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What is Body Weight for Fertility?

Neither leanness nor excessively favors productivity. In this small body, there is no ovulation and no monthly bleeding. The majority of overweight women may experience irregular or deferred menstrual cycles.

Is it too much a barrier to getting pregnant?

This low body weight (more than about 45 kilos, regardless of body height) loses ovulation and there is no monthly bleeding. A poor diet, even if it is not considered anorexia (ie anorexia), can impair fertility.In addition to losing weight, anemia can also cause your deficiency, your can lead to infertility. Too low protein intake can cause ovulation problems, while selenium and zinc deficiency in the male window can impair sperm quality. Men's testosterone ("male hormone") levels can be reduced by strict diet, but also by eating over-fatty foods. A good part of stone women experience an irregular or delayed menstrual cycle. Initial infertility treatment is less successful in these cases, and unfortunately, the incidence of miscarriage as well as pregnancy and childbirth complications is higher. According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, termйkenysйgйt. There's no need to aim for Barbie's baby ratios before you change your routine: Regular and Planned Nutrition (no nonsense!) And gradual introduction of exercise to your daily life!


BMI = Weight / Height in MeterIf the result is higher than 25, it is worth starting with a regular diet. Index below 17 indicates malnutrition!
  • Therefore, pregnancy is influenced by overtraining
  • Obesity drastically reduces the chance of becoming pregnant
  • Why is infertility more common in overweight women?
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    Italian names for boys and girls. T - Z

    20 Cool Italian Names for Boys

    The old man and the children. Children's poem about respecting the elderly

    Poetry is a fantastic tool for Educate children in values. From the time they are small, we must teach them to be respectful to all the people around them. This children's poem talks specifically about the respect for the elderly, a very important value that they must internalize as soon as possible.

    "The old man and the children" is a poem that also teaches children that they have to ask for forgiveness when they have done something wrong. After the verses you will find some very useful tips for children to learn to ask for forgiveness.

    Leaning on a cane

    holding his hat,

    protecting from the wind.

    An unexpected gust

    blew up his hat

    and sitting on a bench,

    two children saw everything.

    As the old man stooped

    he also lost the cane

    and the girl out loud

    he screamed mockingly.

    immediately approached

    and from the ground he picked up

    the hat and the cane.

    Thank you kind child

    the old man said kindly

    and taking out some coins

    he placed them in his hands.

    Sorry the girl

    and seeing that it was sincere

    another coin gave him.

    Read this poem with your child and, when you are finished, ask him which of the two poetry children would you like to be: the one who laughs at the old man or the one who helps him. From there, you can have a lively conversation that makes him reflect on both behaviors.

    In addition to respect for the elderly, this poem talks about the need to ask for forgiveness when we regret our behavior. Although we can never force our children to apologize, since otherwise they would not learn the meaning of this action, we must make them see that sometimes they have to humbly acknowledge that they are to blame for the mistake.

    To do this, we give you some tips that will help you teach him to ask for forgiveness.

    1. The importance of setting an example
    The example is the best tool for children to learn. Therefore, parents must ask for forgiveness whenever we consider it necessary. In fact, there are also times when we have to ask our own children for forgiveness.

    2. Talk to children about empathy
    There are children who, because of their way of being, are much more empathetic than others. However, all the little ones can learn what it means to 'put themselves in the shoes of others' and, above all, when the time comes to do an exercise in empathy and try to understand how the other feels in different situations. It is at that moment when they will realize how necessary it is to ask for forgiveness.

    3. Try to make your children think about what they have done
    It is not a matter of facing the wall or distancing them from the rest of the family, but it is important for children to think about what they have done wrong. We parents can help you by asking some questions that make you reflect on what happened.

    4. Read stories about this value
    As with poetry, children's stories can serve as an example for children to understand why they should ask for forgiveness. Similarly, movies can make you think.

    5. Teach children to forgive
    Just as important as teaching children to ask for forgiveness is that they know how to forgive. A person who is spiteful cannot be happy or at peace with himself. If we fail to forgive, we will always have internal cares that prevent us from feeling good about ourselves. That is why we must teach them to ask for forgiveness, but also to forgive those who have been dishonest with them.

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    Feroglobin, iron health for the whole family

    Iron deficiency is the most common nutrition disorder worldwide. It is estimated that there are over 2 billion people suffering from iron deficiency. Deficiency of this nutrient results in iron deficiency anemia that occurs in all age groups. Children and women are predisposed.

    In most cases, people experience: fatigue, irritability, apathy, low ability to concentrate. These are due to the proper neoxygenation of the tissues because iron interferes in the structure and function of hemoglobin, respectively myoglobin, compounds that ensure the transport of oxygen to tissues.

    In children, iron deficiency can decrease school performance, affect behavior and physical development, impair immunity.

    Iron deficiency anemia installed in the first years of life has long-term effects. Children who were anemic in the early years of life, have delayed psychomotor development, and at school age, have poor performance, speech delay, motor and coordination disorders, and a lower IQ with 5-10 points.

    Another group of people prone to anemia and iron deficiency are women. They can feel fatigue, lack of concentration, memory, are prone to infections especially in the cold season.

    There are many women who suffer from iron deficiency due to menstrual losses and restrictive diets to lose weight.

    Therefore, a dietary iron supplement with high absorption is required.

    Feroglobin contains iron to supplement the diet with this important element, but also complex B vitamins, folic acid that helps to correct other types of anemia.

    The 2 forms of presentation: syrup and tablets, make it useful to the whole family. Feroglobin is gentle on the stomach and does not cause gastrointestinal disorders with major constipation. The syrup has a pleasant taste of honey and easy way of administration.

    Announcements: Dream On

    Announcements: Dream On

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