Flight Attendant Unexpectedly Gives Birth!  I Didnt Know I Was Pregnant

Flight Attendant Unexpectedly Gives Birth! I Didnt Know I Was Pregnant

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This can be a better way for your kid

The smug little frog. Aesop's Fable for Children

Fables are excellent transmitters of values ​​for children. All of them give us a moral that can be very useful to reflect with the children.

In this case, Aesop's fable from 'The presumed frog', invites to talk about vanity, humility and appearances.

Once Upon a time, a smug little frog who believed herself to be the queen of all the garden frogs. The little frog spent the day looking at herself on the surface of the ponds like someone looking in a mirror, and she thought she was so pretty that her pride and vanity made her unbearable.

One spring morning, the little frog was sunbathing among the flowers on the shore, when a toad approached her, not too handsome ...

"Good morning, miss," said the toad. I see her so pretty that of a thousand loves I would marry his highness.

"Hey, hey, Don Sapo," the little frog interrupted him indignantly, "know that I don't manage for small-time people like you. Get out of there right away to find a partner from your class, that I'm afraid to look at it. Have you not seen yourself in the mirror?

The poor toad, ashamed of his ugliness, sank in the mud crying his misfortune. But, very soon, the frog found a punishment for its pride.

One day, the little frog, looking at herself in a pond, he met a water snake who, getting too close to the little amphibian, said:

- It seems to me, my precious, that you are going to serve me as a succulent banquet this morning.

The snake jumped up and bit the frog on the leg. This, feeling badly injured, began to croak desperately and, remembering the toad, began to call out to him.

- Don Sapo! Don Sapo! Come please! Help! Oh, Don Sapo! That a monster devours me!

The toad came as fast as he could and, giving an enormous tug on the tail of the snake with his mouth, he forced it to release its prey.

- You forgive, Don Sapo, what I told you a while ago- explained the frog- I was very nervous. You really don't seem so ugly to me and ... I think I love you.

They finally got married. She became convinced that the ugliness of the body is not important if it is compensated by the beauty of the soul.

Moral of Aesop's fable: Vanity always ends up punished. Do not judge anyone by their outward appearance, but by the beauty of their heart.

Use this fantastic fable of Aesop to discuss core values ​​with your child: vanity, humility and goodness. Use these questions to find out if your child understood the fable:

  1. What was the little frog like? Try to describe it.
  2. What did the little frog do every day?
  3. What did you say to Toad when you told him that you would like to marry her?
  4. What happened to the little frog one day when he met a snake?
  5. Who did the frog ask for help?
  6. What did the toad do? I help you?

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Magic Job Box - Professions - Firefighter

Operations on the Internet

Orthopedics from the Municipal Hospital of Bucharest have learned to operate by minimally invasive techniques.

The interventions were transmitted online. Orthopedic doctors from the University Hospital in Bucharest yesterday and today performed two ultramodern interventions for the knee joints, using minimally invasive surgical techniques, under the supervision of an Austrian professor at the "Stolzape" General Hospital in Austria.

Specifically, it was about two knee arthroplasties done to patients suffering from osteoarthritis. The interventions were transmitted online on the website of the University Emergency Hospital Bucharest.

Lack of movement promotes osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a condition that damages the joints, causing pain and sometimes even the impossibility to perform simple movements.

The disease mainly affects the joints of the knees, shoulders, elbow, wrist and ankles.

"It is a disease of the modern world, whose causes are not known exactly. The favoring factors are sedentary lifestyle and unbalanced nutrition," explains lecturer Radu Radulescu, orthopedist at the Orthopedics Section at the University Hospital in Bucharest.

Source Evz.ro

Everything About Toddler Speech Development: Speech Development: Why, When Is It Time?

When should my child be able to pronounce the letter r? And the k? Can we learn all this in the ov? How long do we have to be patient and when to ask a specialist for help? Look for the answer to these queries now!

Are you required to attend school for your perfect speech?

