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Pasta stew and hearts with pasta

Pasta stew and hearts with pasta is a delicious recipe that you can serve both for lunch and dinner.

Preparation time

60 min




300 g of pipote

200 g heart of chicken heart

1 onion

1 pepper

4 cloves of garlic

100 ml tomato paste

100 g rifle paste

3 tablespoons olive oil

1 link of green parsley

2-3 tablespoons parmesan

salt and pepper

Method of preparation

In a high skillet, heat the chopped onion along with the chopped peppers and the crushed garlic. Clean skin and scrape pipettes, wash them well with hearts. If they are too big, you can cut them in half.

When the vegetables have been heated, add the pipot and hearts over them, season them with salt and pepper and add two cups of water. Let them simmer for 60 minutes. Do not let the sauce drop everything, it must be enough to cover all the meat.

Add the tomato juice and allow the stew to boil 5-7 minutes. Put the minced parsley. Put the pasta to a boil in one liter of water. Serve them either separately or mix the pasta with the stew.

In the end, sprinkle over grated parmesan.

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Here you will find information about the advantages of homeopathy in children and adults. The doctor. Jorge Manresa, pediatrician specializing in homeopathy, tells us the advantages of using homeopathic medicines to treat and cure childhood diseases, or of pregnant women.

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What is Homeopathy?

Children's books from the bottom shelf Many parents know how difficult it is to buy a good book for a child. Especially in a world where every minute is precious, and it is easy to make a mistake in the selection of literature.

A busy mom, unfortunately, usually has two options: or enter the first better marketby buying a book on the way to the bread stand or buy toddler literature online. Both solutions have, unfortunately, quite some disadvantages.

In the first case, it is easy to come across a low-quality product that is fearful to give to a child, and which is difficult to see carefully when the toddler is impatient and the shopping list reminds him of his duties. In the second one, we often agree to buy a pig in a poke. With a short description and the logo of the publishing house, books often get into virtual baskets, which after unpacking at home have ... only nice covers. Their interior, on the other hand, frightens, frightens with stupidity, hopelessness and trash, and even bloodshed and the sight of the main character killing or detoxifying rival.
Let's be an infamous example of a series of children's books from the Olesiejuk publishing house, especially "The Miraculous Lamp of Aladdin".

Let's quote from the publisher:

A fabulously colorful children's book tells about the adventures of Aladdin and his wonderful lamp. Beautiful pictures and an interesting text written in a language understandable for children, encourages young readers to make friends with books from an early age. The series also released the titles: About a Fisherman and a Gold Fish, Three Little Pigs, Tomcio Paluszek, The Brave Lead Soldier and A wonderful Aladdin lamp.

Unfortunately, every word in the description is not true. The book is colorful, but certainly not "fabulous". If we are counting on a fairy-tale world, what we will see after opening a small hardback booklet will definitely make us excited. It is said that tastes are not discussed, but the expression "beautiful pictures" is nothing to do with caricatured images straight from computer programs or cheesy stickers.

"Interesting text" in this case means a shoddy message by Katarzyna Dmowska. The moral is more like this: "if you have a knife, then kill the one who hurt you. If a rival appears, poison him. What counts is wealth and personal happiness. You have to strive for it. Even over the dead. "

The book is not even saved by the very character of the main character - otherwise quite nice in the original - Aladdin in the Olesiejuk publishing house is a depressing example of signs of commercialization, a lure that is supposed to make a parent buy a book and put it in the basket. The publisher recommends the book from an early age. It is better to leave it without comment for your own peace. Just like the fact that even the descriptions on the publisher's website are messy. Created using the "copy, paste" method, contain repetitions. What to expect? Probably only that the Publisher, noticing sales results, will eventually wake up and appreciate the youngest readers.

Price of the book - around 10 zlotys

Mother's Day, how do you handle the baby without the mother?

Mother's Day, how do you handle the baby without the mother?

Mother's Day or March 8 is an emotionally charged day for all moms, but also for children alike. It is a day full of maternal and parental feelings that come to light, emotional hugs and loving and loving statements made by children to their mothers. How is this day for children without a mother and how can they be helped?

Even if grandparents, dad or other people take care of a child who is left without a mother, it is important not to isolate him or her from the events of this day or to wipe them off with the sponge in the calendar.

These children must be taught to face this day and to spend it as beautiful as possible! In addition, they must feel that they have a mother near them, even if they are not physically and that they are not "motherless" children; there are people you love.

It brings out the memories of my mother!

She removes the photo albums, the mother's personal belongings and especially brings to life full of life stories and fun about her past. For example, tell him about each picture separately, what is found in it, when it was made, tell the story of hailstones and fights, moments from his birth, tell him how much he loved him and still love him from there. from where it is.

Create new Mother's Day traditions!

Most of the children give gifts to their mothers on this day, they give parties and have dinner in the family celebrating this holiday. It does not mean that your baby cannot pay tribute to the mother. You can help him buy flowers and put them next to a beautiful picture where he is with his mother or go and throw flowers in a lake or on a water as a symbol of affection and appreciation for her.

There is no need to go to the place where she is buried (if she is dead), in order not to give a sad note to the moment, but you can bring a tribute in other ways. Then you can take it to the table or a pleasant playground. Always tell him how much you love him and that you will never leave him!

Find her a "mother" for this day!

It does not mean that the father must marry or that someone should adopt him, but that he must have another person in sight on this day to celebrate and to focus his attention on. It can be aunt, sister, grandmother, fine, nose etc. It is better if there is a person who cares more about him.

So guide him to make a nice March 8 gift for this person and explain the reason. He must know that he is not his mother, but that that person is always with him, and for good and evil and that he deserves his appreciation and affection as a mother.

Encourage him to write to his mother!

Even if his mother is no longer near him, it does not mean that he cannot convey his thoughts. Encourage him to write a letter for her and make sure no one will read it except him. Keep it well in a memory box and give it the letters accumulated over the child's time when it will grow old to remember. It will be exciting! Maybe even on the occasion of another March 8th!

Spend it with Mother's Day!

It is a holiday and the child must feel it, like the other children.

Remind him every time that although his mother is not physically close to him, she is still his mother and will always be there and watch over him at every step and take care of him.

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On April 29, 2016, the couple of American actors hosted a small Amada, middle name of the first daughter of the couple Esmeralda Amada (20 months) and first name of the mother of the actress.

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