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Restless legs syndrome can affect children

Restless legs syndrome can affect children

A new study by Reuters Health shows that restless legs syndrome (SPN) is common in children and adolescents and occurs more often than epilepsy or diabetes. SPN is a sensation of itching of the feet and people suffering from this syndrome feel the need to move their feet all the time to relieve their itching. Usually, it occurs at the end of the day, when the affected person is in bed or in a chair.
The specialists analyzed data from over 10,000 families. They found that boys and girls are equally affected by the syndrome. The researchers report that over 70% of the affected children had at least one parent who suffered from SPN and in 16% of cases both parents suffered from SPN. About 50% of the children said that the syndrome affected their mood.
Doctors draw attention to the fact that more data are needed on this condition to be properly treated.
Alina Sica,

Exercises to help children with valgus flat feet from home

Valgus flat foot is an orthopedic condition, which consists of the absence of the arch of the foot, that is, the entire internal part of the foot is flat and touches the ground, the ankle is curved inwards and the heel curves outwards. In children this can be a normal condition, as the arch of the foot does not develop until after 6 to 7 years. If after this age there has been no change, it can be considered as a pathology, which will need orthopedic and physiotherapeutic treatment. Here we leave you some exercises to help kids flat feet valgus from home.

Flat feet are due to a weakness of the tendons and ligaments that support the joints. This weakness can be of congenital, inflammatory, traumatic, idiopathic origin and, regardless of the cause, an alteration of the musculoskeletal structure can occur.

Flat feet can manifest itself in children when we observe that they fall frequently, they report pain in their lower limbs at night, they stumble when walking and wear footwear on one side. In these cases, we must request a consultation with the orthopedic traumatologist for their evaluation and decision-making.

Many parents wonder if flat valgus skin can be corrected and the answer is yes. This will require the use of templates and / or wedges and the practice of special exercises that I will describe below.

1. Standing on your toes (heel raises) or walking on your toes or toes, varying the position of the feet to work all the muscles. With this exercise the muscles involved in the formation of the plantar arch are strengthened. It would be 20 repetitions of each: feet parallel and together and feet parallel and shoulder-width apart.

2. Rise of the plantar arch. The child will try to raise the arch without taking his toes and heels off the ground. At first it will be complicated, that's why it will be unilateral and, later when it is successful, it will do it with both feet at the same time. Also 20 reps.

3. Walk on the outer edge of the foot, for 2 to 3 minutes and on a smooth surface. With this exercise the internal muscles of the leg are developed. As it is an exercise with a forced position of the foot, if there is pain at the beginning, the ideal is to stop and resume when feeling better.

4. Place a container on the floor and spread small toys and try with your toes to pick up the toys and place them in the container.

5. Place a soft ball or a roller and with the sole of the foot, movements are made back and forth and repeated 20 times with each foot. Let the exercise sit at the level of the plantar arch.

6. Maintain balance on one foot (lame leg), first with one and then the other. At first it can be supported, since it is difficult to do this exercise when you have flat feet. This exercise works the intrinsic muscles of the foot and other muscles of the limb, which are necessary for unipodal balance.

7.- Place a small object between your toes and walk around the room, trying not to let it fall. Do it first with one foot and then with the other. It will strengthen the muscles of the foot and leg.

8.- Walk about 8 to 10 meters with the heel of both feet and then do it on tiptoe back. If there is pain, stop and resume when disappearing.

These exercises, together with the use of special insoles for flat feet and the recommendations indicated by the orthopedic doctor, will improve the symptoms and gradually form the plantar arch, of course, patience and perseverance to obtain good results.

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The treatment of cerebral palsy in children by stem cell transfusion is now more accessible

March marks a new premiere for the medical world in Romania: the first clinical study focused on treating cerebral palsy in children through stem cell transfusion was launched.

This study is initiated and supported by the Cord Blood Center Medical Stem Cell Family Bank, in partnership with two medical institutions in Romania: Pediatric Neurology Clinic - Clinical Psychiatric Hospital "Prof. Dr. A. Obregia", Bucharest and Fundeni Clinical Institute , Pediatric Clinic, Bone Transplant Department.

The main purpose of this clinical trial is to increase the accessibility to the treatment of cerebral palsy - by the method of transfusion with their own stem cells harvested at birth - of a larger number of children in Romania suffering from this disease.

"In our country there are about 21,000 children affected by cerebral palsy, but too few stored grafts," says Dr. Dana Craiu ", principal investigator and study coordinator.

Launch of the medical study takes place in March, the month in which Cord Blood Center Medical, the first and largest stem cell bank in Romania, celebrates 8 years of existence in Romania, 8 years since it made the first stem cell harvest in the country. ours, thus marking the beginning of a new procedure and medical disciplines.

