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I love to surprise my daughter with a different meal, a walk or a new movie ... children love surprises, and although today it seems to be difficult to surprise them since most have practically everything, there are still many details to which we can resort to cause surprises.

The kitchen, for example, is one of these settings where there is much to explore and try. I just got to know an unusual recipe ... Because of its appearance, it is not a chorizo ​​or blood sausage ... it is a chocolate sausage !!

Many parents believe that they have to "break their heads" to offer their children healthy and varied meals, desserts or snacks. I think the secret is often to put yourself in the shoes of the little ones. Who doesn't love cookies, nuts and chocolate? Apart from these ingredients used in our chocolate sausage recipe, it is also necessary to always have basic ingredients on hand that will get us out of trouble, that are liked by children and with which they can get involved in the kitchen. There is nothing more pleasant for children than savoring something that they themselves made.

Children can enjoy food even more by participating in its preparation. By mixing, beating, cutting, separating, tasting ... the ingredients, the child acquires rich experiences and skills, as well as stimulating senses such as touch, smell, palate ...

In You can find many, simple and delicious recipes to prepare with your children. On this occasion, I suggest you make this dessert or snack: the chocolate sausage. There are two versions: chocolate sausage with almonds or chocolate sausage with pistachios. They are both equally rich. We have tried them and we loved them. You will tell us how it turned out.

  • Recipe for chocolate sausage with almonds, step by step
  • Chocolate sausage recipe with pistachios, step by step

Vilma Medina. Director of our site

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Never tell your kid this!

Never tell your kid this!

Not only threatening, withdrawing love, scaring or humiliating can cause harm to our child, but it is also a much more common sentence.

You're a bad kid!

Occasionally, in the darkest moments, every parent is overwhelmed with the idea that their child is really evil, full of negative qualities that no method can use. And it may come to our minds to tell him that. In fact, however, children can go wrong for countless reasons, and in fact, they are not among people who are hateful. However, if they are continually told that they are bad, they will eventually believe in themselves, which can have serious consequences. It is a much better way to qualify not the child, but the behavior itself, and reinforce the child's ability to decide and act. It is still better for us to focus on the right instead of misbehaving and praise the child whenever we can!What better not to tell the child…Fotу: iStock

… Or outside…

Everyone can come to the moment when he or she is really threatening the child with something, in the hope that he or she will stop his or her anxious behavior. However, most of these threats are far from real and parents are more driven by anger. Let's focus instead on the "natural", logical consequences and talk in a relaxed voice!

Don't be so smart!

One of the best ways to make a child anxious and lack confidence is to permanently induce something that you do not want. Don't command to thank someone to hurt or kiss someone they don't want! By doing so, it only confirms that his body and its boundaries mean nothing, and anyone who can be a little stronger than he is. Practice, support, preparation can help you: talk to your child a lot about what you can expect in a situation, and try these situations at home.

Go to your room!

Although there is no negative long-term difference in the method of separation of a child, the method of parenting is not as effective as believing. Usually, parents do this so that the child "thinks" a little about his or her actions, but wrapping it around games, characters, and storybooks is the last thing the child will do.

Why can't you be like your brother?

Rivalry can be equally strong between brothers and sisters, and it is unnecessary to exacerbate this tension by pushing the parents themselves to compete and be lenient. It is a much better way for parents to teach their children to work together.

If you really want…

The question of love is the question of safety. And if a child does not feel safe, it can lead to more anxiety and misbehavior. Of course, it is important for the child to understand that his actions can provoke feelings in others, but guilt cannot be emotional blackmail. In the long run, it is better for us to assure the child of our unconditional love, but in the meantime, we are clearly telling her the feelings of her actions. (Via)You may also be interested in:
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  • Poisonous, stupid words

If you have not yet had the opportunity to meet Teo, the red-haired, friendly, restless and curious boy who plays and amuses the most children, a great opportunity has arrived. My daughter, when she was little, loved to look through her books and have us tell her about her stories and adventures. Although he is still 4 years old, Teo remains, in his 30 years of existence, one of the reference books for children from zero to seven years old.

After the books and collections that drive children crazy, especially between 0 and 7 years of age, now the little ones will be able to follow Teo in a series of educational and fun videos, based on the famous book collection 'Teo discovers the world'. The weekend is an ideal occasion for you to sit with your children and get to know, together, the world of Teo, his family, his friends and animals, and the day-to-day life of a modern child.

Although time passes, Teo has not changed, it is still one of the reference books for children. Since its creation, his books have been translated into more than 15 languages ​​and won several awards. Children love Teo for his simple model and for the message he conveys. Through Teo, babies learn to name the things around them, to respect nature and people, through curious and striking illustrations.

Thanks to BRBplay, producer of family content, which has ceded the right to After publishing a series of educational videos of Teo, now you can introduce your children to this cute little boy. You will tell us how their reaction has been.

