The preconception, between myth and reality

The preconception, between myth and reality

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Causes of Ineffective Loss

Causes of Ineffective Loss

Many times in the diet, you are asked why you can't lose weight or get better labs, despite dieting and trying to live as healthy as possible.

Causes of Ineffective Loss

In this case, less vocalists will give up changing their lifestyle, but be aware that there is a defect in the staff's schedule, which is why they need to be changed. Sergeant Diab, a dietitian at The Medical Center for Life, talked about the most common mistake.

The diet is not personalized

Unfortunately, in most cases, very little is said about the basis of a successful diet, personalized There has to be. Because everyone has other parameters, their metabolism, the ratio of visceral fat, body mass index, etc. For this reason, it is important that you never follow the order of others, as you may need something else. A well-trained dietitian, who takes into account individual circumstances and can monitor development and healing, can provide great help in adjusting the right diet.

There is no status review

In order for your diet to be truly personalized, you need to have a preliminary health check, which can get an expert picture - and more testtцmeg-indexrхlwhat is our fat / muscle ratio and how much fat is deposited around our organs. In addition, it is important for the practitioner to be aware of the patient's lifestyle, diet, habits, and possible medical conditions. They have the ability to balance the diet and its energy, as well as track changes, says Diánna Sárrga, a dietitian at the Medical Center for Lifestyle.

It does not exclude possible illnesses

If you are not able to cure fatigue, you may be experiencing unpleasant complaints (eg fatigue, hair loss, menstrual disorders), so it may be easy for you to have some disease in the background. Usually a hormonal system loss of balance (eg, diabetes, insulin resistance, thyroid insufficiency) causes a loss of weight that can be confirmed by a lab test. regular exercise next to.

You believe in miracles around the Internet

There are countless miracles on the internet that are looking for quick and competitive improvement. Unfortunately, they often recommend wholesome diets (such as non-carbohydrate diets) that are not only ineffective but also unhealthy, as they deprive the body of essential nutrients. As I mentioned earlier, there is no diet that is worthwhile for everyone.


Many people fall prey to the fact that when they want to lose weight, they start drastic diets and hardly get anything. At first, it may be that a few kilos really melt, but while this type of diet is a health hazard, stocked up on smelter switch and this will result in a greater amount of fat.Related articles on weight loss:
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Tips on how to prepare the pet for the baby's arrival

Tips on how to prepare the pet for the baby's arrival

Before the baby is born, many changes need to be made at home and in the family routine, as well as how the house works. The couple will have to prepare a room for the little one, buy him clothes and accessories, find out more, and also change some customs and habits of the day to day of the house.

If the couple has a pet, it is also important that they prepare it before the baby arrives home, to avoid changes in their behavior such as jealousy, especially if it is a dog or a cat.

Parents should be aware that a baby, that is, its smell, its cries, its babbling, etc., will be a novelty for the pet. They can cause unexpected reactions, feel displaced and therefore need to get the attention of their owners. There are dogs, for example, more or less friendly and social depending on their breed. They can behave more or less jealous, adaptable, curious ... For this reason, has prepared some tips on how to prevent and prepare the pet for the arrival of the baby.

1- It may seem strange, but it would be interesting for the pet to become familiar with the sounds of babies. With some recording of crying or babbling, the pet can get used to the sounds that the baby will make when it arrives.

2- If the mother or father are going to spend more time in the new room, it is recommended that they move and stay in the baby's room more frequently, so that the pet gets used to the absence of the partner in the others rooms of the house.

3- It is advisable for the pet to have contact with the objects and articles that will be in contact with the baby. With his stroller, with his crib, and even with personal items such as clothes, soap, lotion, powder, shampoo ... that the baby will use, etc.

1- When the baby arrives home, it is advisable that the couple do not change their habits of greeting the pet. While one holds the baby the other greets the pet.

