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Eggplant pie

The eggplant pie is extremely satiny and can be consumed both as main course and as an appetizer, on a finger-food platter.

Preparation time

50 minutes




3 small eggplants

1 large onion

3 cloves of garlic

100 g of parmesan

50 g of bread

50 g butter

50 ml of oil

1 tablespoon flour



Method of preparation

Bake the eggplant on a board, then clean the peel and leave to drain.

Meanwhile, chop the onion, then heat it in the hot oil.

When it starts to brown, add the chopped eggplant. Leave this mixture on a low heat for 10 minutes, then set aside to cool.

Over the eggplant and onion mixture add eggs, parmesan, garlic, salt, pepper and half the amount of breadcrumbs.

In a tray lined with flour pour this composition, level it well and sprinkle over it the remaining crumb.

From place to place put the pieces of butter.

Leave the pie on a low heat for about 30 minutes.

The type of kitchen


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5 Common Symptoms of Juddahbny

5 Common Symptoms of Juddahbny

Your body is essential to the proper functioning of our thyroid gland, but it doesn't matter when and how much we consume, because we can benefit from it.

Swallowing difficulties may also refer to jodhpurExactly what are the symptoms of suspicion of yoga and what are the rules of safe healing, suggested by Prof. Csaba Balabzs Endocrinologist, a doctor at the Buda Endocrine Center.

Too little and too many jews are damaging to you

The thyroid gland needs yodra in order to activate its hormones. Since the soil in our country is poor in jute, the plants grown here are also low in jute. This does not mean, however, that everyone should automatically take dietary supplements containing jute, and even Professor Balazs warns that overeating junk food can upset the functioning of the thyroid gland. Many kьlцnbsйggel to mнg utуbbi case jellemzхen thyroid alulmыkцdйs formed long pajzsmirigybetegsйgeket kivбlthat the tъlzott jуdfogyasztбs autoimmune йs tъlmыkцdх gцbцs pajzsmirigybetegsйg esetйn sъlyos tъlmыkцdйst well. "The inorganic jуd kйtйlы arms. Jуllehet szьksйges valуban thyroid mыkцdйsйhez but tъlzott bevitelйvel the pajzsmirigygyulladбs kialakulбsбt, This is especially important for pregnant women. The "fetal" cure used often brings a lot of fun, which can cause repeated miscarriages! "

In what cases may jute poults be justified?

1. Swallowing weight, neck tension
When you have a low level of yoga in your body, your thyroid gland is working harder to provide your hormones with a deficiency. In this regard, it increases its own size, creating a goiter in its everyday name. The size of the neck is visibly thick with the naked eye, and the affected can feel tightness and sore throat.2. Ok no hell
If you are eating and exercising as much as you are and your body weight is still growing, it is worth suspecting yoga. Thyroid hormones control the metabolic rate. If you do not have enough yoga in your body, less thyroid hormone will be produced, your metabolism will slow down, and your body will start to work.3. Fatigue and weakness
In these cases, it is usually an overwhelming phenomenon, but if we have significantly less energy, we are able to fall asleep at all times and feel weak for a longer period of time, also due to juvenile deficiency.4. Hair loss
Hair thinning is a common symptom of juvenile hyperthyroidism and the subsequent development of thyroid gland.5. Dry, cracked skin
Also common during this season, the skin is too cold, itchy, itchy, cracked skin. But with jojoba we care for our skin with different diets, hydrating creams, and we can't achieve a proper improvement unless we provide the missing essentials.

How do I know how many yudas I need?

For a healthy organization, the daily allowance is determined by age. Up to 1 year 40-60, 2-3 years 70, 4 and 6 years 90, 7 and 10 years 120, and over 11 years 150 micrograms. It is recommended to consume 175 micrograms of junk daily during pregnancy and 200 micrograms during breastfeeding.However, if you are experiencing any of the listed symptoms or know that you have thyroid disease, it is recommended that the amount of urine in your body is first accurately determined. This may also require personalized medical advice and medical examination.

It may not be the case that jockey will solve the problem!

The trouble nowadays is to recommend, give, but give your level or level. There is no definition of hiring. It's like giving diabetics insulin without defining blood sugar, Professor Balazs points out. If you have thyroid disease for any reason, or for any other reason, you may not be able to remedy the problem solely by your yoga. After a thorough examination, our symptoms may require hormone depletion or surgery to resolve the symptoms. The choice of personalized treatment is the responsibility of the endocrinologist.Related articles in this topic:
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Return, a little foolish

Return, a little foolish

Comes in a sporty outfit with great zest. She thinks she's skinned, but as much as I am, I can't find the slightest trace of fatigue on her.

