Teach the child not to feel obliged to do what he does not want

Teach the child not to feel obliged to do what he does not want

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Lack of iodine in pregnancy

Experts link lack of iodine in pregnant women as the main preventable cause of brain injury in children. Lack of iodine in the diet of pregnant women can lead to thyroid diseases and cause brain damage in children during pregnancy and lactation, problems that can be alleviated especially in countries where fish and water are not consumed daily as natural foods are poor in iodine due to the characteristics of the soil.

Iodine is an essential micronutrient because its function is to intervene in the synthesis of thyroid hormones, which participate in brain development, growth and regulation of the child's metabolism.

The minimum requirements for iodine are:

- 50 micrograms per day, from birth to 12 months

- 90 micrograms a day between 1 and 6 years

- 120 to 150 micrograms daily in adolescence and adulthood

- between 250 and 300 in pregnancy and lactation.

For get the recommended daily dose of iodine, a pregnant woman would need to take five daily grams of iodized salt or 300 daily grams of seafood or 500 daily grams of fish or three liters of cow's milk or six daily kilos of lettuce or six liters of wine daily.

How this is unthinkable, and to ensure the intake of iodine during pregnancy, gynecologists recommend including a supplement. For this reason, they usually prescribe a daily drug with 200 micrograms of iodine from the moment they plan to have a baby.

In any case, it is necessary to follow a balanced diet that includes vegetables and fish and use iodized salt to season the food.

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Exercise during pregnancy, but how?

Guess riddle

The princess

With long dresses
silk and gauze
girls imitate me
when they dress up.

Guess, guess ... Riddles for kids are a great way to stimulate intelligence, logic and creativity in your little ones. Also, this children's game provides a wonderful opportunity to spend time with the family.

For this reason, on our site we have created a fun application to play riddles as a family, with thousands of riddles to stimulate children in their learning and help them learn vocabulary with a fun game.

You can search children's riddles from different categories, pick a random puzzle, get clues, and enjoy an afternoon of family leisure, in the company of our pet. Go ahead and try your luck!

Ways to Get Rid of Postpartum Depression

Ways to Get Rid of Postpartum Depression

Almost half of the new mothers complain of crying, unhappiness, excitement and fluctuations in mood during the first weeks after birth. These signs of depression are probably due to decreases in estrogen and progesterone hormones after birth and will disappear within a few days. However, some women state that they go and go during the first six weeks. Less common (25% of new mothers) and longer (may last for months) postpartum depression. This depression can be explained by hormone changes. Sensitivity to hormone secretion varies from woman to woman.
It is believed to have a number of other factors contributing to postpartum depression.

 • End of Pregnancy: especially in mothers who have had an enjoyable pregnancy, you may be overwhelmed by the end of this. Your child has been replaced by you, who has long been the center of attention.

 • Sleepless and tiring nights waiting for the mother: especially in some homes, the mother is disappointed if she is not aware and appreciated while the mother is making more efforts for the baby and all the attention is focused on the baby.

 • Hospitalization: While you are eager to return home as soon as possible, you may be disappointed by the length of your stay due to some problems.

 • Insufficiency: assuming the role of a new mother can be difficult for you. If you are completely novice, you might say, “Why did I give birth to a baby that I couldn't? If you are less respected than you do when you are doing a paid job as a mother, then you may consider yourself a less valuable person. And not feeling good about yourself can be disappointing.

 • Feeling guilt. Maybe you didn't want this baby when you got pregnant, and even now you feel guilty. Or when you first saw the baby, you didn't think it was beautiful or you couldn't enjoy the feeling of motherhood and you feel guilty. Or you feel sorry for your baby, thinking you should return to work in the near future, or you feel guilty that you can't get enough income. Whatever the reason, the feeling of guilt can be very frustrating and frustrating.

 • Grief For The Old You. Carefree days are probably left behind (at least temporarily) with the birth of your baby. At the same time, you or your partner as a couple, your time-consuming hobbies, lessons cinemas should be suspended realistically a bit.

 • Unhappiness about your appearance. You used to be fat but pregnant, now you're just fat. You can't bear to wear your pregnancy clothes, but nothing else happens. To get out of this situation, you need some patience and a little determination.

 • Lack of support. If you don't get enough support from your family and friends, but especially from your husband, then your new maternity assignment can be challenging and depressing.

 • Stresses Unrelated to the Baby. Family, work and financial problems can also cause postpartum depression

Postpartum Depression There are a few things you can do to minimize your frustrations and soothe yourself against the lack of a cure other than passing time and being a little patient.

