Causes of obesity in children

Causes of obesity in children

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Mastic resin fights bacterium Helicobacter pylori

Mastic resin fights bacterium Helicobacter pylori

Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) is the cause of gastric infections for about half of the world's population with such pathologies. This gram-negative bacterium is known for its widespread and virulent action on organisms. Because acute infection with Helicobacter pylori is asymptomatic or has a nonspecific symptomatology, the first clinically detectable stage is chronic gastritis which, untreated, can progress to atrophic form, metaplasia and later gastric cancer.

Bacteria, isolated by two Australian doctors

H. pylori was initially identified in 1875 by German scholars, but the information held was rudimentary and insufficient to diagnose and apply a correct treatment plan. About 35 years ago, two Australian-born doctors managed to isolate this bacterium and cultivate it for study in a controlled environment. Barry James Marshall is a Nobel laureate in physiology and medicine and a professor of clinical microbiology at the University of Western Australia. Robin Warren also received the Nobel Prize for discovery with Marshall.

The two showed that the Helicobacter pylori bacterium is the most common cause of peptic ulcer, a condition long considered the result of stress, a spice-rich diet and excessive gastric acidity. Also, the discovery of the two was the basis for identifying the link between H. pylori infection and gastric cancer.

Prolonged colonization causes severe gastric disorders

Helicobacter pylori is a gram-negative bacterium, which means it can be identified positively, in urea, catalase and oxidase. It has a spiral shape and has three to five polar flags that it uses to move. H. pylori selectively colonizes the gastric epithelium, a tissue composed of cells that secrete mucus, which forms part of the gastric juice and protects against hydrochloric acid. H. pylori produces an enzyme capable of degrading mucin, thereby affecting local protection of the gastric mucosa against hydrochloric acid, as well as toxins that directly injure the mucosa and cause ulceration.

H. pylori has remarkable capabilities. It can persist in the gastric environment for decades, disabling the host's ability to eliminate it, and can create a neutral environment for it to survive in extremely acidic environments where other bacteria or viruses would not survive. About half of the world's population is carrying Helicobacter pylori, and most hosts will develop chronic gastric inflammation at some point. Although in the first period of colonization with H. pylori no disturbing symptoms are manifested, the presence of bacteria in the body for a longer period considerably increases the risk of affecting the health. According to the paper "Helicobacter pylori and Gastric Cancer: Factors That Modulate Disease Risk", 10% of infected people will develop peptic ulcer and between 1 and 3% will develop gastric adenocarcinoma (cancer).

Mastic resin, proven properties against H. pylori

Pistacia lentiscus, also known as mastic, is a tree grown exclusively on the island of Chios, in Greece. Its resin, a natural antimicrobial, has been used in Greek medicine for over 2500 years to relieve gastric disorders. Its benefits are mentioned in the works of Herodotus, Dioscorides and Galen and are confirmed by numerous current studies.

Research conducted by Japanese specialists Tomofumi Miyamoto, Tadayoshi Okimoto and Michihiko Kuwano looked at how mastic resin components work on Helicobacter pylori infection. They transformed the resin into essential oil and then analyzed its components, identifying 20 constituents. Of these, 10 standard constituents were selected, which were evaluated against their effect against the bacterium. For example, α-terpineol and isoeugenol (E) -methyl have demonstrated positive activity against four different strains of H. pylori, harvested from patients with gastritis, gastric ulcer and gastric cancer, confirming the beneficial effect of mastic resin.

Another paper, "Mastic Gum Kills Helicobacter pylori", published in "The New England Journal of Medicine", talks about the antibacterial effect of mastic resin in relation to NCTC 11637, a reference strain of Helicobacter pylori, and six other strains. clinically isolated. The results of the study showed the elimination of infection with this bacterium, in cases of strong administration, and considerable results at lower doses.

Secom® Mastic Gum 500mg, effective against Helicobacter pylori

Mastic Gum 500mg, from Secom®, is a 100% natural product that contains 500 milligrams of mastic resin extract and offers 350 milligrams of alpha and masticonic acids. The product works effectively against the Helicobacter pylori bacterium and does not destroy the friendly bacterial flora of the intestine. Mastic Gum 500mg reduces the action of Helicobacter pylori on the gastric and duodenal epithelium, protecting the gastrointestinal mucosa, contributes to the normal functioning of the intestinal transit and to the normal functioning of the digestive system. Also, the product contributes to reducing the risk of tooth decay. Mastic Gum 500mg comes in easy-to-swallow capsules, easily swallowed.