The press conference was attended by:

Dr. Speranta Arciudean, Director of the Medical Department, Cord Blood Center Grup

Dr. Dana Craiu - Principal investigator and national study coordinator, Pediatric Neurology Clinic - Clinical Psychiatric Hospital "Prof. Dr. A. Obregia", Bucharest

Dr. Anca Colita - Principal Investigator - Fundeni Clinical Institute, Pediatric Clinic, Department of Bone Transplant

We invite you to watch images from the press conference, taken and broadcast by Pro Tv: //

Recipe for cereal bars or flapjacks for children's breakfast

Recipe for cereal bars or flapjacks for children's breakfast

Recipes for Children: How to Make Granola Bars for Kids - Weelicious

1 pack = 1 vaccine, Pampers UNICEF campaign at the 3rd edition

Pampers and UNICEF are joining forces again in the "1 package = 1 vaccine" campaign, which is in its third edition in Romania.

Pampers and UNICEF officially launched the campaign, inside the Romanian Academy Library, at an event hosted by Aurelian Temisan and Monica Davidescu - campaign supporters.

Together with Pampers and UNICEF, parents in Romania can give a chance to the lives of those affected by maternal and neonatal tetanus and can offer children from all over the world, with a simple gesture, the best care. The love and care offered to little ones are what help them to follow their dream. The students of the Dinu Lipatti College of Arts also joined the campaign and during the launch event held a concert with famous works from the classical music repertoire.

The launch event had the supporters of the Pampers campaign - UNICEF: Anca Turcasiu, Bianca Brad, Wilmark, Rita Muresan, Mihaela Cernea, ambassador mother Tanta Nedelcu and psychologist Cristiana Haica. They joined the efforts of Pampers and UNICEF to change, through a simple gesture, the fate of millions of mothers and children around the world.

Currently, there are 170 million women and children worldwide who need our help and kindness. Children and mothers in 40 developing countries are exposed daily to the risk of getting tetanus, many of those affected by this disease living in hard-to-reach areas without basic medical services.

"This year we are pleased to have new supporters from past editions and new ambassadors. They want to join the efforts of Pampers and UNICEF to give children and mothers threatened by tetanus a chance at life. And because past editions of the campaign they showed us that the parents in Romania are willing to help the less fortunate, we want to thank them for their generosity and care and we hope to have them next year, because the help of each of us counts, "says Pampers representative in Romania.

4.6 million vaccines following the Romanian campaigns

So far, supporters worldwide of the campaign initiated by Pampers and UNICEF, "1 package = 1 vaccine", have managed, with a single gesture, to change the lives of 100 million people. In Romania, the campaign made it possible to donate the necessary amount for the purchase of 4.6 million vaccines, through the kindness and generosity of parents from all over the country. Pampers and UNICEF thank them and invite them to be with them in an effort to help save those who still need help.

"It is difficult to conceive that hundreds of thousands of children still die each year from tetanus, when they have a chance to live. Their chance is a simple vaccine - considered a common thing in our countries, but an unexpected good luck in those countries. development in Africa or Asia. The elimination of tetanus is possible, and we are now convinced that we will reach this goal by 2012, with the help of our partner, Pampers, "said Edmond McLoughney, UNICEF Representative in Romania.

How do you help?

As in the past years in Romania, in 2011 parents have the opportunity to join the Pampers -UNICEF campaign. For each package of diapers or wet towels purchased between January - February by Romanian families, Pampers will donate to UNICEF the amount needed to purchase a tetanus vaccine. In addition, this year Pampers will donate to maternity weddings in four cities, newborn furniture and Pampers diapers, giving children the best conditions from the first moments of life.

This time, the moms will be the ones to decide where the donations will go. Thus, starting with January, the Facebook page "World of mothers" will be the place where mothers will have the opportunity to support the global campaign "1 package = 1 vaccine", participating in the mosaic Pampers - UNICEF and at the same time, to support motherhood in the city they want, gathering as many votes for their city.

About tetanus in newborns

Because the population with the highest risk of disease lives in rural areas, without having access to medical services or education, the rate at which tetanus spreads is not known.

Dr. Rownak Khan, UNICEF specialist: "The tetanus, also known as the" silent killer "is the weak link of health systems. Most deaths occur at home and occur among the most vulnerable populations, who live in difficult places. However, tetanus is a disease that can be prevented by a simple vaccine - even a single death from the disease is hard to bear.

For many of the women and children affected by tetanus, basic health care is not even a dream. Therefore, it is necessary, more than ever, to act together to help those who are exposed to this disease. It is unacceptable for thousands of children to die from a disease that can be combated with a vaccine. "

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