It depends on who gets allergic

It depends on who gets allergic

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Pointer tips, good tips

Now you are not going to keep up with current trends and you will not even see what names are not allowed. Rather, we picked out which points to consider when selecting a name.

Pointer tips, good tips

The crowns and cultures differ in what the parents name and surname is used by their children. Of course, current trends also influence the choice of names. It differs from country to country that allow nicknames and whether parents are completely free to choose their child's name.What is worth paying attention to?

Together with our lead

First of all, it is worth thinking about the name of the leader when choosing a last name. As a general rule, it is less likely to fit a short guidebook into a short guidebook, and vice versa: a long guidebook does not fit well with a neat long guidebook.

Magna and the other sounds

We can also pay attention to private and consonant sounds: when a vocal cadence is performed, it is harder to pronounce and sounds worse after a single vowel. Mixed-sounding names are considered by many to be more beautiful, more musical, and linguistic, if the same vowels are included in the same name.


We can pay attention to the monogram and, of course, most of all the full name should not be sad or ridiculous.

If the guidebook is common

If the lead name is very common, you might want to choose a slightly more specific first name, most notably to prevent your child from coming across an identical name. Of course, the special is not too hot: you can attract the attention you need with an extreme name.

Meaning of the name

The meaning of the name can also be an important question, though there are relatively few names that know the meaning of any name. On the other hand, parents can be a nice gesture for parents when choosing a meaningful name that reflects their children's feelings. Remember, choosing a name is a life-long decision. It is the parent's responsibility and responsibility to choose the right name, and it is not worth listening to for a second.
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The Needs of an Autistic Child: How to Understand Them

The Needs of an Autistic Child: How to Understand Them

The social, communication and learning problems that autistic children present are not always easy for parents to handle. In many cases, the relationship parents have with their autistic children it is as enigmatic as the one that science still has with autism.

I have read an article in a Costa Rican newspaper about this, and I truly believe that not even a parent could understand the situation of a family of autistic children, if they have not experienced the same circumstances.

Like all children Luis, 6, and Bryan, 3, were the most desired children in the world at birth. One has severe autism and the other mild, respectively. Their parents, who live in Costa Rica, love their children but feel powerless because they cannot know what is wrong with them, what they think, if something hurts, since expression is practically absent in the lives of these children.

Luis opens his mother's hand and puts a glass on it. His mother knows he wants something, she asks him what it is, and Luis's response is screaming, and blows on his own knee. Luis wanted water, but he couldn't say 'Mom, I want water'. It is not easy for him, although specialists say that autistic children can speak, that they hear five times louder than us, but that it has to be when he wants. When? Up to 19 months of life, Luis's development was normalBut later he began to reveal signs that it was something different: he covered his ears, walked on tip, flapped his wings, and no longer played with other babies.

Since then, an intense endurance race began, to get the child to improve before the age of five. Luis learned to follow short instructions, like 'give me the glass', to ride a bicycle, and to go to the bathroom alone, but he did not speak. The parents tried different treatments, and nothing. Little by little the child was losing skills, forgetting the instructions, and still did not speak. His parents don't hang up their gloves. Your children need you. The mother had to quit her job to dedicate herself 24 hours a day to ensure the well-being of her two little ones. She draws strength from her own children, in a hug, in a look, in a kiss ...

Living with an autistic child requires patience and a willingness to go a long way towards understanding. They are unpredictable and very dependent children. Parents also worry about the day they are gone, what will become of their children, if they will be able to work and fend for themselves.

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The child at 7 years and 9 months

The child at 7 years and 9 months is ready for new experiences and now is a good opportunity to teach him how to have lunch, which is the correct and respectful way to talk on the phone or how to diplomatically resolve any conflicts.

At this age you can talk to your child about models, about volunteering and about how important it is to help others but also about the country's history in a broad way so that he can form an idea about his native country.

It is also a good idea to subscribe to a children's magazine that treats an area that interests him in particular, thus supporting his interests and helping him learn new things about his passion.

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Name Colomban - Meaning of origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Colomban comes from the Latin "columba", which means the dove.


No Colomban known ... your little wonder may change things!

His patron saint is Father Colomban de Luxeuil and e Bobbio in the 6th century. Originally from Ireland, he traveled throughout Europe and was known for his great austerity.

His character :

Cheerful and dynamic, Colomban likes to make his friends laugh and never takes himself seriously. It may seem a little frivolous, but it actually hides a deep nature and is of a fidelity to any test.



His party :

November 23.

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