Meaning of the name Strabo. Name for boys

Meaning of the name Strabo. Name for boys

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Jennifer Shu, M.D., FAAP

Dr. Jennifer Shu is a pediatrician and a member of the our site Advisory Board. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia and her medical degree from the Medical College of Virginia at Virginia Commonwealth University. She completed her pediatric residency training at the University of California, San Francisco, where she also served as chief resident.

Shu has more than 20 years of private practice and academic pediatrics experience. She is a diplomate of the American Board of Pediatrics and a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Shu is coauthor of Heading Home with Your Newborn and Food Fights and is a contributor to numerous health and parenting websites, publications, and other media outlets.

Ranking of disposable diapers. What diapers for a newborn baby?

Disposable diapers are an absolute must have, without which most parents can not imagine life today. Despite the fairly high cost of their purchase, in the first months of the child's life it is worth putting on branded diapers of well-known brands that will be safe for the delicate skin of the newborn, give a feeling of dryness and will not leak. What disposable diapers are worth buying for a newborn baby? Let's see!

Diapers for a newborn in layette

It is worth thinking about buying diapers at the stage of pregnancy, when we are putting a layette for our child. Very often, especially small sizes of 1 or 2 brand diapers, because we buy in the promotion, which will save us some money.

For starters, we should stock up on two or three packages of disposable diapers. Take the smaller ones with us to the hospital, and leave the others at home. For a newborn, they will work best diapers in size 1 (intended for children weighing between 2 and 5 kg). There are also special diapers in size 0 for the smallest children, e.g. premature babies. However, it is not worth buying a large supply of diapers in the smallest size, because newborns gain weight quite quickly, we will soon replace the diaper size with a larger one.

What features should have good diapers for a newborn baby?

There are many brands and types of disposable diapers on sale. They differ not only in price, but also in quality and type of materials used. Good diapers for a newborn should have several features. First of all, they should be:

  • good fit to the children's body;
  • comfortable to put on and wear;
  • non-allergenic;
  • well and quickly absorb moisture (both pee and poop).

Many parents pay attention when buying diapers primarily at their price. However, it is worth remembering that quality usually goes hand in hand with a slightly higher price, so it's not worth saving, especially when buying diapers for a newborn baby. Their quality is of great importance for the well-being and health of a small person. So when choosing diapers for a newborn baby, we should be guided first their quality, and only then pay attention to the price.

Nappies for newborns ranking - 5 proven proposals

Here is our list of good quality disposable diapers in size 2, for children weighing from 3 to 6 kg. If you still do not know which diapers for the newborn to buy, read our ranking and the opinions of other parents.

Pampers, Premium Care, 2 Mini, 3-6 kg

Great quality diapers from a well-known and respected manufacturer, Pampers. The Premium Care line is a soft material that is ideal especially for delicate newborn skin. Diapers have special micropores, thanks to which the baby's skin breathes under the diaper. The practical moisture indicator allows you to quickly assess when the diaper is already replaceable.

Babydream, Mini 2 diapers, 3-6 kg

Good quality diapers, which we will buy in the Rossmann chain of stores. Their advantage is an affordable price and a special fastener enabling comfortable donning for newborns. Diapers are soft and allow the skin to breathe. They do not contain latex and are bleached without chlorine, so they do not irritate the delicate skin of the newborn. They have an indicator informing about the need to change diapers.

Dada Premium Little One 2 Mini, 3-6 kg

The Premium line of highly valued and popular Dada diapers is ideal for newborns and infants. Nappies are soft and absorb moisture well. The materials used in diapers are dermatologically tested, which guarantees the safety of their use for children from the first days of their lives. They have a practical indicator showing the level of diaper filling.

Diapers Pampers New Baby-Dry 2 Mini, 3-6 kg

The standard line of the most popular brand of baby disposable diapers. New Baby Dry diapers are thin and comfortable to wear. They are put on very simply and the diaper itself fits well with the baby's body. They do not cause irritation or leak, so they are ideal for children from the first moments of their lives.

Toujours Mini 2, 3-6 kg

Nappies of very good quality, which at an affordable price, we will buy in the popular Lidl discount store. Diapers adapt well to the shape of the body, and the frills at the feet protect their contents from getting outside. The interior of the diaper is soft and pleasant to the touch, and the material itself ensures proper air circulation between the baby's skin and the environment. Diapers are absorbent and thin, making them well suited for newborns.