2- Parents should bring the baby closer to the pet progressively, so that both do not get scared and get used to their smells, aspects, etc.

3- At the beginning, it is important to limit the pet's entrance to the baby's room, with grids, at least in the first 3 months of the child's life, or while he is sleeping. Then, little by little, you can share the room with the pet, always keeping it controlled so that it does not climb into the crib or push it.

4- The pet should not be completely alone with the baby.

5- When the baby begins to crawl or walk, surely the pet will already be used to his presence, and may even be more aware of the baby as if he were his caregiver.

6- The baby and the pet can develop a very beautiful relationship if they both learn to live together. You also have to educate the baby how to treat the pet.

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Overalls dress

What to do if you have a popular child

Be settled, ready, take out good grades, having many experiences to tell, physically graceful, mastering communicative language and knowing how to relate healthily with other girls, are fundamental characteristics to be a school popular girl.

Practice a sport in an outstanding way, or be handsome, get good grades and have certain leadership skills such as good communication, certain empathy, and feeling of justice, are characteristics for them interesting enough to be a popular kid in school.

The traits or characteristics offered above respond to some patterns We pedagogues have seen these popular children as predominant, but it is truly others who make them popular.

Being a popular child has associated a series of dangers for the correct sentimental and social development of the child. We tell you what they can be and what to do if you have a popular child.

If your son daughter is popular at school, we must teach them to assume that role and train them to continue maintaining those skills to have a healthy and normal maturational development, according to their age.

Must monitor the behavior of popular children since it can lead to:

- Authoritarianism: The popular child quickly realizes that you can persuade in others, and begins to assume that it can and cannot be done, making authoritarianism his way of establishing relationships and imposing your demands.

- Stop being empathetic: Start not being able to put yourself in the place of the other and not respecting feelings of others.

- Thinking that they are essential: He can begin to feel that others are mere companions of his person and he is essential, valuing very little people in his immediate environment.

None of the 3 above are characteristics in the end of a good leader, and they will surely develop for the worse, since if they become less empathetic, more authoritarian and feel more than others, in a short time will pass to side, and I will go from being popular to one more, or even one less, with the difficulty that later entails remaking you from that possible rejection.

What we should train for popular kids to improve are:

- Communication skills: Let them know that the word is the engine to do things.

- What empathize more, that they are capable of respecting the feelings of others and putting themselves in the place of others.

- TO become aware that his situation is due to the fact that others have involuntarily chosen him.

Train him to know the important values ​​of people so that he can transmit them, such as the loyalty, the modesty, the friendship wave Justice.

This type of popular people if they are trained in these three aspects will have a development and a bright adolescence as far as personal relationships are concerned.

If our children do not have this profile, we should not worry, but even so we must also train them in the three previous aspects as they are in improve your communication skills, that they work on their empathy knowing their emotions and those of others, and importance of your role in groups, in class, and to know universal values.

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What to get for Christmas? (3-6 years old)

Finally, you can choose to play games that you enjoy playing. We help you find the best!

You do like hiking or bunking or camping in your infancy. Your parents may not have been too crazy about riding the wheel. But now is the opportunity. Easy to open, folding igloo with long wrapping. Maybe you will be let in!

Who remembers better?

Memorabilia is a game in which children are surely unbeatable until school. For the time being, the memory is very strong, and we are trying to memorize more words or rules. With the help of the Bogyу and Babуca memorial games, you can test your memory in many ways. One is lighter, the other more exciting, the other more exciting. Which do you like?

What should a teddy bear wear?

Tiny hands can swap the "parts" of teddy bears to learn the colors, the clothes, figure out what the boy, the girlish, and the order in which to put on our clothes. And your hands fold together as you need to fit the pieces precisely into the shape. You can take the little puzzle with you anywhere, so you don't have to be bored while traveling or in your medical office.

Sing to her!

