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It is very common to hear moms and dads expressions such as the following: "behave well", "if you don't behave well, we leave the park", "how many times do I have to tell you to behave well" or even "if you behave well you I will buy a gift ”.

But ... are we doing the right thing? We explain why you should stop saying to your child 'be good' constantly.

In my case, in many contexts in which I move: park, school, shopping center, children's shows, theme park ..., I hear it very often ..., and I wonder Does the little one really understand what his mother is asking of him with that "be good"? I hear it so much that I really come to think that they do not know what is required of them, that they do not know what they should do at that moment ..., since that request, that order, is already being used so often that it no longer makes sense. , if at any time it did.

Well… Where do we put the boundary between a child who behaves well or misbehaves? Is a child really bad? Or that behavior or attitude can be the result of hunger, fatigue, boredom, need for attention? ...

Let us reflect on whether the meaning that the adult gives is the same as that given by the boy or the girl ..., that "behave yourself" ..., it means the same for the doctor's waiting room, that for when we do the shopping together or when I say goodbye of my son at the school door ..., but really, what do I mean by that "behave yourself"? ... maybe to be still, even if he is 5 years old and it is frankly complicated, or I mean that he does not let go of my hand while we go shopping ... or I mean that he does not bother me.

The best thing is to say what we really need from them and they in different contexts. What is necessary is to explain to them where we are going, why we are going and how it is required to be in that place or with those people.

It is important to decode our usual phrase "behave yourself" and explain in a simple and clear way what we expect behavior to be. For example, using a loving tone and with positivity, we can do it like this:

- 'Now we are going to go shopping at the market, I need you to be aware of me as I will be of you, that you be by my side at all times. We are going to buy fruit and some meat. So you can help me. Then we'll find a while and a space for you to play and run, if you want. '

- 'Then I need you to accompany me to the doctor, today I am not feeling well. There it is necessary that we keep the volume low and that you are as calm as possible. I'll bring you some notebooks to paint if you want. Then at home, you can play for a little while. '

- 'Enjoy your day at school very much today! Be attentive to everything the teacher says and asks, in order to learn a lot. Play as much as you can, when you touch and have fun with all your friends. '

If we make them accomplices of these situations, and we explain them to them, We are also making them participate, valuing their active accompaniment, increasing their self-esteem, enhancing that secure bond, explaining what we expect of them ..., and a host of positive aspects that are added if we eliminate that "behave yourself".

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Name Cléo - Meaning of origin

Super program tip for the weekend!

Extra Kids Day Tip: Three fantastic days just for the kids!

For the seventh time, the magical world of games comes to life in the fairy tale halls of the museum. In Adventure World everything is about gaming, everyone is playing all day. Visitors can see, try, and buy games. A real playground, fun-filled family fun for the little ones and the big ones. Pinnacle: Three days a child's day! Game shows, playhouses, gifts, gypsum paint, face painting, and board games are all welcome, and cartoon lovers are thrown into cartoons.
The event is free to visit!

More information: www.kaland-var.hu
The organizers reserve the right to change the program.
Budapest, Vajdahunyadvár, Hungarian Agricultural Museum 26 - 28 May 2012

I asked for a baby on the M3

We rarely read about father's birth story. It was so special. How can I tell you today: I have helped my son!


Zoltán Szandai Company (37)
Superhero: Germ Zsufia dietitian
Children: Jzzmin (4)
Balz (3 Hours)

Zhufi, Zoltán, Jzzmin and Balz

Birth is, in my opinion, a miracle, but I am certainly not alone with this idea. Jбzmin I was there during my birth, and I took the cord. She took her mother to wash her, and then I was the first to take her. When we expected it Balбzst, that was the moment that came to my mind, and I thought that just two of them could catch up with me.
The day of birth was 5.10 Zsуfi: "Daddy, it's time!" We gave birth to grandparents, come out of Jazmin, got together, and as we arrived, we started. Since a friend of ours said she was not urgent until the cabbies were regular, I wasn't worried. But it wasn't easy for me to go fast and be careful. I saw Zhuhfin not do it well. After a quarter of a year in the car, Zhufi once said, "These are crazy freaks!" Immediately I called the doctor who said, "I'm going to run the baby." I thought he was kidding, because it's only 10 minutes, and we're going to the church. But no, he told me to call the ambulance. We went downstairs, and in the middle of the road, I called the ambulance, said the dispatcher to send a car. I told her not to hang on, she flashed what would happen if something got complicated and I'm here without help. The dispatcher held the line, voted, I pulled out of the car, I opened the door on the side of Zhufi, stood by, backed the door, and saw my son's head. A few moments later I was able to hold Balzz in my hand. It was an incredible sensation: I was ahead of the sunrise and the trucks were rushing by. And the baby in my hand ... We quickly laid it on Zhufi's belly and wrapped it. And the thought came to my head that yes: I did hold Balzz in my hand first! I closed the door, went back to my seat, and wrapped the fireplace around to keep the little one safe.
Then the rescuers came: one for Zupfi and one for the children's rescue to Balazs. The rescue brought a foul, killed some fouls with some contaminated fluids, and would have finished the cord when I said, "I want this." They just put a little bit into the incubator. It was around this time that the grandparents got there with Jasmine, because they were in the car for the grandmothers. They were terrified when they saw our car and rescued it. I ran across it, and I was born that all right, Jasmine, was born to your brother, Sandal Balzbaz Noel. Jasmine's mouth was full. She is also a very happy big brother! And we ran into Uzokok. The doctor assumed I was pregnant ... But I'm really Zhufi proud. He had a great place to stay, even every day. Down the hat in front of women!
We gave this wonderful adventure a few days after Balzs' birth. You can read the story here, as Zhufi wrote it.
Name Emrys - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Emrys is the Welsh form of the English name Ambrose referring to immortality.


Author and poet Emrys Roberts served for two terms as head of the National Eisteddfod of Wales.
Another Emrys Roberts, a politician who has devoted himself exclusively to the business world to make a fortune.
A character in the Merlin series, Emrys is the name given to a wizard who tries somehow to hide his powers.

His character :

Emrys is a person who loves to surround himself with mystery. He remains evasive and rarely exposes his feelings. This does not prevent him from being courteous, cordial and friendly to others. Her great sense of humor and her legendary kindness make up for her reserved side.

Emrys stands out for its extraordinary ability to change mood in the blink of an eye. His colleagues remain perplexed and he derives a pleasure. A merciless businessman, Emrys never lets himself be influenced and stays true to his principles.

This great self-confidence is a mask hiding a great sensitivity. Emrys turns out to be a romantic and sentimental man who seeks great love. Considering this as a weakness, he manifests this trait only very rarely. Seeing him, you would never guess that he is the type to cry in front of a romance with rose water!

His intelligence, his realism and his ability are undoubtedly his finest assets to succeed on his personal and professional journey.


The name Emrys has no derivatives.

His party :

Emrys is honored on November 1st.

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