How to keep sex smokin' when trying to conceive

How to keep sex smokin' when trying to conceive


When you’re trying to conceive, lots of problems can creep into the canoodling. But would it be stating the obvious to say that if you’re not having sex, you’re not going to get pregnant (at least, not the old-fashioned way)? Here are some of the ways your coupling may have cooled off, and how to restore the sizzle.

It’s gotten (yawn) humdrum

Well sure, when you’re doing it on a schedule, it’s bound to be a bit boring. “When couples are trying to conceive, it takes the spontaneity out of the act,” says Beverly Whipple, Ph.D., R.N., FAAN, professor emerita at Rutgers University College of Nursing in Newark, New Jersey. And couples who have been together a long time often feel there’s nothing new to experience with each other.

How to turn up the heat
Add some variety back into your sex life. Just because you have to do it on certain days doesn’t mean you have to do it only in certain places. Leave the bedroom and get busy on the living room couch, or even the kitchen floor (or countertops if you’re feeling particularly adventurous). Try some different positions. And even try some different times: Instead of making love at night, try a morning romp. “When you’re just coming out of your dreams, sex can be divine,” says Gina Ogden, Ph.D., licensed marriage and family therapist in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and author of The Heart & Soul of Sex (Trumpeter, 2006). Or meet for a lunchtime tryst. “By night time most of us are exhausted and not in the relaxed state that makes sexual pleasure possible,” says Ogden.

Take advantage of sight, taste, sound, touch, and smell to heighten the experience, advises Whipple. Play Ravel’s “Bolero” (or Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s “Relax”), feed your partner some grapes, or have him massage your body with heated oil.

By changing all the variables of making love, you’ll be forced to focus on the experience again instead of just going through the motions.

The burning desire has waned

Low sexual desire is the most common sexual issue among women. And women trying to conceive may feel it even more. “Sex goes from being something we want to do, to something we have to do,” says Whipple. And who wants to do something you have to? What’s worse, men—who have the reputation of wanting it any time, anywhere—sometimes have trouble experiencing an erection when it comes to conception. “We call this the ready-teddy syndrome,” says Whipple. “The penis has a mind of its own, and it doesn’t always erect when you want it to.” Just one bad experience can lead to a major downward spiral—who’d want to put himself in the position (so to speak) for potential failure?

How to turn up the heat
Between your fertile days, skip sexual intercourse entirely. “We always want what we can’t have,” says Ogden. Vow not to cave and you’ll be craving each other like mad when the time finally comes. On those in-between days you can forgo full-out sex and focus on foreplay.

Another way to stoke the fires: Try some tantric breathing together. Sit facing each other and take deep breaths, matching yours to your partner’s so you’re breathing in and out in the same rhythm. Within a few minutes you’ll be jumping each other’s bones. Really.

You don’t have an orgasm

Technically women don’t need to climax in order to conceive. Women trying to conceive are often overly focused on the end result—for him. But why should he have all the fun? For starters, stop skimping on the pre-game show. Women vary in how much foreplay they need to rev up for orgasm, but the key is finding the right amount of arousal time for you, says Ogden.

Also, if you’re concentrating too hard about conceiving during the act, your brain won’t be registering sensations and releasing the feel-good chemicals you need to go over the edge. While it may be impossible not to think about conception when you’re trying (it’s like telling somebody not to worry about something, which just makes them worry about it more), the best way to deal with it, says Ogden, is to acknowledge it, then find a way to let the feeling flow through you rather than try to pretend it doesn’t exist.

How to turn up the heat
“I’ve spoken in 94 countries about this, and women are the same all over,” says Whipple. “We’re all embarrassed to ask for what we want.” But how can you expect a man to know what makes you feel good without telling him? Find out what makes you orgasm through masturbation, then share what you’ve learned with your partner. Try bringing it up at a time when you’re together, alone, and relaxed ... but not in the middle of foreplay or intercourse. Keep it neutral and non-threatening, using “I” statements like, “I really like it when you do this,” or “Let me show you how I like to be touched,” as opposed to, “You really don’t do it for me.” If you really can’t get the words out, bring home The Joy of Sex and read it together. You can point to positions or techniques you’d like to try.

You're lacking lubrication

If you’re stressed, not in the mood, or just downright exhausted, your vagina may be dry, which makes intercourse uncomfortable. Hormones may play a factor as well: Estrogen dips in the late 30s and early 40s, causing vaginal dryness. Another possible culprit: antihistamines. They suppress the body’s production of fluid, both in your nose and in the vagina.