In addition to movement development, the speech development question is one of the favorite topics of parents with small children. After all, we can have a non-judgmental debate over whether our child should pronounce this voice or his son correctly at the age of three. We are now asking for help from a specialist; Rita of Mitschik Vecsés, a speech therapist will guide us into the world of understanding speech development. And it starts off with the interesting fact that speech development - that is, teaching the mother tongue and its correct use - begins as soon as the mother speaks to her gloomy child. It then continues when the environment responds to the child's first words in simple sentences. It is another task for the environment: to enrich the child's knowledge with songs, poems, sayings, tales, his tools are the further development of the deafness, the deeper understanding of the meaning of words, the grammatically correct sentence formation in a playful, methodical, regular way.

From fetal communication to multi-word sentences

The communication of our child begins over the world as soon as the elemental communication is observed in the life of the uterus, the fetus senses the rhythm of the mother's speech, the sense of prose, and the intonation. Speech therapist also suggests that there are up to 4 different types of mothers around the age of 6 weeks:
  • Pain management: A high, strong sound that fades away over time.
  • Sharpness: high-pitched loud groin.
  • Minor inconvenience: not too loud.
  • Boredom: low intensity.
"In the first few weeks, the infants' voices are vowels and h-like voices, which are the so-called absolute reflex voices that have been triggered by pain, greed, and uncomfortable posture," the speech therapist explains. " which already contains not only vowels but also vowels. This is the period of gloominess. " situation függ. These are mostly streaks, vocabulary words, that is, distortions of words used by parents. Global Speech Interpretation aids in interpreting what is heard, based on mimicry, gesture, and musical elements. (Eg: Not allowed!) After 15-21 months, one-word sentences are linked, 2-words and 3-4 words are displayed. Global speech is also being refined. He is more interested in his environment. The passive and active diminutive treasures are growing. He has completed a two-word instruction, knows the meaning of "thank you" and "servant". She pays attention to sayings, nipple children songs, pronounces words more clearly, and calls for "eat-and-drink". She uses many extended sentences around the age of 2 to 2.5 years. It can tell action lines from a picture book, it uses names, horns, and asks for the name of things.3 Throughout the years, it uses many numbers and expresses itself in compound sentences. The mother tongue has a sound and spinning system that can fluctuate due to physiological intricacies. The diminutive content is constantly enriched, the grammatical elements are gradually being introduced.4 From the age of one, all genres occur, and sentence editing is also considered more subtle.

What Causes Your Speech Problems?

Rita of Mitschik Vecsés according to more, anything can hinder correct speech in early childhood:
  • hearing,
  • obsessive-compulsive disorder,
  • szбjpad-hasadйk,
  • neurodevelopmental disorder.
  • But social factors that can influence speech development include:
  • the environment,
  • the right speech example,
  • the suckling-swallowing problem,
  • failure, testing or insufficiency of glaze,
  • babies and toddlers also have different speech development.
  • "The earliest speech problem is delayed speech development," says the expert. "If your child is not or hard to speak at the age of 2-2.5 years, it is important to seek the help of a speech therapist who provides help to parents in speech therapy counseling. If you hear a child . the child akadбlyozott beszйdfejlхdйsы beszйd elsajбtнtбsбnak nehйzsйge, interference бll above, which may or enyhйbb sъlyosabb this case, the reason may be beszйd feldolgozбsa йs megйrtйse nehezнtett.Ennek tцbbfйle elsхsorban. lassъbb cerebral йrйs, szьlйs elхtti, szьlйs kцzbeni, szьlйs utбni sйrьlйs, Symptoms can be experienced at all levels of the language, that is, at the level of sounds, words, horns, and sentence formation.

