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How to get rid of stress around the holidays?

How to get rid of stress around the holidays?

As beautiful and magical as December is, it is also a source of stress for parents and children. Expectations for the Christmas holiday, expenses, gift ideas, where to spend it, how to have fun and relax - it should be a method of relaxation, not a reason for stress. Plan the holidays in a Zen spirit!

Christmas, a personal significance!

Leave aside the material side of this holiday and focus on its value. It is the ideal time to communicate with your little one. Christmas is an opportunity for parents to teach their children essential values ​​such as gratitude, understanding, tolerance and philanthropy.

It helps the child to see in the winter holidays a perfect opportunity to give and share with others, not only as a time when he will receive many gifts. In this way, you will diminish them as the exaggerated interest that children today develop for material gifts increases.

Keep the existing Christmas and New Year traditions!

It is a comfortable and anxiety-free way to get over Christmas preparations. Keeping some preset traditions helps you eliminate some of the stress of the holidays. Because they are already planned, you no longer have to consume resources, neither intellectual nor intellectual, to create new ones.

Don't let the Christmas gift for your child increase your anxiety level!

The most stressful situation you could find yourself in is that your little one wants something from Santa and doesn't allow you financially. The gift of your little one is the most difficult to think about and purchased, which causes you worry and frustration.

Always encourage your child to write to Santa a list of several gift options he wants, but be sure to always talk to him about the fact that he may not receive them all, because only Santa knows what he deserves this year. depending on how good it was. But he has to make a bigger list, if he doesn't have the toy he wants most, he can have another option.

This way, you will avoid the crises of the Christmas morning in which your little one is faced with accepting another gift than the one that was his greatest wish.

Try to have realistic expectations for these holidays!

It does not propose you to make this year's winter holidays "the best and most beautiful of all years". Establish realistic goals and expectations that will match the budget and mood of this period.

Make a well-established plan!

Don't let anything surprise you! You have to have everything planned ahead of time so you don't get into crisis or panic as you approach Christmas.

Make lists of what to buy, when and how! Set a date for purchasing the gifts and budget for each member! Think about when you clean, when you decorate your home and when you cook!

In this way:

  • they will not surprise you with certain tasks you should have done, but ... you forgot them;

  • you fit in as much as the budget you already thought of;

  • do not get into the crisis of time;

  • do not focus more on Christmas (as preparations, costs) and forget that there are still 2 days of Christmas, plus New Year's Eve.

Can't afford a vacation? Feel like on vacation in your own city!

All families want to be able to spend the winter holidays somewhere on a snowy terrain and mountains with food and fun. If this is not possible, do not be sad or stressed! Find out and see what events are happening in your city on Christmas day!

Make early plans for each day: For example:

  • first day - family meal at lunch; in the afternoon go to the X friends in the visit;

  • Christmas Day 2 - day dedicated to the child - walking in the park, going to the ice rink, visiting open Christmas fairs, events for children in different locations (parks, malls), etc .;

  • 3rd day, guests or an outdoor concert or a quick trip up the mountain and back etc.

And so on, think ahead to some plans for those days so that you don't get caught up in the position where you'll get bored or don't know how to split yourself between so many requests.

Find time for you too!

Whether it's a massage, a beauty session, a relaxing bath or a shopping session for your soul, do it! After you spend 90% of your time preparing for the whole family, relax and find some time for an activity you enjoy. It will help you to reduce stress further!

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This is not normal but practiced.

A 62-year-old woman, mother of five children, Helen Shabangu has just renewed her marriage with a 9-year-old boy, Sanele Masilela. The ceremony took place in South Africa a few days ago. The couple got married last year, this year's ceremony, which took place in the bride's hometown in mid-July, was an element of tradition to guarantee the favor of the ancestors.

Why was the ceremony held for the second time?

Because the boy wanted it, because he complained that both families did not recognize this marriage and that it could be officially approved, a traditional part is needed. It also aims to meet two families.