By choosing Secom® you have the certainty that you have opted for the most effective natural solutions for health. For additional questions you can call the free Secom® green line (0800 873 266), and for contests and new articles, visit the SecomRomania Facebook page anytime.

Family planning - Sibling design

Many responsible design parents are very keen to not only give in to the fulfillment of lovers, the joy of childbirth, but also think of their afterlife.

Family planning - Sibling design

At first, you may be a little less conscious of the design, but before the second, they are mostly considering what height would be best for them. With the help of Zsuzsa Etényi child psychologist, from the perspective of a specialist, we can learn about the benefits and difficulties of a child brother and sister. Maternal infertility is a testament to fertility, prospective labor, the fortune of the family, and just as it is today. This is also the case with children who are single parents. Of course, social structure, life expectancy at birth, general health, and maternal health also played a big role in which parent was able to raise a child and want to raise a child.
Fertility, at least natural methods, can be good for humanity, not quite the same purpose as it is today. Traditionally, it was meant to prevent out-of-home childbirth. There is no doubt that sometimes the birth of too many children may have been detrimental to the family, and as a result, after the birth of a number of children and genders, they have tried to prevent them from conceiving.
The conditions and demands for conscious family planning have been created through health care that is more effective than ever and by advanced methods of conception. Parents can be more confident that their children are healthier so they want to do less. And with fewer children, the one, the first, the last, and the middle in the "fin" are more.


In his work as an Austrian psychiatrist, Alfred Adler (1870-1937), Freud's teaching and later criticism focused on the family's position, education and the personal development of children. Thus, in terms of the order of the brothers and sisters, he has formed a number of observers and theories that we can kindly recommend to interested parents.
His thoughts are a good thing in the public eye that can be easily noticed and applauded by lay people; "Lamb, I'm right!".


Every child has a need to listen only to him, to deal with it individually, especially for the very definite age of 2-3 years. Everyone at this age learns to be, and to be, important, and then builds the confidence they need in their relationship with the people and later on with other people.
Since you can get pregnant during breastfeeding, it is easy to get pregnant without having to have another baby every year. However, this is not only a burden for the mother. It would also be ideal for children to spend more time enjoying the special attention of parents. This is the case with the first and second as well.
If the siblings follow each other for 2-3 years, the second child will receive more time and personal care; since your baby or bastard is already room-clean and can occupy it alone if necessary.


If the second brother does not arrive (in time), the first one remains. Adler focuses on х. The single child receives more attention in the family than the average, which is certainly beneficial at a young age. In the long run, he also suffers from the fact that he does not gain experience in solving the tasks of social competition. In competition, you don't have to fight certain things, you don't have to adapt so much, you learn less about when you have to be determined, "willful", and when to let go of your partners. But one thing is harder to do because parents have to pay full attention to it.
According to Adler, if the age between the brothers is downwards or upwards bigger than seven years old, the only child of the age group is practically one-on-one. In the case of the last of the siblings, little children, the care of the older siblings also turns to the little one.

The Second Arrival

As Adler often emphasizes, none of his findings are absolute. The recommended age of 2-3 years is more average. Ideal values ​​also depend greatly on the temperament of the first child. Of course, the second is not insignificant, but then it is a mistake. If your first baby is a restless, lean, or agitated type, then it is better to be alone if the baby is a calm, "breed", and the next may come sooner.
Today, we have been paying increasing attention to dealing with fraternity, and we can hardly say a new thing about preparing for the second spawn. Perhaps the way the task is done is not so well known. In short, we can safely tell the little one that his little brother is coming. We trust in how you receive it. Let's talk about as much as you care about the little one you ask. Today, there is a growing body of literature on baby fetal communication, so why not give birth to your little baby even if he or she may not be able to speak. We should never think "get it right".
Getting the big kid right is not a guarantee that your little one will be smooth and free. Problems can be abundant.
Meaning is more effective than trying to impress the child. If your older sibling is 3-5 years old, you will usually want to be involved in small care. She is happy to help, but it does not feel right to feel obligated to care.

