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10 hours womb sounds. Baby Einschlaf-Hilfe Mutterleibs-Geräusche

As the years go by, and as the child grows older and more and more, the tasks of the parent change, including helping the child in school, school or just having a baby.

We're getting to the public

From birth, the baby lives in communion: in the family. While this term used to refer to extensive relatives, today it is understood as meaning parents and children below it. In the past, small children have been able to contact many different people of all ages and backgrounds, and today they can find this opportunity in acquaintances, friends, playmates, and school. It is important that you are in your early years, even in your parents' company have a lot of good experience about human relationships. We organize social programs, trips with acquaintances, relatives, go to the playhouse, playground. This is a good way to get the little one started in kindergarten.

Get out of the family

Of course, ovi is quite different from our previous children's programs, because not only are you here to have a good time, not only when you feel like it, but every day because your parents are working. From the child's point of view, it would be ideal to come to the ovis because they play them there, find buddies, and they are a little bored at home. At first, it would be enough for half a day to spend the rest at home with your own toys, family members. - Feeling better in the company of his / her peers.However, it may be that before long, our little child feels well in his / her own time, even at home, just being anxious. A very lively, child who needs a steady occupation is well occupied by community life. There you will always find someone you can go to or watch the activities of others. The mother could only provide the same amount of effort from morning till night. Some worshipers organize playgroups and take the kids for half a day - this can be a bridging solution for both of you. During your familiarization, you may be happy to get to know new buddies and games, but as soon as he notices that his mother wants to leave him there, he clings to it. Let's stay calm and determined, don't let the situation go. The child is very upset if he or she senses his or her mother's insecurity, and is much more anxious than leaving her smiling after a short bout.

What does the child feel?

If the baby can be convinced of his mother's love and experience the rewards of reciprocity every day, the pain of separation will be only temporary. At the beginning of the day, though, the bar feels abandoned for a short period of time, and soon becomes distracted by public life and plays. Lucky for you, she loves your nun, takes on less or more of her troubles, accepts consolation and care. Slowly forming friendly relationships, waiting for the next day to continue playing with us. Your inverse may also occur occasionally, and you may be afraid after an unpleasant situation. Sometimes you spend less time at home, don't want to go to bed at night, go to work in the morning.

What does the baby feel?

The separation may not be easy! Our heart breaks when we leave poor children there. I miss the usual mid-afternoon party, lunch, and games. We are saddened by the way we feel about ourselves, and we become deprived of our lunar, because now our flesh is being joined by many things, and not by us. We are concerned that he has different values, thoughts, patterns of behavior than ours. We want to chew on something we left behind and look for her mum to regain her love, so we bring her more delicacies when we go for her. If we accept that the slow, gradual disappearance of the child is not a tragedy, but a life order, we will soon be discouraged. Our work is a success, new work is brought to our attention. He was very proud of how well our child was doing without. Even though we have felt united in our childhood everyday life, we are happy to deal with it every night.

Szlli help from the backyard

We ask every day who we were playing with what they were doing. So we can find out who we like, what we are interested in, and our child realizes that all of this is important to us - social relationships will be important to him as well. Let's not play the role of a bar, and in the event of a large-scale, long-lasting hostility, discuss the situation with the uvunne. If you play alone, you may have a deeper relationship with your nursing school. We organize one to two weekly trips with the ovis group and their parents - ask for support from these children. That way we can get to know parents and see how our children behave among others and what their role is in the community.

School - treadmill?

Almost all children go to school "in kindergarten", since they worked "at least" for two to three years, from morning until dawn. It knows the agenda items, the rules to follow, and the activities that have been concluded and less. Starting school is a big change in our lives. Life was relatively independent in kindergarten. It would not hurt to be neglected if you missed something because of your illness, or for any other reason (if your grandmother took care of her when you "rested" at home or left). Although they did monitor development, but did not value performance, they offered help in the event of an unexpected change (speech therapy), but they did not want to go to school. You may fall short because of the shortcomings, which will surely be the consequence. For the heaviest affliction, it is probably the same three-quarters of a square across the Ur, and all this is interrupted several times with short interruptions. Many parents are more likely to postpone school enrollment and still enjoy the independence of the school for a year. But there is a child who, by the age of six or seven, is in dire need of mental challenges: he has outgrown the school.

