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Diet in the first 2 months of pregnancy

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Easter 2016: offer a meugh!

Easter 2016: offer a meugh!

A nice mug with an egg: 9.70 (Jeff from Bruges)

The most expensive baby in the world

The sexiest woman in the world became the mother of a little girl on a Friday night through Saturday. Angelina Jolie, who already has two adopted children - a girl from Ethiopia, Zahara, and a Cambodian boy, Maddox -, was born in Namibia, where she retired for several weeks with her boyfriend, Brad Pitt.

The sexiest woman in the world became the mother of a little girl on a Friday night through Saturday. Angelina Jolie, who already has two adopted children - a girl from Ethiopia, Zahara, and a Cambodian boy, Maddox -, was born in Namibia, where she retired for several weeks with her boyfriend, Brad Pitt.
The baby seems to be christened not Africa, as it was rumored several days ago, but Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt. The daughter of Angeline and Brad Pitt is by far the most expensive baby in the world, because her first pictures were contracted by an American magazine for almost $ 5 million! But the money will not go into the pockets of the two stars, but will be poured into UNICEF funds.

Source: Freedom

Origin of first name:

Courts, French, Provençaux

Meaning of the name:

Provencal form of Louis, the name Loïc can be translated as "illustrious in combat".


Belgian composer Loïc Nottet, French footballer Loïc Perrin, French businessman Loïc Féry, former French footballer Loïc Amisse, French footballer Loïc Remy, French sailor Loïc Peyron, French car driver Loïc Houdré, French singer Loïc Lantoine, French sociologist Loïc Wacquant and cartoonist Loïc Malnati.

His character :

Quietly natural, Loïc is a thoughtful and discreet being about his feelings. Capable of great dedication, he cares about the well-being of his loved ones and pays a lot of attention to those who are dear to him. From an early age, we notice that he is good at communication: he knows quickly what is explained to him and responds promptly. Curious by nature and fascinated by knowledge, he will tend to isolate himself to learn. It will thus be necessary to encourage him to express himself more and develop his sense of relationship from childhood.


Louis, Lois, Alois, Clovis, Elois, Loeizig, Ludovic, Ludvig, Luis, Luigi, Luiz ...

His party :

Loïc are honored on August 25th.

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Betsy Shaw

Betsy Shaw describes herself as the world's most reluctant housewife. She was surprised to learn that vacuuming in France, where she and her family lived for two years, is just as unpleasant as vacuuming in Vermont, where she lives again now. She has been blogging for long enough to know better and hopes to continue until the day her daughters, or perhaps her mother, ask her to please stop. With any luck, they won't ever discover her secret hideout,, where she occasionally goes to let her hair down. Follow Betsy on Twitter @numbmum.

Dressing baby for bed: the basics

Choosing the right clothes
Dress your baby in enough warm clothes to keep her warm without blankets. Once she can roll over, she can get out from under the blankets and get cold. If you dress your baby in layers of fitted clothing, you can add or take away layers as the temperature changes.

When you're dressing baby for bed, a handy tip is to think about what you'd wear to bed and use that as a guide.

Hats and beanies
Babies cool themselves down by releasing heat from their heads and faces. Your baby can quickly overheat if he falls asleep wearing a hat or beanie. So it's important to keep your baby's head uncovered when he's asleep so that he doesn't get too hot. Headwear in bed can also be a choking hazard.

Take off your baby's hat or beanie when you go indoors or into any closed or warm space, like a car, so that she doesn't overheat.

Baby's temperature
Your baby's hands and feet might feel cool, but this isn't a good indication of his temperature. You can find out how hot your baby really is by feeling his back or tummy.

If you use a baby carrier or sling, keep in mind that your baby will be warmed by your body heat as well as by her clothes and wraps.

Room temperature
You don't need to monitor the temperature in your baby's room - just dress your baby as you would dress yourself.

If your baby's room is too warm, you could use a plug-in floor fan to keep the room at a comfortable temperature. The safest place for a fan is on the opposite side of the room, away from your baby.

Never use electric blankets or hot water bottles to warm your baby up during colder weather.

Getting too hot has been linked with sudden unexpected death in infancy (SUDI) including SIDS and fatal sleeping accidents. Your baby should be comfortably warm - not hot, sweaty or cold.

Baby wrapping

Wrapping helps your baby settle for sleep, as well as stay in the safe sleeping position on his back.

If you choose to wrap your baby, it's best to use lightweight cotton or muslin wraps. Make sure the wrap doesn't go above your baby's shoulders or cover her head, ears or chin. Wraps that are too high can obstruct your baby's breathing and cause her to overheat.

Also check that there's enough room for your baby to stretch his legs and that the wrap isn't too tight around his chest and hips. Wrapping a baby's legs and chest too tightly can lead to hip and breathing problems.

Babies can be wrapped from birth until they start showing signs that they can roll onto their tummies, usually around four months.

If you co-sleep with your baby don't wrap her - she might get too hot. Dress baby as you would dress yourself.

Baby sleeping bags

A safe infant sleeping bag can be a good option for dressing baby for bed.

A correctly sized sleeping bag is the best way to keep your baby's head and face uncovered, and helps reduce the risk of SUDI including SIDS and fatal sleeping accidents. It can also help stop your baby from rolling onto his tummy during sleep, and contain his legs so they don't hang out through the cot's rails.

If your baby needs extra warmth, you can put a single, lightweight blanket over the sleeping bag. Just make sure the blanket is firmly tucked in and doesn't go past your baby's chest.

Check that it's impossible for your baby to slip down into the bag and become completely covered. Red Nose recommends that you use a sleeping bag that has a fitted neck and armholes but no hood.

Help with housework. TV for parents

Help with housework. TV for parents