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Pregnancy and lower back pain

Low back pain during pregnancy is no fun.

Why is your back hurting?

You can blame your growing uterus. As it expands, it shifts your center of gravity and weakens your abs, making your core less stable.

Hormonal changes also play a part. They loosen your hip joints and relax the ligaments that attach your pelvic bones to your spine.

You're not alone: More than two-thirds of pregnant women experience low back pain.

What can you do to relieve low back pain?

Get moving! Try:

  • Weight training
  • Stretching
  • Swimming
  • Walking
  • Pelvic tilts

Pay attention to your posture.

Learn relaxation techniques.

Try heat or cold.

Treat yourself to a massage.

Call your doctor if:

  • Your back pain is severe, lasts more than two weeks, gets progressively worse, or is caused by trauma.
  • Your back pain is accompanied by a fever, vaginal bleeding, or a burning sensation when you pee.
  • You've lost feeling in one or both legs.

Good news: Pregnancy-related low back pain rarely lasts more than a few months after you give birth. Hang in there!

Great holiday 2018 gifts for babies

What My SUPER Picky 1 Year Old Eats in a DAY! + My secret to getting him to eat a variety of foods

If you crave a halvita, but the products in the stores do not inspire you much confidence, you can choose to prepare yourself this delicious dessert.

Preparation time

60 minutes




2 old dogs

2 cups walnut kernel, chopped chopped

125 g butter

2 eggs

3 whites

175 g honey

200 g ground ground nut

2 was Neapolitan

Method of preparation

Caramelize the sugar, then add the butter and take the pot off the heat. Add the 2 cups with chopped walnut kernels, then lay the eggs and continue mixing.

Beat the egg whites, then incorporate the honey and add the chopped walnut in this composition. Mix the two compositions, put them for 5 minutes on the steam bath.

Put the halvita composition between two sheets of wrap and leave everything to cool, at least 4 hours.


You can replace the walnuts with almonds or peanuts.

The type of kitchen


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Risks and Diagnosis of Thrombophilia in a Woman's Pregnancy

Risks and Diagnosis of Thrombophilia in a Woman's Pregnancy
Confirmation of pregnancy symptoms at first fetal ultrasound

The gestational sac is one of the important elements of ultrasound diagnosis of the existence of pregnancy and gestational age along with the yolk sac and the fetal pole. The first ultrasound has the role to confirm the pregnancy, to exclude a pathological pregnancy such as an ectopic, molar or a clear egg pregnancy and to diagnose a possible multiple pregnancy, to confirm the viability of the pregnancy and to correctly determine the gestational age and the probable date. at birth.

It is possible that at 5 weeks of pregnancy on ultrasound, the gestational sac, embryo or heart rate cannot be visualized.

In this case, your doctor will call you for a new ultrasound in a week because there is the possibility of calculating the weeks of miscarriage. There were situations in which only in week 8 could the ultrasound pregnancy pregnancy be observed.

Gestational sac measurement is performed with the help of endovaginal probes when the mean diameter of the gestational sac (DMS) is 2-3 mm (4 SA) and with the help of transabdominal probes when DMS = 5 mm (5 SA).

The gestational sac it appears as a collection of liquid (the chorionic fluid) surrounded by a hyperecogenic ring represented by the developing chorionic villi. It is visible from the 4th week of pregnancy and will increase 1 mm per day until the 9th week.

Gestational bag measurement

Depending on the concentration of hCG hormone, the gestational sac is visible when it reaches 500 - 1500 IU / L.

The term embryonic structures is replaced by doctors with the so-called specialized term - he started to get drunk.

The embryonic structures (the embryonic echo) will be visible on the transabdominal ultrasound when the gestational sac it will have a diameter of 15 mm (6 SA) and when they will have a minimum of 2 - 4 mm (5 - 6 SA), that is when the cranial - caudal fetal length can be measured (the specialized term used is CRL = crown - rump lenght).

The fetal heartbeats will be heard when the embryonic echo reaches 5 mm in length (the gestational sac will be 15-18 cm), the embryonic structures can be viewed as structures separated by the vitelline wall, at which level the cardiac pulsations will be observed.

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Gauthier originates from the German terms "waldan" and "her" which mean respectively "to govern" and "army".


The poets Gautier de Coincy and Gautier d'Arras, the writers Gauthier Guillet and Gautier de Lille, the French entrepreneur Gauthier Toulemonde, the humorist Gauthier Fourcade, the skier Gauthier de Tessières and the fencer Gauthier Grummier.

Saint Gauthier de Pontoise was a French religious of the eleventh century. Appointed abbot of the Abbey of Saint-Martin de Pontoise, he did not miss an opportunity to shirk his responsibilities. His life was a long succession of escape and arrest. Tired of all his duties, he finally handed over his letter of resignation to Pope Gregory VII, but the latter forced him to respect his oath. He is the patron saint of prisoners and vine growers.