School - you party

Today, every school is trying to become kid friendly, and the teacher seems to try to have a nice, pleasant day. This is especially true in first class, as educators know how tiring it is to be together all day. Even though in the nursery school children could be turned off during sleep or at least during quiet rest, there is no way to do it at school, and you have to "behave" all day. The agenda is very varied: the students are trained several times with exercise and breathing. Children adapt flexibly to the actual load capacity of their children, through the reallocation of curricula and extracurricular activities. How our children will want to go to school is also up to us. We need to have faith in the educator and support our work - so the little neb will try with great currency. We should not criticize the teacher in the presence of the child, but rather clarify the matter at the reception. The initial hardships are transitory, and we do not need to attach much importance to them. This is especially the case where there is only one school and all the children in the area go there. The atmosphere of familiarity makes the atmosphere intimate, and we also meet the educators outside the institution.

Whose is it?

In larger cities, it is common for schools that are relatively close to each other to offer different teaching programs. Along with the diversity of methods and themes, parents are the ones who break the gap when schools are favored over others. We do well if we are careful and live with the opportunity to choose where it is given. It is important, however, what aspects we choose. You can already find the reference material for schools in your area at the kindergarten. We have called parents and children who are parents and playwrights. It's unnecessary to visit all the places together, and sooner or later the little kid will attend school. We have grown more aware of how the school-wide program translates into practice. Don't let decision-making be the responsibility of the child ("where did you feel better?"), His impressions are based on his instantaneous senses. Take us to the school we consider appropriate to meet your prospective teacher, the environment.

Which counts

- The Approach: Well, if you are on foot or by public transport, you can get to school without a shuttle. This not only saves time, but also makes your child more confident in the neighborhood, and will sooner or later go to school alone. When transported by car across the years, it is feared that it will be innocent and comfortable. Of course, it can also be a good solution to go "to work" together and work close to school. But your parent's illness or change of job can cause problems in this case.- The Teacher: In the early years, having a good personal relationship is especially important. Many parents therefore do not choose a school or teaching method but a learned one. As parents we know best about our child, we know the type of adult that we accept, and what suits our individuality. One can only hope that the selected educator will not get sick, change jobs or go on baby-leave in the meantime. It is better to focus on the basic subjects in your school's program. In the long run, the initial benefits are offset - anyone who hasn't gone to the language section can bring back the "lag" in a shorter time. However, in some areas, early development (art) is important. It is important to see how successful each section's work is, and whether it meets our expectations. The most plausible source is to inform parents whose parents have many years to come here. we learn in the corridors during the break - these things influence the school spirit, here we will spend a great part of our child's day, in years.- Community: As the years pass, the age of our children is greater. Children with similar family backgrounds soon find each other. Okay, if at least a few of these are related to me in a class.

Szlli help from the backyard

- Pay close attention to our child's school assignments. Of course, the lesson must be done alone, but it needs our help in collecting, carefully assembling equipment, and keeping it up to date. Pencil sharpening, booklet insertion is still our job for a while. - Give it a good pack, little fire, innuendo (wholemeal bread, fruit, lemonade), no need for school!
- Keep in touch with the educator on a regular basis (use the booklet, newsletter). We can help you better by knowing what is the requirement for which subjects to practice more. - Our leisure programs can help improve the way we learn at school (we can go to a museum). We can suggest this to the teacher and suggest our contact.- Not only do we ask about learning when the child comes home, we also talk outside the classroom. Well, if you have a few classrooms in your spare time, you may want to meet people who are interested in casual gaming, such as sports or the arts.Related articles:
- The 6 Common Tricks of Getting Started
- Bocslde, kindergarten, school
Make jewelry with mom View the slideshow

Anniversary of a girlfriend, grandma, Mother's Day ... and if you teach your children to make beautiful jewelry. The excellent Fimo paste is the ideal tool for adults, but also for little ones with the help of mom.

Make jewelry with mom (8 pics)


Fimo dough pastry in several colors (€ 2.50 approx. 66 g bread)
Fimo molds or child's modeling dough molds or cookware
Wooden or plastic utensils for decorating and handling
Mini-roll (pastry or paint)
Rings of rings, fasteners of pins and bars, wire of Nylon end for necklace
Aluminum foil


Choose together the colors of the jewel and have your little artist make two serpents about 5 cm.
Now you have to wrap one snake on the other and turn until the two are one.
This multicolored pudding is then spread out to obtain a nice marbling.
To change the pattern, simply wrap the pudding again on itself and spread it again.