• If your mood starts in the hospital, ask your husband to stay alone with him. If too much chatter breaks your nerves, limit the number of visitors. Or invite you to the most entertaining. If the hospital environment is deteriorating, talk to your doctor about early departure.

• Seek help from others if you are feeling sluggish and look for an opportunity to rest and take a nap while your baby is sleeping. Consider the times you feed your baby as your rest periods and feed your baby in a comfortable position.

• Follow the best diet to regain your strength and, if necessary, use vitamins recommended by your doctor. Especially in some people depressive Avoid chocolate and candy.

• Wherever possible, go out to dinner with your partner, dress nicely and create romantic settings. If you are doing this at home, don't lose your sense of humor if your baby decides to cut your romantic environment.

• Share these feelings with your partner if you feel unimportant and lost value. He may not have noticed that you need him as much as the baby.

• Ask your husband, mother and neighbors to help you. If you cannot get all the help you need and if you have the financial means, hire a helper to spend at least two hours a day.

• Look good to feel good. Wandering around all day with scattered hairstyles and dressing gowns can spoil everyone. Take a shower and do your makeup while your husband takes care of the baby before leaving in the morning.

• Go out of the house. If you can find a volunteer with your baby or who can take care of your baby, go visit your friends alone.

• Be active. Exercise prevents depression and makes you feel stronger.

• Make time for yourself. This is especially important for today's working mothers. Do things about yourself alone at these times; Go to the hairdresser, read books, shop.

• If you want someone to understand your miserable state, get together with new moms and share your troubles.

• If your depression has lasted more than a week and insomnia has been added, your appetite has decreased, your interest in yourself and your family has decreased, you are feeling helpless and desperate, you feel like you have lost control, you wish your baby will not be hurt and you will not be hurt and fear. He
always seek the help of an expert.

Post-natal needing specialist therapy in depression Although rare, many women come to this situation and need help. If you are one of them and show some of the symptoms of depression described here, get an expert diagnosis immediately. “Darling, this is just a hardship, which the new baby feels, therefore. In Don't let it get passed away. Prolonged maternal depression disrupts the mother's relationship with the baby and may be harmful to the baby.

N What awaits you in the first year of your baby ”and n What awaits you while you are waiting for your baby bek.

Short play to celebrate the end of the course with the children

The plays are excellent to let the imagination fly and to help lose shyness, especially if it is the children themselves who assume the important role of the actors. In addition, children's plays they become a great resource to use at school or even at home when family visits. In Guiainfantil.com We propose the script of a children's representation to do with primary school students and at the same time celebrate the end of the course because, as its title says: 'The end of year party is coming.'

The script of this play is designed to be done with children of all primary grades, so that they put aside the shyness of these ages, share with others what they do best and, above all and more important, have a great time.

Description of the play: the end of the course is approaching, it can already be seen in the atmosphere. The heat begins to show itself, the children are somewhat nervous and the textbooks are almost there, they are almost finished. So it is time to start thinking about the end of year party. This is what the children were talking about when the teacher proposes to have a talent party, everyone is especially excited, everyone except Nicolás, the shyest boy in the whole class ... Do you want to know how this fun play ends ? Keep reading!

Characters: Sindy in the role of teacher, Sara, Carmen, Elisa, Alfredo and Nicolás. You can adapt this play so that the more children the better. Fun and laughter are guaranteed!

Place of action in which the work takes place: a school.

Necessary material for the staging: a story, a flute (or any other instrument), a radio, some skates (or maybe a ball) and a desire to enjoy the performance.

The curtain rises. The children are sitting in the class, the teacher is in front of them.

Sindy: Guys, I am very proud of you, you have worked hard throughout the course. Like last year, you have to organize the end-of-year party, this time I came up with the idea of ​​putting on a talent show.

Everyone: (with a surprised face) And what is that?

Sindy: (He continues speaking to his students) Well, each one of them goes on stage to do what they do best. The other classmates and parents will be the audience. Do not worry, so that nobody gets nervous we will rehearse several days before.

Everyone: (happy and happy) What fun!

Nicholas: (who has a worried face) I don't like the idea. I don't know how to do anything.

Sara: (He stands by his side and listens to him) But if you're super good at telling jokes, when it's your turn tell one and you'll see how everyone laughs.

Nicholas: It embarrasses me!

Sindy: (interrupts the murmurs of the class) Guys, listen: We have to prepare everything so that we have time. It is time to go out for recess, when you return, we will write down on a piece of paper what each one has chosen to do in the talent show.

