10 reasons why you should have more sex

10 reasons why you should have more sex

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Maybe instead of hiding stretch marks after pregnancy - emphasize them?

Maybe instead of hiding stretch marks after pregnancy - emphasize them? There are plenty of ways to stretch marks after pregnancy. They all have one thing in common - the faster the fight begins, the better the chance of winning. In other words, care should be taken to make the scars disappear while they are still red. When stretch marks fade, ordinary creams or even expensive pharmacy remedies are unable to remove them. There remain treatments in aesthetic medicine clinics. Unless you use a completely different tactic and instead of stretch marks remove - highlight them? Make them an asset?


Then look.



Better breakfast than none

Children who are not eating breakfast at all are more likely to be overweight than those who are having breakfast, but eating twice before lunch, a study concluded.

More than twice!

Previous research has clearly shown that breakfast, ideal weight, and school performance correlate with each other, but some have suggested that those who overdue should Jeanette Ickovics, a researcher at Yale University. Recent results show that schoolchildren who have breakfast at home and at school are healthier.
Ickovich's 12 schools monitored 584 students: each school provided breakfast to its students. Researchers looked at students' breakfast habits and body weight in the 2011/2012 and 2013/2014 years. The results of the study showed that young people who did not have breakfast at all were more likely than those who ate something at home and at school.
Juvenile delinquency is particularly acute in England, where every fifth school is expensive, and in the US, one in three students is obsessive. Childhood obesity is dangerous because there is a greater risk of developing childhood obesity and adulthood, and the risk of diabetes and heart disease is higher.
The research was published in the Pediatrics Obesity page, and the results are experts say that having two breakfasts is a much better decision than not having breakfast at all.
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  • Mentally handicapped children and social education

    Contact Erdi directly

    It is possible for the mentally retarded children to gain the skills and behaviors accepted by the society and live as a part of the society to a large extent with the education they receive. While the arrangements for the education of these children vary, one of the educational arrangements that will enable children with intellectual disabilities to gain social values ​​and lead a life in harmony with the environment they live in is inclusion.

    Mainstreaming is the education of students with disabilities in normal educational settings provided that special education services are provided to the classroom teacher and / or disabled students when necessary. Inclusion is an educational concept and the application of children with special needs in normal classroom settings with appropriate teaching support. What is important in mainstreaming education is that it is an environment where the needs of the disabled child will be met and organized for this purpose rather than the place where the disabled child is placed.

    Mainstreaming practices are based on the assumption that inclusion improves the friendship relations of normal and mentally retarded children and enriches the learning and learning environment. A well-organized social environment is also seen as one of the advantages of inclusion. As a reason for the preference of the mainstream education environment for those who advocate the necessity of inclusive education, children with disabilities in separate education environments are not only banned from education together, but also isolated from their peers. The fact that each child's development needs to be assessed in-house, as each child has its own characteristics, with or without disability, is shown as another reason for children with disabilities to be educated in normal educational settings.

    It means that children with disabilities receive education in normal educational settings, giving them equal educational opportunities with non-disabled children. Equal educational opportunity is to ensure that every child has access to the same educational experience, regardless of whether they are disabled or not.

    The social environments provided by inclusion practices provide the opportunity for children with intellectual disabilities to acquire important social skills and learn the behaviors accepted by the society and reveal positive social changes. In this respect, well-organized inclusive classes are seen as an important opportunity for the social changes and development of children with intellectual disabilities. However, this can only happen if well-organized inclusion practices and the classroom teacher and his / her normal peers accept and interact with the mentally retarded student. Otherwise, with the placement of mentally handicapped students in inclusive classes, these children may physically fuse in the classroom, but this does not mean that there will be social cohesion between normals and children with disabilities and that children with disabilities will not be accepted by their normal peers.

    Both poorly regulated inclusion practices and inadequate social interaction of peers with mental disabilities and age-appropriate behaviors not only make it difficult to be disabled, but also make opportunities for interaction with normal peers difficult. This situation causes mentally disabled students to experience social problems frequently in mainstreaming classes.

    When the researches about the problems of mentally retarded students attending mainstreaming classes are examined, it is observed that there are serious problems between the mentally retarded students and their peers, they are rejected, mocked, isolated (separated) from social activities and social activities levels are excluded from social activities. lower, rejection levels are higher, the social network in the classroom is located in the extreme points. In addition, when these students were compared with their normal classmates, it was seen that they had a lower status as a group compared to their normal peers. On the other hand, in normal students, the mind exhibits more adult roles against these children in their social interactions with students, thus preventing the child-to-child interaction between the mentally handicapped student and his normal peer. However, well-organized inclusion practices have various benefits such as being tolerant to their normal peers as well as individuals with disabilities, accepting individual differences easily, and developing thoughts of being more tolerant towards themselves and their environment.

    1. Shahbaz, hope. Sosyal Determination of Social Acceptance Level of Mentally Retarded Students Attending Inclusive Classes ”13th Special Education Congress Proceedings-Reflections from Special Education, Kök Yayıncılık, 2003.
    2. Batu, Sema. Görüş Teachers' Opinions and Suggestions about Inclusion in a Vocational School for Girls with Special Needs ”Published PhD Thesis. Eskisehir. Anadolu University, 2000,
    3. Batu, Sema, Not Inclusion Education Lecture Notes ”. Eskisehir. Anadolu University.

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