Gender or temperament

Because the child's gender - luckily - we can't influence it, well, we know that siblings are much more difficult to design the temperament of children is more marked than their sex. It is true that rivalry and competition are more common in the case of 1-4 year olds. Boys are more likely to solve the problems that come with it. Girls choose a softer way to compete, for example, volunteering for a study contest, or wanting to dress up in other gymnastics.
If there is a baby boy after a lot of cousins, or vice versa, a baby boy, regardless of age, the situation of a newbie is very similar, as he inadvertently receives special attention. Even just one, they will have to be left to grow up.


There are many "sandwich" situations for middle-aged children with child psychologists. For the second one, even with the most careful attention, is not given the first "puppy" position, and especially if the third child follows it quickly, the second one will pay attention very soon. It compels you to compete for adult attention. It can also be said that the second child seems to have a greater need between the two and the third to 2-3 years.

Light or many

When asked what is better for the parent and the child, if there are many, or if there are few siblings, it can be said that it always depends on the temperament of the children and the weight of their parents. Even in the case of 7-8 children, family and brotherhood can be very good, and sometimes even this number gets enough attention. However, if the parents are too busy, tired or impatient, and if the children need a lot of care, they may almost be too much.
It is, of course, true that a child who has multiple siblings will be more accepting, accommodating, and easy to learn about his or her interests.

Do you want everything?

The numbers and principles written are, of course should not be considered as rigid laws. Numerous examples prove that in every situation, even the most damaging one, one can avoid having to take advantage of the hardships. Many times, for example, the kid with whom they played less would be the most creative, so he was forced to come up with a fun time.


Even with the most careful family planning, the position of the children is still unknown, the parent should be able to handle this. The attentive mother and father are quick to point out the intimate signs of which child is needing a little more babysitting, seduction, anxiety, and therefore no big mistake, no matter what the order is.
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  • 10 foods for healthy skin

    10 foods for healthy skin

    The secrets of the beauty of your skin are hidden in the kitchen! Supply your refrigerator and room with foods that play an essential role in maintaining the elasticity, shine and health of your skin! Not only cosmetic products or sun protection helps prevent skin aging! Here's what foods you shouldn't miss from your home and your daily diet!


    Oranges are some of the richest citrus fruits in vitamin C, an antioxidant that removes free radicals that "attack" healthy skin cells and speed up the aging process.

    In addition, experts argue that vitamin C is required for the production of collagen, which helps prevent wrinkles and the appearance of left skin.


    Mango is a fruit rich in beta-carotene, which, once it reaches the body, turns into vitamin A, a nutrient essential for skin health.

    If vitamin A is in low amounts in your body, your skin will become dry and dull.

    Equally effective in maintaining the health of the skin and with a nutritional content similar to mango are carrots, pumpkins, sweet potatoes or apricots.


    Eggs are rich in lutein and zeaxanthin, two substances that help reduce wrinkles and tone the skin. It is preferable to consume both blueberry and yellow, because both components contain these essential nutrients.


    Do you have dull, dry, shiny skin? It's clear! Your skin lacks a healthy serving of avocado. The fruit contains essential oils that help moisturize the skin, preventing it from drying out, and gives it a shiny appearance.

    In addition to oils, it also contains important amounts of vitamin E and C, but also lutein, which plays an essential role in the anti-aging process.

    The water

    Water is essential in ensuring skin health, in preventing wrinkles, moisturizing cells and combating ointments. There is no need to overdo it with water. If you drink the two liters daily recommended by doctors in general, it is enough to provide your skin with the hydration it needs to always look good and healthy.


    Almonds belong to the category of oilseeds most effective in ensuring the health and beauty of the skin. They have a high vitamin E content, an essential nutrient in combating the harmful effects that the sun's UV rays have on the skin. Almonds also help prevent skin aging.


    Chicken meat plays an essential role in maintaining skin health. Contains zinc and protein, two very important nutrients for healthy and glowing skin. Proteins maintain a fresh and healthy appearance, and zinc has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. Helps in the rapid healing of wounds and injuries and in cell regeneration.


    Hard to believe or not, the most important effect of nuts on the skin is hydration. The high content of Omega 3 fatty acids helps to lubricate the skin. In addition, the other nutritive substances make an important contribution to the health of the whole body, which is also reflected in the appearance of the skin.

