How I Built Vented, Self-Healing Injection Port Mason Jar Lids for Grain Spawn, BRF Cakes, PF Tek

How I Built Vented, Self-Healing Injection Port Mason Jar Lids for Grain Spawn, BRF Cakes, PF Tek

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Enigmatic and unique baby girl names inspired by the moon and the sun

In nature you can find more traditional or original names, but all of them with great force. The sea, the seasons, the celestial phenomena or the earth itself are areas where you can find authentic jewels for baby names. But perhaps it is the moon and the sun that hold the greatest fascination because they are surrounded by precious legends. And that is why they can be a great inspiration when looking for enigmatic names of girls.

Are you already making the list with possible names for your baby? Do you already know that it is going to be a girl? Then you have to choose an evocative name with personality, right? But where do you start choosing? You can start by looking at nature itself if you want a name with character and with the best vibrations for your girl.

Beyond the classic Sun or Marisol that are always a safe bet and beyond the obvious Moon, which is still one of the most beautiful girl names, you can choose other more original names for your baby inspired by the moon and the sun. .

Or also Selena. Both are variants of the name of Greek origin that was given to the Moon goddess. It is an original name without being extravagant that brings an extra personality to girls due to that air of legend and mystery that surrounds it.

This name is of Mapuche origin and means 'daughter of the sun'. We like it because it is sweet and dreamy and has an original touch that your girl will like a lot.

If you are looking for exotic names, you can go to the Hawaiian culture that in addition to being original are very spiritual names. Mahina means 'moonlight', what do you think for your baby?

This name belongs to Greek mythology and was carried by a fabulous sorceress who lived on the island of Eea. It will sound familiar if you have read Homer's Odyssey because his island is one of Ulysses' stops on his journey. And what does it have to do with the sun or the moon? Well, Circe is neither more nor less than one of the daughters of the god Helios, the sun.

The name is of Sanskrit origin and made reference to the lunar divinity. It was actually a male god, but it has become very popular in the Anglo-Saxon world as a girl's name.

Or Kira, depending on preferences. This name has a special force due to its sound, something that brings a lot of personality. It preserves its originality because it is not a frequent name, although it is certainly not the first time you hear it. But what does Kyra mean? Well, it is the Persian way of referring to the sun.

This traditional name is of Latin origin and refers precisely to that unique moment in which the moon and the sun give way. It is ideal if you like the usual names with character and meaning.

The name comes from Roman mythology and belonged to a goddess of nature who was closely related to the moon. It is perfect because it is a traditional name that is not subject to fashions, so it maintains all its elegance.

Or also Leila. It is the Hebrew name for night, the undisputed kingdom of the moon. It also appears in Arabic and Persian and in recent years has established itself as one of the most popular names for girls.

In Galician it refers to the moon and it is an absolutely brilliant and resplendent name. If you like short names for girls, it is one of the best choices.

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A scepter and a crown ... of princess

Homemade butter is good. You have to churn, churn. All together, taking turns chatting. And if we are tired, hop, a little sugar and it makes us whipped cream. Yum !

How do we do for whipped cream?

  • We take whole fresh cream (At 35% fat, oh there, it's not every day party!).
  • It is put in a glass container which closes well, type jar jam.
  • And we churn with energy, with family. In turn, one passes the container from hand to hand. And we shake, we shake. That's what's fun and tiring. You quickly get a delicious whipped cream that you can sweeten before putting it in the fridge.

And for the butter?

  • We continue to shake, Forgiveness to churn, following the advice of Mrs. Jullien, farmer of the farm Courtine (Aveize) of the Bienvenue à la ferme network.
  • We churn again and again, for at least half an hour.
  • After a while, small balls form in a liquid: buttermilk. Throw buttermilk. Crush the small balls with a fork. Mix. You just have to make a lovely quenelle of butter in a cloth or put it in a ramekin.
  • Add some salt if you are Breton. Put your butter in the fridge. It will be delicious with seafood for New Year's Eve.

Where to churn?

On the site, you will find a farm near you. Here are three to learn how to make butter.

  • Near Lyon : The farm Courtine, 69610 Aveize.
  • In Haute Garonne : The farm of en Barrus, 31530 Thil.
  • In Vendee : The farm of Payré, 85400 Lairoux.

Agnes Barboux

Movies, exhibitions, hobbies ... share your good ideas between parents on our Leisure Forum.

If the baby was born in the sign of VZZNTХ (I. 21. - II. 18.)

You can be a real joke master who, with his good humor, his original ideas and his immediacy, can make you feel good from a very small age.

If your baby was born with the VZZНNTХ sign

What he wants is done he can fight persistently, be it to recover a rubber mousetrap out of your bike or to power the jigsaw puzzle bunks. But this is something that sometimes happens it can be overly stubborn: For example, if you want to stay with your parents for a long time, or if you spend time deciding not to put on shoes, it is not easy to talk about the right solution. Without giving any reason, commanding our respect, we generally only make things worse, but sometimes we can "persuade" them if we succeed in making them laugh. When you get what you want, your inquiries can suddenly turn to full force in another direction than the vehemence you were aiming for.Lovers of permanent baby care are light, and it is important to allow them to age properly. You want to try new things, so if you don't want to be disciplined all the time, let's give him or her more interesting activities that can help you learn new things. Although most kids in Winnipeg can have fun alone, they are all good for a good chat and a pleasant social day. We pay attention to your requests, during public walks, during family programs, or even while away from home, at school, and talk about the things of the world, and if you do, it also means a little bit more fatigue.
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  • What mother is Winnipeg?
  • If your baby was born with the Pisces sign

Breathing well influences the development of the child