Esther's Diary - Week 13The First and Last Party?

Esther's Diary - Week 13The First and Last Party?

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Cheese man

Cheese man

Here is a cheese man who gives a smile! To make it easy, it's easy: cheese spread, pepper, olives and herbs.

Dunes Bra, Cache Coeur

Microfiber, it remains glamorous with its rhinestone jewel in the middle. Its +: breastfeeding clip with magnet for easy handling and one-handed operation. Its price: 44.95 €. More info here.

Microfiber, it remains glamorous with its rhinestone jewel in the middle.
His +: the breastfeeding clip with magnet for easy handling with one hand.
His price : 44,95 €.
More info here.

There are several types of scarves, one of them is the elastic scarf, used as carrying for babies. Its elasticity makes it a very comfortable baby carrier, since it allows it to be adapted to the size of the child while generating great comfort for the mother or father.

In Guiainfantil We show you how to carry your baby with a pre-knotted elastic scarf. With 6 simple steps you can put on your elastic scarf and take a walk with your baby in the most comfortable and safe way.

The elastic scarves They are a good porting tool, but they also allow us to take the baby out easily to be able to change, they occupy little, are manageable and offer a very natural posture to the baby.

To make it easier for you to put it on, we give you a advice: you can leave the knot done so you don't have to always repeat the same knotting process.

1. Wrap the scarf around your waist forming a sack and passes the scarf over the opposite shoulder.

2. Then repeat the same process with the other side of the wrap.

3. Take the two strips that are hanging in the front and pass them inside the bag that remains at the waist.

4. Make a semi-cross with the two strips and knot them on the back. If they are too long, wrap them at the waist until they are shorter.

5. Finally, place the baby inside the bag, putting each leg through its corresponding hole.

In collaboration withMaria Algueró, carrying instructor and child specialist.

You can read more articles similar to How to carry the baby with an elastic scarf. Baby carrier, in the category of Porting on site.

Nestor Christmas Beaver

Nestor Christmas Beaver

Christmas was coming. An icy wind swept through Canada's forests. Nestor was snuggled against his mother, warm in her hut ... discover the rest of the story with Michel Leeb.

Print the storyPrint the coloring

Our 24 Christmas stories

Production : Julien Louët
Montage: Julien Louët
Production : Stéphanie Letellier / Isabelle Raul

It's all well and good to hear that most experts think it's okay to let your child cry a little to settle himself to sleep, but what if the neighbors complain? What if you live in a one-bedroom apartment and you need to get to bed yourself? What if you have two children, and they share a room? Sometimes tackling your toddler's sleep problems can get complicated. So what can you do about it? We asked our resident sleep expert, Jodi Mindell, author of Sleeping Through the Night, who had the following suggestions:

  • If your children share a bedroom and one is having sleep problems, have the good sleeper move out for a few days. The child with the problem needs to learn to sleep well and peacefully in his bedroom – the other one has already learned how to do that, so he'll be fine spending a week or so sleeping in another room.
  • Make sure you and your partner – and any other relatives living with you – agree on how to handle sleep problems. This is particularly important if you share living space with your child's grandparents or other family members who may think they know more than you do. If you and your partner decide that you're going to let your child cry for five minutes before going to him, it will disrupt your plan if Grandma comforts him right away. Consistency is key when you're trying to establish healthy sleep habits, especially with toddlers.
  • If you live in a one-bedroom or studio apartment or an apartment complex with thin walls, there may not be much you can do without the neighbors complaining. If and when your situation changes, you can start teaching your toddler the basics of good sleep then (it's never too late, after all). Another strategy is to start with naptimes when others may be out for the day.

Functional GI: Dietary Management, ARFI Disorder, Chronic Abdominal Pain. UCLA Digestive Diseases

Meaning of the name Leobaldo. Name for boys

Meaning of the name Leobaldo. Name for boys

Among all the names for boys we highlight Leobaldo. You will find in our search engine all the meanings of baby names.

Variant of Leopold. It was frequent also in the Middle Ages.

It comes from leud-bald or luit pold, "brave people".

August 8


  • Leobaldo Pereira, Cuban athlete (1972-).

Drawing of the name Leobaldo coloring page printable game

Leobaldo: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

Drawing of the name Leobaldo coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Leobaldo coloring page printable game

Drawings of the names. Leobaldo name to color and print

Green coffee during pregnancy - safe or better not to drink it?

Coffee during pregnancy is not recommended. Especially in large quantities. And can you drink the green, non-roasted version? Is green coffee in pregnancy a good choice? Read!

Green coffee, or what?

Green coffee is a classic coffee, unprocessed, not roasted. As the name suggests, it's green, unlike the popular black roasted coffee. It is considered healthier than roasted coffee. Some sources indicate that it can even fight cancer.

Currently, green coffee is easily available, it can be purchased in many health food stores, there is no problem with ordering online in both granular and already ground. Green coffee capsules are also very popular.

Why such a phenomenon of green coffee?

Green coffee is especially popular slimming effect.

Green coffee, like green tea, is considered to be good remedy for excess kilos. has reduce hunger, accelerate metabolism and improve fat burning. All because of the high content chlorogenic acid in green coffee, which has a strong antioxidant effect. Green coffee has been proven to rejuvenate, help tissue regeneration, protect against heart disease, hypertension and even reduce the risk of diabetes. It also supports the immune system.

In addition, green coffee provides iron, magnesium and calcium.

It would seem that nothing but drink for health during pregnancy. However are you sure?

Is green coffee safe during pregnancy?

Green coffee, like black, is an important source of caffeine. And it is because of the caffeine content that you should not drink during pregnancy, especially in amounts exceeding 2 cups per day.

