What it feels like to recover from a c-section

What it feels like to recover from a c-section

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Skin care after epilation

Passion for bicycles can cost fertility to some men. At least that's what specialists say, who believe that men who abuse their bicycles on daily routes risk suffering a decrease in sperm production, but also problems related to its quality, which can lead to infertility.

How does cycling affect fertility in men?

Male sterility is responsible for one third of the total infertility cases recorded. Besides the classic pathology and the inappropriate lifestyle, which are the basis of the causes of infertility, it seems that riding a bicycle is guilty of this diagnosis. Although it is one of the most healthy and beneficial forms of movement, cycling has some shortcomings in the sexual health of men.
It seems that cycling affects fertility by increasing local temperature, but also by light injuries that occur during walking. Pedaling can damage the health of the testes and scrotum, and in this way the production of sperm suffers.
In order for the testes to function normally and to produce sperm, it is recommended to keep a constant temperature at their level and preferably to be kept "cold". This is also the reason why they "hang" outside the body.
Cycling pants, generally mulatto, but also the friction between the testicles and his, contributes to the increase of the temperature and to the determination of the appearance of the problems of fertility.

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When does infertility appear after cycling?

Not every occasional bike ride will lead to infertility. There is a limit that must not be crossed. The most predisposed are cyclists who make cycling a daily job and activity. But the occasional walk does not jeopardize the breeding ability.
Male fertility only suffers when you go on many daily routes, for very long distances. Therefore, doctors recommend that when trying to conceive a child, men give up a hobby.
You have to go daily, for years, by bicycle for permanent infertility to occur. If you are at risk for irreparable damage to the testicles, opt for alternatives to this sport - swimming and running are two practical and as beneficial as cycling.

How can fertility be protected while cycling?

If you cannot give up the pleasure of riding a bicycle from there, then it is advisable to take appropriate safety measures.
It is advisable to always wear wider pants that do not put pressure on the testicles. The materials should be light and fluid and possibly have the lining in the genital area for more protection.
Mild lesions occurring at the testicular level may be diminished if one is chosen. This is a special one for men, slightly wider than the usual ones.
The risk of testicular injury is higher if you walk on streets or surfaces with many denivalations. It is advisable to always choose safe routes from this point of view.
Frequent breaks can be helpful for keeping your fertility intact. It is not advisable to sit for hours at a time, without any breaks. Frequent stops must be made and a leisurely walk for a few minutes, beside the bicycle and only then to resume the road.

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The transmission of influenza viruses among children is fast, because many children do not know the rules of personal hygiene to keep them away from the flu or colds. It's time to teach your child one of the most important rules of protection, the most important being "put your hand to your mouth when you cough or sneeze"!

Influenza virus, but also other types of viruses spread easily in the air through which we breathe from a simple sneeze or cough.

Explain that when sneezing you have to put your hand to your mouth

We know that we have a responsibility to protect those around us by putting our hand to our mouth or squeezing into a napkin and disinfecting our hands.

But how do you make your child responsible in this regard?

Covering your mouth when sneezing or coughing is the most important rule that you must adhere to the baby. How? Explaining to him the meaning of how to deal with colds and flu and how we should protect those around us.

Tell him that a simple "hapciu" can make many people sick. Always ask him various things about the cold to highlight how he feels when he is sick:

did you see that you were ill with the cold?

• and did you feel good?

• it was good when you weren't sick, right?

And make him understand that it is possible that everything from a simple sneeze would have reached him and the cold causing him to stay in the house, he can no longer play and that he must put his hand to his mouth or to quickly take a napkin and squeeze there, then throw it or wash it fast on the sleeves. If he still asks "why", tell him that he will not get sick in this way and remind him of some activities that he loves so much and that he would not be able to practice if he became ill.

Learn it by example

The power of the example is the most convenient method of teaching the child many things. Be a role model for him and in this regard! So show her how you do when you sneeze and pay attention to yourself.

Explain to them how to squeeze correctly and that it is best to use the napkin, but if it is not available it can squeeze in the sleeve or the sleeves.

Teach him what to do after each sneeze

Depending on what the child has at hand, they must first squeeze in a clean napkin, in the sleeve of the blouse or as the last solution, in the handkerchiefs.