His character :

Active and voluntary, Gauthier is a person who likes to share. He is an idealist who seeks to improve the world and thinks that all men are equal in rights. For him, one can reach perfection only by walking toward that ultimate goal. His chivalric spirit makes him a trusted person. He is a sociable and intelligent person. Gauthier will not hesitate to help the people he loves.


Walt, Walter, Walther, Gaultier, Gautier

His party :

Les Gauthier are celebrated on March 23, April 8 and May 4.

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How do you easily follow your child's development?

Your child is growing rapidly day by day, it is one of the most important tasks for you to keep track of whether it grows healthy, needs exactly and to intervene where necessary for its development. We are sure that you will be as sensitive as you can and follow your child's development closely.

For experts, the role of the family in monitoring the child's development is crucial. Because parents are the only individuals who can establish one-to-one relationship with children in the most powerful way. Even the slightest disruption in the development of the child will not be a problem for the parents who observe the child well and can be detected immediately.

However, many experts who are interested in the developmental follow-up of children have found that families are only interested in the physical development of children. At the end of the questionnaires and interviews with the families, experts find that most families only follow their own children in terms of physical development and emphasize that this is not enough for a healthy development.

Experts who question why physical development is so important and why families are more conscious about this issue than other areas respond as follows; “Families have no difficulty in following physical development because they can visually notice any problems that may occur and they cannot predict that young children may have emotional or psychological problems, so they do not intend to follow the child in these areas.”

But we know that if the child makes healthy progress in all four major stages of development (physical, mental, emotional and language development), he can only complete all aspects of his development. Therefore, it is very important to follow children in different areas of development.

You can follow different development areas at home with different methods. Here are some tips you need to pay attention to when following these development areas…

What can you do?

● To keep track of your child's language development, you can store his or her speeches, songs and memorized poems as audio recordings. You can listen to your recorded sound recordings at regular intervals to understand how your child is performing. When you share a suspicious point with an expert, you can more easily explain the problem to your expert through these records.

● Save your child's pictures so that you can observe how your child's physical development (hand-eye coordination) and mental development (creativity) are reflected in his or her images over time.

● Pictures are also the sources that best convey the psychological status of an individual. Therefore, if we examine the pictures carefully, we also have the chance to understand the current mood of the children.

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Facial self massage

Facial self massage

Massage has divine effects on the body as it reconciles body and mind. So let go and give yourself as often as possible this parenthesis of well-being on your face. You will not regret it !

What benefits?

Facial self massage has the advantage of being easy to perform. Its virtues are numerous:

  • Promote blood circulation.
  • Stimulate the lymphatic network effectively responsible for eliminating "waste" from the body.
  • Regenerate the cells of the skin.
  • To reduce fatigue nervous and physical.

Good conditions

The ideal time to practice this self massage is the evening before bedtime to optimize its relaxing effect. Here is the sequence of your relaxation program:

  • Clean your face of all its impurities.
  • Choose a night cream or a specific oil for the face whose texture, quite oily, will facilitate the massage.
  • Take care of each area of ​​the face.

Key gestures

Effleurage, smoothing, light pressure, all the techniques are good to relax your face. The five basic steps:

  • Make large circular gestures with your fingertips going down along the neck.
  • Take each side of your chin between your thumb and other fingers with each hand and make small circular movements from inside to outside.
  • Lightly tap your fingertips all the way from the center to the outside.
  • Smooth each eyebrow, from the inside to the outside, with the index and middle finger of each hand, then make small circles on the eyebrows and temples.
  • Lightly press on your cheekbones with all your fingers, except the thumb, and make small circular gestures.

Monique Fort

Due to the increase in the number of divorces, more and more families are reconstituted, in which the new couples of father and mother, that is, stepfathers and stepmothers, become part of them.

That's when we wonder What role should stepmothers and stepfathers have in the education of children?

It is important to bear in mind that biological parents are the ones who are in charge of setting the rules and setting the guidelines in the education of their children, and that both stepmothers and stepfathers have to learn to accept them and never impose their way of educating.

Being a stepmother or a stepfather means caring for, loving, accepting and pampering the child, but also know and impose the rules and limits of the parents as if they were their own.

Even if they do not live in the same house, both the mother and the father of the child are in charge of educating their children and this education has to be done jointly for the well-being of the children.

Both parents have to have some common patterns and lines to follow to promote the normal development of the little ones, guaranteeing their well-being.

Faced with negative feelings or opinions found between biological parents, dialogue should prevail, since it is essential in these cases to favor the adaptation of the youngest to the new family situation.

Although new partners can be very supportive in caring for the little ones, the right to decide on the children is reserved only to their biological parents who are the ones who decide the measures to take regarding the education and care of their children.

Therefore, the role of the stepmother or stepfather in the child's upbringing should be that of ensure compliance with those rules imposed by parents, trying not to interfere with new guidelines without first consulting with the child's biological parents.

You can read more articles similar to What role should the stepmother or stepfather have in the child's education, in the category of Being mothers and fathers on site.

Blended Family: Role Of The Step-parent