In fact, the woman has a husband and the marriage ceremony with a 9-year-old took place in his company. The man emphasized: "My children and I are happy because we have no problem marrying her boy and I don't care what other people say."

Where did the idea for the wedding come from? Sanele, a fourth grade student, shared his visions with adults. He was to experience them thanks to his deceased grandfather, who never married. Apparently the ghost wanted his grandson to do it on his behalf. If the adults did not allow it, the boy would die or go crazy - say gathered at the ceremony.

At the wedding there was a white dress, cake, party, guests ...

What do the boy's parents say?

"People ask if they will live together, sleep together, have children, but I tell them that after the wedding everything will return to normal - nothing will change" - said the boy's mother - "This whole ceremony is to make our ancestors happy . So that the boy's health is not endangered. "

The boy was examined by social workers, assessing his mental health. Is healthy. He was found to only practice the culture in which he was growing up.

Their mother listens more to their mother

Their mother listens more to their mother

Their mother listens more to their mother

Pregnant and child-bearing mothers do not follow the advice of a doctor without thinking, but are more likely to act according to the well-established experiences of their mother or grandmother - they are in a new study.

Researchers at the Royal Holloway University Department of Health and Social Care in London have asked three consecutive generations of pregnant women born in the '70s and' 80s. According to the respondents, their mother and grandmother give their best wishes.
Pregnant mothers who were born recently have identified their female relatives as the main source of information. The younger ones, the 1980s and the 2000s, compared parents' councils with medical, nursing, and weddings, but also tracked down what they heard on the Internet and in the literature."Previous generations have a lot of credibility," said Professor Nicolson. "Despite the pressures of the media and health, women are able to choose from the many options that are useful to them." Each of those involved in the examination ignored the counsel he disliked, and followed his maternal admonition, even if it contradicted the advice of health workers.
Women negotiate the advice they receive with their female relatives, and in many cases this leads to disapproval of the advice. For example, despite the fact that women were advised to reduce the amount of caffeine in their pregnancies, one of the mothers enrolled in the study continued drinking because her grandmother said that she had eliminated her morning sickness.
According to Professor Nicolson, those who have health needs, such as smoking bans, regular physical activity, medication and alcohol, should accept health-conscious lifestyle advice. He also added that losing all anticipation seriously could lead to extra excitement, which may be more harmful than sometimes drinking a glass of wine or eating cheese.
Professor Paula Nicolson's and Dr. Rebekah Fox's paper appeared in the Journal of Health Psychology.

It must be removed if it is blocked in the esophagus. Because the risk is important: in one hour, there is mucosal damage, it goes to perforation in eight hours.
Positioned at the level of the stomach, some doctors remove it, others do not.

Apple and pineapple donuts

Apple and pineapple donuts
Pope Francis allows a woman to breastfeed her baby in public

Riddle: Think A Little Cunning

Guess riddle

The blackboard

Think a bit cunningly
when it's black it's clean
when it's white it's dirty.

Guess, guess ... Riddles for kids are a great way to stimulate intelligence, logic and creativity in your little ones. Also, this children's game provides a wonderful opportunity to spend time with the family.

For this reason, in GuiaInfantil we have created a fun application to play riddles as a family, with thousands of riddles to stimulate children in their learning and help them learn vocabulary with a fun game.

You can search children's riddles from different categories, pick a random puzzle, get clues, and enjoy an afternoon of family leisure, in the company of our mascot Ragged. Go ahead and try your luck!

50 Hard Riddles That Will Puzzle You to Pieces

Foods to stimulate lactation

There has long been the idea that certain foods consumed help stimulate lactation. Many of these ideas are just "cures", without a scientific basis for them. However, there are a few things you can do to stimulate lactation.