Vilma Medina. Director of our site

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How to clean the house if your child has a mite allergy

How to clean the house if your child has a mite allergy

In a house with children we must adopt the necessary safety measures to avoid domestic accidents, but we must also take care of hygiene. If the child is also allergic to dust mites, the cleaning of the house must be extreme and has some peculiarities.

Nothing better than a clean house to avoid those annoying mite allergy symptoms such as nasal congestion, sneezing or hives. It is not enough to clean the house as we usually do, but we must insist on cleaning and how it is cleaned. These are some guidelines for a house where a child lives allergic to dust.

1. When there is an allergic child in a house, the furniture must be cleaned frequently. Better than a duster is to use a damp cloth to delay the appearance of mites.

2. The floor must be cleaned every day, but it is always better to do it with a vacuum cleaner than with the broom. As you sweep, the dust moves around and the mites can trigger your child's allergy symptoms.

3. On the shelves it is better that there are not many decorative objects that can accumulate dust and if they are closed shelves, it will be much more convenient for the allergic child.

4. As far as possible we must do without rugs. It is true that they are very comfortable and ideal for the children play on them, but carpets are a nest for mites because dust will accumulate on them.

5. If we cannot do without rugs entirely, it is best if they are thin and washable to be able to clean them every so often.

6. The same problem that rugs have curtains, where many dust mites also accumulate that can harm the allergic child. Thicker curtains should be avoided and washed frequently.

7. The room of the child with allergy to mites requires special attention, taking the pertinent measures on the carpets and on the curtains and with the cleaning habits that we use in the rest of the house.

8. The bed is the place where an allergy to mites can be triggered more easily, preventing the child from resting and causing insomnia. That is why it is convenient to buy a antiallergic mattress and we can even vacuum it through it once a week.

9. Bedding, both mattress covers and pillows as well as sheets and bedspreads must be washed in Hot water at least once a week if we want to prevent the appearance of allergy.

10. As a preventive measure it is advisable not to have too many teddies in bed and in the room, because they tend to accumulate many Mites. And if we have them, we must also wash them very frequently.

Laura Velez. Editor of our site

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The risks of Amniocentesis

To reduce the risk of spontaneous abortion or intrauterine infection, it is necessary that the amniocentesis be performed in the following conditions:

  1. The experience of the obstetrician, at least 50 amniocenteses per year;
  1. Modern medical equipment, high performance ultrasound (amniocentesis is performed under ultrasound guidance, to avoid embryo damage or mechanical complications such as perforation)

Specialized counseling before Amniocentesis

amniocentesis It is recommended primarily by the specialist obstetrician or geneticist, but it can also be considered a personal decision of pregnancy.

If this person refuses to do the investigation, other methods of prenatal diagnosis can be used (within the limits of the current availability).
However, amniocentesis is the paraclinical investigation with the highest specificity and sensitivity for the diagnosis of most genetic syndromes.
Between weeks 12-16 of pregnancy the triple test and the ultrasound routine with the endovaginal probe are performed. If the obstetrician identifies certain changes (markers), possible syndromes or genetic disorders, he may recommend performing an amniocentesis and a specialized genetic consultation.

How is amniocentesis performed?

Amniocentesis is an invasive diagnostic method. Amniocentesis is performed under ultrasound guidance, so before carrying out such an investigation, an ultrasound is always made that establishes the size and current position of the fetus.
The pregnant woman should be relaxed, and sit on a bed next to the ultrasound. After the obstetrician locates the exact position of the fetus and placenta, it establishes the ideal place for the amniotic puncture.
Local skin disinfection is performed, after which the doctor introduces a long needle through the skin and the abdominal wall to the amniotic cavity where it extracts several milliliters of amniotic fluid.
The obstetrician should be careful not to injure the fetus or placenta, as this may lead to certain complications (miscarriage).
The maneuver itself does not last more than 30 seconds, is slightly painful and in most cases does not lead to major complications. The extracted amniotic fluid will be replaced with an equal amount, in the next minutes-hours, by utero-fetal homeostasis (fetus swallows and excretes the amniotic fluid continuously).
Most pregnant women who are subjected to amniocentesis say that the discomfort due to maneuvering is minimal, while other women experience abdominal cramps of varying intensity. Some pregnant women prefer local anesthesia with xylin, but others say that a single sting is enough!
The future mother should not be worried that the fetus could be damaged with the needle being introduced into the amniotic cavity, firstly because the maneuver is performed under ultrasound guidance, the doctor always having in front of the eyes the position of the fetus and secondly, to know that it has a very effective reflex defense mechanism, moving when it is mechanically injured.
The obstetrician can monitor the beats of the fetal heart for several minutes or hours after amniocentesis, thus identifying any possible complications that may occur.