But it is not enough to do just that to avoid the spread of influenza viruses. You must learn what to do immediately after, in each case individually:

• after sneezing into the napkin, quickly throw it to the basket;

• if sneezing in the sleeve to put it in the wash as soon as possible to avoid getting in contact with the virus or for other children to touch it in that area and to contract it;

• if the squeeze in the handles to quickly run to the nearest water source and wash thoroughly on the handles;

• remind them not to touch their eyes, not to put their hand in their mouth or to put their hand in their eyes.

Teach him how to proceed when someone sneezes next to him

Create scenarios or take advantage of certain situations to see if you have learned the rules and to show them other cases you might face:

• for example, if you are in a crowded elevator and someone sneezes; tell him that he must turn the face to the opposite side of the one from which the sieve comes and cover his mouth and nose with a napkin, scarf or scarf until he exits the elevator;

• teach him to stay away from other cool people;

• teach him how important it is for his health and his family not to get his hand on his mouth, eyes or nose without washing with soap and water before; explain to him that when eating something, he must be clean on his hands, in order not to get sick and to continue playing his favorite game.

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From 3 years old: Le Pou

From 3 years old: Le Pou
When we introduce potatoes into the baby's diet
6 signs that a child needs more love and affection

We live in a society so fast and stuck in the stress of social networks, that sometimes we forget to show what is most natural about ourselves: our love. Perhaps your parents did not teach you to show love, and now that you are a father or mother, you do not know how to express it so that your children grow up with your true love.

But, in the end, the losers are your little ones, who could have a significant emotional deficiency. To avoid this, we teach you to detect some signs that a child needs more love and affection from his parents. Attentive!

We know that our children do not miss details of our behavior, so we have a great mission with them: be the best parents, for them and for us. After all, as the American writer Robert Braul said, 'the problem with learning to be parents is that the children are the teachers'.

'Our children value our love, attention and care for them, depending on the time we dedicate to them.' And we must bear in mind that our children are not going to feel more loved by the gifts that we can give them but for the time we share with them.

The lack of love and affection can have very negative consequences for their development and education, so we must pay attention to these signs that show that they are not receiving enough emotional attention.

- The child develops fear of abandonment
The first evidence of lack of affection is fear of abandonment. A child who does not feel loved is afraid of being abandoned, as he feels that he is not important. Living under that fear will determine a way of being that will lead you to develop adult relationships in which emotional dependence or lack of self-esteem will predominate in your life.

- The child tries to attract attention
The second effect of an affective lack is 'the calls for attention'. Remember that bad behavior is a claim to an inner need and it is very likely that this need is the absence of affection.

- The child feels sad
The third sign is more evident and is shown to us when the child feels sad, listless or angry continuously. These are symptoms that, extended over time, can approach the effects of depression. And it is that, deep down, something similar happens with the fear of abandonment that we talked about before.

- There is a drop in school performance
Another of the frequent signs that a child needs more love and affection is the poor school or sports performance of our children. If they feel that we do not care, they will not be interested in what they are studying or what activity they are doing.

- Use more negative language
Another sign of a lack of love is your language. He will probably use a defeating, negative language, full of discouragement ... He may even use expletives with the intention of drawing the attention of his parents or those close to him.

- Monitor your own behavior as a parent
Now, remember that, for my part, I am more about observing the behavior that we are having as parents, than trying to solve what is happening to our children. That is, if I am not paying attention to my son it is because something is happening to me, so, before solving the situation with him, I must take care of myself and find out what I can do better as a father or mother.

To develop our way of being authentic and genuine, we need feel cared for and loved by our parents; But to be good parents, we need the love and attention of our children.

And how can we educate children in love? Creating an environment of trust and affection with children is essential for them to grow up in a pleasant emotional climate. How do we do it? Here are some helpful parenting tips.

1. You have to explain to children that love is not just hugs and kisses.

2. Show them that there are different levels of love depending on whether the person is more or less known.

3. Tell them that there is also a lot of love in words and gestures.

4. That small gestures such as opening the door to a person or giving him a seat on the bus can express love.

5. That through habits such as giving thanks, they can also show a lot of love and affection to others.

6. With your resignation or assignments you can say a lot to the person you love.

7. Furthermore, we cannot forget that by listening and asking, we can educate ourselves in love.

Love does not always transmit through hugs or kisses. Love is felt through a special meal, a smile, moments of laughter, as well as reading.

Thinking about it, our site has selected some poems that parents and children can share and make love emerge between them. Poems are a good educational and integration resource. Long live love!

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