    If the kid is…

    Almost all sounds in the child's mother tongue occur during the glow period. In fact, we do not think so, but during this period, all infants also produce sounds that do not occur in their mother tongue. into the ownership speech. "The explanation for this is," says the speech therapist, "is that during the blazing period, the child makes sounds in a resting position. When the child is up or down, the posture makes lips, tooth tones easier, and at the same time, it is difficult to form a g sound The first second sounds are m, b, p, f, v, j. the hissing, whispering sound appears, which is explained by the fact that the anterior teeth are usually twelve to 18 months old. The r, ie, gy, ny tone develops most recently. " the body is improved by proper acoustic and motor development with self-correction. Physiological crap is completely physiological, it does not require development. 4.5-5 years old, if the sounds are not pronounced properly, we talk about crap, articulation disorder. The absurdity can extend to sounds, members, words. Spelling, substitution, and skipping may be distorted.

    The big mummy: the r sound

    The development of the r tone requires the proper development of the articulatory muscle. It is in the midst of the smallest sounds. With the proper functioning of the musculoskeletal muscles, the r tone develops between 4.5 and 5 years. One of the most common speech errors is the replacement of r sound with j or l sound. If this sound does not develop by the age of 4.5 to 5 years, then the development and development of the r tone will definitely require intervention. - I usually ask the parents of 5-year-old children that the r tone has not been developed then do not force it at home! Bozzz expert, because of the many unsuccessful efforts often cause a throat r sound, which in our mother tongue is considered a mistaken voice training. Rather than picking up the sound at the wrong place, building a mountain r is a very difficult task.

    What can we do to help develop pure speech?

    Speech therapist also draws our attention to the importance of What is It? And the Mi? r? in the age, always answer the child's requests! Avoid the nurse tongue and kink, and correctly pronounce the sounds before the child. If the child speaks a sultan, we will repeat it correctly. Do not force the correct drop! As long as the environment is clear, it speaks correctly. Let's squat down to see our lips, the position of our tongue and say the words anyway. This is often enough. We can try to correct the child's speech disorder, but by no means force it. If you find that your child is in distress, we ask for a speech therapist. If you do not develop a clear voice training by the age of 4.5 to 5 years, you are encouraged to do so. Breastfeeding greatly "strengthens" the muscles of your speech, so you can help improve the conditions for proper voice training through breastfeeding. Preparing a piece of food while grabbing can also help strengthen the muscles of the speech organs.

    Are you required to attend school for your perfect speech?

    Of course, it is ideal if the child's speech defect disappears when they start school. Speech flaws, and stuttering, grunting, nasal speaking, to mention only the best known. There are speech disorders and language disorders that do not improve in the age group. In this case, based on the severity of the speech disorder and the speech status of the child, the specialist committee of speech therapist, pedagogical service may initiate or postpone the beginning of school studies. In this case, the practitioner does not recommend postponing the child's start to school. The situation is different in case of absurdity. Usually, with the help of speech therapy, a large group ceases to exist. When 1-2 voices are formed, the application of a spontaneous speech to one's learning difficulty can be that is, we recommend postponing the start of school due to the risk of reading and anxiety disorders.

    About the Hungarian speech therapy service

    In kindergarten, speech therapists help children with speech development. Currently, the member institutions of the county and district pedagogical services provide the speech therapy in the kindergarten. If a three-year-old kindergarten is not or barely speaking, then the kindergarten who provides care at the kindergarten will deal with the child on a weekly basis. perform a basic speech therapy examination, regardless of whether or not it is a speech disorder. The proficiency test is conducted by a language proficiency test that assesses and eliminates the risk of speech, language, and reading / hearing disorder. For example, screening using a rapid test for predicting dyslexia. The baseline examination and screening reveal who the child is in need of speech therapy development. Children who require speech therapy should attend a detailed speech therapy diagnostic test if the parent has agreed to take this test. elх. The detailed diagnostic test in the parent will receive information in a so-called speech therapy test report about your child's speech problem, diagnosis and therapy.Related articles:
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    What does the mouth tell us about children's health?

    Oral Health Awareness

    Simpler and more convenient baby bathing - competition results

    Unfortunately, having a baby with stomach is not a pleasant companion. Sure, you knew it wasn't going to be a sucker, but now it's not. Let us help you together in the virtual baby shop!