Position the pudding obtained in a mold (flower, dolphin ...) spreading well everywhere by small pressure. Remove the surplus with a small wooden or plastic knife.
If you do not have a mold, do not panic, put the two-colored pudding on a plastic surface and flatten it a little with a roller.
To make a flower ring, have your child cut out a small circle with a cookie cutter, for example, a small doll glass the size of the future ring or a water bottle cap. Then, help him draw a flower by starting with a small round for the heart before making the petals around with a wooden or plastic knife pressing enough to mark the features.
For a dolphin or other animal, sculpt the shape with your fingers, as with modeling clay.


Rather than a flower, your artist can make animals or little characters of his choice. It's up to him to express his creativity!


Then put the ring ring on the back of it and press lightly on it.
Finally, cover the ring with a small piece of dough to solidify the whole while cooking.


Put it in the oven for 30 minutes on 110 degrees (cold start) on a sheet of aluminum.
If you put several jewels at the same time, be careful that they do not touch each other.
After 30 minutes, turn off the oven and cool the objects inside.
Council +:
To better unmold the jewels before cooking, put them a few minutes in the refrigerator so that they are less soft.


The jewel is ready, it resists water and can be varnished or painted.
Children can easily make brooches, rings, pendants or beads. Be careful not to forget to pierce pearls and pendants with a toothpick before cooking!
The jewels already made can be modified by adding other pieces of fresh dough and starting again, provided that they are neither painted nor varnished.

Ideas for books to go further

For creative moms, beautiful books explain other more advanced techniques for making incredible Fimo paste designs:
The Art of the cane Fleurus editions € 15.50.
And for kids who want to do something other than jewelry:
66 fantastic creatures to create Fimo Edition Elodie Guyot paste, 15 €.




Are you living in a multi-generational household? Is your abuelita predicting the sex of your baby based on the shape of your belly? Check here for information about traditions and lifestyle choices that may be a part of your life as a Latina mom.


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If there is one thing children enjoy doing once they know, it is counting numbers. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ... and so on to infinity. So that they know how to do it without getting lost, we can teach them simple way to not lose the thread. Also, the more fun these shapes are, the better they will remember it in the future.

The most important thing is to be patient when doing it, as they will appreciate it. We can do it based on stories with numbers, songs, with rhymes, with poems, with images or drawings ... The imagination is infinite, like the strings of numbers that the little ones will make from then on when they learn to count.

For children to learn to count in a simple way, it is best that we teach them certain games that appear below, so that they always remember the succession of numbers. Through songs, visual images, or simple rhymes, our kids will quickly get the hang of it and love it. know how to count.

After these games, they will probably learn much faster the numbers, and be more curious to count the further the better, even in other languages ​​that they learn in the classroom.

1. The song game: Virtually all children like to create melodies and repeat them. If we sing the numerical sequence with a sound that is familiar to them, or that they can easily follow, then they will be able to continue saying the numbers.

2. The rhyming game: Poems, rhymes, poetry ... The universe of rhymes with numbers is infinite, so this way it will be easier for them to learn them and then also know how to add, subtract or multiply in the future.

3. The game of the balls: With balls that we can make with clay or clayWe can join them so that the children know how many are present and why they are adding.

4. The game of colors: The one in red, the two in green, the three in blue ... Children have a lot of visual memory, and help them to remember why these numbers go in this order. If we use it with tones that attract their attention, it will be much easier for them to relate it themselves later when they are counting.

5. The game of names: So that they always remember the succession of numbers, we can help them to play with the numbers in ascending and descending order if we substitute the numbers or complement them with words that they easily know, or with names of family members, so they can go 'adding 'without getting lost. For example: 1 is Juan, 2 is Maria, 3 is José, 4 is Martina. Who is 2? Who comes next? ....

Marta Marciel. Editor of our site

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Cervical ganglion hypertrophy (cervical adenitis) Question:

- My 5 year old fetish has swollen lymph nodes on the sides of the neck. I mention that last winter one of the lymph nodes was swollen almost like an egg and, when treated with antibiotics (augmentine), it shrunk but did not disappear. I mention that these lymph nodes (3 on one side and one on the other side of the neck) appeared about 2 years ago, they are painful and her pediatrician (we live in Spain) states that in girls the lymph nodes do not affect anything, which is not an affirmation based on no investigations other than probing. Please let me know and if any exams are needed, in February we will come to Romania and do all the analysis.


