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Fiber, make it your allies pregnancy

Dietary fiber, we know that they improve transit. Ideal to avoid or relieve intestinal disorders during pregnancy or even after baby! But they also have other virtues ... and some less known disadvantages. Our advice to consume them wisely.

What is fiber?

  • Fibers are substances of vegetable origin present in pulses (pulses), unrefined cereal products, that is to say complete or semi-complete, vegetables, fresh and dried fruits and oleaginous (hazelnuts , nuts, almonds, cashew nuts, etc.).
  • They do not provide calories or vitamins because most of them are neither digested nor absorbed by the lining of the intestine. They remain in the digestive tract and leave with the stool. There are two types:
  1. Soluble fiber, mainly present in fruits and vegetables, form a gel that attracts water and thickens the volume of food in the digestive tract. They play an important role in the transit: with too little consumption, you risk being constipated, but if you consume too much, can occur ... diarrhea.
  2. Insoluble fiber are mainly present in the cereal envelope (wheat bran, etc.), oilseeds and leafy vegetables. They help to give a feeling of satiety without overloading calories. But, in excess, they can block the absorption of minerals, including zinc, important during your pregnancy.

What are the fibers for?

  • Dietary fiber regulates intestinal transit. Not being degraded, they also have the power to capture in their path sugars and fats whose rate of absorption into the blood is reduced. They help regulate blood sugar and reduce insulin peaks that play a major role in overweight. Some fibers help to nourish the intestinal flora, which participates in the production of vitamins and helps to fight against infections.

Pregnant, how to consume them?

  • It is recommended to consume about 28g of fiber per day. This is about a portion of cereal in the morning, a salad with vegetables at noon, a fruit with each meal and a soup of vegetables or pulses and / or cereals in the evening. Peckish ? Combine a fruit with a handful of oilseeds.
  • Avoid whole loaves or bran as they irritate the digestive tract and block the absorption of zinc. Prefer the semi-complete sourdough bread whose fermentation cancels out this negative effect.
  • Choose whole or semi-complete cereals, fruits and organic vegetables, because if the fibers are in the skin of fruits and the envelope of cereals, pesticides also ...
  • For dried vegetables, soak them overnight before cooking, after throwing the soaking water. This will make them more digestible and less likely to give flatulence. If you combine them with cereals (one-third of pulses, two-thirds of cereals) you will get a dish as complete as animal protein, with, in addition, fibers that your intestines will appreciate.

Marie-Victoire Garcia, with the collaboration of Dr. Jean-Paul Curtay, nutritionist, co-author with Rose Razafimbelo of the Family Guide of Food Healers, ed. Albin Michel.

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The strikingness of the crown makes you wonder

Children's songs on Music Day

At Music's day. In schools, children honor Saint Cecilia, the patron saint of musicians, not only in music class, but singing their favorite songs in the hallways.

And it is that music has numerous benefits for children and babies, especially when the musical initiation is early. At home, listening to children's songs, physiological changes are already taking place. Children and babies develop a strong emotional bond, which stimulates their emotional intelligence. Likewise, on a psychological level, it awakens, stimulates and develops emotions and feelings.

Babies should not only listen to lullabies, because they also have the ability to enjoy classical music, something that they also like during their development in the womb. Several studies have shown that listening to different types of music during pregnancy is beneficial for babies because after birth they recognize it and help them calm down. You can sing to the baby, clap his hands, or teach him to clap as well. This fledgling form of percussion helps babies learn the rhythms of music.

In general, children's songs whose lyrics are simple and contain catchy and repetitive refrains are recommended for children. Children's favorite songs for children are those that include onomatopoeias and rhythms that can be danced. The child must understand that music is a source of fun and it is proven that babies and children are very receptive to classical music of easy structure and short duration.

In most music schools, children begin their musical initiation between the ages of 2 and 5. In music classes they learn to make rhythms with the voice or with different parts of the body, and they also teach them to distinguish between high and low notes and to recognize musical notes through games.

Studies show that music favors children's capacity for attention and concentration, thus enhancing their performance at school. Music stimulates memory, analysis, synthesis and reasoning, and therefore learning. From the age of 6, in most music schools they usually go from musical initiation to musical training, at which point the child makes contact with the chosen musical instrument.

