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Little tourists Little Tourists is a portal directed to parents looking for interesting places, parties, events in Poland for themselves and their children.

Informs you about exciting knight tournaments, family picnics, or an important cultural event. On the website, you can read about all events for children and youth, but not only, about classical music concerts, museum exhibitions, or artistic workshops.

Most mothers often struggle with the sensation that they want to be a better, almost perfect mom even though they don't. One of the hardest parts of motherhood is that we tend to think that everyone else does better.

What Tцkéletesanyu puree there

We wondered what a perfect mom wouldn't do. If you could. Surely never…

… Would love to cook

If you never need more milk toast, cheese, or Bolognese sauce, we feel good. From the constant "what the kid eats" question, we can go to a wall. The perfect mom must be every day varied and split cooked, and you know your baby better than he does. In the story.

… Would make her children mad

Sхt! Always planning how to spend more minutes with your children while you sleep. Nor does he care that little ones usually sleep like a motorbike. All the while, thanks to the rotation of our minds, sometimes a palm hits our face, sometimes a square between our ribs, but there is no nicer feeling! If all our nights were going to happen this way, we would be looking at a zombie average in just a couple of weeks.

… He would only talk about his children

The perfect mom's speech is exhausted in praising her children and brushing their habits, whether they want to listen or not. This is the most important. Let's face it, we can't wait to talk about any adult topic with another adult, but not ovi, school, or any related questions. If we do not deprive ourselves of our personalities and things of concern to adults, we still do not like our fewer children.

… Would spend it on you

Because they are not gossip at all. No need for a hairdresser or home dyeing, instead of your worn out clothes and another bag that doesn't carry your diapers. If you think about it, a mother with such a demeanor would do just the opposite. We will not be a worse mother if we do not neglect ourselves. Because our children were born, yes we do not cease to be human, so we have the necessities.

… He would go on vacation, only with his children

If you think about it, the meaning of vacations includes relaxation and relaxation. However, the concept of rest is incompatible with children. It is also important that we spend a couple of days with our family in a nice place with a friendly beach. But do you know, huh tight and tired mom Instead, do we want to give our children a really relaxed and smiling time? This can only be achieved with a few childless days.

… Would be unprepared

There are always wet wipes available for twenty kids to be cuddly, innocent, and witty. They're growing in your pouch. There's a mom who's only calm when she's always carrying everything she could ever need. The truth is that kids get on smoothly if we don't have more bags of biscuits on the playground.

… Would take the hair out

Perfect mom, of course, at home looks impeccable, just like the one who just came from the hairdresser. Her hair is freshly cleansed, cleansed, flawless. The truth is, almost every long-haired toddler with a hair knows the well-known hairstyling method of how to make a dress with a hair rubber in half a minute. Our three-year-old child will not love it more if we have a prize-winning hairstyle every day or play with it.

… After the game

Going out for a game is all fun and fun, fun and fun. Hopefully our child will. Unless we are in a very socialized mood, it can be a chore for the other kind of stuff we spend outside. The child is completely well-off, but we have to work in an underpaid security environment. It is perfectly acceptable to wait for us to go home from time to time. In the meantime, we realize with some tension that he generally does not play with the defender or the card, but even with the dumper that he has thrown at us.

… Would go crazy

The perfect mom smiles and jolly all day, is like a Disney fairytale characterwhose birds on the shoulder are singing and coming down, fall into the flower. Conversely, the average mom can hardly wait until the end of the day and fall asleep for a few minutes of silence. Who wouldn't jump on a wall if they had to listen to the songs of "The Magic Magic" tale 10 times in a row? If we have a little boy, then it is normal for us to think sometimes that Villam McQueen stays at the beginning of the tale with defective rubber in the finish line. Even "it's speed"!

... called for a bishop

A perfect mom never needs a babysitter. Because it's a great problem solver. Could you have invented the ability to divide? Sounds cool enough. Without a grandmother, a good friend, or a trusted neighbor, surely, during our toddler years, we can find ourselves in a life situation where we need an experienced, trustworthy woman who can be trusted to have a child. The cause may be a sudden emergency, but it seems more encouraging, but it will also bring some refreshed childlessness that we need occasionally. It does not label mothers with perfect or incomplete, good or bad indicators. Being a mother means being kind, patient and trying to give everything to your child. We all do what we can. Once, a smart man said, you don't have to be a perfect mother, just be a "good" mother. For our child anyway, we are going to be perfect.Related Articles:
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Pebble painting: 10 ideas to follow

Pebble painting: 10 ideas to follow View the slideshow

Pick up pebbles ... your children are probably experts! And if you offered them to give a second life to their findings by painting them? Everything is a matter of imagination, and we give you a boost of inspiration with these ideas "picked up" on Pinterest!

What to do with these works of art? A clipboard, a door locker, a decoration for the table, the garden or flowerpots, a gift for his parents or friends and, very cute, if you have a lot, a little wall to delimit a corner of the garden. It is possible to buy small stickers magnets to stick on the back of the rollers ... and here are pretty magnets! Good diy!

For the preparation of your pebbles and the realistaion of these crafts, see our article Pebble painting workshop

Pebble painting: 10 ideas to follow (10 photos)

Idea that rolls

This is an idea that feels good holidays and gives ideas for travel, right? Pinterest

Not so fast!

This caterpillar is not likely to run in English ... it is made with pebbles painted and glued and small branches for antennas. Pinterest

It's played well

Playing dominoes is fun ... but even better when you made his own pieces. Pinterest

Funny critters

Paint and moving eyes ... and here are fascinating marine creatures! Pinterest

Not even afraid !

Ninja turtles that will please your little fans! Pinterest

For budding lovers

Nothing like declaring his love! Pinterest

Heads of rascals

Your biggest desire to have fun? Here are ideas to decline with all his favorite characters. Pinterest

Unicorn fans?

If you have grandchildren who love unicorn, this idea is for them. Magical ! Pinterest

Basket of ideas

Here is a basket filled with fruits and vegetables in trompe l'oeil that it is better not to eat! An idea to decorate the garden of grandpa? Pinterest

What a family !

A gift idea for parents returning from holidays? Maybe dad can put them on his desk ... Pinterest

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