Bell rings. The children get up from the table to go to the playground to play. The curtain closes.

The bell rings, this time to indicate that recess is over. The curtain rises. The children are back in class with Professor Sindy.

Sindy: Okay, guys, can we start writing on the board what each of you is going to do on the day of the end-of-term party? Tomorrow morning we can do the first rehearsal, so you will have time to prepare the material you need. I'm looking forward to seeing all the talent you have!

Sara: (She is the first to raise her hand) I'm great at playing the flute, so that's what I'll do, I'm going to perform a nice song.

Sindy: Great! (He writes it down on the board).

Carmen: Well, I really like to read stories and I have thought to read the one I like the most out loud.

Elisa: I'm going to put music in the background and I'm going to dance.

Alfred: (raises his hand to speak) I have learned to skate and I am very happy because at first I was very scared. I ask myself to bring the skates and show everyone how good I am now.

Sindy: (writes everything on the board) I think these are excellent ideas, I already knew that this class was full of talent. I think we can only point out what Nicolás is going to do.

Nicholas: Well, I'm good at telling jokes, but quietly, not on stage, I am ashamed!

Sindy: Don't worry, it's about having fun, you'll see that we find a solution. Tomorrow we continue, it's time to go home.

Bell rings. The curtain closes.

The curtain rises. The kids are in the gym ready to start rehearsal for the talent show.

Sindy: (with a happy face) Time to start! Who wants to be the first?

Sara: (runs to the stage) I want to be the first!

Sindy: Go ahead, Sara!

Sara: (picks up his flute eagerly and plays a song) Did you like it?

Everyone: Yes, yes (applause is heard in the background).

Carmen: (Sara comes down from the stage and Carmen goes up) I am going to read my story, pay attention that it is very beautiful. (Read very proud and happy)

Elisa: (He puts on the radio the song he had prepared) I'm going to dance, I hope you like it and that on the day of the end-of-year party the parents also like it. (starts dancing)

Sindy: You danced super well, Elisa! We can end the party with the same song but this time we all dance with you.

Everyone: (excited) Great!

Alfred: It's my turn, I'm going to put up some chairs and skate around them. (He skates and does great)

Sindy: Nicolás, it's your turn, we all really want to hear your joke, it sure is very funny.

Nicholas: (with a shaking voice) Well, I have a very funny one but I don't want to go on stage.

Sara: What if you tell us down here?

Nicholas: (a little less worried) Okay, okay. (He tells his joke and everyone laughs a lot)

Sindy: You have nothing to worry about! You are very good at telling jokes!

Nicholas: Maybe if I go on stage now on the day of the party, I'm not so ashamed.

Everyone: Courage, Nicolás.

Nicholas: (He goes up on stage, recounts his joke and goes down next to his companions) Well, I felt good and I was almost not ashamed.

Everyone: Bravo! You've got it!

The curtain closes. End of the work.

And that's how rehearsal for the end of year party ended, well, it actually ended with a few applause from the audience.

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Cheapest products for children: shopping list

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Children's problems become Oscar-winning films

The film "Promisiuni", directed by Elizabeth Bostan (with Medeea Marinescu, Maria Ploaie, Mircea Diaconu), will run today, at 2.30 pm, in the movie Symposium "Facing Children-Watching Children", which runs until November 20, at Union cinema in Bucharest.

The film "Promisiuni", directed by Elizabeth Bostan (with Medeea Marinescu, Maria Ploaie, Mircea Diaconu), will run today, at 2.30 pm, in the movie Symposium "Facing Children-Watching Children", which runs until November 20, at Union cinema in Bucharest.
The symposium was opened yesterday with the films "Maria" by Calin Netzer (who received the Silver Leopard for interpretation - Diana Dumbrava, Serban Ionescu) and "Ladybird, Ladybird" by Ken Loach.
At the first edition, the event promotes films with social message, made by famous filmmakers, awarded at international festivals by specialized juries, but also by ecumenical ones. The main heroes are children and adolescents.

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How to make meat quesadillas step by step

If you like quesadillas, we propose a traditional Mexican recipe for you to prepare for children. They are not the classic ham and cheese quesadillas but they are ones that are delicious and are also very nutritious.

These Meat quesadillas are ideal for a casual family dinner Since they have vegetables and also meat, a dish that is not heavy and that is also very easy to prepare.

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Homemade Cheesy Beef Quesadillas

Intimate hygiene and use of cosmetics in pregnancy

WORST SKINCARE Products in Pregnancy DOCTOR V. Safe beauty products when Breastfeeding. #SOC. DR V