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Honey as a sweetener for newborns


- I have a baby girl born on July 30, 2007 and I want to know if honey bees are good for sweetening the tea. I am referring to natural honey bees, honey bees from acacia flowers. I have heard all kinds of opinions, for and against, but for an exact answer I expect your advice as a specialist. The little girl sucks on the chest and the tea I refer to sweeten is anti-colic tea. The baby is almost a month old.


According to the latest research, honey should be avoided in children under 1 year; This is because besides the fact that it has allergenic potential, it seems that it can carry certain germs that can cause very serious gastroenteritis in children (botulism).
This information is in contradiction with the older recommendations; it is known that in the past honey was considered to be a very healthy food and pediatricians frequently recommended parents to include it daily in their children's nutrition.
But the new findings have prompted pediatricians to recommend avoiding it in the first year of life.
It is not necessarily sweetened with tea; the baby still has no preference for sweets, and many infants receive unsweetened tea if their parents have not used to it otherwise.



Made of 100% Polyester-coated polyester, it will not let a drop pass. Also exists in pink or blue. His +: the label where to write the name of your child. Its price: from 68 €. Waxed, Petit Bateau.List of shops here.

Made of 100% Polyester-coated polyester, it will not let a drop pass.
Also exists in pink or blue.
His +: the label where to write the name of your child.
His price : from € 68.
Waxed, Petit Bateau.
List of stores here.

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That's why you need a lot of white when you're shopping

That's why you need a lot of white when you're shopping

We have been asked by Diana, a lifestyle dietician at the Center for Lifestyle Medicine, to choose the type of protein we want to eat healthy and lose weight.

Valuable white springs for legumes, beans, peppercorns, lentils, chickpeas

The different types of white, the basic ingredients of our diet, plus the protein diet, the has a significant role in diet. We tell you why and what type of white to choose.

The physiological significance of whites

The right amount of protein intake at every stage of life is extremely important, and during the period of breastfeeding and intense sports, the body's need for protein is increasing. It is known that protein nutrition is important for muscle building, but few people have heard that whites consume our tissues, our inins, and have more important functions in the immune system.

What is the role of white in diet?

The secret to an effective diet, moderate carbohydrate intake, low-fat nutrition, and high-quality, white rich eating habits into our diet. The advantage of consuming protein is that it accelerates the metabolism, which means that after consuming it we burn more calories than in the case of carbohydrates or fats. It is also significant that whites are the most effective in increasing satiety and helping to maintain lean body mass and muscles.

How many and what types of white do we choose?

Although we may think that whites can be consumed indefinitely because of their positive qualities, this is not the case. In any case, it is important to pay attention to the amount consumed, since not only are these nutrients counted with their energy content, but too much and too little white can have an effect on their health. During diet, whites should make up 20-30% of their daily energy intake, which ideally includes animal and vegetable whites in half the amount. divided into several meals so that every major meal contains some whole white protein. A complete protein is a protein that contains all of the amino acids that our body cannot support, but is essential for its function. The advantage of animal protein (milk, dairy products, meat, meat, meat, fish, egg) is that all essential amino acids can be found in them. In order to lose weight, among these, low fat products should be prioritized. Consuming whites of vegetable origin is an essential part of dieting because it can reduce their utilization and break it down. In some cases, it is worth noting that they cannot find all types of amino acids at once. Thus, in the diet of plants, in order to prevent the body from suffering from the lack of it is important to combine the proteins of vegetable origin properly. According to a recent American study published in JAMA Internal Medicine, eating more of its white whites, Reduces by 10 percent the risk of fishing for any reason.

We ask for expert help!

If you want to lose weight, we are switching to dietary help. The expert will personally determine what kind of diet we need, what ingredients we need to make, so that our body does not lose weight, but it is important to maintain our weight loss goals. a well-balanced diet and lifestyle, which includes regular exercise. A tailored weight-loss program can help you keep fit and keep fit. " By Sergean Dibntul, is a dietitian at the Center for Living Medicine.Related articles on weight loss:
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Parental leave and professional entourage

Parental leave and professional entourage