How to turn up the heat
Have more sex! “Women in their 40s who have sex once or twice a week have twice as much circulating estrogen as women who have sporadic sex, or none at all,” says Whipple. If you’re taking antihistamines, see about switching to a different drug. And if you need to, use some artificial lubricant—just make sure you choose one that is sperm-friendly.

You feel self-conscious about your body

Is there a woman in the world who actually thinks she looks great naked? Probably even Heidi Klum has hang-ups about her thighs. “Our society is like a training program for feeling terrible about your body,” says Ogden. “It teaches us that whatever we have it’s too big, too small, too hairy, too flat.” This can be especially relevant when you’re trying to get pregnant, because you can’t help but think, “Is he really attracted to me? Or is he just doing this because we have to?”

How to turn up the heat
Think about some of the sexiest women you know. Here’s one: Callie on "Grey's Anatomy." She’s certainly not like the wispy-thin waifs who dominate the media. But she is, in a word, h-o-t. Watch how she carries herself. She exudes sexiness. “Find a way to let go of the images of what you think you’re supposed to look like, and feel how your body is,” says Ogden. “Allowing yourself to truly feel your body and how it moves can actually change your entire energy field.” Take a belly dancing or yoga class to really get in tune with your own body, and soon you’ll be putting out an energy that will make every man in the room turn their heads. If you don’t feel it, fake it. You’ll be amazed at how pretending can transform into genuine feelings.

You're too stressed to score

It’s been said time and time again, but it’s worth repeating: The most important sex organ in the body is the brain. If your mind is telling you that you should be working, or the light bulb needs changing, or the dog needs to go to the vet, you’re not going to be in the sexiest frame of mind. “Also, stress often causes emotional upset, depression, and anger, and we often blame our partners when we’re feeling down, which in turn creates sexual problems,” says Peter S. Kanaris, Ph.D., a psychologist and certified sex therapist in Smithtown, New York.

How to turn up the heat
Once you recognize the issue, you and your partner can take steps to solve it. Instead of blaming each other for the stress, realize you’re in the same boat and try to work it out as a team. Use sex as part of the solution as opposed to it being another stressor in your life. “Intimacy can be a little safe haven where we turn to each other in times of stress,” says Kanaris. In addition to the psychological boost sex can give, touch can actually help reduce stress-hormone levels.

Also, be sure you both find some outlets in addition to sex that can help relieve stress over the long haul. Yoga, meditation, even long walks can help clear your mind. “It goes without saying that having difficulty conceiving is stressful for any couple,” says Whipple.

He can't climax

Nope, that’s not a typo; some men do have difficulty ejaculating. “It’s one of the least reported, and least understood sexual problems,” says Kanaris. “I think it happens more often than we think.” Often it’s the result of masturbation—when a man has literally trained himself only to orgasm in a certain way. That can leave a partner thinking she’s not enough of a turn-on for her partner to orgasm. Alcohol and certain drugs (including antidepressants) can also be the cause.

How to turn up the heat
Let him show you how he masturbates, so you can see what he likes. Or try this surefire hit: Press your fingers against the area right behind the base of the scrotum, says Dennis P. Sugrue, Ph.D., associate clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of Michigan Medical School in Ann Arbor. “This is where the prostate gland is located, and it’s highly arousing,” he says. And most of all, try to relax. To (mis)use a cliché, a watched pot never boils. (If antidepressants or other medications are to blame, see if a different prescription can help with symptoms without the side effects.)

He comes too quickly

Years of masturbating as a young boy and hoping he’d finish before Mom or Aunt Harriet walked in can lead to hasty orgasms as an adult. While it may not hurt in the conception department, it can’t possibly be all that much fun for him, or for you.

How to turn up the heat
Many experts recommend the start and stop method. Tell him that when he feels he’s about to climax, to stay still and take a few relaxing breaths.

This article originally appeared in the Spring 2008 issue of Conceive Magazine.

Fertility Advice for Women: Dr. Sanjay Agarwal

Mini appetizer pizzas recipe for your children's princess party

Pizza is one of the 10 favorite foods for children, and it is not surprising! Therefore, it is one of those appetizers for children's birthday parties with which you can be sure that you are going to succeed. Therefore, in our site we teach you to prepare a rich recipe for mini pizzas to put them as an aperitif or snack in your children's party of princesses and princes. And, how could it be otherwise, they are shaped like a crown!