    5 good tools for stomach ache


    The ancient cure for cooling and warming. In babies, we use warming up in children, hasfбjбs esetйn. Most babies like gently massaging their tummy with hot cherry kernel pads or just applying a sуpбrnбt. If you are breastfeeding, and your breast is full, you have urethral blockage, or your milk reflux is hard to start, you can help. It can be life-saving in case of a cold inflammation. You can make a hat with a sour cherry filling, you can fill a sock with juice, or you can buy a soprano. You can heat it in the microwave or oven. There are also synthetic warming pads filled with beads or special gels. If the trouble is great, it must be fast warm soft pads you can also make hot water into a good quality disposable pantyhose.


    Make yourself a warmer, carry the baby. Not only is it easy for a belly baby to do good, but it is calmed by the close proximity of the parent, the rocking and the upright posture. For the first few months, babies like cross-front dressing the best, and you can do it for your back. It is very important that you use a proper carrying device that bйkatartбsban holds your baby's feet and well supports all your cartilage. If you want to choose the right portable device for your visit, visit the Carrying Case, you can shop here, you do not have to fall in love with it at first glance, and you can establish a relationship with one or two weeks.


    There is a moment when you want no one to touch you, simply end the fortress, you get cold, stiff, and you are tired of it. It is best to give your baby to your mother, your couple, your girlfriend, your older child or your neighbors before doing so, since it takes a whole village to raise a child. If there is nobody in your environment at the moment mentioned above, you may be playing best with a comfortable baby swing.

    Music, noise, noise

    I've heard many mother-in-law tell you that as you turned on powder, smoothie, an electric breastplate near the baby, the baby immediately stopped and fell asleep. The baby had heard a your heart beating, the noise of your stomach and other internal organs, and the buzzing of your big veins, arteries. Perhaps this is the reason why dusting creates a cozy environment. If you don't want to dust every day - which we understand - you can get a soundtrack that has white noise, sea rumble, heartbeat or just some good music. Some babies get in the way of music, some research says zenйvel most of all, what you listened to during the invocation.


    Maybe if a generation is left out of the general pуlyбzбsbуl. Considered Marady, and now we recommend it again? Yes, give it a try, if you can, it can be a great help for the baby and for you. Nanб! Babies are able to awaken and scare themselves by unconscious movement. If you pollinate them, the body simulates limbs, kendõ цlelйse they soothe, help you fall asleep, and help you sleep. Of course, you should not wrap tightly with a flabby, sick baby, do not pollinate in flesh, and of course do not pollinate if the baby does not like it, you do not need to use the old ruffled coat, thin cloth and take her baby with her.

    The 5S method

    The 5 S method is popular in America. Introduced, but not recommended, I will always explain. The 5S - Swaddling, Side Positioning, Shushing Sounds, Swinging, and Sucking a Dummy - Reminds the baby of all the time spent in the womb. They recommend this procedure at the same time, and according to the authors, it is guaranteed that the child will be asleep within minutes. We do not recommend breastfeeding babies pacifierbecause it worsens the baby's breastfeeding technique, and also accustomes many babies to eating cum instead of eating them. So, cumizing babies spend less time on their breasts, so it may be easier to breastfeed. With this volume of soothing stimuli, we almost take the baby out of the market so he can't "tell" what he wants, but sleeps according to the parents' need. We try almost any method. You can then take 5S without pacifier or just by breastfeeding. But this should not be a regular, everyday solution.
    • Babagami
    • How to cushion your stomach?
    • Close-up baby carrier
    Name Novac - Meaning and origin

    Origin of first name:


    Meaning of the name:

    Slavic "Novy" means Novelty, Novak is an old Serbian name. The Serbs already wore it in the fourth century when they arrived in the Balkans. It is also commonly found as a family name in Poland and Slovakia where he is a sure bet ... like the Serbian tennis champion Novak Djokovith! His birthday: no date of celebration known. Its derivatives: Novko, Novo, Novica.

