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Whole grains are a practical solution for parents to offer their children a nutritious breakfast, thanks to the content of vitamins and minerals for a good start to the day. Easy to prepare, by their simple combination with milk, whole grains are at the same time a friendly way of providing them with the necessary nutrients, the various assortments always being in the children's favor.

Nestlé has prepared a new surprise for the whole family: now Nesquik whole grains give Nesquik the unique taste of milk. Children benefit from such whole grains, calcium and 8 vitamins, along with the unmistakable Nesquik taste.

The best way to keep the kids close to the regular meal program is to have breakfast. Not only the little ones love Quiky, but the parents too, because it can make it easier for the little ones to never go to school or kindergarten without having breakfast.

Nestlé whole grain cereal bags for children, Nesquik and Chocapic, are now even more accessible to moms, since, starting in January, the "Maxi pack" bags containing 50 grams of whole grain cereal were launched at the same price.

Have breakfast together with your little ones as often as possible, have fun and take advantage of every opportunity to form their balanced eating habits, which are based on the food pyramid, turning the first and most important meal of the day into a pleasure for all family members.

Parents in family relationships

24 weeks of pregnancy


- I have a boy of 5 months and 1 week, he has no problem, but would you please tell me when is the complete vision in children? I was born normal and before I was born the gynecologist told me I had condyles. Although I wanted to be born through Caesarean dance, she decided to give birth normally. Please tell me: is there a risk to the baby in the future that I have vaginal warts and I was born normal? Is it a problem if I breast feed him? Can you give me some advice?


Acylated condylomas (genital warts) are the clinical manifestation of an active infection with human papillomavirus (HPV), with sexual transmission. Diagnosing genital chondylomatosis is synonymous with diagnosing an HPV infection, although most infections with this HPV are subclinical or latent.
The risk of developing condylomas in pregnancy is 2 times higher than outside pregnancy, due to normal immunosuppression (decreased immunity), which occurs during pregnancy due to increased progesterone concentration. Although the accumulated condylomas can be treated, their existence in pregnancy poses special problems and the doctor's attitude must take into account the possibility of maternal-fetal transmission of the infection.
Often, latent, subclinical infections become symptomatic (clinically manifest) during pregnancy. During pregnancy, there is a rapid increase in the number and size of the condyles, which causes discomfort and even problems with urination. HPV vertical transmission to the fetus can occur in the womb (during pregnancy) or during crossing of the infected genital tract during vaginal birth, even if the maternal infection is subclinical.
Children can make (up to 3% of cases) juvenile laryngeal papillomatosis, in the first 3-5 years of life, conjunctival or androgenital papillomatosis. It seems that the risk of developing this condition is higher at first birth. Because the exact route of transmission of the infection to the newborn is not known (transplacental, during the crossing of the genital canal at birth or postnatally) and because cases of laryngeal papillomatosis have been described in children born by caesarean section, even without its membranes either broken, the prophylactic value of caesarean section is not known and, therefore, it should not be indicated just to prevent transmission of the virus to the newborn.
Caesarean surgery is indicated, in the case of giant lesions, which obstruct the genital tract or when it is considered that vaginal birth could cause injury, rupture of the condyles with massive bleeding or risk of over-infection. To find out if your child has been infected with HPV, contact your neonatologist (there are tests to certify or deny this infection).
Dr. Ciprian Pop-Began
- Obstetrics and Gynecology -
Clinical Hospital of Obstetrics-Gynecology Prof. Dr. Panait Sarbu

Moms describe motherhood in just one word

Describe motherhood in just one word. It seems like an almost impossible task, doesn't it?

So many words come to my mind. There's "love," obviously. And "challenging," clearly. And that's just off the very top of my head. I'm sure I could quite easily come up with a dozen or two more descriptors in no time at all.

A group of our site moms recently set out to describe motherhood in a single word, and in doing so they came up with a pretty great list.

Is your one-word description in here?

I found myself agreeing with just about every word on that list. "Craptabulous" is admittedly a new one, but even that seems pretty fitting.

My definition of parenting changes on a daily, if not an hourly, basis. In one moment I feel so full of love and gratitude that I look at my children and just their existence makes me want to weep tears of joy. Thirty minutes (two fights, one slammed door, one spilled cup of juice and four stepped-on pieces of Lego that I asked you FIVE times to clean up) later and I'm so irritated and fed up that I could scream.

That is motherhood.

My definition has also changed as my kids have grown older.

If you had asked me this question when I had a newborn my responses would have been pretty depressing: Exhausting, repetitive, lonely, confusing.

Now that my girls are 9- and 5-years-old, though, my perspective on parenting is completely different. These days I find it all just so fascinating and fulfilling. And heartbreaking, too, because that light at the end of the tunnel that I used to long for seems to suddenly be approaching far too fast.

This post was originally published in December, 2015.

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Ear wax

About ear wax in children

Ear wax has an important job. It's a filter for your child's ear, protecting the ear canal from water, infection, trauma and foreign objects.

Ear wax comes from glands in the ear canal. The ear canal's lining constantly renews itself. Along with chewing and talking, this process of renewal usually moves wax out of the ear.

When it's first made, ear wax is soft and colourless. When it comes into contact with air, it gets harder and becomes yellowish-brown.

The ear has three main parts - the outer ear (the ear canal and ear lobe), the middle ear (behind the eardrum, and linked to the throat via a small tube), and the inner ear (which has the nerves that help to detect sound).

Symptoms of ear wax build-up

Sometimes a build-up of ear wax can block the ear canal.

This build-up can cause discomfort like an earache. The build-up can also sometimes cause dizziness, mild deafness or ringing in the ear.

In most cases ear wax build-up is harmless and easily managed.

Does your child need to see a doctor about ear wax build-up?

You should take your child to the GP if you think she has a build-up of ear wax that you can't soften with drops from the pharmacy.

Also see your GP if your child has sudden deafness, dizziness, ringing in the ear or unmanageable pain in his ear.

Treatment for ear wax build-up

You can soften ear wax with drops that you can buy from your pharmacy. You can also use a few drops of olive oil.

If your child has a regular build-up of ear wax, she might have to use special ear drops.

Sometimes your GP will use a syringe to flush out or remove the wax. In more serious cases of ear wax build-up, your child might need to see an ear, nose and throat specialist.

Avoid using cotton buds in your child's ear, because they can push ear wax in deeper or even cause damage to the ear canal or drum.

Chicken flautas. Mexican recipe for kids

Chicken flautas. Mexican recipe for kids