    Dairy products

    Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for maintaining skin health, being helpful in combating the harmful effects of the sun's ultraviolet rays. Unfortunately, this vitamin is quite difficult to obtain from nutrition and is best synthesized by exposure to the sun. However, if you are exposed to the sun and have a vitamin D deficiency in the body, the risk of skin cancer is very high. Make sure you provide this nutrient to your body, consuming vitamin D fortified dairy daily.


    Spinach is one of the richest vegetables in antioxidants, which act effectively against free radicals that harm the skin and maintain its elasticity. In addition, it seems that it manages to moisturize and takes care to prevent the appearance of skin imperfections around the eyes.

    What foods do you frequently nourish your skin with? Do you believe in their power over her health? Tell us your opinion in the comments section below!

    Elrad Meaning - Origin and Names

    Elrad Meaning - Origin and Names

    How to deal with the stress of your partner's high-risk pregnancy

    Supporting your partner's physical and emotional well-being can offset the helplessness, isolation, and stress of her high-risk pregnancy – and help you feel more connected to each other. Here's what you can do.

    Practical support

    • Go to doctor visits with your partner. Take notes to help her remember important information.
    • Attend childbirth preparation classes together. Lamaze, The Bradley Method, and HypnoBirthing are approaches that sometimes include stress-reduction techniques.
    • Help with housework. Don't sit back and wait to be told what to do. If you're not sure what needs to be done, look around and come up with a list of chores.
    • Take over the cooking and kitchen cleanup, especially if certain food smells make her nauseous.
    • Make it possible for her to rest or take naps often.
    • If you smoke, do it outside when she's not around. Try to quit or at least cut down on how much you smoke.

    Emotional support

    • Give her back or foot massages, or do whatever eases her stress, pain, and fatigue.
    • Be generous with hugs, hand-holding, and other forms of physical affection.
    • Listen to your partner's concerns. The simple act of sharing her burden can alleviate it.
    • Encourage her. Share reassuring articles or anecdotes. Remind her of the optimistic things her healthcare provider has said.
    • Ask her what she wants from you. One day she may need your shoulder to cry on, and the next day she might feel like talking about anything but her pregnancy.
    • Make recommended dietary or lifestyle changes together.
    • Don't pressure her for sex or other activities she may not be up for.
    • Be open to changing the way you express intimacy. If she's not feeling up to having sex, ask what you could do to make her feel closer to you.
    • Plan a special activity when she's feeling down. If she's on bedrest, arrange a game night with friends or plan a quiet night at home with takeout from her favorite restaurant.
    • If she's not on bedrest, take walks together. Use that time not only to get some exercise but also for leisurely talks.

    Take care of yourself

    Caregiving is a stressful job, and you may need your own source of support – whether it's a friend, therapist, or support group. If you're feeling anxious, depressed, or overwhelmed, ask your healthcare provider for a referral to a mental health professional, who can help you find other resources.

    Like any challenge a couple faces together, a high-risk pregnancy can strengthen your relationship because it requires paying special attention to each other's needs as well as listening to and supporting one another. But if the stress of your partner's pregnancy has a negative effect on your relationship, consider couples counseling.

    Working with a professional therapist can help you resolve conflicts, improve communication, and reinforce connectedness. It also gives you a safe and supportive place to talk about your own unmet needs.

    Susan LaCroix is a writer, editor, and psychotherapist with a private practice in Berkeley, California. She specializes in providing support to individuals and couples during pregnancy, postpartum adjustment, and the transition to parenthood.

    Ask the Obstetrician: Pregnancy and Mood

    The risky pillow challenge encourages children to stop eating

    The risky pillow challenge encourages children to stop eating

    At a time when almost all children have access to the Internet from a very young age, viral challenges are one of the most worrisome challenges parents have to face. These fashion games that are popularized through social networks, are often a danger to the health and well-being of children. In this context, you may have heard of the pillow challenge, a 'challenge' that invites children and adolescents to sleep to stop eating, and thus lose weight.

    Although undeniably, some challenges are extremely fun and harmlessThere are others that have been classified as dangerous and with future consequences, where self-harm and even death are incited. This is the case of the game of death, the devil's alphabet and the pillow challenge, among others.

    For example, the Ice Bucket Challenge was carried out as a fun and advertising campaign in order to raise awareness about amyotrophic lateral sclerosis disease. But in 2017 the challenge of the Blue Whale became known, in which young people fulfilled a series of dangerous challenges and self harm, up to suicide.

