My little girl doesn't want to go potty anymore!

My little girl doesn't want to go potty anymore!

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About 300 parents are excitedly waiting for the four days of the Final Tournament of the most important football competition for children between 10 and 12 years old. The deserters have been training daily, some as young as 5 years old, have been dreaming of victory and are ready to give the opponents away. Parents are the ones who support them from the stands and proudly shout the name of their child.

Between May 26 and 29 the seventh edition of the Hagi Danone Cup gathers the parents of the small champions in the stands. On the field, 6 school teams and 6 football clubs they will play, one by one, for the unique chance to represent Romania at,Danone Nations Cup "World of the Desert" (October 16, Paris).

Under the slogan "Believe in your dream!", Danone and the "Gheorghe Hagi" Foundation, in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research, support young sportsmen and women to lay the foundation for a successful career: a healthy lifestyle, fair-play spirit and professionalism. Year by year, over 5,000 children from all over the country participate in the competition. On Sunday, May 29, the ambassador of the competition, Gheorghe Hagi, will hand the trophy to the winners of the final.

On the occasion of the event, the small soccer players will also participate in a healthy eating course, supported by nutrition consultant Cristian Margarit. This seminar will be attended by Gheorghe Hagi, who will share with the children tips on the lifestyle of a performance athlete.

The winning team will be designated the national champion, and the 12 small champions will wear Romania's T-shirts at the Danone Nations Cup in the fall, when they will play in Paris for the supreme title alongside 31 other small nationals from around the world. There he is waiting for the meeting with Zidane, Danone Nations Cup Ambassador.

For more information about the Hagi Danone Cup, follow us on: | Official competition Facebook page | the official site of the competition

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My little girl does not respect the bedtime program!
Educate in values. Respect for diversity

As human beings we are all the same, although some values ​​differ according to the family we are part of and the society in which we live. For this reason, respect for differences, diversity, different cultures and races, also be part of the education we give to our children. Learning and teaching that must be transmitted to children from a very young age.

Children should receive an education that fosters their general culture and allows them, on equal terms, the opportunity to develop their aptitudes, their individual judgment, their sense of moral and social responsibility, and to become a useful and participatory member of the community. society.

The child must be protected against all practices that may promote discrimination. He must be brought up in a spirit of understanding, solidarity, tolerance, friendship, peace and brotherhood. They are fundamental rights for the life of children.

Discrimination against the child can occur in any setting. Therefore, it is extremely important that children learn not to discriminate or see racism as normal. The child must understand that diversity exists and as such must be respected. Children must learn to make friends and respect others, regardless of their skin color, their features, what their hair is like, if they are Chinese, Arabic or indigenous, if they speak another language, and to respect their culture and traditions .

Children should know that diversity brings us wealth of information and experiences. That we can learn a lot from differences. Instead of criticizing it, we must learn from it and give it its real value. This is an important task, especially in today's days when more and more families emigrate and migrate from one place to another.

When children are taught to respect differences, whether of race, culture, religion or even disabilities, it is not only important for the development of the world, but it prepares children to be tolerant, supportive, respectful, and to value and Learn from others. Children should know that being different allows us to learn more about each other and not to make decisions based on prejudice. A child is respectful of differences:

- When their parents are too. They are an example.

- When they read stories and stories from other cultures

- At school and colleges. Children must learn to love their peers

- When they value languages

- When different children are brought together in parks, in summer camps, in summer camps, at school, etc.

- When they visit exhibitions about different countries

- On trips, getting to know other traditions and customs.

- When they are encouraged to go on excursions

- Playing and sharing moments and toys with everyone

Children's stories are a very valid and motivating tool to teach values ​​such as tolerance and respect to children. On our site we have selected some stories for children that speak and deal with these values. Choose a story with your child, read it with him and then talk about what you have read. Thus, reading is more productive.