Once upon a time, when there was no CD play, the kids invented songs and games for themselves. These songs and games have evolved over the centuries, they have survived, and even though the text is often not fully understood by today's people, the little ones still enjoy them immensely. Here's a chance to listen to the little ones in the pool, learn them, and if a couple of kids come together, you play them too! It's a good idea to roam around and order the nipple book to get under the tree!


Dads can get to the end to save their kids what they've always done. And the kid will go there too! Here is the battery-powered, telescopic tower crane, with swivel boom, and lift-and-drop pallet. Let's get started!
Meaning of the name Proterio. Name for boys

Children's song There was the frog singing

'The frog was singing' is one of the funniest children's songs. It has an agile and entertaining lyrics that speak of a succession of events that occur when a frog sang underwater.

In addition, this song for children will help them to enhance their memory, since they have to remember a whole series of things that are happening. In We offer you the lyrics of The frog was singing under the water.

There was the frog sitting singing under the water

when the frog came out to sing

the fly came and silenced her.

The fly to the frog that was

singing under the water

when the fly came out to sing

the spider came and silenced her.

The spider to the fly the fly to the frog

who was sitting singing under the water

when the spider came out to sing

the mouse came and silenced her.

The mouse to the spider the spider to

the fly the fly the frog that

I was sitting singing under the water

when the mouse came out to sing

the cat came and silenced him.

The cat to the mouse the mouse to the

spider the spider to the fly to the

frog that was sitting

singing under the water

when the cat came out to sing

the dog came and silenced him.

The dog to the cat the cat to the mouse

the mouse to the spider the spider to the

fly that was sitting

singing under the water

when the dog came out to sing

the stick came and silenced him.

The stick to the dog the dog to the

cat the cat the mouse the mouse

to the spider the spider to the fly

the fly to the frog that was

sitting singing under the water

when the stick came out to sing

fire came and silenced him.

The fire to the stick the stick to the

dog the dog the cat the

cat to mouse mouse to

spider the spider to the fly the

fly to the frog that was

sitting singing under the water

when the fire came out to sing

the water came and silenced her.

Water to fire fire to

stick the stick to the dog the dog

the cat the cat the mouse the

mouse to spider spider to

the fly the fly the frog.

Who was sitting singing under the water

when the water came out to sing

the man came and silenced him.

Man overboard water

fire the fire to the stick the stick

the dog the dog the cat the

cat to mouse mouse to

spider the spider to the fly the

fly to the frog that was

sitting singing under the water

when the man came out to sing

the mother-in-law came and silenced him.

Mother in law to man man

to water the water to the fire the fire

to the stick the stick to the dog the dog

the cat the cat the mouse the mouse

to the spider the spider to the fly

the fly to the frog that was

sitting singing under the water

when the mother-in-law came out to sing

not even the devil could shut her up.

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Language academies offer us the possibility of teaching foreign languages ​​since children are very young.

Some offer to start learning from the year of life because it is considered that the sooner a new language is introduced, the faster the child will learn, but before making this decision you should ask yourself if it is the best for your child.

We tell you what is the best time for your child to learn languages.

During the first year, babies learn to detect and differentiate what sounds are like with which he is going to relate to his environment. It is a fundamental moment to be able to communicate through words because during this period neural connections are being formed specifically dedicated to learning to speak.

These types of connections are formed on a daily basis and are nourished by everything that the baby hears around him 24 hours a day. It is important that it be like that, because depending on how the conversation between two people is the sound of the same words will be different. Note that it is not the same to say, for example, "good morning" in an elevator (where people do not know each other) than in the street to an acquaintance you meet by chance or at the entrance of the school while you wait for them to open the doors.

Look how behind a simple greeting we can realize the relationship between people who say "good morning" and how emotional what we are going to say next is going to be. These subtleties that go unnoticed to us are important for the child, since behind these changes there are communicative intentions very different.