    Unfortunately, it was a challenge that went viral by almost everyone, and even the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, the place where the challenge originated, declared that these types of challenges were a direct attempt on life and ordered the closure of more than ten thousand web pages of this type.

    The pillow challenge has appeared and has become very popular in some Latin American countries. I personally heard about him in a Mexican report and it seems to be a remake of the dangerous challenge that went viral some time ago, that of the Sleeping Beauty diet, where girls and adolescents they used their sleep hours as a method to lose weight quickly and effectively.But not everything is rosy in this challenge, much less a fairy tale.

    Now the pillow challenge, which has the same foundations as the Sleeping Beauty diet, encourages young women to sleep for long hours and consume small portions of food when they wake up. The goal is to 'keep hunger in suspension' and so on accustom the body not to consume food. It also has an extra addition with the use of diuretics, laxatives to lose weight more quickly and sedative drugs to induce sleep during daylight hours.

    Many young share their 'progress' on social media, encouraging other girls to join this viral challenge. They even give some tips to make you more successful. And thus, it has been its diffusion through the Internet that has helped it to spread among the youth.

    The young women who are attracted to this challenge are due to the fallacy of the effectiveness of having the desired slim figure, which is never achieved without affecting overall health. Since when does this have to be a concern of children and adolescents? Many health, food and fitness experts, despite valuing a good restful sleep routine as an essential factor in losing and maintaining an ideal weight, agree that this type of dietary challenge that has gone viral can lead to various problems like the ones I list below.

    - In many cases, sleep must be induced with sedatives, which generates dependence on this drug and future insomnia problems.

    - Sleeping long hours can weaken the tone and muscle mass of the body, so it will be more difficult to even stand.

    - Can produce gastrointestinal diseases due to inadequate food intake.

    - Generates greater mental fatigue, since brain activity is reduced by sleeping hours, causing problems with mental agility, memory and concentration.

    - Promotes social isolation and depressionSince, after spending long hours sleeping, young women do not leave their room, nor do social activities, which can lead them to generate feelings of loneliness and abandonment.

    The best way to prevent children from falling into this type of viral challenge is through education. By talking about the dangers that can be found in social networks and the games that can endanger their lives, we will get children to use the Internet with more common sense. In addition, it is important to establish an atmosphere of dialogue so that, in case the children encounter a viral challenge, they feel confident telling us about it.

    In case our children have fallen or participated in a viral challenge as dangerous as this, it is important to seek psychological help. This is the most efficient and least risky way to face this problem, since incurring in this type of diet out of an obsession to look thinner, is an image dysmorphic disorder and that is not resolved by 'reaching the desired weight goal'. It is necessary to continue investigating in depth the origin of this disorder.

    Therefore, as a mother and father, we must always be attentive to changes in children's behavior. If they are suddenly more lonely, have academic problems or abruptly change their eating routine and spend a lot of time on the Internet, we should talk to them to prevent them from falling into these types of viral challenges or miracle diets.

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    Eating family meals with toddlers

    Eating family meals with toddlers

    Family meals and healthy eating

    You are your child's most important role model. Your child learns from you and will want to do what you do. So if you want your toddler to eat well, it's a good idea to let her see you eating well yourself.

    Family meals are great times for you to do this. You can model healthy eating by making sure your family meals have lots of vegetables for you all to enjoy, plus a wide variety of foods from the other main food groups.

    If you help your toddler develop healthy eating habits like enjoying vegetables and eating breakfast every day, it sets up healthy habits for life. This is important as your child gets older and wants to try foods that his friends (and the children on commercials) eat.

    Healthy eating habits now help to reduce your child's chances of developing disordered eating later in life.

    Toddler not eating? Try not to worry about what your toddler eats - or doesn't eat! - in one meal or even in a day. Children's appetites go up and down all the time. If you look at what your toddler eats over a whole week instead, you'll probably see she's eating what she needs. If you're worried about your child's eating habits, make an appointment to see a dietitian or your GP.

    Getting children interested in food

    Family meals can really help if you have a fussy eater in the family. Watching parents and big brothers and sisters eating different kinds of healthy foods at family meals can encourage your toddler to have a go too.

    If you get your child involved in planning and cooking healthy family meals, he's likely to feel involved and proud of what he's done - and this makes him more likely to eat what you've prepared together.