The angry volcano. Story about equality and tolerance. Do not miss "The angry volcano", a beautiful children's story about equality and tolerance. Talk about black stones that do not accept a white stone. It will help your child to reflect on how we treat people with a color different from ours. Do not miss it!

A very special chocolate. Story about tolerance. A very special chocolate is a beautiful story where special emphasis is placed on equality among all human beings and on courage and courage to defend the common good. The author, Eva María Riber, was the winner of the AMEI Short Story Contest. Tell this story to your child.

Anna, the girl with the eyes of fire. Story about respect. Anna, the girl with the eyes of fire, is a short children's story about the value of tolerance and respect for differences. Fantastic story for children about respecting differences. Stories with values ​​for children. Educate children in values. The value of tolerance.

A roped mouse among mice. Have you ever wondered if your own wishes are the same as those of others. You may do something that you think someone else will like because you like it, but they don't. This is the story of a little mouse that had a dream. Story about respect for others.

Itzelina and the rays of the sun. Story that teaches respect. Values ​​are the rules of conduct and attitudes according to which we behave and that are in accordance with what we consider correct. This story especially encourages children to respect the common good, and to share everything in the world, including the sun. A nice story about respect and the need not to be selfish.

Reading, learning, and reciting poems or poetry can also instill the value of respect for others in children. For this reason, we have put together some poems so that you can start children's learning in these values.

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It is not easy to let your baby spend most of his time with other people than you. Do not know what happens when you're not there can distress you and especially frustrate you ... To be aware of the news of his days, nothing like the booklet!

The binding book, it's really good!

  • The liaison book transmits all the daily events concerning your child: hours, meals, number of stools, nap, activities of the day ... all key elements that allow you to stay informed and discuss when you pick up your child.
  • Effective and practical, it does not replace the exchange time you share with the caretakers of your child, but it allows to write in writing what concerns him without any precious information being forgotten.
  • Used systematically in collective reception areas, nurseries, day-care centers, kindergartens ... the liaison book is also a faithful ally of communication of all the other modes of care: maternal assistant, nanny, baby-sitter ... do not hesitate to introduce it.

A notebook of life too

  • You can also leave instructions and information on the life of your child at home: what happened during the weekend, how was his night ... Transmissions that can also be very useful for people with care!
  • True reminder, it also allows you to remember certain details: if your assmat goes on training or takes leave ...
  • More than a transmission tool, It is not uncommon that it turns into a notebook of life! Many auxiliaries, nursery assistants or nannies, often in collaboration with the parents, decorate it with drawings, pictures of the child. Some anecdotes are related. What will make you a beautiful memory that you can keep: the guest book of the first years of your child!
  • A support he will discover with pleasure, once become big!

Frédérique Odasso


Pregnancy and keeping in the first 2 months


- Can a woman get pregnant and have a menstrual cycle in the first 2 months?


Usually the state of pregnancy is characterized by the disappearance of menstruation (amenorrhea), but it is possible that in the first months of pregnancy there may still be one or two menstrual bleeding, but this is quite rare. The so-called menstruation during pregnancy, most often results from a mistaken calculation of the last menstruation and the probable date of birth.
But bleeding during pregnancy must be an alarm signal (you cannot be sure that your bleeding is menstruating), which can be a sign of serious conditions: miscarriage, an extra-uterine pregnancy, a placenta detachment or a non-affective condition. - Obstetrics associated with pregnancy (uterine fibroids, cervical neoplasm, etc.). Depending on the appearance and the amount of bleeding (metrorrhagia), the mode of occurrence and the associated symptomatology (abdominal pain, altered general condition, etc.) these bleeds should be investigated by a specialist obstetrician.
Thus, at any bleeding that occurs during pregnancy, it is recommended to present urgently to the obstetrician doctor who monitors your pregnancy evolution, to investigate the causes of this bleeding. Good health!
Dr. Ciprian Pop-Began
- Obstetrics and Gynecology -
Clinical Hospital of Obstetrics-Gynecology Prof. Dr. Panait Sarbu

Barbie, a collection doll for over 50 years!