What is your second attraction?
So everything was so light - a model pregnancy, a model child - but now for three months I was sick. Ezъttal kisfiъt and we hope very much that, on this basis, not the opposite will happen. Baby kegging is obviously more strenuous with the second child. You have to do the same thing as before: cook, jump, go to the zoo, go to the playground. True, one is more cramped, but he has no choice. Sometimes I am so angry that I am afraid I make a sticker on it!
You look very energetic to me!
Luckily for me, the sick three after a month with an ounce accuracy elmъlt. I've been digging regularly two weeks ago, but now I walk a lot. After the renovation of the house, I go up to the third floor six times a day. Anyway, I don't think you should discard the shovel! It might be a bit of a middleman, but it's true: I'm pregnant, not sick. Everything can be done within the bounds of composure. And I should.
How did you find out you were a stranger?
Just like Emmanuel, in the fifth minute I knew that I'm pregnant, I sensed my body changes very soon. She was a planned baby, we were very crazy for her!
Would you like a boy or a boy? It turned out completely all the same volt! But it is also true that one can feel more secure when the little brother's sex is the first, because he or she has experience all the time.
How does Emma relate to her future little brother?
She doesn't know what she expects, how she knows. So far he was our only king, and a smart little girl, surely will wear it. This is something that every child has to process. I didn't force my brother, Emma had been with us once on ultrasound just when she found out she was a little boy. Sure, he wanted a hugit, but he soon found himself disappointed. Sometimes I come to kill my stomach all by myself and find that it has a keen interest in the baby: the other day, she couldn't break apart from a sibling for over a minute.
You said they were designed that way. Will the age not be too great?
I consider this and a half year old to be lucky as you will have the lehetхsйgem that when Emma is in kindergarten, I'm just a little girl, but when she comes home, I deal with her.
How long have we seen screens?
During my first visit to the eighth I worked for the day - I was last on the day of the Champions League decision - but now I've been switching to a "relaxed session" since the sixth. I had a very difficult summer because of the world-famous sports events - Olympics, Soccer Eb, often twelve, but I didn't want to make life difficult for my colleague by taking time off. The second child is more skeptical and I do not want to overwhelm the spectators. And I was very strong in finsecracker in est - I can't wait for the painters to come down and get my home back in order. And the Christmas gifts I have to buy already in October!
After Emma's birth, she worked for another year. How are you planning now?
It may sound strange, but it does csalбdbarбt I had a job with empathetic bosses and colleagues. And Emma was in good hands. I plan it in the same way, and we'll see what life brings.
How much did your husband take part in your child's activities?
For our baby mother of two there! He had been dealing with Emma from a very young age, insisting on taking part in everything. Besides Tom, I can always rely on the help of my sister, grandparents and my sister-in-law!
How did the changes in your life happen?
The process of changing your lifestyle is natural. If you get the right things in your youth - travel, party, love - you will naturally quench your interest. Anyone who has missed it may feel like the kid is depriving them of something. That's why you shouldn't have a baby, but have to think about it. I was pregnant at thirty-one, then I was already mature, and now I miss nothing in my life. All in all, we feel good about ourselves: two, three, with parents. We also have some free time: sometimes we go out together to a concert or to the restaurant, we're just entering one instead of dozens of times today. Emma is in Nagaslaw once every month in Balassagyarmat. In such cases, we always organize a big gathering that focuses on eating. My husband is very creative, always figuring out something interesting.
In the case of sports parents, the question is unquestionable: Will children also become sports?
Up to six years old semmikйppen I'm not going to compete with my kids. I raced, I know exactly what athletics is, so I only watch them in competitive sports if I like it. I take her to bed once a week - very much loves water. He's physically muscular, but he won't be a ballerina. We'll try skating and other sports, but if you don't like it, you don't have to go. I do not want to force my unredeemed dreams. I had a very happy childhood, but I don't know what a class trip is like, what a classroom is. I discovered the lands of Hungary only relatively late.
Are you worried or stupid, do you consider yourself a mild or loose mom?
Everybody's the first kid it is hot, so I had requests, overwork. To counteract this, I did not go to the internet but called my pediatrician when asked. I believe that world worship is the greatest thought that can cause great harm by elbizonytalanнt. I can't say that I was very stupid, but I was so consistent in making a child's agenda and liking all the food. Sleep was my comic strip, which came from my own self-indulgence, because I stick to the evening time. I am aware of my own limitations and also know that if we want to keep intimacy and happiness in our relationship, we need to spend time alone. And this can only succeed if system Let's get into our lives.
How has Parenting changed the most?
A lot of things have settled in me, in my life. For example, what is important and what is not, what is worth worrying about and what is extraordinary. A great deal of good sense of fear and affection moves into man. For me, one of the hardest things, and also the most difficult to handle, is to be in dangerous situations must be released - you know it might fall off your bed, but you can't always hold your hand exactly for that matter!

Varicella Prevention: The Most Important 72 HoursVaccinated by the third day after infection

At least 400 people are hospitalized every year for varicella in the home, even though they can be vaccinated against the disease in 72 ounces following the infection to prevent the occurrence of cancer.

