it is convenient that you discuss it with your doctor.

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In utero, babies are already aware of their bodies

In utero, babies are already aware of their bodies

Physical exercise makes children smarter

Riddle: Which of the flowers has the five vowels in its name?

Riddle: Which of the flowers has the five vowels in its name?

The Double Letter Vowel Song. Best Phonics

The use of broadcasters reduces the risk of melanoma

Regular use of wearing creams in children and adolescents has reduced the development of a common, aggressive form of melanoma by 40 percent.

The use of broadcasters reduces the risk of melanomaA study from the University of Sydney reveals that among Austrians between the ages of 18 and 40, the use of broadcasters has reduced the incidence of melanoma to those who have lost their day among Australian males, and the second most common malignancy after breast in women aged 25-49. All hбrom ausztrбlbуl nagyjбbуl kettхnйl diagnosztizбlnak melanomбt or bхrrбk a mбsik formбjбt 70 йves when betцltйsйig - olvashatу of ScienceDaily tudomбnyos-ismeretterjesztх portбlon.A JAMA Dermatology cнmы folyуiratban publikбlt tanulmбny elsхkйnt vizsgбlta the fйnyvйdхk hasznбlata йs melanoma kockбzata kцzцtti цsszefьggйst under 40 йv age group. The researchers analyzed data from nearly 1,700 young adults who participated in the Australian Melanoma Family Study. "Our study shows that the use of broadcasting creams it provided protection against melanoma in childhood and adulthood for those in the 18-40 age group, reducing the risk by 35-40 percent for those who regularly use sunscreen, as opposed to those who only take such action against the sun's rays, "he said. Anne Cust, The university kцzegйszsйgьgyi karбnak munkatбrsa the tanulmбny vezetх szerzхje. "Valу the napsugбrzбsnak kitettsйg йs the leйgйs and melanoma kockбzata kцzцtti цsszefьggйs, kьlцnцsen childhood you have already bizonyнtott, йs today tanulmбny showed that fйnyvйdхk regular hasznбlata vйdelmet nyъjt the napsugбrzбs kбros hatбsaival the study said, "The study generally found that younger, British or northern European descendants, had a higher schooling, lighter skin and had the most skin-like system.
In contrast, older men with lower school grades and darker, or men with more resistant skin are more likely to leave behind using sunscreen. "Children and Adults you need to use the recorder regularly for moderate or higher UV radiation levels to reduce the risk of melanoma and other forms of skin, "Cust said, noting that people with skin are more sensitive to sunlight,
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Lemon sauce for fish

The lemon sauce for fish hides a few secrets of preparation, which make it have the appealing taste and the creamy, fine consistency, worthy of the most refined gastronomic cuisines. Here is the best recipe for this versatile sauce, which can be used for other types of steaks or for flavoring vegetables.

Preparation time

25 min.




bark from 5 lamai

50 ml of olive oil

50 ml of water

1/4 teaspoon old

1/4 teaspoon salt

Method of preparation

Peel the lemons carefully, taking care to remove only the yellow part of the bark, because the white one is bitter. Put some boiling water in a saucepan and when it starts to boil, add lemon peel and leave for about 2 minutes, until softened.

Repeat the operation 2 more times, so as to completely eliminate the bitter taste from them. Slide the lemon peels and add them to the blender. Pour water over them, oil, salt and sugar. Aromatize everything with juice from a lemon and then mix well the ingredients, for 1-2 minutes, until you get a fine and delicious sauce.