Joy to the world. Christmas carols in English for children

Joy to the world. Christmas carols in English for children

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From his real name Mathieu Blanc-Francard, did you know that the singer had first chosen Arsène Pigalle as a pseudo? We still prefer Sinclair! The word clarus which means "remarkable" or "illustrious", this name has no date of celebration ... make your choice!

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Test - What kind of baby am I?

What is milking and how can it be treated?

The first haircut of the child

Are we pruning our heads to "zero" or do we allow their capillary ornament to grow?
On the head and body of any man grow as much hair as many hair follicles. The number of hairs is genetically determined. So, no matter how often you trim a child, his capillary ornament has no way of getting thick. Hair size depends on hereditary factors, the health of the child, nutrition and care.
Most children are born with some very fine hairs on the head which are gradually replaced with longer and thicker hair. It has been found that the baby's hair grows on average by one centimeter per month. In this way, by the age of one year, most children require the first haircut.
However, there are also cases in which the newborn presents a rich capillary ornament from birth, in which case the first haircut can be made much earlier. Doctors recommend that it be done 40 days after birth, when infants have managed to adapt to the environment.
Brush or "zero"?
The first haircut does not have to be "zero". Pediatricians are skeptical of the shaving of young children, as there is a danger of head injury. Very important is the shortening of the "mane" on the forehead, so that the hair does not enter the eyes. What is the opinion of the doctors? "Without long hair up to 4 years." And in the case of boys and girls. By this age, the hairs are very thin and fragile, due to which they become soft and break during combing.
Many babies, because they sleep on their backs and rub their pillowcase, have their hair cut from the neck. Subsequently, in this area hair will grow often, but slowly and unevenly. To prevent hair loss, keep the baby not just sitting on its back, but turning from side to side and on the tummy. Of course, if the baby has a thick and strong hair, you may not rush with the haircut.
Source: Joanna My child, No. 11/2005

At the hairdresser or at home?

Some moms might find themselves unwilling to handle scissors or a trimmer, preferring to take their baby for the first hairdresser. Situation in which the child must necessarily be prepared for such an event. And when he has to be cut himself, his favorite toys, which he will have next, will distract him from what is happening to him.
But, the most suitable to play the role of hairdresser for the first haircut is the mother, who knows better than anyone how to deal with her smell. To do this, equip yourself with scissors, comb and water spray and remember a few simple moves: first dampen the baby's hair, combing it lily around the head. Then, grab with your left hand a haircut between the middle and middle finger and, with the right hand shears, shorten it as desired.
  • Remember that it is difficult for the little boy to stay still for a long time. Be prepared to move with him.
    Ask someone with whom the child is accustomed to holding the knee.
  • Try to turn the haircut into a pleasant play, inviting the dolls, bears and rabbits to attend the trial.
  • Use scissors with soft heads so that the child does not get hurt in an unexpected move.
  • If the kid is afraid of scissors, distract him by letting him look in a book or a cartoon.
  • Remember that after you have finished the trimming, praise the child. Call other family members to admire the smell. Children like to be the center of attention.

    The magic of combing

    There is no better way to strengthen the hair and stimulate the growth of the child's hair ornament than regular and correct combing. Each evening, first to the right, then to the left, then "against" the direction of growth and, finally, towards the growth of the hair.
    Such combing intensifies circulation to the skin of the head and supplies oxygen to the thin blood vessels of the hair root. The hair is strengthened, becoming more resistant, "lively" and glossy.
    Of particular importance is the choice of comb or brush. The most indicated are those made of natural, elastic and flexible materials. Avoid combs metallic or plastic, under the action of his teeth the hair breaks easily.
    The plastic comb can electrify the rich girl, the hair becoming "disobedient". The best option: wooden combs ...
    Source: Magazine Joanna My child, No. 11/2005
  • The imagination of the small child