This is how during the first months of life babies they learn the words of their environment. Later, they will memorize the words that are repeated the most and will begin to repeat those that are simpler and more useful, such as "mama", "papa" or "agua".

This type of analysis that occurs first months of life marks the principles by which the child will be governed to communicate with the people around him, and these principles will serve as the basis for learning future foreign languages. This analysis made by the baby (which is independent of what we do as parents) follows a natural order that is necessary for the child to learn to speak correctly.

But in the case of learning the languages ​​that are learned in the academies (which are foreign due to the fact that the child does not hear them in their daily lives), it is difficult for a baby to learn the language in the same natural order, since the new language is taught in a closed-door environment and this means that younger children cannot analyze the subtle differences that exist in the same sentence according to the context in which they are, as in the case of "good morning ".

So, the best time for your child to start learning a new language will be different depending on how they are. learning their own language and what contact they have in their day to day with the new language that you want them to incorporate.

In the event that your baby needs more time to learn to speak (check the language development charts to get an idea of ​​where he is), make sure that he learns his language well and do not introduce one again until it is So. If you doubt, wait until I am 3 years old As minimum.

If, on the other hand, you see that your child follows a good learning pace of spoken communication and also in his day to day has contact with this new language that you want him to learn, then it is much easier for your baby to be prepared to assimilate the new language.

In any case, it is not good for children to force the learning of an unknown language if their own language is not well incorporated first, so if you have doubts, consult a speech therapist.

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4 reasons to learn a new language. John McWhorter

Bad weather for Lake Balaton 3 program tips in Tihany area

Bad weather for Lake Balaton 3 program tips in Tihany area

Few things are more annoying than having no beaches at all during a predetermined holiday period.

Thousand in the woods, with beautiful scenery.

Unfortunately, this summer cannot be said to be balanced in terms of weather. With the combination of the "monsoon cannon with heavy rain", we are all over the rainy, windy weather that evokes November.
Instead of being annoyed by the fact that you can't do anything about it, be sure to check out alternative programs before your vacation. On the northern shore of Lake Balaton we also recommend two places worth visiting in Tihany.
(Everybody knows where to look for the abbot and prospect, so we aren't writing right now ...)

Tihany Family Fun Park

This is really a place where all members of the family, regardless of their age, can feel good at once. And the idea is pretty simple.
So enjoy a nice, large lawn area - in this case, in a beautiful setting, beside the Inner Tush of Tihany - exhibit outdoor games (sandy, swing, slide for the little ones, bowling, miniature golf, small cats, add a nice little feed to your kitchen and your good juices, milky wines, and you're ready for the perfect family getaway in March. If you don't have explicit beaches, but it's not raining yet, success is sure.
It would be best if this genre was so popular that there would be countless places like this in every country.
In case the rain begins to happen, you can quickly find yourself in an exciting and sheltered place:

Tihany lavender house

Lavender is a noble and multifaceted plant. Its scent is unique, its healing power is well known. In Tihany there is an old tradition of cultivation.
Based on these, the Lavender House of Tihany was created, where you can learn about the lavender cultivation, the volcanic culture of Tihany and other natural phenomena in an interactive exhibition. The little ones start at the touch of a button when they study volcanoes and other geological phenomena. Even in the pleasant park, even the smallest ones can run around in the rain, but if we can't see our display after the exhibit, we can taste the buffet's treats. Lavender treats, chocolate, lavender. Unfortunately, all of my big favorites have been chosen, this is a fairy tale.
The idea, which seems surprising, is not so new, and many countries' kitchens are already using lavender for cooking. If you are not visiting Tihany recently but would like to try this plant, try lemon-lavender!

Thumbs up in the woods

Do you know Locspocs, the little sea monster? I had one of my favorite tales ... Living on an island that is only open on Tuesdays and Fridays for outsiders, so invisible… bъcsъvacsorбnkhoz.
The story and the photos on the website are simply fabulous. Most of all, I will not miss all the treasures in the world.