From the point of view of diet and nutrition, there are several critical factors related to milk production. The first important factor is the fluid intake. It doesn't have to be milk, it can be water or juice. A good habit is to drink a glass of water while breastfeeding. The fact that you will drink a lot of fluids will not make you produce more milk, but will restore the amount of fluid lost.

Breastfeeding consumes about 500 calories a day. Women who have drastic diets while trying to lose weight while breastfeeding may eat less calories, which will give them a feeling of fatigue and they will not have the energy they need for optimal milk production.

Beer as a lactation stimulant

Breastfeeding mothers were often recommended for breastfeeding stimulation and relaxation. But studies have shown that beer does not help increase lactation. At one point a study was made comparing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beers. It seems that mothers who drank alcohol produced more milk, but the baby drank less.

There is also the danger that alcohol may pass through milk to the child. Another study showed that babies whose mothers drank more than two glasses of alcohol a day had a slower motor development. Another danger related to alcohol consumption is that it prevents the mother from caring for her child properly.

Stress can adversely affect milk production, but drinking a beer is not the best way to relax. Find an alternative way to rest and relax. Ask your partner to help you with your child while you are sleeping.

Find ways to eliminate some of the things you have to do daily. Hire a woman to help you if you don't get along (and allow yourself financially). However, you are much more lucrative if you have a balanced diet consisting of nutritious foods.

Remember that the most important factor that stimulates lactation is the volume of milk that is sucked. The more your baby eats, the more milk you will produce.

Caffeine for stimulating lactation: good or bad?

Caffeine stimulates milk production but also stimulates your baby. Caffeine is transmitted to the baby through breast milk and large amounts can have harmful effects on it. Caffeine is more in a baby's system than an adult's.

Also, caffeine can make your baby more irritable and affect their sleep quality. A cup of coffee or juice will not be a problem, but in large quantities (five or more than five cups of caffeine drink per day) the level of caffeine can affect the baby.

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Gallery with Christmas postcards with Christmas sayings to share with friends and family


With this saying: 'On Christmas Eve and at Christmas, the hottest house embers are', He advises us to take advantage of the Christmas season to be close to our family and friends. May we fill the house with warmth and family gathering.

The Christmas saying 'Whoever you see in espadrilles for Christmas, do not ask how they are doing', refers to moderating our comments with people who seem to have financial difficulties at Christmas. advises parents not to let their children show off gifts to children who do not have them. Encourage them to share and donate toys.

With that saying, 'Until Christmas comes, don't start pruning', it means that before the holidays, we do not spend everything we have or stop meeting commitments. suggests that we explain each saying to our children. Much can be learned from it.

The Christmas season is approaching again and like everything else, it is filled with phrases and quotes regarding such a beautiful holiday. Share with you one of the most popular sayings: Garlic for Christmas, neither born nor to be sown. He advises us to focus only on what really makes sense at Christmas.

The Christmas saying, 'Do not praise or praise until seven Christmases', emphasizes that the more the judgments, whatever they are, are considered and weighed, the better. invites us to reflect on Christmas.

With the saying 'Christmas oven has no rest', advises families to get together to play, to chat, as well as to make delicious and healthy Christmas recipes with the children.

With the saying 'New year, new life', our site invites us to take advantage of a new year that is beginning, to renew our lives, create new illusions, new challenges, and become close to family.

Time passes very fast. So fast that we live one Christmas today and then another one comes. That saying: From Christmas to Christmas, only one year goes, invites us and makes us reflect on time. One year, fly! invites us to learn with this saying, to live in the present, always. Happy Holidays!

This saying: For Christmas, save your home, advises to stay with our family at Christmas time to be able to share with our loved ones, moments as endearing as Christmas. invites us to be with the family during the Christmas holidays.

There is nothing that represents Christmas than being home to gather family and friends to celebrate the most bonding holidays of the year. He has selected that saying: At Christmas, happy is the one who sees his home, so that you can congratulate your loved ones on Christmas. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Sayings And Phrases - Christmas Greetings Text