Marisol New. Editor of our site

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Saint Priscilla's Day, January 18. Names for boys

Priscila is a name for a girl of Latin origin that means "the one who is venerated." Priscila is actually the diminutive of Prisca, although it is much more frequent. It is an ideal name for your girl since it prints a certain distinction to whoever wears it. Although it is not one of the most used names, it remains fully topical. He celebrates his name day on January 18, which is the day of Santa Prisca.

The name Priscila implies an enigmatic, mysterious and enveloping personality. Priscila is a thoughtful and sometimes silent girl, who exerts a great attraction on others.

Admired and seductive, Priscila is destined to achieve social, professional and personal success thanks to her tenacity and great willpower.

The name Priscila is used in many languages, although its use is more widespread in Catalan and Italian with the form Prisca. Priscilla in English has also had a wide circulation in the last decades and, despite not being a very frequent name, it is not old-fashioned for a girl today; on the contrary, Priscila gives off an air of sophistication that is difficult to achieve.

The name of your daughter has become popular thanks to famous people such as Priscilla Presley, the former wife of the mythical late singer Elvis Presley, who has an important professional career as an actress. More current and more glamorous, if possible, we find the designer of bags and accessories Priscila Welter.

However, the one who has managed to keep your girl's name throughout history is Santa Prisca or Santa Priscila, a Roman woman from the 1st century, who was already mentioned in the New Testament.

It seems that the young woman was forced to stand in the amphitheater waiting to be eaten by a lion. However, when the lion approached Saint Priscilla, instead of attacking her, he fell at her feet.

To know the origin and meaning of other names that celebrate their saint in the month of January, consult our calendar of the names of saints in January. You will find all the curiosities related to the name and date of your birthday.

And besides, we have the most complete guide to baby names for boys and girls. Here you will find all the baby names arranged alphabetically to know their origin and meaning.

Laura Sanchez. Contributor to our site

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Frutosa: origin and meaning of the name for girl Frutosa

Our name finder has thousands of baby names to help you choose a beautiful name for your baby. You will find in this article everything about the name Fruity.

It is already recorded in high-medieval Catalan documents and owes its diffusion in medieval Spain, and particularly in Catalonia, to the cult of Saint Frutuoso, bishop of Tarragona in the 3rd century.

It comes from fructuosus: "fruitful, fruitful, fertile."

January 21, April 16, August 23


  • Freda Jackson, English actress (1907-1990); Freda Meissner-Blau, Austrian politician (1927-)

Frutosa name coloring pages printable game

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Why is the baby hurting?

Why is the baby hurting?

Most mothers are frightened if their newborn baby begins to hurt several times a day, although there is no cause for concern - this is quite normal, and not uncommon. What to do and what not to do? And what is the reason for frequent hiccups?

Babies often hug

You must have already sensed the overall activity in your tummy. The rhythmic tiny beats repeated every 5-10 seconds indicate that the baby is hurting inside. The process is completely natural, usually indicating that the little one is healthy and well-advanced, and some practitioners consider it to "harden" the diaphragm for outdoor air.

It continues outside

It is very common for babies hugging in the tummy to keep their habits after childbirth, meaning that they start hugging many times more than the average. This phenomenon mainly annoys parents, who think that something may be wrong with their little ones, they must breathe badly. Szerencsйre no errхl szу the csecsemхkori csuklбs hбtterйben the йretlen бll nervous system that causes the diaphragm reagбl increased ingerlйkenysйggel the kьlsх hatбsokra, йs gцrcsцs цsszerбndulбsokba kezd.Mнg felnхtteknek a very unpleasant long tartу csuklбs not jбr the kisbabбk esetйben fбjdalommal fully termйszetes folyamatkйnt What is it? There are many things that can trigger hinges on your baby: eating, exercising, laughing and moaning, and even being cold or overly excited. In the meantime, you have nothing to do with it as long as it doesn't bother itself, but if you start to cry or fall, it's worth terminating. The simplest way to do this is to drink a little tea or milk, as the diaphragm is relaxed and the hinge stops at the swallowing effect. The "strange" habit usually lasts until the age of one, after which the number of hinges begins to decrease noticeably.

No lemons!

