Esdras: origin and meaning of the name for girl Esdras

Esdras: origin and meaning of the name for girl Esdras

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Almond nougat with lemon rind

Almond nougat with lemon rind

If there is a sweet that characterizes the Christmas season, it is nougat. Along with the decorations, the tree or the Nativity scene, Christmas desserts are one of the best moments of the holidays to share with your children.

Dare to try this very simple recipe with which you will succeed at Christmas Eve dinner. A pleasant way to spend an afternoon with the family cooking on these special days, and you are sure to love this almond nougat.

  • 1 kg of raw almonds
  • 1 kg of sugar
  • ¼ liter of water
  • 1 lemon

Tips: Make sure you have molds that can be unmold before starting the recipe, or line one with nonstick paper.

1. Grind the peeled almonds carefully. They can also be purchased already ground in some supermarkets.

2. Heat the water in a saucepan with the sugar, over low heat and stirring until a syrup forms.

3. Add the almonds and a little grated lemon rind. Cook until the dough comes off the bottom of the saucepan.

4. Coat the molds with almond oil and fill them with the mixture. Once cool, remove the nougat from the mold.

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Breaking the condom. How do you prevent pregnancy?

Breaking the condom during intercourse is one of the most unpleasant and worrying accidents. However safe the condom is, such accidents can occur at any time. How do you prevent pregnancy in this case?

What you do NOT have to do

Doctors' statistics show that many women who suffer from this use vaginal irrigation or showers as a means of contraception to remove sperm from the vagina. It neither increases nor decreases the chances of becoming pregnant, but it certainly increases the danger of pelvic infections.

These showers alter the normal balance of bacteria that are naturally found in the reproductive tract and can lead to infections and complications.

What can you do if the condom breaks?

Day 2 pill or emergency contraception

Day 2 pill or emergency contraception is the safest way to prevent an unwanted pregnancy after unprotected sex. There are several types of pills whose use extends from "morning after" to "week after". It is important to calculate how much has happened since the accident occurred and which of the pills suits you best.

Most pills are those made with levonorgestrel. They can be used within a maximum of 72 hours (3 days) from unprotected sexual contact. The specialists also managed to create the pill that can be taken within 5 days after the accident.

Both work like this: they delay or stop ovulation, giving the sperm time to "die" before they can fertilize the egg. Doctors recommend their administration as soon as possible after unprotected sex, because the effect is more certain. The longer the contact time, the lower the effectiveness, even if it falls within the deadline.

Copper Sterilizer

Another method of emergency contraception is the copper sterile ParaGard. It is introduced no later than 5 days after the unprotected sexual contact. It appears to play a role in increasing cervical mucus production and removing sperm.

Unlike emergency contraceptive pills, the sterilizer retains its effectiveness even after the accident. Moreover, the specialists claim that it can give results even 10 years after its introduction.

Tests for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)

After administering emergency contraception it is important to go to the doctor and perform the tests for the detection of sexually transmitted diseases. Once the condom has broken, the penis comes into direct contact with the vagina and the risk of the disease appears, especially if you do not know your partner well enough and you do not know his medical history regarding sexual activity.

Doctors will recommend tests for gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, HIV and hepatitis B or C.

Follow the signs and symptoms of pregnancy

Even if you take emergency contraception, it doesn't mean you can't get pregnant. No method is 100% efficient. It all depends on when you took it, under what conditions, etc. Therefore, there is still a risk of pregnancy. Attention, and the emergency contraceptive pill can cause menstrual cycle disorders, not just pregnancy. If your menstruation is delayed more than a week from when it was supposed to come to normal, take a pregnancy test.

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Mushroom and mushroom recipes. Fall food

Roasted Wild Mushroom and Potato Salad - Fall Mushroom and Potato Side Dish Recipe

There are no other moms and dads, only parents 1 and parents 2

Zurli theater is calling for spring!

Zurli theater is calling for spring!

Real Exercise for Exercise in Exercise Development (Age 3-7)

Real Exercise for Exercise in Exercise Development (Age 3-7)

The active period of the development of social relationships in kindergarten and thus provides the opportunity to practice and compare social movements in a social environment.

I'm big

From kindergarten through two and a half to three years, it lasts until the week of age. During this period, the development gradually slows down, initially for weeks, then for months, and then, over time, for a substantial change in movement development. It is also a significant time in kindergarten to start engaging a child in an organized, community-based occupation, which can be the first time to engage in regular physical education activities. Physical education of the child still carries the characteristics of infancy: the ratio of the head to the stock exchange is 1/6, and the limbs are proportionately shorter than the stock exchange. The height in the period increases from 100 cm to 120-130 cm. There are two important events in the development of an early childhood movement. One is the constant improvement and perfection of already learned motions, the other is the immediate appearance of the first combinations of motions.