Have you ever wondered who Barbie is? Who invented it, what's her story? The most popular doll in the world, with a multitude of trades, sold in millions of copies and dressed in different costumes is and will remain a toy loved by children.

The Barbie doll became a cultural symbol in America, and in 1974, for a week, a section of Times Square in New York was renamed "Barbie Boulevard." Barbie made her television debut with her own series "Barbie (1987)" and appeared as a supporting character in the films "Toy Story 2 (1999)" and "Toy Story 3 (2010)". In 2013, a Barbie-themed bar called "Barbie Cafe" was opened in Taiwan.

Barbie is definitely the toy that revolutionized the doll world. Created 59 years ago, on March 9, 1955 and launched in 1959, Barbie is the most appreciated and known toy in the world.

The whole story started in 1955, when Ruth Handler and her husband presented a doll at the American "Toy" fair in New York. The idea of ​​the dolls was suggested by their little girl, Barbara, 10 years old, who, bored with the dolls in the paper, wanted a doll to represent a lady, as she was dreaming to arrive.

The lady-looking doll has been a resounding success since the first moment, and the toy was requested by many manufacturers. Ruth Handler realized that the doll needed a name and "christened" Barbie, after the name of her daughter, Barbara.

Over time, the doll's appearance has been refined. Thus, in 1965, an American company launched the American Girl Barbie model, a doll with foldable hands and feet, and within five years of its launch, the company was already selling millions of dolls a year. In 1967, another American launches dolls dressed according to the models presented on the big fashion podiums, in 1970 the markets of the world are filled with blonde Barbie dolls, brown and adapted to the ethnic types on all continents, and a year later the doll eyes were drawn so that it looks like I'm looking ahead.

The story goes that the full name of the doll is Barbara Millicent Roberts and comes from the town of Willows (Invented City). He attended a school in his hometown and attended Manhattan International High School in New York. Barbie had a relationship with Ken, which appeared on the market in 1964. Ken was "christened" by the name of one of the children of the doll inventor - Ruth Handler. Around this relationship was created a true story, so, in 2004, a press release appears that Ken and Barbie separated, and that in 2011 they will become a couple again.

Barbie has a lot of pets: 21 dogs, 12 horses, 3 ponies, 6 cats, a parrot, a chimpanzee, a panda bear, a giraffe and a zebra. He owns a whole series of cars and a pilot license for a commercial airline. The doll career was created to confirm the multitude of jobs that a woman could have: dentist, astronaut, rock star, presidential candidate, teacher, veterinarian, soldier, singer, Olympic athlete.

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Nutrition Advice Against Obesity in Children

If you were stuck with the room cleanliness project, the following tips will help you move forward through the night.

13 currency billing problem - solved

"You'll be clean in two days and you'll find it" - get your moms worried about party time unfortunately not everyone goes that fast quitting the well-earned pelus. These are some expert advice, even if you are struggling with the change.

1. "It would be nice if I didn't even want to break the pelus for a night, but I'm afraid it's too early to do that."

"Check your baby's pelvis every morning for two weeks, and if you find it dry, you can safely buy the night diaper. Make sure the bed is perfect for a mattress" - he advises dr. Laura Jana, pediatrician.

2. "You're using the bill really well. But I'm a little worried that switching to the toilet will be a big bite for my kid again."

"Don't hurry up! The little one is ready for the 'porcelain throne' if he can climb it alone (with the help of possibly acting), and stays on top of it without a whimper." Ashley Hickey, a clean room specialist.

3. "My creature does not want to go to a party so much that it will hold back the baby for days."

