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Violetta live comes to Romania in September 2015

Violetta live comes to Romania in September 2015

Violetta live arrives in Bucharest in the international tour of 2015

For the first time for Romanian fans, Martina Stoessel will perform live in Bucharest, in September 2015.

After the extraordinary success of the series Disney Channel, Violetta, and as a result of the popularity of the international tournament Violetta in Concert, from 2013-2014, The Walt Disney Company announces today the new international tournament of 2015, Violetta Live, will arrive in Bucharest on September 2, 2015, at 7:30 pm.

Tickets go on sale to the general public on Monday, March 30, at 12:00.

Details of the show


September 2, 2015

The city


Event venue

National Arena

Show time


Tickets and prices

Ticket prices start from 135 RON. Tickets are available online at For more information visit

Violetta Live will star in the original distribution of the series, including Martina Stoessel, who plays the role of Violetta. Joining Martina on the stage will be Jorge Blanco (Leon), Diego Dominguez (Diego), Facundo Gambande (Maxi), Mercedes Lambre (Ludmila), Candelaria Molfese (Camila), Samuel Nascimento (Broduey) and Alba Rico Navarro (Naty). The artists will perform the most loved songs from seasons 1 and 2, as well as En Gira from season 3 of the Violetta series. The new concert will also include a band of nine very energetic dancers, a band of five musicians, spectacular scenery and lighting, high impact choreography, impressive technical elements and amazing costumes.

Some interesting information about the Violetta Live 2015 tournament:

  • during a show, the artists change over 75 costumes: 13 costumes for Martina Stoessel (Violetta), 50+ for the rest of the actors, 9 costumes for dancers, 5 for musicians
  • 11 pairs of shoes for Martina Stoessel (Violetta)
  • In total, over 70 pairs of shoes are used for actors, dancers and musicians
  • 10 trucks are used for touring Europe
  • it takes about 14 hours to prepare the show in each location
  • to disassemble the technical elements after the completion of the last show in each city, on average, 5-6 hours are required
  • spectacular flights and visual effects - snow, 4,500 kg of confetti and 20,000 kg of pyrotechnic materials will be used during the tour, from January to March.
  • more than 120 people - the protagonists of the series, dancers, musicians, the tour production team - travel to stage each scheduled show.

The first Violetta concert was staged at the Teatro Gran Rex, in Buenos Aires, in March 2013. Named Violetta en Vivo, the concert had 77 performances and was watched by over 250,000 people in Buenos Aires. This was followed by the first Violetta in Concert tour, which debuted in Asuncion, Paraguay, in September 2013, after which it moved to Europe where 62 shows were held in 15 cities in Spain, Italy and France. in total, the tour sold nearly one million tickets for over 200 concerts in 12 countries. The tour was followed by the release of the special film which included a full live performance and gave fans the chance to see what was happening behind the scenes of a live concert tour. The new Violetta Live concert will arrive in Romania, in Bucharest, in September 2015.

The Violetta series was quickly successful in all markets where it was launched. Considered the first "soap opera" for children, the series attracted viewers with the story of Violetta, a talented young woman who returns to her hometown, Buenos Aires, after living for several years in Europe, and manages to cope with the challenges and dramatic changes in her life. of adolescence, on musical chords and in dance rhythm. Dubbed in 15 languages, Violetta was followed by over 45 million people in the period October-December 2014. Violetta was ranked # 1, spontaneous notoriety, among the favorite characters of girls between the ages of 6 and 14, in the south of Belgium, France, Italy, Poland and Spain.

Violetta has also had great success with personalized products, in various categories such as fashion items, home goods, stationery, accessories, cosmetics, toys, electronics, books and magazines, recording sales of over 3 million books and one million journals. only in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Violetta artists have obtained numerous platinum albums, with sales of over 2 million units worldwide.

Violetta has over 350 million views on YouTube, globally, recording more YouTube searches than Justin Bieber in Italy, Spain and France.