Pancreatic vesicles are difficult to disappear from the skin

The professionals have since been recommending to everyone with two-dose vaccination protect yourself against the disease. According Gyermekpszicholуgusok kьlцnцsen important megelхzйs esetйben the kerьlх ъjonnan kцzцssйgbe children because hosszъ betegsйg disrupt the amъgy also rendkнvьl megterhelх bцlcsхdei, уvodai beszoktatбst.Az elmъlt hуnapban many csalбd йlete revolved bцlcsхdei, уvodai йvkezdйs йs of this jбrу beszoktatбsi idхszak kцrьl. At the same time, pediatric infections are an ideal field for rapidly spreading infections; caused by varicella. A 10-21 day incubation period of varicella is a sneaky disease: 1-2 days before the appearance of rashes, it is contagious It also contributes to the development of major diseases. Varicella is extremely virulent: spreads by drip infection, but 15-20 minutes prior to transmission of infection in the local area - for example, in a nursery school group - to spend time with the patient. Children who are not protected by the vaccine are likely to catch the infection, but there is still a chance that the parents will try to avoid the patient. "Few parents know that if it turns out that somebody in the wilderness, ovi, or school has become tetanus, it is still worthwhile to vaccinate more infected children in the next 72 hours. the onset of the disease may be earlier than the disease itself. If you develop varicella, a the course of the disease will still be milder And the currency of the transaction is also lower, "he said. Dr. Pytta Gyцrgy, President of the Home Pediatricians Association.In Hungary, on an annual average 35 to 40 thousand cases of tetanus report, but the number of actual infections is actually close to hundreds of thousands. The disease is mild in most cases but accounts for about 2-6% of patients requiring medical attention. 100 out of 1 cases, different events - can cause bacterial infections, encephalitis, pneumonia, neurological changes - can cause the disease without disease: It may take up to 2-3 weeks It also comes with fever, depression, itchy, stinging bumps. Statistics show that infection is most common in 2-8 year olds.

It's bad for everyone!

Delaga Йva according to a child psychologist, early autumn autobiography can be delayed for up to 2-3 months, and most successful if not disturbed by the child. " back to the community. After a week of illness, not only parents, but little ones, can begin to become accustomed to it at this time. - Explained.On mental burdens, according to the pediatrician, the weakened immune system of the patient will become more susceptible to infections. "We find that chicken pox puts a great deal of strain on the immune system of children, so they are more likely to catch other infectious diseases after they return to the community," she said. dr. Poet Gyцrgy. For parents, it is not only psychologically but also financially stressful, as they can be out of work for weeks. " a single parent who may have a child often has no other choice.Dr. Pütta says that it is ideal for a child or a parent to have a guardian before moving to the community. toddlers get it by the age of 16-18 months two-dose vaccination against varicella.If the child is afraid of the child, the parent can prepare it for vaccination at home and szerepjбtйkkal you can also show us what will happen in the order. "If the parent guides the child ahead of the situation, he or she will be aware of the potentially frightening situation and relieve anxiety. If you have a headache for a little while, your child will feel right about being cheated. This will cause the parent to lose credibility, "warns Delva. Pain, swelling, redness, skin rash, and fever may occur most frequently at the injection site. According to a child psychologist, prevention is also more appropriate because parents, especially mothers, find it difficult to prevent a child suffering from itchy bladder. THE little kids can't explain itthat exits should not be obscured - the parent, even in this situation, is disciplined, forbidden, which creates another conflict situation.

Pox pox at home, Pox pox in the world

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are 4,200 cases of chicken pox infection in the world each year, resulting in 4,200 cases of chicken pox infection, including vaccination against WHO. 3-4 million patients a year in Europe seek medical help for varicella, the number of patients in need of hospital treatment is between 18-24 thousand, and 80 people die of the disease and its outcomes.Related materials:
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  • When should I call my doctor with a pregnancy concern?

    First, it's important to know that you should feel comfortable calling your doctor's office for any reason. There's a lot of information on the internet and in books, but you're not expected to figure this out on your own. Second, have a chat with your obstetrician about any worrisome signs that you have.

    Symptoms that you should not ignore include regular contractions for more than an hour, leakage of fluid or a change in discharge, vaginal bleeding or spotting, pelvic pressure, lower-back pain, menstrual-like cramping or abdominal pain, or if you don’t feel the baby moving normally, if you have an accident, fall on your belly, or have constant abdominal pain or tenderness. And if something doesn’t feel right, don’t wait to call your doctor. You already have mom's intuition, so listen to your body and feel free to call with any questions.

    Pregnancy and COVID-19

    Isidra: origin and meaning of the name for girl Isidra

    Our name finder has thousands of baby names to help you choose a beautiful name for your baby. You will find in this article everything about the name Isidra.

    The goddess Isis belongs to Egyptian mythology, but the Greeks revered her as well. San Isidro Labrador is the patron saint of Madrid

    Comes from Isis-don: "gift of Isis"

    May 15 / January 2 and 15, February 4 and 5, April 17 and 26, amyo 15, August 22 and October 6


    • Isidro Lángara, Spanish soccer player (1912-1992).

    Isidra name coloring pages printable game

    Isidra: drawings of the names coloring page printable game

    Isidra name coloring page printable game

    Drawing with the name Isidra coloring page printable game

    Drawings of names. Isidra name to color and print

    When will my partner feel the baby kick?