    When they help to make family meals, children also learn a lot about food and develop a true appreciation for it.

    Family meals, routines and values

    Eating together as a family whenever you can helps your toddler learn about some of the things your family values. For example, some people use family meals as a regular chance to sit together and catch up on each other's news.

    If mealtimes are a happy part of your daily routine, when the family chats around the table, your child will look forward to meals and enjoy being there. Family meals can strengthen your family relationships and your child's sense of belonging.

    Setting aside regular times for family meals also helps get your child into an eating routine. A routine can help if your child sometimes gets distracted or is tired at the end of the day and less interested in the evening meal. When children know that it's time to eat with the family, it can keep them interested in the meal.

    Also, an eating routine that's based on three healthy family meals and a couple of healthy snacks can help you and your child avoid too much unhealthy snacking between meals throughout the day.

    If table manners are important to you, family meals together are a chance to lead by example and show good table manners yourself. You can also point out the benefits of good table manners to your toddler. For example, you could say, 'It's much easier to hear what you're saying when you don't talk with food in your mouth!'. But most children don't grasp the finer points of table manners until they're around five years old, so try not to expect too much.

    It's best to turn off the TV and other screens during family meals. This stops your family from being distracted and helps your toddler to focus on eating and to know when she's full.

    Sitting while eating is important to prevent choking. If toddlers walk around or play while they're eating, they stop concentrating on what's in their mouths. If you all sit down together to eat at family meals, it can encourage your toddler to sit down too.

    The history of the Roscón de Reyes

    The Roscón de Reyes It is the Spanish culinary tradition of January 6 par excellence. Three Kings Day is not Kings Day without this sweet.

    And there is nothing better than waking up with a sweet taste in your mouth after a magical night full of emotions for young and old.

    With more than 500 years behind his back, his origin is not entirely true. Some say that the great promoter of the sweet was the court of the French King Louis XV.

    The story goes that the chef of the Court, of Slavic origin, wanted to give the Monarch on the day of Epiphany a traditional roscón from his land. Do you want to know what the history of the Roscón de Reyes?

    Inside the candy they placed a very special gift: a diamond locket that he bought thanks to the collaboration of all the service personnel.

    Louis XV He was captivated by the invention and dedicated himself to propagating it by placing a coin inside as a surprise. Thus, while tradition was being lost in Eastern Europe, the rest of the European aristocracy was seduced by its unique flavor; and throughouthe 18th century arrived in Spain and its colonies, especially Mexico.

    However, other studied consider that the origin of the Roscón de Reyes is in the romans, who celebrated at the beginning of January a feast in honor of the god Janus in which cakes containing a prize were eaten.

    Subsequently, the French festival Le Roi de la Fave, dating from the 11th century, it is considered the continuation of that Roman holiday. In this festival a bean on a sweet bagel and the person who found it on his piece of cake was crowned King for a day.

    Although its origin varies, what does not change is its exquisite flavor and its crown shape adorned with candied fruits that imitate precious stones, so typical of a crown of kings.

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    Extraordinary vaccination campaign against child molestation

    Pakistan has launched an extraordinary vaccination campaign against child molestation after it infected 58 minors with poliovirus.

    Three new cases of Hajbar Pahtunhva in the northwestern part of the country have been reported last week. "On August 26, a three-day vaccination campaign began in 46 countries," he said. Babar bin Atta, the head of the program to eliminate child abuse. The official has announced that the campaign aims to vaccinate 8.5 million children. In the action stream, he has 29 districts of the Hajbar Pahtunhva province, after 44 of the 58 cases have been registered here, he added. Extraordinary vaccination campaign against child molestation The vaccine campaign security is overseen. In April, there was a great deal of alarm in a similar act after a false image spreading that children became ill after being vaccinated in Peshawar. can cause complications. The government has launched an information campaign in areas where the most recent disease has occurred. Relations between India and Pakistan are strained for many reasons, one of which is the struggle for Kashmir.
    The UN supported it the number of cases of child abuse significantly reduced due to the vaccination program Pakistan: In 2018, only 12 people were infected with polio, while in 2014 there were 304 infections. is also a problem.
    • Obligatory vaccinations for children
    • Soon child insult from the Earth will disappear
    • IPV: Protection against child molestation