"The lifting of your baby is more important than how little or no bilization you have. When you hold it back, the stomach wants harder to make even fewer parties - which leads to an eccentric church," says dr. Jana. "It's best if you visit your pediatriciansince prolonged constipation does not play. At first, he will probably suggest giving him fewer teeth (eg meat, rice, banana) and more finely loose food (eg plum, orange, yogurt). "

4. "The girls are supposed to be room cleaner sooner, but my girlfriend is nowhere near it."

There's nothing wrong with your girl. The whole boy is asking for a mint, the speed or slowness of room cleanliness it is not independent.

5. "As soon as I stop to reward my success with something subtle, my child doesn't want to use the party."

"Reward your little success with stickers instead of honor," suggests dr. Jana. "Every time you pop down to the party, give it a sticker or a star. As it gets smarter, you get a sticker every second and so on. Your kid will sooner or later try to reward after every bilize, but best if you don't reward it at all, the real reward is the success of the kid, and if you go with it.

6. "My baby pisses in the morning, just before I take off my crap."

Talk about the pee as if it were some little badass monster. When you take the pelvis off, and you see the pee, say something like, "Uh, no! The pee is fooling you! Fucking in your pelus. But you know, treasure, you can be smarter and sneak into the party!" - says dr. Jana.

7. "My child wants to remove the butt himself, but I'm not sure he would go for it alone."

"This is something that anyway It can take yearsto learn it perfectly, but never too early to get started. If you've been away for 18 months, feel free to let him grab a piece of paper. Just as the little one learns how to take off his / her pants and wash his / her hand, he / she can also learn how to groom. Show him how you do it, and help him finish it, "Dr. Jana advises." Most of the time they reach the end of the way to cut the butt off alone.

8. "Two minutes after peeing, my daughter says she needs her again."

"Stand wide in the pool to watch the pee run into the pool, and in the meantime, try to keep it going until you really do," he says. dr. Mary McAteer, pediatrician. "Seeing what's going on helps her connect with the sensation she feels when she pees and when her bladder is released."

9. "My son also expects the diaper to wear if he has to keep the big thing going to bed."

You have two options: a.) "Help him get used to slowly to the party. Anything to appease you to poop on it, let it exercise for 10 minutes after sleeping or eating, or whenever you feel like it. You'll just feel like a builder to do the big thing with the party - because you're on it anyway. If you succeed, praise it very much, "says Hickey." Gradually, with great enthusiasm, he'll be going to a party for a big deal. " If you have made up your mind about it already, suggest that pelus try it again without fail. You will probably have to try this many times before you will be allowed to remove the diaper more often. If you've reached this point, don't tell him more. "

10. "My child doesn't give birth if he has to joke."

"That's because you keep asking. That's it You're working against his self-indulgence. Instead of worrying about peeing or pecking all day, just remind yourself a few times to use the potty when you are feeling the stimulus and try to keep your pants dry. "

11. "I have been telling my son for weeks that the big boys aren't crouching. Now he's pretending to be a baby."

"Bбtorнtsd And make sure you are always there when you need it. Then tell her again that the big guys can do a lot of things she likes, like. play football and motor. Does this not work either? In this case, when the most immediate accident occurs, avoid the whole big deal. Instead, set up bilysis as something super new and tell him how cool it would be if he could get used to it. "

12. "We are traveling by plane, so I want to put on my diaper for a day. Can this stop me?"

"For most kids, this is no problem. One day, in pelus (for example, due to a long car or airplane), you will not swing to bring the child back to cleanliness. If the little one is against it, explain to him now it is necessary, because during the long hours you may not always have the opportunity to go to a party / joke. Some children may think that they do not want to put on the diaper. If this is the case, then you should rather take a nap and put the kid on it. Take with you at least two changing clothes and plastic bags in case something goes wrong. "

13. "I feel like this will never end. I'd love to give up."

"If you feel like you are toying in one place, szьneteltesd a little thing. It is often best not to talk about the whole room clean for a while. They may have returned to their familiar panty liners, so at least one step was taken, "advises Dr. Jana.
- I'm changing Pelus into panties
- You know the kid's ready for a party

Will it be possible to cut my son's hair?