Since the preparation process is simple, we suggest that you cook this delicious pizza recipe with two flavors: tomato and barbecue with your children. They can't be missing at your theme party!


  • Pizza base
  • Tomato sauce
  • Barbecue sauce
  • Grated mozzarella
  • Sliced ​​cheddar
  • Bacon
  • Pitted black olives
  • york ham
  • mushroom
  • corn

Its delicious baked and crisp bread together with the sauces and ingredients make the pizzas an irresistible mix for everyone; It is also an easy food to eat because it is not necessary to use cutlery.

We kicked off this delicious recipe for real mini pizzas! Are you ready? Below we detail the step by step for the type of pizzitas that we have prepared. But remember that you can customize the recipe with the ingredients that you like the most. Hands to the dough!

1. To start preparing this recipe for mini pizzas in the shape of a crown, you have to roll out the pizza dough and cut it into rectangles. We have selected a cereal dough, but you can use the dough that you like best, you can even make your own homemade pizza dough! Would you dare with a cauliflower dough? It is simple to prepare and, in addition, it is healthier.

Next, cut the rectangles you just obtained in half, and shape each half into a crown. For this you just have to cut 3 spikes at the top, as we show you in the photo.

2. We are going to make mini pizzas in 2 different flavors! Although you can always let your imagination (and palate) fly and prepare thousands of more flavors for your appetizers. For our first option, we must spread a layer of tomato sauce and add a second coat of mozzarella and ham or sweet ham.

Then add a handful of mushrooms previously well washed and chopped and black pitted olives cut into slices (important to cut the olives to avoid choking scares). And our first choice of minipizzas is ready! You can prepare the number of mini pizzas you want with these ingredients, but be careful! We start with the second option and it has barbecue sauce! They are ideal for your princess and prince themed party.

3. Your most exquisite guests will love this second version of mini princess pizzas. Start by spreading a thin layer of tomato sauce and then add another layer of barbecue sauce.

To continue add mozarrella, bacon cut into strips and corn. They look delicious!

You can turn some pizzas into extra cheese by cutting a crown-shaped slice of cheddar cheese and placing it on top.

4. Now that you have your two types of pizzas ready, it is time to cook them. For it, Pre-heat the oven and place the pizzas on the tray on greaseproof paper. If you've used a pre-cooked dough, follow the manufacturer's instructions for baking.

5. Generally, In less than 15 minutes you will get crispy, tasty and original homemade mini pizzas in the shape of a crown.To highlight the characteristic golden touch of the crowns of princes and princesses with jewels, you have to finish decorating the pizzas that you turned into extra cheese with corn and place a slice of cheese in the shape of a crown on the rest of the mini pizzas.

Enjoy them!

Surely just thinking about how rich they have to be these mini princess pizzas your mouth is watering, right? It has happened to us too! But, if you want to put more varied flavors so that all the guests at your children's party find their favorite type of pizza, take note of the following recipes that we propose. You can adapt them by cutting the base in the shape of a crown as we have taught you to do before.

- Turkish Pizza Recipe
Originality to power! What if you prepared a delicious Turkish pizza as an appetizer? If you get this recipe right (which is easy to prepare, by the way) they will remember your princess party as 'the one in which there were some delicious pizzas'. To prepare this Turkish pizza recipe, you need ingredients such as onion, tomato, minced meat, or sweet paprika. You will love it!

- A vegetarian pizza, yes!
A vegetable pizza can be a good way for children to try vegetables that they tend to reject. You can put all kinds of vegetables you want: spinach, pepper, asparagus ... Also, if you prepare this pizza with gluten-free ingredients, it can also be eaten by celiac children you invite.

- A rich aubergine pizza
A good option that incorporates ingredients such as aubergine or zucchini. You'll see how quickly it disappears from your party's snack table. Everyone will want to try the recipe!

- And for dessert, chocolate pizza
To satisfy the hunger of those with a sweet tooth, you can prepare some pizzas in the shape of crowns of princes and princesses that have chocolate as the protagonist. Accompany it with strawberries to make it even more delicious. Do you know the recipe for this chocolate pizza?

Don't think twice and go ahead and prepare this delicious children's recipe to taste with your fingers. At this point we can only tell you that you enjoy your wonderful (and succulent) children's princess party a lot !!

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