Charlie Coleman, VP Marketing for Violetta EMEA, The Walt Disney Company EMEA, said: "Although Violetta started as a TV series, it was clear from the beginning that it has the potential to become a multi-platform property. Music and dance were at the center of the whole story, and the presence of the protagonists of the series on stage , in the first live concert tour, allowed Disney to bring the Violetta universe closer to the fans. As a result of the overwhelming reactions of the public, at the live concerts in Spain, Italy and France, we return with Violetta Live, a new musical experience that will give them give Violetta fans in Europe a chance to see the stars of the Violetta series performing their favorite songs live. "

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That's how the kids' family is changing

Many parents worry about the birth of their child - what can be considered normal? How does your little one's diet change during the diet? We have collected the most important information.

That's how the kids' family is changingThe frightened parent is above the pelus: is this normal? The pediatrician helped to decide this. In most cases, kaki is normal unless it contains …… vйrt (this can be caused by infections, introduction of the milk whites, anal fissure, bleeding in the breast of a nursing mother at a young age, etc.)
vцrцs color (also refers to bleeding, it is necessary to note the color of the blood, since it is diagnostic that it is light red, or is slightly dark red or possibly black),
fehйr, fake snow,
mбlnazselйszerы. And this is just the color, let's talk about frequency as well. The birth of a child depends largely on whether it is breast-fed or formula-free before breastfeeding. Mнg 1 week of breast milk is normal for babies, but also 2 to 3 rabbits a day (as long as the baby is healthy, healthy and healthy), nutritional babies usually 1 set per day can be said to be normal. The two diets also make up a different diet.


Contrary to parental beliefs, it is diarrhea. Diarrhea is when a child produces 3 or more stools a day Or doubles the stools so far and is more likely to flow. Younger children can get drained very quickly, so consult a pediatrician quickly if you have a stomach like this!


If the numbness is less than three times a week, or / and berries are hard, or / and the ulcer is painful, tired, and hard.

The effect of supplementation on the poop

Of course, when you start feeding, the poop changes too. The color, the smell and the smell. This is normal, but some babies still complain. Occurrence of constipation occurs in such a case pectin-rich ingredients, increased fluid intake may help the stomach pass through. It contains pectin in fresh, smaller-sized zucchini, apples, ripe bananas (the green, unripe fruit does the opposite!), Plums (it also helps to shrink due to its sorbitol content), peaches, etc. It is important that not only treat the symptom but also the pediatrician to rule out other causes (as we should only cover the symptoms). Diarrhea does not occur as a result of dietary intake, in which case infection should be considered. This is why the pediatrician will help you find out. It was not known, but the color of the food can change the appearance of the food during nutrition: Purple and blueberries typically target purple, tomato reddish-orange, nipple green. It is important to distinguish red from the blood, which is a medical task! There is another cause for concern, if the smell of the steed changes suddenly, this can even be traced back to infection. A good-looking, healthy, jolly baby is generally okay. If the pediatrician does not bother anyone as well as the child every 2 days, do not use a fever blemish to cleanse the eyes, as this may cause permanent discomfort. The most important thing is: do not arouse negative perceptions of the child in poop, poop: when you come, do not comment ("Fuck, but fuck!"; "Shut up!" rigid negative feelings associated with rupture can persist for a lifetime, and can lead to permanent rupture problems.
The article Czech Bron, Péter Krivбcsy, Attila Szabу: What should I do if my child is ill? (Semmelweis Kiadó, 2015) cнmы's book is based on.
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Did you know that the 'kangaroo mother' is capable of slowing down the growth of an embryo if it considers that the external conditions are not ideal? Amazing, but true. Discover with this video more curiosities about kangaroos, a fascinating animal, from the marsupial family, but with many peculiarities that make them unique.

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15 FATTEST Animals Ever Seen

Head lice in children - a problem to be cured Many people associate head lice with poverty, poverty and dirt. Therefore, when their child is affected by this problem, they are ashamed to turn to a doctor or pharmacist for help. Meanwhile, head lice require treatment. You should seek help without guilt. A child can become infected with a parasite in a simple way while playing with other children, while hugging or touching heads.

Head louse - the most important information

Pediculus capitis is a head louse a parasite that lives only on the scalp of a person's head, feeds on his blood. The size of an adult does not exceed 2-3 mm. It attacks people of all ages, but most often girls with longer hair. It can occur at any time, because it shows no seasonal variation.