Cervical lymph nodes often hypertrophy (a condition called cervical adenitis) in response to local or systemic infections. There are numerous forms of acute cervical adenitis, which can be grouped according to the clinical aspect and the cause, as follows:

Cervical lymph nodes often hypertrophy (a condition called cervical adenitis) in response to local or systemic infections. There are numerous forms of acute cervical adenitis, which can be grouped according to the clinical aspect and the cause, as follows:

  • acute unilateral cervical adenitis, the etiology of which varies according to the location of the infection; they are usually given by infections of the oral cavity, pharynx, tonsils, or ear
  • bilateral cervical adenitis, occurring in: infectious mononucleosis, toxoplasmosis, cytomegalovirus infection, secondary syphilis, diphtheria
  • subacute or chronic adenitis, which occur in: non-specific viral pharyngitis and in beta-hemolytic streptococcus, cat scratch fever, tuberculosis infection and atypical mycobacteria infection (when pain usually submandibular lymph nodes occur)
  • Cervical ganglion cancers and leukemias in some metabolic diseases
  • false adenitis: mumps - a swelling at the mandibular angle, with pain in front of the ear, bilaterally.
    The most common lymph node hypertrophy is the result of infections and with its treatment, the lymph nodes will gradually shrink. Therefore, a local clinical examination (which will assess the location, number, symmetry, consistency, growth rate of the lymph nodes, reports with surrounding tests and the condition of the upper teguments), a general clinical examination, and a few usual investigations, including a pharyngeal exudate they can detect a possible infection and provide the doctor with information that indicates the opportunity for further investigations.
    Alina Pop-Began
    - Resident physician - Anesthesia and Intensive Care -
    Specialist details
  • "I had an episiotomy for my first delivery, will I have one for my second child?" Anna Roy, a liberal and hospitable midwife in Paris, answers Lou-Ann's question.

    The answer of Anna Roy, liberal and hospitable midwife in Paris.

    • Episiotomy is an incision performed with a scalpel by the midwife or obstetrician at the time of birth in the perineum. It aims to prevent it from torn and to promote the passage of the child. The incision is then sewn using resorbable threads.
    • An episiotomy once does not mean an episiotomy always! Unless the clinical situation again requires the use of this intervention. If the episiotomy has not always been well-pressured because it has been practiced for many years, systematically and not always justified, it is now, more rarely practiced. And this only when the health condition of the baby requires it, especially when he is too tired or he does not go well at the end of childbirth.
    • In addition, a woman who had an episiotomy at the first delivery, is less likely to have a second episiotomy because her first child has already "made the passage" during the first delivery and the perineum is more flexible.
    • When a woman has already had an episiotomy, she must tell the midwife with whom she will give birth. Thus it can minimize the risk of tears, massaging the perineum to distend the tissues, make them more flexible and allow the baby to pass.

    Interview by Frédérique Odasso

    Other expert answers.

    Do you want to share your experience and questions with other future moms? Visit our Episiotomy Forum

    How did the announcement happen to your employer?

    Knowing that you are expecting a baby ... it's great! But, to announce the "good news" to your employer is not always as easy as to announce it to your relatives. For you, how did it go? Take our poll.

    Announce your pregnancy to your employer, this has been:

    A simple formality.A delicate moment to manage.



    Can I get pregnant after my pregnancy?


    - For several months I have been treating a wound on my neck. I was told I should make a concision because the wound looks pretty bad. I did the last days and a colposcopy. I was told that what would be cut would be taken to a lab analysis. I also did a lot of Pap tests that came out ok. Is it possible to go out to analyze the malignant cells under the conditions in which Pap smear turned out well? Decreased chances of getting pregnant after a pregnancy?


    "Wound" from the cervix, the lesion that is called cervicitis requires long-term treatment if the therapeutic behavior is mainly focused on non-interventional procedures; most of the times, ultimately requiring the elimination of the lesion areas by means of interventional procedures (whether it is a diatermo-cauterization or exclusion of the area by a conis or other methods).

    In the case of a conis, the two lips of the cervix are excised, the removed fragments being indeed analyzed anatomopathologically, the result in this sense being provided in 21-30 days from the date of harvest.

    The Pap test can miss the malignant lesion even if this happens very rarely, because there is at least theoretically a chance that the material collected for the Pap test will not include fragments from the area with such modifications;

    In contrast, in the case of conication, the analyzed fragments are much larger, portions of both lips of the neck being eliminated, the chance of a false negative result regarding the identification of malignant changes is reduced.

    Regarding the chances of becoming pregnant, the opinions are divided, the latest studies supporting some difficulty in maintaining a pregnancy and avoiding premature births rather than decreasing the chances of becoming pregnant.

    Pregnancy tags