You should not consume more than 200 mg of caffeine a day during pregnancy. Before you decide to drink green coffee, analyze the packaging and calculate the caffeine content that you will deliver to your body after preparing a cup of coffee. It is worth considering this option, because green coffee is to have a beneficial effect on well-being in pregnancy. It can also reduce pain and fight popular ailments.

Regardless of your decision, you should consult a doctor before drinking green coffee.

Breast pain while breastfeeding. Tips and recommendations

Breast pain while breastfeeding. Tips and recommendations

When the congestion in the breast area is constantly causing you pain, it is best to seek the help of a specialist doctor to recommend a treatment to combat the causes of these pains. Breast pain during breastfeeding can manifest in different forms and under varying intensities.

Women experience one or more types of pain at the same time, and on the most popular of them you will see described below, along with the causes and symptoms it presents!

Clogged channels

The channels through which breast milk passes can sometimes be clogged. In such situations, you will notice even superficial, in the breasts, some swelling that can reach the size of a grape seed. The pain can be quite intense in such cases, and your doctor may prescribe either something for fluidizing the milk, or something to reduce inflammation and break down the ducts.


Sometimes breastfeeding women may have on the surface of the breast tissue or even on the nipples some vesicles that resemble some baskets or some basics. These can cause quite distressing pain and are usually removed in the medical office.

Nipple pain

It is almost impossible not to feel this soreness of the nipples in your long breastfeeding adventure. Sometimes it is caused strictly by the erect position of the nipples, prolonged during breastfeeding, and at other times it can be generated by the intensity with which your baby suck or by the appearance of his teeth.

The most important thing you need to do to get rid of this pain is to pay more attention to the positions you are in and avoid sitting face down and thus exposing your nipples to stress.

Skin lesions

The skin of the breasts is very sensitive and during breastfeeding can be very demanding. In such situations, cracks may occur in it or even injuries. To treat them effectively, seek the advice of a doctor.

Pain caused by breastfeeding pump

Breast pain and trauma during breastfeeding are often associated with frequent and long-term use of the breastfeeding pump. Its improper size or shape incompatible with that of your breasts could cause skin irritation and trauma to the areola and nipples.

Pain during milk discharge

Some mothers feel pain when the milk is released from the cells. It is described in several ways, from a stinging pain to a deaf or sharp one. These sensations are normal and generally pass quickly, within 5-10 minutes after milk production begins.

Pain after breastfeeding

10-20 minutes after breastfeeding your baby, milk production can begin again. This process can activate some painful breast sensors. This pain does not last longer than 10 minutes and is caused by filling the alveoli with blood and lymph fluid.


Nipple pain may in some cases be caused by trauma or injury, but not even fungal infections are excluded, especially since the nipples and areolas are very exposed during breastfeeding.

The cares or candidiasis can be transmitted to the child, so it is very important to treat them properly as soon as you notice them. They can be caused by certain medications and are easily and non-intrusively treated, so you have no reason to worry too much.

Mastitis and other infections

A breast infection should be announced immediately to your doctor, in order for the doctor to prescribe the medicines needed to treat it. Although some doctors may suggest antibiotics, others will choose to go on hydration and natural cleansing of the area, depending on how severe the symptoms are.

As for lactation, some medications can be dangerous to your baby and should be avoided.

Therefore, mild infections are often treated with natural ingredients and do not change the taste, smell or consistency of milk too much.

What breast problems did you face during breastfeeding? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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7. months in pregnancy

You have left six months of pregnancy behind. At this stage
Your complaints of fatigue gradually increase. Back and waist areas
may be pain.
As your hormones begin to change, your vaginal discharge increases. Pain in the hand and fingers
and contractions may be felt. Attention should be paid to possible pregnancy poisoning. Hands, feet and
excessive swelling, rapid weight gain, frequent and multiple headaches, vision
disorder, high blood pressure.
you should contact your doctor immediately. You may have irregular contractions in your rapidly growing uterus. Leg
cramps, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, skin cracks, back and back pain, edema of the feet, burning in the stomach and indigestion are more common in the third trimester.

Sugar water test between 24 and 28 weeks of pregnancy,
1 hour glucose
It should be done. glucose
screening for mothers with more than 140 mg / dl. 4-hour loading test with glucose. According to the result, pregnancy-related diabetes is diagnosed and the result is analyzed.
by treatment
It is started.

If you have problems such as blood mismatch, that is, if the mother's blood type is RH negative, it will affect your baby's blood in your body.
You must be vaccinated to prevent the formation of antibodies. If the blood type of your baby is found to be RH positive, you should be vaccinated again after birth.

Contractions as menstrual period 1
Within 4-5 times
recurrence, water comes from the vagina, if you have bloody currents premature birth possibility
it could be the subject. Immediately
your doctor
You should contact
such cases
uterine contractions and your baby's heartbeat can be seen on a graph, if necessary, the result is achieved by vaginal examination.

EU. Unique phone for missing children

The countries of the European Union will soon have a unique special telephone line for announcing the missing children, according to the European Commissioner for Information Society and Media, Viviane Reding. The measure was decided by the European Commission, following a consultation with representatives of the 27 EU member states. The single European emergency number to announce the missing children will be 116000 and could become operational this summer, the EU Business electronic publication says.

The countries of the European Union will soon have a unique special telephone line for announcing the missing children, according to the European Commissioner for Information Society and Media, Viviane Reding. The measure was decided by the European Commission, following a consultation with representatives of the 27 EU member states. The single European emergency number to announce the missing children will be 116000 and could become operational this summer, the EU Business electronic publication says.
As a first step towards the entry of this number, the Member States of the European Union must take the necessary measures to designate the companies or authorities that will manage this telephone line.

At present, there are such telephone lines in some of the Member States of the European Union, but the call numbers differ from country to country.
February 16, 2007