Head louse is transmitted only through direct contact. For the invasion of lice, it is necessary to spend longer periods of time accompanied by an insane person or to use their comb or hat. So let's not panic, brief contact with such a person is not dangerous for us!

However, once the invasion occurs, the lice begin to multiply. An adult individual lives about 1 month. Every night, the female lays several eggs at the base of the hair ripen after 6-9 days. Empty shells remain attached to the hair (so-called nits). During puberty, the pupa (i.e. the young louse) undergoes the molting process three times. After she reaches puberty, the female is ready for breeding.

Diagnosis of head lice

Primarily it must be ascertained whether there are live lice on the child's head. The easiest way is to comb wet or damp hair with a metal comb with densely set teeth over a light piece of paper. If there are live lice on the head, one or more will be visible on paper.

if not we find live lice, headaches may also indicate the existence of head lice. It is caused by an allergic reaction of the scalp to the saliva of lice. However, this symptom occurs only in 1/3 of people with head lice. It can be a sign of other diseases, e.g. dandruff, psoriasis or seborrheic dermatitis.

Selected preparations for lice

Paranite, medicinal shampoo to eliminate lice and nits, 100ml - price around PLN 33

The preparation contains mineral oil, foaming agents and fragrance.
The shampoo eliminates lice and nits by depriving them of air supply and causing dehydration while washing hair.
The product should be evenly distributed on dry hair and scalp. Massage thoroughly without forgetting the skin behind the ears and above the neck. Then leave the preparation on the hair for 10 minutes. After this time, the hair should be moistened with a small amount of water so that the shampoo begins to foam. Wash and rinse your hair thoroughly. Before drying, comb your hair thoroughly with a special thick comb. The treatment should be repeated after 7 days.
Preparation for children over 2 years old.

Lotion paranite, liquid, 100ml - price around PLN 25

The preparation contains mineral oil and dimethicone. It works by smothering and drying lice and nits.
Lioton is applied directly to dry hair, from root to tip and on the scalp. The preparation should then be thoroughly massaged, paying particular attention to the neck and skin behind the ears. Then leave it for 15 minutes. After this time, wash your hair with a special Paranit shampoo or ordinary shampoo and rinse thoroughly. Wash again if necessary. Before drying your hair, brush it thoroughly with a thick comb to remove all lice and nits. Regularly clean the comb to remove any lice or nits. Repeat the treatment after 7 days.
Preparation for children over 2 years old.

Hedrin, solution for head lice, 100 ml - price around PLN 32

The preparation contains a solution of 4% dimethicone and cyclomethicone 5.
Hedrin disrupts the water management of parasites and blocks their breathing holes. Thanks to this, the lice are strangled and the nits are dried.
The product should be evenly distributed over dry hair, covering the entire scalp. Leave the solution on your head for a minimum of 8 hours or overnight. Wash your hair with ordinary shampoo, rinse thoroughly with water and dry. It should be remembered that Hedrin solution must be used again after 7 days to remove any lice that may hatch during this time. No second application may result in head lice recurrence.
Preparation for children over 6 months of age.

SORA Forte shampoo 50ml - price around PLN 16

The shampoo contains permethrin, which is insecticidal.
The product should be applied to previously wet hair and spread evenly. Rub gently until a rich foam is obtained. Leave for about 10 minutes. Rinse hair with water and thoroughly comb with the attached comb.
Preparation for children over 3 years old.

Delacet, liquid, 100 ml - price around PLN 8

The preparation contains tincture of milk thistle and acetic acid.
Hair should be moistened generously with Delacet fluid, tied with a kerchief or foil and left for 2-3 hours. Then thoroughly wash your hair with water and comb with a thick comb.
The preparation should not be used in the case of wounds or inflammation on the scalp.
There is no information from which year of life the preparation can be used in children.
NOTE: unpleasant smell !!!

Our name finder has thousands of baby names to help you choose a beautiful name for your baby. You will find in this article everything about the name Durga.

Name of a Hindu goddess, wife of Siva

From the Sanskrit "inaccessible".


  • Sweet Saint, virgin and martyr in Etruria.

Durga name coloring page printable game

Durga: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

Durga name coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Durga coloring page printable game

Drawings of names. Durga name to color and print

Surviving Severe Burns Doctors Say Hes a Miracle

How long is the child allowed on the computer?