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    Signs that your child has lice

    Are there signs that can make us suspect that our children have lice? Of course. The first symptom of the spread of lice is when children are noticed to scratch their heads intensely and complain that they are itchy a lot and therefore cannot avoid scratching their heads.

    If you notice that your child's head is itching constantly and that apart from complaining he gets nervous, this is the time for you to carefully check the child's head for lice and / or nits.

    The reason why lice bite so much on children's heads is because the lice use their saliva to deposit the nits as close to the roots of the hair as possible. The contact of saliva with the child's scalp can produce an allergic reaction and cause discomfort to the child such as itching. For this reason, it is very important that the presence of lice is detected as soon as possible to avoid that when children scratch they can cause wounds and that these become infected.

    To check the head of children and look for possible lice, it is important to do it carefully, starting at the part behind the ears and in the area of ​​the neck, because they are the favorite places for lice. Lice can be detected more easily, but nits, due to their small size and whitish color, can be confused with dandruff. What differentiates nit from dandruff is that it will cost much more to remove the nits because they are very attached and attached to the hair.

    The whole head should be looked at and if any type of louse is detected, treatment should be started as soon as possible, without forgetting to check the heads of the other members of the family. To check for nits, it is advisable to use a lifelong cleaner, that is, a comb with very fine teeth and joints, and if possible they are made of metal because in my experience they are the most effective.

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    What is Gluten? When can you give a baby?

    Previously, it was thought that the shorter the baby encounters with gluten, the better: less gluten sensitivity or what is known as celiac disease. This is something we are recommending today.

    What is Gluten? When can you give a baby?

    It is a mixture of two gluten white, gliadin and glutenin. Contains gluten a bъza, the rye, that бrpa, the tцnkцly, the kamut (ancient, Egyptian basswood), a malбta And a malбtakivonat The introduction date and how of gluten is also important. Later, it is worth noting that the popular household biscuit contains sugar and unfortunately there are many other baby products that contain milk powder, sugar, and suckers: they are not at all designed for a tiny baby. It's a good idea to read the ingredients or think about baking your own biscuits, or maybe mixing a teaspoon of wheat bread into the fruit / vegetable juice.

    What's up?

    The answer is not at all easy. Current recommendations suggest that small amounts of gluten-containing foods should be introduced into the baby's diet sometime Between 4 and 7 months. At present, it is recommended that both gluten intake before 4 months and post-7 month intake be increases gluten sensitivity While the ban on introduction before the age of 3 months is easy, it is not very painful to give a biscuit to a two-month-old baby, but to a 7-month-old baby it is not so obvious. According to WHO, exclusive breastfeeding is recommended for up to 6 months, but remember that not all children are the same. There are babies who are half-heartedly tasting fruit, but there are also babies who are not very tired of breast milk or breastfeeding for up to 7-8 months. In such cases, it is difficult for a mother to follow her gluten intake recommendations, and the breastfeeding recommendation itself states that there is nothing wrong with a 7-8 month old baby not being particularly interested in it. But what about gluten?

    Is the baby breastfed or fed?

    For infants who have been breastfeeding for 6 months, the introduction of gluten should be discontinued by 7 weeks. You should definitely get breast milk during this period as well, even after 1-3 months (this is almost evident in the case of exclusive breastfeeding for six months) and it is also very important that only in small quantities get gluten because the risk of allergy is increased if you start with a large amount. The small amount is approx. 3-4 times a week means a teaspoonful. You can wash gluten-containing foods, for example. biscuits and mixed with breast milk or boiled water can be given to the baby. Mixed in fruit juices, even in small amounts. If the baby is breastfeeding as much as possible, then breastfeeding should be continued.

    Why is it important to introduce gluten into your baby?

    That is why it is very important to accept the recommendations (and not to listen to those who make a single letter that they have been given bread for two months, because it never hurts). cцliбkia is a serious disease for which a strict gluten-free diet is essential for prevention, early detection, and diagnosis. Untreated celiac disease causes anemia.
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    - Coeliakia (gliadin and gluten)
    - Be careful not to get the baby fluffy!
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