At about a year, our baby's hair can be very different from that soft cap of the first months. Now perhaps your baby begins to have abundant and strong hair, and surely he needs to have his first peeling and, although it has its grace to be able to give him a fashionable haircut or get rid of those unsightly mismatched chivarras, perhaps we do not know very much well how to approach this first aesthetic challenge.

The main difficulty is in how to control that a child of one year or more so that he does not move or is not afraid of the unknown hairdresser, the noise of the machine or the scissors. I remember that my last visit to the hairdresser, a lady took her little boy, who was about two years old, to cut his hair, or I don't know whether to say rather that it took him to torture, because despite the beautiful bambi-shaped seat of the hairdresser and everyone's kind words, the boy howled uncontrollably.

While he was being held tightly by his mother, the hairdresser that jets of sweat fell down his back for fear of taking an ear in the attempt. Although young children sometimes "delight us" by experiencing these agonizing trances, we must not put ourselves in the worst case. The children's hairdresser usually knows how to win the child's trust and knows how to correct uneven strands in the shortest possible time or aesthetically shave the child with the machine without further complications.

In the same way, also many moms and dads, with varying degrees of skill, dare to be the ones who cut their little one's hair at home, especially when they observe that he is calm or enthralled with a toy. To avoid these episodes or refusals, we must offer them a family environment (who knows the person who cuts their hair, if possible), a short explanation, a short wait, some entertainment that relaxes them: eat a candy, play with a toy , read him a story or watch a video You are sure to be successful and avoid shearing!

Patro Gabaldon. Copywriter

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Beef Wellington. Recipe for meat wrapped in puff pastry

Beef Wellington. Recipe for meat wrapped in puff pastry

The beef wellington It is one of the classic in the kitchen for celebrations. It is a recipe from English cuisine that is made with a whole piece of sirloin or beef tenderloin wrapped in puff pastry and other ingredients.

The origin of the name may be related to Arthur Wellesley, the first Duke of Wellington who was fond of a dish of beef, truffles, mushrooms, Madeira wine and pâté cooked in batter, although there is no evidence to guarantee this. The truth is that it is an elegant recipe, ideal for celebrations such as Christmas or Birthdays. Kids will love this recipe.

  • 1 piece of tenderloin or sirloin from 1 to 1.5 kg
  • A sheet of puff pastry
  • 1 egg

For the duxelles sauce:

  • 300 gr of mushrooms
  • 50 g chives or shallots
  • 150 gr of carrots
  • 100 ml sweet white wine
  • Virgin olive oil (or butter)
  • Flour
  • Salt, pepper and fresh parsley

1- Buy a piece of loin or sirloin with good shape and remove the fat with the help of a knife;

2- In a pot, put the oil or butter to heat. Add the piece of meat and turn it to brown all over. Remove the meat from the pot and reserve.

3- Wash and chop the mushrooms, chives and carrots well.

4- In the oil of the pot with which we have browned the meat, sauté the mushrooms and other chopped vegetables, as well as the parsley, until they are well done. Then add the wine and some flour to make the mixture dry.

5- Spread or spread the vegetables on a transparent plastic wrap. Next, season the meat and put it on top of the vegetables. Wrap the meat with plastic wrap so that the vegetables are all around it. Reserve.

6- On the other hand, spread the sheet of puff pastry on a worktop or table. Remove the meat from the plastic wrap and wrap it with the puff pastry. Brush the dough with the beaten egg and take it to the oven, preheated to 200 degrees for 10 minutes.

7- Bake our beef Wellington for about 30 minutes or until you notice that the puff pastry has browned and is crisp.

8- Before serving the meat, we must let it rest for about 10 minutes.

9- Serve the meat cut into slices. It can be served with vegetables, mashed potatoes or a fresh salad. Bon Appetite!

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3 tasty Beef Wellington recipes!