I'm crazy

The developmental three can be described with a characteristic direction. First and foremost, the condition of the muscular performance improves in parallel with physical development and exercise. Children over the age of three can safely travel on three-wheeled bikes. They're stable on a leg. They go down the stairs with a change of foot. The movement of the limbs is constantly gaining momentum, which is another important direction of development. The quality of movement is improved. The improvement, however, is due to the perfect perfection of the nervous system's regulation processes. This is underpinned by the gradual improvement in dexterity, whereby they are able to cut exactly along the line, they can copy the circle and the line. In education, care should be taken to ensure that initial support (keeping balance with the help of a single tooth or a piece of wood soaked into the water) is gradually lost as the child becomes able to that "I do it", "I can do it". They believe that the development of movement is an active part of personal perfection.

I can jump on the run

The third important thing is the appearance of a combination of known motions. Movements of different structures learned previously will be able to be combined. For example, combining whitening with walking or being able to carry objects while on the move. He is able to run from the field, throw the ball high and catch it. Before school, they can interleave three to five movements. The secret is always the practice, the variation of new combinations, and the implementation of playful solutions.

Boy games, girl games?

There is little difference in the development of boys and girls. It is characteristic of both genders that children have a high degree of mobility and endurance. Boys are different in that they are more likely to choose between agile and competitive mobility. Girls primarily like medium-intensity movements where they can talk about "things" while playing games. The phenomenon brings to mind the gender roles of hunting / gathering ancient societies, since it was good to talk about the hunting, while the hunts are still silent and concentrated. Exercise and sports are also good examples of the fact that the principle of ability is not limited by biological diversity, but by habits and stereotypes that influence your state of being.

I'll pay for everything

Mobility development is not a uniform period in high school. Significant change occurs at the age of 5-6 years as a result of maturation and growth processes. A good example of this is the evolution of mating, which takes a major turn after 5 years. On more sophisticated tools (obstacles, ladders, ribbing), cutting, cutting, and sailing is more secure and continuous than in previous ages.

One of my favorites is the cat

They're not toddlers

The age of 5 years is an advanced period for the development of the sport, since it is approx. at this age, toddler-like toddlers' activities disappear. Improvements in the technique of motion by tracing the control and blocking processes. Criteria for ground-to-corner traction, toe-to-toe solving, toe-to-toe movement, and business opening are criteria for coordinated action. It takes a long time for your toddler's body to become a coordinated, seamless, steady process. Adolescents are already able to climb the ladder. The safe downward stepping occurs only at the age of 5-6 years.

I'm bigger, I'm faster

The development of the running motion is completed with the increase of the blade length and the decrease of the frequency of blades. This is due to the increase in body height. In high school, mileage performance improves significantly. Studies have shown that boys have better performance than girls in this period. Well-coordinated running is typical for three quarters of 5-year-olds and 90% for 6-7-year-olds. The cephalocaudal development pattern can also be observed in the development of running motion. The movements of the hips and the knee become more coordinated than the movement of the foot.

I have to practice jumping a lot

The development of a jump depends to a large extent on how much exercise the child has experienced during this period. Jumping is considered a basic form of movement, however, with the practice of a child being rarely able to avoid the right variation. The "used" jumps are mainly narrowing, which are very similar in structure. Methodical jumping development should include jumping school leaps, distance and high jumps, and support jumps on equipment.

Throw the darts, throw the stones, throw the ball ...

We can say that swimming, running, running, and jumping all develop in the same way in boys and girls. There is a slight difference in the development of the drum movement. Adolescent tumbling still does not differ much in terms of gender. The carb is a one-handed top roll with a relatively stiff stalk. This is a characteristic feature of the throwing gesture of older boys and girls. However, in the age of five, the drumming of the boys begins to develop abruptly. If the initial failure results in the girl's rejection of learning, they can very easily get stuck at this elementary level. The "result" will be that the girls never learn to throw correctly (successfully). With lots of practice and error correction, drum movement can be improved well. The roll-over for the boys is only successful after long practice.

Catch the ball? Very difficult!

