Bedtime Songs with Baby Shark. +Compilation. Pinkfong Songs for Children

Bedtime Songs with Baby Shark. +Compilation. Pinkfong Songs for Children

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There's a problem with one of IKEA's stories

There's a problem with one of IKEA's stories

The ingredients of the milk are not indicated on the product and therefore allergies should not be consumed. IKEA returns the price of the product, without the need for a receipt.

IKEA will call back a SHARE SKUMTOPP events marked with expiration date 03.03.2019 and 18.05.2019 - Includes Index.Steems contain acid powder, which is of milk origin, so in people who are allergic to or intolerant to milk or milk ingredients, consuming it may pose a potential health risk. Although the powdered acid is among the ingredients of the product, the milk is not indicated on the outside. IKEA is calling it back IKEA therefore recommends that those who are allergic or intolerant to milk or milk ingredients should return the product. IKEA refunds the cost of the barn, which does not require a receipt. Those who are not allergic or intolerant to milk or milk ingredients can safely consume the product.
First Name - Meaning and direction

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

According to Basque mythology, Aitor means "The father of all Basques".


Spanish cyclists Aitor Hernández and Aitor Galdós, former Spanish footballer Aitor Karanka and musician Aitor Porres.

His character :

Aitor is dynamic and courageous. Passionate in temperament, he is very active and full of energy. He values ​​his ideas and imposes them gently or firmly depending on the context. Interested in many things, he likes to understand and is also a perfectionist. In his relationships, he is protective, but can sometimes be a little possessive.


There are no derived names for Aitor.

His party :

The Aitor are in the spotlight on May 22nd.

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A gene that can be linked to an Alzheimer's disease can show effects in brain structure and mental ability at preschool age, says a recent study.

Researchers have been aware for some time of finding one APOE nevы gйn, which may be associated with the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. People who also carry the genus also known as e4 are considered to be more vulnerable than the average.

Predictability of Alzheimer's disease in early school years

New research now points to what previous studies had suggested: the effect of the gene can be felt in early childhood. Brain tests have proven that children with genotype e4 typically develop slower in certain brain areas. These are the same brain areas that have affected older people with Alzheimer's as well. " True, a It disappeared at the age of 8-10 years"says Dr. Linda Chang, a neurologist at the University of Hawaii who leads the research. People with the e4 gene may be more sensitive to age-related changes, according to the researchers, the discovery has no practical use for the time being, as there are no plans to test children at preschool age,
  • Memуriatrйning
  • We remember things easier when we draw
  • From the age of 30, the memory may be weakened
  • Peppermint is good for memoirs
  • Cross vouchers are not granted

    The voucher cards, which should have been issued from January 1, are still far from reaching the beneficiaries. The Ministry of Labor has established that these vouchers can be granted to parents who return to work before concluding their child-raising leave.

    The voucher cards, which should have been issued from January 1, are still far from reaching the beneficiaries. The Ministry of Labor has established that these vouchers can be granted to parents who return to work before concluding their child-raising leave.
    They have not yet been printed and it is not very clear how they will be used. The nursery vouchers should have been printed by the same companies that make the meal vouchers, but this has not happened yet.
    "Not all employers are obliged to grant vouchers, they must meet certain conditions, according to the tax code. of Public Finance Hunedoara.

    Church vouchers should have been issued starting January 1st.
    "The value of a ticket is 300 RON, they are granted to employees who do not benefit from leave through the child rearing administration," said Octavian Bagescu, director of the Department of Labor and Social Solidarity, Hunedoara.
    The manner of using the vouchers is not clearly described.
    "I have not seen them, I do not know what they look like, but I see a discrepancy between the amount of a monthly ticket and the food allowance established by government decision, it is a difference of two million that I do not know what will happen to her," Florian said Cazan, director Cresa Deva.
    In Deva there is only one church, where 50 children up to two years old are enrolled. For them, parents pay 90 lei per month.
    Source: Reality TV
    Chicken on bed of watercress and spinach sprouts

    Vitamin C, iron, folic acid, protein ... a light salad recipe ideal for future moms.


    For 4 people

    • 200 g watercress
    • 250 g spinach sprouts
    • salt
    • mill pepper
    • 1/2 c. mustard coffee
    • 3 c. lemon juice
    • 3c; tablespoon of sunflower oil
    • 1 small red pepper
    • 1 small yellow pepper
    • 400 g chicken fillets
    • 2 tbsp. tablespoon of sunflower oil


    Wash peppers and cut into very thin slices. Sort, wash and dry the watercress and spinach shoots. Cut the chicken into pieces and cook in hot oil. Salt, pepper and reserve. Mix lemon juice, salt, pepper, sugar, mustard and oil. Mix the watercress and spinach shoots with the marinade and spread the salad in plates. Arrange the chicken on the salad and serve immediately.


    Why Dancing Children Are Happier

    Do your children like to dance? If so, stimulate this hobby, it is not necessary to pay for expensive dance classes, we can simply put on music at home and ... dance!

    And is that dancing makes children and adults happier. This is not a claim made lightly, it is a scientifically proven fact. Several studies corroborate how good dancing is and all the benefits it brings, but among all of them the most important is precisely that: happiness.

    Several articles affirm this: dancing makes children happier. So says a study published in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, which analyzed 112 adolescents who suffered from back and neck problems, in addition to states of anxiety and stress. Half of the girls attended dance classes on a weekly basis. The study showed that these girls not only managed to improve their health status, but their emotional state changed radically, overcoming depression and lowering your anxiety level.

    Other studies obtained similar results: at the University of Derby (United Kingdom), at the University of New York or at the University of Öbrero (Sweden). In all of them it was shown that the mood of the people who danced, whether they were adults or children, improved remarkably.

    What is it about dance that makes children happier? Children and adults who dance on a regular basis, either in dance classes or at home; who live with music, rhythm and movement on a regular basis, have a much more positive mental state, in short, they are happier. And it is that dance helps us to:

    - Improve self-esteem, children feel more comfortable with themselves and, therefore, it gives them more resources to overcome personal problems, to face challenges and situations.

    - During the dance, the brain cells have more oxygenation, which affects an increase in brain activity, which translates into a better attention and ability to work faster.

    - For children, dancing is another form of play, so it is associated with moments of fun and pleasure.

    - Dancing stimulates the child's motor system and balance.

    - Increases concentration since dancing contributes to the growth of nerve cells in the brain. The dance forces to remember steps and movements, therefore, activates memory too.

    - When the child dances, there is a release of endorphins, a natural hormone, which produces a state of well-being and happiness and helps ward off negative thoughts.

    - The dance, constantly and periodically, reduces the level of stress and anxiety.

    It doesn't matter what type of dance it is, it doesn't matter if the child likes rap, ballet or salsa; if the child dances better or worse; Whether he dances alone or with you or with friends, the important thing is everything that is achieved by introducing dance into his life.

    And it is that, not only is it a fantastic exercise, it also provides the much desired happiness. If dancing makes children and adults happier, you just have to put on music and ... let yourself go!

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    Happier-Marshmello ft. Bastille I Zumba Kids. Pinky Dance 4 Life