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Dangerous Alerts for Babies!

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Every year a new book or article is published that describes how catastrophically weak parents are in their upbringing, and children have grown up on their heads and completely out of control.

Why don't the old-fashioned educational principles work?Books like books, for example, also give birth to this. The collapse of parenthood in which the author, Leonard Sax he says, "Command. Don't ask, don't agree with the child." Sax also blames parents for a number of social problems, including obesity or mental illness. According to CNN, these books do not matter, so feel good for the parents. In his opinion, this is an idealized world where children always do what they are told and brushing takes exactly 2 and a half minutes.
Katherine Lewis A new book, The Good News About Bad Behavior, says it's time to let go of these concerns. "The command, the control, I am the boss's attitude doesn't work," he says.

Forget dad knows best!

According to Lewis, we expect children to be regulated, which, in his opinion, is the reason why children over the age of 18 have behavioral disorders and begin to drug they make us, like the children, always watch from the outside. In addition, community and lack of unstructured play time are a problem. Today's children are taught to be individually accomplished, to focus on their individual performances, not to interact with their families, their environment, their friends, and not to mention their parents. Lewis does not blame parents, but he thinks many of us would benefit from re-thinking our relationship with discipline. One of the first steps in this could be to let go of our imaginations of parental authority "Dad knows best". This is it the approach of the authoritative language worked in the past, is ineffective in today's youth who love it much more egyьttmыkцdйst. This approach to the authoritative language does not seem to me anymore, and no one else is deceived by the family. This generation is growing up in a culture of democracy and equality, and hierarchical upbringing in the old sense does not work anywhere, either at work, at school, or at home - the emphasis is much more on common decision making With older language education, children may have performed better at school and less often got into trouble, but were emotionally distressed. This was the reason that in the '80s, parents who were child-rigorously raised towards another parenting style were much more lenient. "But the balance has fallen into the cult of youth." Today's parents are looking for an education style in which the relationship is close and close, and the child respects the consequences. The key to today's kids is to forget about fear-based parenting, and to help them find self-control. Lewis's book is wary of giving parents a recipe, but rather emphasizes the different ways in which a child can think, who has control. One way to do this is to explain the consequences of the child's actions as naturally as possible, not by punishing them. says Lewis. "But the consequences will always teach us something: What happens if you forget your sweatshirt? You'll get a little cold. It's a clean lesson and it works faster." let the parents contract with them for the consequences. Together, parents and children identify bad behavior, so the child develops a picture of where the border is. As we can talk about conflicts with older children more easily, we are in a slightly more difficult situation. in hysterical situations, or just when the bigger one gets a little bit Lewis thinks his timing technique works: a kind of pause when they can retire and ask for time. Kids have a hard time dealing with their feelings, so it seems like a good way to step back for a while to relieve tension. "Our lives are zealous, our homes are not sanctuaries of perfection, we are constantly trying, because our children are changing too. This is not a static situation."
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Your child can have a special christening party with the original show Zane Ursitoare from Zurli.

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With these lyrics, in trumpet sounds, they appear at the baptismal party, the Bears Fairies! The 3 fairies are beautiful, elegant, graceful and manage to excite the entire audience.

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Masa's cattery cat crawled into the box beside the baby on the street and moaned until one of the residents noticed her. This saved the baby from the frostbite.

He lives in Obnyinsk, Russia It's a kitty - who's a common cat in the apartment - found a box he fell into. You did this very well because a there was a baby in a box - who was dressed properly - but in the Russian winter, he would have had little chance of completing the adventure. The cat moaned until a resident noticed her.

Massa is the kitty kitten who rescues a baby from a frostbite. Image source: nypost.com

The luscious cat found Irina Lavrova, who was very surprised when he saw the baby beside the cat the woman reported to the Central European News in dismay. According to my inhabitants, Mother's instincts in Baba were abolished.
THE the baby was immediately transported to the hospital, where it turned out to be completely healthy. There was probably only a couple of hours on the street - the New York Post reported.
Cats go to many places, but rarely have such a benefit! Moreover, she is also celebrated with a fave and her favorite food.

The baby in the box was in the box and was saved by a frostbite. Image source: nypost.com

The effect on the child of being the youngest in the class

The effect on the child of being the youngest in the class

Youngest Child Syndrome: Its not so easy being little

The nervous tic in childhood

The nervous tic in childhood

If your child has developed a nervous tic, don't despair. In principle, a nervous tic can disappear over time without major importance, and does not respond to any disease or problem. Tics can be a way the child finds to release tension. If tics need something, it is patience.

A nervous tic is the sudden, overriding and involuntary execution, at irregular but related intervals, of simple movements, isolated or united, which, objectively, would seem to tend towards a specific objective. Its execution is often preceded by a need that, if repressed, produces discomfort. Will and distraction can suspend them. They also generally disappear during sleep.

Constant blinking, winking, grimacing, clearing his throat, clicking his tongue, cracking his knuckles, or raising his eyebrows are nervous tics., which worry many parents because they think their children do it on purpose or because they want to. And it is not like that.

A nervous tic is not a bad habit, but an involuntary act. It is a compulsive act that probably helps children release their tensions.

Nervous tics can appear unexpectedly or disappear by surprise, in the same way. Parents need to be concerned when they see that your son suffers with his nervous tic. If this habit is bothering you or harming you in your daily life, it is necessary to consult with your pediatrician.

On the other hand, in other cases, when the child does not feel upset, it is important not talk about the subject with them at all hours, and wait patiently for it to happen.

The duration of a tick is variable. It can last from a month to more than a year. The most common is a blink or facial movement, although the entire head, torso or extremities can also be affected.

To understand what happens in the head of a child with a nervous tic, it is necessary to know what a nervous tic is. Nervous tics are involuntary contractions that affect groups of muscles, caused by some problem of lack of emotional control, that is, tension, stress, anxiety. In order for parents to help their children get rid of this disorder, it is necessary that:

- They should find out what situations trigger them. If the child discovers the sensations prior to the tics, they can help to avoid them.

- Consider another psychological technique that consists of performing an incompatible activity at the moment when the tic is going to be triggered. For example, putting your hands in your pockets before cracking your knuckles.

- And of course, go to a specialist so that they can apply appropriate therapies, in case the tics get worse.

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Zara frieze dress

Zara frieze dress