Similarly, it is difficult to master the catch. There is a problem of "fitting" the body parts together in the drum. For example, the practice of catching the ball while catching the ball is difficult. When the ball is caught, complex neural control mechanisms are required to work together. There is a need for anticipation to be able to calculate the ball's pass and time from the field. To do this, the distance, the power and direction of the toss must be estimated. (It can also be deduced from the intention to throw the ball over or throw the ball and select the behavior accordingly. igйnyli. At the right time, you need to catch the ball and release it when needed, which requires the inhibition of nervous system processes. The first task in catching instruction is to form a handball, a basketball that allows for safe ball handling. It would be optimal for the child to practice with an adult and to be able to follow all the details of the adult's drumming eye to eye. Developing a catch is a long, laborious, and rewarding task.

Lightweight movement development board

In order to help with the development of mobility, it is first and foremost necessary to provide the institution with the appropriate conditions. It is important to promote employment in the group, as there is a particularly good area for motorized adaptation. In a natural environment, the stimulating movement impulse and the pattern of the tummy affect the child in a positive way. Motion combinations can be practiced with the essence of accurate representation of motions, otherwise the wrong motion pattern will be avoided. It's faster to combine learned movements. It is worthwhile to use the technical language, but you can also use playful, funny names in addition to the technical language. In some sports, special training, but age appropriate, begins to play. Dance, skating, gymnastics, gymnastics, skiing are all about to begin at 4-5 years old. (Football in the Netherlands, too.) It sounds weird, but technical sports can start at this age, especially if the child is very interested. Exercising with a fit motorcycle and go-kart improves your physique and personality just as you do in dry land or water sports. The point is that the child is dealt with by professionals and safe conditions are in place. If they are, success will not be lost. The biology of motion and the success of the exercise, as well as the development of personal confidence in the later development of personality, provide impenetrable childhood experiences.Related articles in motion:
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  • Effect of loophole on brain edges

100% organic fruit - Clearspring Organic 100% Fruit on the go

When choosing a trip, or the larger one - for a vacation or just for a short trip, it is worth having something with you tasty and healthy. It's best if you find a snack on hand not only saturates the little hunger, but also a small thirst. Ideally, if it will also made of the best products, easy to store and transport. Too many requirements? You can't have everything?

Not necessarily. These are the products of the category 100% Fruit on the Go, which is distributed in Poland by the Ecological Products Wholesaler Ekowital.

Small snacks in a convenient pouch, closed in such a way that they can be opened and closed without fear of spilling something. Small content - 100 grams, ideal for one outdoor expedition. You can eat the content yourself by squeezing the fruit from the pouch directly into the mouth, you can also pour the prepared porridge or dessert. It's very tasty in every version!

A very big plus for the composition.

Fruits alone, no sugar, sweeteners, any unnecessary additives. In the flavored version of apple and mango we have 80% apples and 20% mangoes. All products come from from organic farming.

our packaging

Most important for children that They're delicious. Our daughters asked after eating - "Mommy, will you buy it more often?".


This is the best recommendation and proof that you don't really need to add anything to the fruit. They are tasty in themselves. Ideal. We like that the producer does not improve nature and creates a very practical and tasty product. And for this HIT!

When choosing a toy for your child, it is important to check that the labels on the package comply with safety standards. Here is what they mean.


The first marking to look at before putting a toy in your basket ... but it is not enough. In fact, it is the distributors themselves who certify that their product complies with the "European conformity" standard. A check only occurs if a consumer files a complaint.

NF "French Standard Early Childhood"

More demanding than European regulations, the "French Standard Childhood" certifies that the manufacturer has made by the LNE (National Testing Laboratory) the safety checks provided for by the regulations, but also the verifications of suitability for use (durability of the toy, for example) and consistency in the quality of production, imposed to obtain this label. It applies to products for children up to 8 years old.

The GS label

This label means "controlled security "and certifies draconian controls at the international level.If you see it on a toy, you can buy it with your eyes closed, it is nomes!

Oeko-Tex logo

This logo is awarded by the Austrian Institute for Textile Research. It guarantees the quality of the tissues, which do not contain substances harmful to the health of your child, according to 4 different classes. For your child, opt for class 1, up to 3 years old.

The Okö-Test label

Non official, this label is awarded by a German magazine that performs its own tests. You can trust him.

Stéphanie Letellier

You and I ... we are (almost) always going for hugs

You and I ... we are (almost) always going for hugs

You and I ... we are (almost) always going for hugs


Genetically transmissible muscle disease. There are several varieties.
Their evolution and severity depend on the type of disease. Myopathies can lead to impaired motor skills - loss of walking - heart and respiratory functions ...

More about myopathy