Vigyбzz! Over the years, the idea that a few drops of lemon juice will cure the problem of strong and frequent hinges has spread, although this method is not recommended for small babies. Although sour water can really halt hiccups, it is a very strong stimulus for newborns, so it is worth staying with neutral, fresh fluids (water, milk, tea).
  • It hurts a lot
  • If it hurts often
  • Don't give her lemon juice if she's hiccups.
  • Interruption of contraceptives


    - Can interruption of contraceptive pills cause hormonal disorders? I mention that I had regular menstruation when I was taking pills. Now I stopped them and my menstruation came again a week ago. I took RIGEVIDON.


    It is not good to start or stop the use of contraceptives or change the contraceptive preparation without a gynecological consultation. This is because there are a lot of contraceptive preparations and each one fits a certain hormonal status on the one hand, and on the other hand because these preparations can have various adverse effects (some quite severe) and various contraindications, depending on your condition. health and personal and family pathological antecedents.

    Therefore, any decision in this regard is made during the visit to the gynecological office (in which you will ask the doctor to prescribe contraceptives, or the opinion regarding the discontinuation of the administration of a product), the doctor will ask you information about your medical history, regarding the conditions of which you have suffered throughout your life and the history of the conditions present in your family.

    Also during this consultation you can also discuss the adverse effects that may occur when administering contraceptives and the reasons that require your presence again in the medical office. A clinical examination, an ultrasound and a few additional investigations (for example: a cyto-bacteriological examination of vaginal secretion, hormonal dosages) will probably be needed to guide the doctor on the most appropriate preparation. In addition, these investigations will be useful, in order to be able to follow through the following consultations if changes have occurred as a result of the administration of contraceptive drugs.

    Once the contraceptive medication is started, you will have to show up to the doctor whenever unpleasant manifestations occur (vaginal leakage, abdominal pain, unusual bleeding, menstrual disorders or any other cause of concern). Remember, contraceptives stop only at the doctor's suggestion or when a foil ends (never in the middle of the foil, because otherwise you risk the occurrence of unwanted effects such as that bleeding you mentioned, which appeared one week after discontinuing contraception. , the bleeding of deprivation).

    The fact that you have already used a preparation whose administration interrupted you, interruption that had the effect of the described manifestations, is an additional reason to present yourself to a specialized office. Good health!

    Dr. Ciprian Pop-Began
    obstetric gynecology
    Clinical Hospital of Obstetrics-Gynecology Prof. Dr. Panait Sarbu

    Tags Contraception Contraception Contraceptive risks

    First year - baby development month after month

    The first year of a child's life is the time when everything is first. The toddler is learning something different every day, saving his next debuts in his account. With him, parents grow up, gaining knowledge on how to deal with various adversities and reconcile sometimes the mutually exclusive life roles that they faced after the birth of a child.

    Starting from the first exit for a walk, through the first bath, first smile and crying with tears, and ending with the first clove and the first fully slept in the night. Along the way, many emotions will bring the first turn from the tummy to the back, the first spoken, and unaware of the meanings of "mom" and "dad" and the first step.

    Being a parent is next to beautiful emotions and many emotions, also many moments of fatigue and a lot of frustration. Also related to conflicting information from all sides and a lack of help. These are moments of doubt as to whether the child is developing properly and whether everything is fine.

    Take a look at our calendar, remembering that each child develops at an individual pace, and the first-year calendar we prepare is indicative and cannot replace a doctor's visit.

    Chocolate icing for cake

    For the success of a cake, besides the quality ingredients you need the right recipe. Thus, if you want to prepare an anniversary cake, we offer you the recipe of the best chocolate ice cream.

    Preparation time: 15 minutes

    Difficulty: Light


    • 150 g dark chocolate
    • 150 g old
    • 75 ml of water
    • 40 g fat

    Method of preparation

    Bring water and sugar to a boil, stirring continuously, until sugar dissolves. Leave the mixture on a low heat until you get the consistency of a thick syrup.

    Separately, melt the chocolate in the bain-marie, then pour the sugar syrup over it. Incorporate a cube of butter and keep icing on the steam bath until it is perfectly homogenized.

    Use warm glaze.


    If you get too thick icing, add 1-2 teaspoons of hot water in it or 20 grams of butter.

    If the icing seems too thin, take it from the steam bath and leave it to cool slightly.

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