Complications in Amniocentesis

Most pregnant women who perform amniocentesis do not have any accusations or complications. Some, however, have cramps or abdominal discomfort within the first 24-48 hours after the investigation.
Only 1-2% of pregnant women will experience more severe symptoms such as:

  • High intensity abdominal cramps
  • pathological vaginal discharge-spotting (blood)
  • amniotic fluid loss
    Any pregnant woman who has one or more of these symptoms must present urgently to the gynecologist-obstetrician doctor, as there is an imminent danger of losing pregnancy (miscarriage).
  • Attention in case of HR incompatibility

    All pregnant women who have Rh negative blood must be immunized after amniocentesis with specific immunoglobulins so as to prophylaxis hemolytic anemia of incompatibility in the fetus.
    This is true of all the invasive maneuvers that the future mother endures throughout the pregnancy, because there is the possibility of mixing the 2 different blood groups with Rh incompatible.
    Exceptions from immunization are garvid whose partners (daddy) have Rh negative, thus excluding the possibility of anemia in the newborn!
    Only children born to mothers with Rh negative and father with Rh positive (and thus with a 50% chance of having a Rh positive, incompatible with meme), can develop anemia and jaundice at birth.

    The results of Amniocentesis

    After collecting the amniotic fluid, it will be processed and analyzed in a specialized laboratory for genetic and molecular analysis. Data processing and results processing can take several days (up to 10-14 days).
    Measurement of alpha-fetoprotein (protein secreted in large amounts in pregnancy and certain tumors) in the amniotic fluid has a rather high diagnostic significance because it can signal the presence of neural tube abnormalities such as spina bifida or anencephaly (severe congenital malformations of the central nervous system).
    The amniotic fluid also contains fetal cells, which can be harvested and cultured on special media (multiplied), which can then be analyzed by a genetic specialist. Thus, a series of chromosomal abnormalities can be identified that are the basis of serious, uncorrectable and incurable congenital malformations.

    Amniocentesis versus velocity biopsy in prenatal diagnosis

    Biopsy from the chorionic villi is performed faster than amniocentesis (between weeks 10-12 of pregnancy) and was considered until recently to have a higher risk of miscarriage.
    Subsequent studies have denied this. Chorionic villi biopsy is an invasive method that consists of analyzing fetal cells extracted by the transcervical pathway from pregnancy.
    The advantage of the method is that it offers the fast obtaining of information about the fetus, from the first trimester of pregnancy, thus reducing the emotional stress of the woman and offering the possibility of an early therapeutic abortion in case certain chromosomal abnormalities are identified. The disadvantage of the method is that it does not offer the chance to correctly evaluate alpha-fetoprotein.
    Amniocentesis is performed instead in the second trimester of pregnancy (weeks 15-18 of pregnancy) and is also an invasive investigation that increases the risk of miscarriage by 0.5-1%. This investigation can identify most of the chromosomal abnormalities that underlie serious genetic syndromes.
    Amniocentesis is not performed routinely (as is the biopsy of chorionic villi, which is even rarer) and is recommended only among pregnant women at high risk to give birth to a child with a genetic condition and who has changes in the triple test performed previously. .

    Six hoops for the screen Live this fall!

    On January 1st, the new media bulletin, which includes the introduction of a new age rating, will be launched: you can see six and twelve circles in the corner of the screen!

    If you were born in the sixties, Lolka and Bolkaif you saw the light in the seventies, Number Bcc Superbusif you were born in the eighties, that's it Once upon a time there was no life nailed in front of the screens. What good was it… Would you allow your child to see whatever the cartoon channel is doing today?

    Watch the heel of the screen!

    The creators of the new media law, which came into force on January 1st, placed great emphasis on protecting children and adolescents. Expectedly, June will see the new age rating on the screen, which will protect those under the age of 6. To clarify this, the National Media and Human Rights Authority (NMHH) is developing a recommendation that provides medically applicable guidelines for the application of the 6 and 12-year age ratings. Those who pay attention to the new signal can more easily protect their children from aggressive, destructive television content. There are currently 15 movie shows, 30 educational and 15 children's channels in Hungary.George Gerbner, the Hungarian origin communication research, which passed away in 2005, is one of the most cited international figures in the topic of media violence. According to his studies, the television picture of television was more similar to the world on television, the more they see their lives.

    It's a good movie

    He participated in the professional forum held in the topic and in the press that followed it M. Tуth Gbbor There is also an Oscar-nominated cartoon director who says parents are increasingly conscious of wanting to provide non-aggressive content to their children, but there is nothing. There is no Hungarian production at least. "We would appreciate if the domestic profession were not only a suggestion but also a direct and indirect regulation. After a few seconds, he couldn't do any Hungarian animation, and the channels get free, low-quality, sometimes fear-inducing kids' shows, and there's no reason not to do them.

    Cleverly before the Father!

    Children's channels occupy a special place in the Da Vinci Learning educated television channel, which has exclusive foreign quality programming, such as Once upon a time… series. The biggest part of the programs is for the family to be a survivor of the social program, and the discussion of what they see is a valuable experience. A spokesman for the channel said they would not make any difference with the stricter regulation of the new media law or the introduction of the 6th ring. "Western Europe has a greater tradition of strictly regulating children's programs. Our channel is present in 13 countries, including three programs for children, families, and adults.
    This request is not limited to Hungarian children. Read about the British situation!

    Emotional Health During Pregnancy

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