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Home birth, advantages and disadvantages

Home birth, advantages and disadvantages

While most pregnancies establish from the first trimester of pregnancy which is the medical unit in which they will give birth, home birth has returned among the preferences of women worldwide, including in Romania. When the pregnancy is not subject to a significant degree of risk, bringing a child into their own home on the world may be the best way to go for a good portion of future moms.


Here are the advantages and disadvantages of giving birth at home, compared to the services received in a maternity ward.

Currently, most parents opt for birth in a hospital, for fear of medical emergencies that could occur without being able to intervene with the proper equipment and sufficient medical staff. In fact, statistics do not show that births in health units would be safer than those at home, supervised by a midwife.

One thing is certain that giving birth at home is not an option for all pregnancies. Pregnancy risk and other adjacent factors exclude this possibility from the beginning, so the circumstances of the birth should be agreed with the doctor and midwife who monitors the pregnancy.

The advantages of home birth

Although current prejudices classify home birth as an "outdated" practice, specific to historical times when women were too poor to afford medical help, today's conditions allow women to enjoy the benefits of their own privacy in such a situation. .

  • Family environment: Many pregnant women feel much more comfortable in the family environment at home, relax more easily and get rid of the stress of urgent travel to the hospital when installing labor. After birth, recovery is possible in your own bed.
  • Less painful labor: the relaxation sensation stimulates the release of endorphins in the body, a natural analgesic mechanism that makes labor less painful. The muscles also relax, which means that the dilation evolves faster.
  • Less medical interventions: home births record fewer medical interventions (injections, infusions, etc.). At the same time, more natural pain remedies, such as hot baths, are used. The midwife can administer analgesic injections as needed.
  • Better control: the mother can decide on the people who attend her at birth and can arrange her own environment for an unforgettable experience.
  • More freedom: the mother can walk indefinitely during labor and can sit in positions where she feels good, without being conditioned by the indications of nurses.
  • More privacy: the private space has a monumental importance for many women, due to the invaluable comfort of intimacy.
  • The baby stays close to the mother: after birth, the baby stays with his mother, thus eliminating the risk of kidnapping or changing children between families accidentally.

The disadvantages of home birth

  • Limited methods of assistance: home birth can have a negative evolution if complications occur, because surgery (caesarean section, forceps, etc.) cannot be performed outside the hospital.
  • Limited pain relief: a midwife cannot resort to epidural anesthesia at her mother's home, if the sensations become unbearable.
  • Distance to the hospital: parents should consider the necessary distance to the nearest hospital, in case of an emergency (bleeding, major complications, etc.).
  • Individual training: While the medical unit provides parents with all the necessary materials and conditions, home birth involves a series of individual preparations and separate arrangements that consume time and energy.
  • Costs: Birth at home is not covered by ordinary medical insurance.
  • Making decisions: parents need to take on a certain level of responsibility for their own health: physical, mental and emotional. They must be prepared to assume the consequences of the decision.

Many women consider that giving birth at home is a much more natural and natural way of welcoming their baby into the world. Before making a decision in this regard, it is necessary to consult the midwife and the doctor in advance for the most complete and correct information.

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How to make a colorful kite with children

How to make a colorful kite with children

Have fun with your children making their own homemade toys like this simple children's craft of a colorful kite. It is also a recycling craft since it is made with paper. It is ideal for playing outdoors with children.

With this homemade craft for children, the little ones can create their own toys or decorate their room. They can also learn the value of recycling items while developing creativity.

  • Pinocchio paper of different colors
  • Black cord
  • Colored stickers or stickers.
  • Pair of scissors.
  • Sand or rice.
  • Self-adhesive washers for perforated sheets.
  • Glue.

1. Cut out a large square of pinocchio paper of the color you want, for example black.

2. Roll it up on itself and staple it to form a trapezoid like the one in the photo.

3. Pass a string through the end of the kite.

Four . Glue colored stickers to decorate it.

5. Glue strips of colored paper to the other end. To play with the tubular kite you just have to run pulling it.

And we already have our colorful kite to play with children.

Creativity workshops for children at the National Museum of the Romanian Peasant

Creativity workshops for children at the National Museum of the Romanian Peasant

Vacation, the perfect time to conceive a child

This rubber toy is both eco-friendly and original. 4 shapes to replace in the right place to encourage color recognition and promote hand / eye coordination.

This rubber toy is both eco-friendly and original. 4 shapes to replace in the right place to encourage color recognition and promote hand / eye coordination.
25, 90 € (Plan Toys).
Where to find it?

Kiss of angels in babies

Kiss of angels in babies

"The kiss of the angels", "the stinging of the berries", "the strawberries", "coffee stains with milk" ... there are all kinds of popular names for the signs that some babies come into the world. Many parents put these spots on account of a superstition: if the future mother stole an object or a fruit during pregnancy or tasted from a peasant's peasant a fruit which he craved, without paying for it, its shape will appear on the baby's skin or as proof of the "stealth".
Superstition, however, has no scientific explanation. The signs on the skin of babies may be permanent or may disappear over time. The best known are the red or pink (salmon-colored) stains, called by hemangiomas, which appear either at the neck ("pinch of the beard") or on the eyelids, between the eyebrows or on the forehead ("kisses of the angels"). These spots usually disappear after a few months after birth, but sometimes fade only after a few years.
Some children have another type of hemangioma, called "strawberries", which is caused by malformations of superficial blood vessels. They look like small red spots, which can increase in size, forming small raised nodules. These spots are bright red or vinegar ("stains like Porto wine") and are permanent. There are also some milky coffee stains, which are smooth, oval in shape, and the color range varies from light brown to chocolate brown. They are usually found on the chest, buttocks or feet and do not present any danger to babies.
And let's not forget about the well-known moles (congenital nevi) that can appear on the skin of children from the first months after birth. They are located anywhere on the skin, having various shapes and sizes. The parent should avoid as much as possible scratching or scratching the birthmarks. Hemangiomas contain blood vessels that can bleed. If the birthmark grows or has suffered a trauma, the parent should go with the child to the doctor.
At the same time, if the hemangioma becomes painful and bleeds, a sterile dressing will be applied and a specialist will be consulted urgently. The skin of children with hemangiomas or moles will be very carefully protected from the sun's rays. The skin of the newborn differs depending on the time of birth. Premature babies have thin, transparent skin, being covered by a white substance that protects them from amniotic fluid. In term babies and those born after term, the white substance appears only in the skin boxes.
Birth signs, temporary or permanent, are common in newborns. Also, almost 50% of newborns have acne, but small, white pimples usually disappear very quickly.
(Indira Star)
Read the whole article in: National Journal
January 08, 2007

7 Ways to Contact Your Baby Right Before Birth

7 Ways to Contact Your Baby Right Before Birth

Catch the flag. Children's film about space

Catch the flag. Children's film about space

Mike he is a 12 year old boy, brave, dreamy and imaginative. When he learns that the project of sending his father to the moon on a complex mission is truncated, he uses ingenuity and courage to take up his position and achieve the goal. No surrender. Mike will fight to achieve his dream and will count on the valuable help of his best friends and especially the support of his grandfather, a veteran retired astronaut.

'Catch the flag' It is an exciting story, full of action and adventure and with some small doses of humor. The values ​​it transmits are those of effort, courage, perseverance and humility.

Technical sheet of 'Catch the flag':

Title: 'Catch the flag'

Spanish nationality

Director: Enrique Gato

Production Company: Telecinco Cinema, Telefónica Studios, Paramount Pictures and Los Rockets AIE

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