How long is the child allowed on the computer?

Children spend less time in front of the TV than they did 2 decades ago, say specialists. But that doesn't mean I use my time spent playing with other children or playing sports. It seems that they spend more and more hours in front of the computer, which is worrying. One of the risks is computer addiction. Find out how much you need to let the child sit in front of the computer every day!

It is important to evaluate the time the child spends in front of the computer, but to report it to the total time allocated to this type of activity daily, plus TV and video games or other gadgets that consume their time in the same way as the computer. .

How long is the child allowed to ride?

Children will show their interest in computers since they were very young. This is also due to the fact that I see other family members spending a lot of time with him. They like to imitate everything adults do! As he grows up and learns more about how the computer works and what he can do, he will learn new programs and games as his interest in it grows and he will even ask for more time. It is certain that in childhood he will become his favorite toy, which he can no longer untie.

At preschool age, about 3 to 5 years, children should not spend more than 10-15 minutes in front of the computer. It demands a lot, especially vision, and can get tired very quickly.

As they grow you can increase the time they will spend in front of him. But experts say that one should never spend more than 1-2 hours a day in this way. The same rule applies as in the case of time spent on TV.

The specialists found that more than 2 hours spent daily in front of the computer predisposes children to a very high risk of suffering from psychological problems, regardless of how they spend the rest of the day. It seems that the risk is 60% higher than in the case of children who do not spend at all or spend much less time in this way.

Regardless of age or gender, specialists warn parents to educate their children so that they never exceed more than 2 hours of computer use per day.

How do you limit the time spent with the child in front of the computer?

set rules and limits even before you start to introduce the child to his mysteries and make sure he always respects them;

find a solution for when the time spent in front of him expires and the child responds "but they are in the middle of the game"; remember that any game has a save setting at any level it would be at that moment, so it can't fool you; if you do not know that the game also has this function, help it find it and use it, but make sure it shuts down the computer at the time you agreed to do it;

gives priority to homework and homework before any computer minute;

it is always advisable to have an alternative at hand for when the time expires; think of another activity he likes to do immediately afterwards to avoid the onset of hysteria;

do not put the computer in the child's room, the temptation is too high and you can get rid of the control over the child's use;

always watch it when on the internet.

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Femininity and connection with one's mother

Each of us acts and behaves in daily life according to his or her way of being, in accordance with his personality and temperament, in close connection with life experiences lived.

But above all, a woman will always have a personal model, of her mother, a loved or ugly model, which she is consciously and especially unconscious to follow.
There are women who often say "I would like to be a mother" and act in this regard, but at the same time there are women who are so convinced that they can never be "like a mother", as they see it, that is, mature or responsible, perfect or capable, who prefers to remain some children who will always relate to their strong and superior mother.

On the other hand, there are some cases where a woman says "I don't want to be a mother" and does everything to oppose this early model.
But unconscious, often, this kind of woman will do things that will bring exactly to the mother's being.
The mother of the adolescent girl, in a period of crisis related to the conquest of a female identity, is a model of envy and hatred.
It is said that the female adolescence ends psychologically only at the first birth, with a finding of another maternal image, that of first care and tenderness.
When in the woman's mind there is only the image of a strong mother, when the mother cannot gain the representation of the fragile mother who "gives" her daughter the status of mother, that is to say its equal, problems arise in the young woman's acceptance of the status and role. of Mother.
Monique Bydlowski in "Maternal Psychoanalysis" states that "The identification stage with the mother who is weak enough is necessary to receive the child's gift.
The maternal idealization is necessary for the good performance of the pregnancy, in the unconscious of the mother existing the thought that the maternal grandmother might be the one who could take care of the child if the mother something happened to her. "
In conclusion, it is necessary to have a relation to a maternal image, because by giving birth to a woman she meets her own mother, she becomes his mother, differing from her at the same time.
The symbolic duty towards the mother is the duty that leads unconsciously to the birth, to the decision to have a child.
To carry out a pregnancy on time means taking on the disorder of the mirror, assuming that the image of the youth lets you see the reflection of an image similar to the mother, as it is in the reality and soul of the woman's daughter.