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Lilla Lou competition "Any faster and more convenient, and maybe original and stylish every day? How do you dress your child? "

Answer the question using up to 1000 characters with spaces, send the answer to [email protected], enter in the subject of the message "Lilla Lou Competition". Sign the competition answer with your name and surname. And wait for the win!

We will reward the 5 most interesting answers.


Each winner will receive:

  • Lilla Lou birthday set, which includes two sketchbooks issued under our patronage,
  • Creo (a set of spacious paper toys for self-assembly and decoration).

We are waiting for your answers until November 6. We invite you to have fun!

Details of the competition are available here.

Lilla Lou Creative!

Divergent thinking or deferred evaluation are just some of the sophisticated techniques that stimulate creative task solving and stimulate children to look for new ideas. Not everyone knows them and not everyone knows how to apply them, although everyone wants their children to be unique. Lilla Lou does our part in tedious searches and exercises and combines great fun with the development of imagination. It allows you to express yourself through drawing and realizing your own artistic passions.
Sketchbooks and notebooks, through independent fashion design, support individuality and creative thinking in girls of different age groups. They develop the fluidity and flexibility of thinking and the ability to go beyond stereotypical solutions. Lilla Lou is an offer for more demanding girls aged 6 to 12 years. Lilla Lou is not just creative notebooks. It is also a virtual community used to meet and make friends, i.e. a portal, forum, blog and online games.
Lilla Lou notebooks can be bought in bookstores and in press stores of Empik, Relay, Rossman, Inmedio, Kolporter, Ruch and Smyk.

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My grandfather. Short poems for children

Maternity leave in Brazil

Maternity leave in Brazil

Maternity leave in Brazil is a working woman's right set forth in the Constitution and it serves so that pregnant mothers can rest prenatally and postnatally, charging a benefit for it.

Brazil, thanks to the reform of the law promoted by the Lula Da Silva government in 2010, has become almost at the forefront of Latin America in terms of maternity leave, only behind Chile, Venezuela or Cuba.

All Brazilian women who have contributed to social security for a period of 10 months are in a position to receive maternity leave so that they do not have to work with advanced gestation and so that they can enjoy their newborn after delivery.

In addition, Brazil has been a pioneer country in granting maternity leave to a homosexual man who, together with his partner, decided to adopt a child, and although social security has communicated that the case does not serve to set a precedent, it really is. This is the case and there are many homosexual couples in a situation of adoption who are requesting maternity leave.

According to the latest reform, Brazilian mothers with the right to enjoy maternity leave have 4 months of rest in the private sector, and can be extended in some professional sectors, such as the public, up to 6 months. But in addition, the government helps private companies with tax incentives to extend maternity leave to 6 months.

In the specific case of adoption, the length of the leave varies according to the age of the adopted child. If she is up to 1 year old, the license is 120 days; if between 1 and 4 years, the license is 60 days; and if you are 4-8 years old, the license is 30 days.

Working moms in the private sector will receive 100% of the salary for the duration of the maternity leave. The one in charge of making the payment is the company where you work, which will then receive the amount issued by the INSS. While public sector or self-employed workers must manage the collection of the subsidy directly with the Brazilian social security.

Diego Fernandez. Editor of our site

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Cape on space! Your rocket fan will love to embark on this beautiful drawing, guided by the explanations of our video. Ready for takeoff? Afterwards, he can print it and color it.

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Ruben Name - Meaning and Origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

From the Hebrew reouven, "see a son".
Name of the first son of Jacob and Leah, founder of the twelve tribes of Israel, who protected his half-brothers Joseph and Benjamin. Much more common in Latin America, like the Cuban singer Ruben Bladès, this name with melodious sounds could seduce you, especially if you like salsa.
The Rubens are celebrated on October 4th.
Its derivative: Réouven.

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Gaudeamus Mamaia Fair 2012, 11 - 15 August 2012

Between 11 and 15 August GAUDEAMUS Fair Mamaia is waiting for a unique expedition on a sea of ​​books! Where? In the place already known to book lovers on the coast: Mamaia resort, in front of the Radio Vacanta studio.


Radio Romania, in partnership with the territorial studio Radio Romania Constanta - Radio Vacanta.

The summer edition of the GAUDEAMUS Caravan invites you to join us among the pages of books, sand wires and typefaces, all in order to combine the cultural act and the relaxed atmosphere of a holiday at sea!

And if a vacation is not the same without photos, the GAUDEAMUS Mamaia Fair brings this year a photo exhibition on the seaside! The exhibition The Imaginary History of the book and the writing comprises 30 works signed by Jean Marc Godès, a French photographer, and represents a fresh and original approach to the book and its role as a magical object, which closes in it the entire memory of a community.

GAUDEAMUS Fair Mamaia continues the book donation campaign for rural libraries in Romania! If your home library has become dormant or you simply want to join our campaign, we urge you to donate books that will reach rural libraries in the Dobrogea region.

Visiting program:

from Saturday to Wednesday, between 4 pm and 11 pm.

The entry is free.